what happens when Justus, an ordinary teen girl stumbles upon something she wasn't meant to see ? well simply ,her life turns extraordinary .

Justus falls in love with a boy who she shouldn't be able to love let alone have him fall for her too. they encounter many problems and dangerous situations but how long will they last?


1. intro



ok so this is my second movellas i noticed that there was no Luke hemmings vampire fanfics on here so i decided to write one. i thought I'd introduce the two main characters.


justus :

5'3" long, brown, straight hair, hazel eyes, long black eyelashes , thin but not too thin and curvey. :)


Luke: dirty blond short hair, tattoos up his arms , chest and neck , lip ring and blue eyes normally except when he's thirsty their red. tall around 6'0"  


btw this is kind of a punk fanfic as well. 


i hope you enjoy this story! :) smile

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