The Daughter of Pitch Black || ROTG and Frozen Crossover [Complete]

While Elsa was in her Ice Castle, she met Pitch Black. When Elsa returned she found out that she was going to have a baby. In fear the Pitch Black might try to steal the child, Elsa his the news, and the baby wasn't allowed to got ANYWHERE outside the castle. Though, the baby was immortal, she was immune to her father's power, Elsa never knew. One night, Pitch, merely through the child's window...

Sorry to the Jelsa fans out there! I didn't like the idea of Pelsa (That's what I'm calling it) either.


2. Chapter Two

Emma had a rough 289 years after that. Pitch would always push her into doing bad stuff. But, he was cautious, considering the fact that she could over power him. 

When she had turned 15, her immortality started kicking in, and she never aged again. "Emma!" Pitch screamed. 

Emma groaned, and she could feel her powers tingle in her hands. This was her father? She walked down the stairs, her black dress (not her choice) swirled behind her as she walked down the stairs. "Come on!" He said, grabbing her roughly by her wrist, dragging her to his sand, "We've got work to do, people to scare." Children to scare. Emma thought. She didn't want that anymore. Wait, she never did want that! She knows what it's like to be scared. 

"No!" She yelled. Pitch stopped. He looked back at her. "No?" He mocked.

"I refuse to do this!" She screeched. 

"Well, if you say so." He led go of her wrist and smacked her face. 

"YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!" He ordered. 

"No I will NOT!" Emma shrieked, as she thought of the Marshmallow Snowman Olaf once told her about. She used her powers to create it. To escape. 

Marshmallow roared and started fighting Pitch. Emma used this as her chance to escape. She ran out of the building, and concentrated.

The winds picked up, and she was lifted off her feet. She chuckled and flew off to the North Pole. About halfway there, she thought about what the Guardians would say. 

Which reminded her. She needed to change her dress. She thought of her mother's dress and looked down. Her dress was a beautiful blue. 

After a while, Emma saw a spark of blue, and a force knocked her off course. She screamed, and something caught her. 

She looked up to see snow blonde hair, and ice blue eyes.

"Who are you?" He asked sternly. 


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