Love is in the air magcon


1. the meet

Why is life so difficult? Every thing was going to great but then it just got mixed but let me tell u from the beginning.

My name is Emily I have just started to pack for the big trip I'm going to with the magcon boys. It's looked like they really liked my vines and my YouTube channel that they have invited me on your with them. I will meet them at there hotel tomorrow morning. Let me gets some rest now.

It's was 10:00 I was on my car driving there." Honey are I going to be alright" says my mom I responded with yes. I get out of the car and have my mom a goodbye hug I won't be seeing her for awhile. I went up to the room they texted me to go to. As I knock I start I get so nervous what happen if they don't like me I guess will see. Then I see it,the most sparkle blue eyes I ever seen it was Nash.

"Hi u must be Emily welcome."

"Thanks." I say as I walk int the room it was really quiet but then Taylor walks up to me and whisper something in my ear it sounded like he said that I was pretty. I started to blush so much. I pushed back my blonde hair behind my ear. In the room I saw only Cameron, Hayes,Taylor,Nash, and Matthew." We should head to the airport unless we miss the plane," say Nash. We get our stuff and we head down to the elevator. When we got to the airport all it could hear is "I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!" Says one of the fans. When we got to our seats I no one to sit next to.then Cameron told me to come over here. As we were on the plane we took vine videos and watched a movie but when I turned around I can see that Taylor was a little pissed. I just looked the other way." So how do u start to do all these videos," Cameron ask." Will it took along timee but it was tough at first I didn't really know how to express myself into this but it worked out pretty great." He was so interested on how I started everything. When I woke up we were in New York the big apple. I got to share the hotel room with the boys. There were enough beds but two people on one bed. It's was really tough to decide who would share with me but I chose Cameron. I real only felt comfortable with him. I put on my pjs and just dosed of to sleep

The next day I put on my favorite summer dress I decided to put waves in my hair. I put some lipstick and I was done. When I got out of the bathroom the boys were unspoken with how I looked."u look gorgeous," Mathew says. Today was my first time go on stage I was so nervous but then I felt someone hands on me touching my hand." Don't be be nervous I'm here."it was Cameron who said that I just smiled I was so happy that he said that to me that I lost all my nerves.

When I got onstage people knew who I was it was remarkable.when it was finally we decided to go for dinner to celebrate. Cameron. Told me he has to talk to me about something so I go I him." Hi Emily I want to ask u something.""sure anything,"I say."Emily would u like to go out with me."

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