Aim For My Heart

This is a duck dynasty fanfiction. Duck dynasty is my favorite show on tv right now. So I decided that I would do a fanfiction about it.


1. How I Ended Up In West Monroe, Louisiana

My name is Katy. I'm in love with the show duck dynasty. Today I was watching duck dynasty when a contest commercial came on. It said if you were the 10th caller, you would get to meet the cast of duck dynasty. I quickly picked up my phone and dialed the number.

"And we have our lucky 10th caller. What's your name?" the man on the phone said.

"Katy," I said.

"Well Katy, you just have to awnser this one question. What is Willie Robersons oldest brothers name?" he asked.

"Alan Robertson," I replied. 

"You just won. You will receive a ticket to West Monroe, Louisiana, to meet the cast of duck dynasty," he said.

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