It's Time

Find Out what happens in, It's Time!!!


2. Ethan's Cry For Help

As Destiny was roaming around through her grandmother's house, she found a cabinet filled with old newspapers and files. She opened up a letter and the date on it was May 11th 1953. Ethan's birthday was on the 11th of May. She thought it was kind of strange and coincidental; but she stuck the note in her hoody anyway. As she was walking home she heard several shrieks. They sounded like Ethan; so she ran and the note fell out of her pocket. But she didn't notice she had her brother on her mind. As she ran through the door she saw little Ethan; lying there. DEAD. She ran upstairs to find her father. He did it. There was no way he didn't. Destiny ran out of the house to the payphone on the curb and dialed 9-1-1. The cops rushed to the house. Destiny's father was sent to jail for abuse. The cops checked his record and found out that his wife had died mysteriously 11 years ago. Destiny was 12 and barely remembers her mother. It was all falling together perfectly; like a puzzle.
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