The Daughter of Pitch Black || ROTG and Frozen Crossover [Complete]

While Elsa was in her Ice Castle, she met Pitch Black. When Elsa returned she found out that she was going to have a baby. In fear the Pitch Black might try to steal the child, Elsa his the news, and the baby wasn't allowed to got ANYWHERE outside the castle. Though, the baby was immortal, she was immune to her father's power, Elsa never knew. One night, Pitch, merely through the child's window...

Sorry to the Jelsa fans out there! I didn't like the idea of Pelsa (That's what I'm calling it) either.


7. Chapter Seven

"What? No, he wouldn't go that far!" Emma said, ice forming around everywhere. 

"But he did." Tooth said softly.

"It's all my fault." Emma whispered. 

"No, Emma it's not." Tooth tried to make Emma feel better. 

"Yes it is! If I hadn't left--" cut off by Santa.

"If you hadn't ran away, Pitch would've had you do something horrible to the world." 

"Do you know what he wants?" Emma asked.

"Sadly, I do." Santa replied, "He wants you to come back." 

"Will he release Jack if I do go back there?" Emma asked again. 

"Yes, yes I will." Pitch appeared, this time, with Jack in a black cage.


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