The Daughter of Pitch Black || ROTG and Frozen Crossover [Complete]

While Elsa was in her Ice Castle, she met Pitch Black. When Elsa returned she found out that she was going to have a baby. In fear the Pitch Black might try to steal the child, Elsa his the news, and the baby wasn't allowed to got ANYWHERE outside the castle. Though, the baby was immortal, she was immune to her father's power, Elsa never knew. One night, Pitch, merely through the child's window...

Sorry to the Jelsa fans out there! I didn't like the idea of Pelsa (That's what I'm calling it) either.


6. Chapter Six

"Emma, I want you to get inside. Now." Santa instructed.

"No. This is my fight." Emma replied as she flew up toward Pitch. 

"Ah, Emma, good to see you again." Pitch said. 

"Dad." Emma replied shortly as she blasted ice toward him. 

"Now, now, let's not get hasty." Pitch replied calmly.

"No," Emma said as she blasted more ice at him, "I'm not being hasty, I'm being my own master." 

Pitch arched an eyebrow. "How much you've grown." He stated sarcastically. But blew sand in her direction. Emma froze it.

"My, my, how disobedient. I suppose I'll teach you a lesson." He blew a ton of sand, more than Emma could freeze. The sand pushed her into a mountain. And she fell, darkness consuming her as she lost consciousness. 

"Emma?" Emma heard Tooth's voice. "Emma you have to wake up!" 

Emma's eyes snapped open. "What happened?" 

Tooth's eyes looked grave. "Pitch, he, he took Jack." She replied. 

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