No one knew Clark Kent had an older sister named LeighAnn Isabella Kent until she was introduced to Lex Luthor. What happens when fire meets ice? Let's find out. Lost the password for my other account, A. Alice Mirror, so I thought I'd put it on here. :)


1. Chapter One

Chapter 1

"Hey, ma? Where's LeighAnn?" A seventeen-year-old boy yells through the quiet farmhouse.
"She's up in her room, Clark." His mother, Martha, yells back. The boy walks back to the door which he came in, and says to his friend, Lex, that he'll go see if his sister is awake, before introducing them. Lex Luthor nods, agreeing to wait, as the younger of the two walks back inside, pulls down the ladder to the attic, and climbs up.

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