Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


11. Whisper

A/N surprise! Here is a short chapter, next step; LONG chapter!  Enjoy this as ya can, mah awesome-mischevious-amazing readers!

 The whisper in the night is not always a omen to good things.We can set this scene up in a creepy, alien like spacecraft laboratory. There is something growing in a tube.The room is dark. Darker than any creatures  that comes across night during a potentially haunting event.The tube has odd, green-blue fluid surrounding a human-like specimen.Electronical levels show the life support to this specimen.Two Chitauri's are seen manning the dashboard connected to this tube. One of them has a cane. It didn't make sense they were making a human specimen.  .  . Unless.    .    .

  "It's time to let it out." A Chitauri said, standing at the doorway. This Chitauri is Melo; just Melo.

  The other Chitauri's turn themselves slightly towards him.

 "It's only 99% completed." The old, rough sounding Chitauri with a cane said.

  Melo came into the room.

  "What about the other 1%?" Melo asks, in a formal but not demanding voice.

 "It needs a weapon." The Chitauri with a cane said.

"Then make it." Melo said.

 "We cannot; everything counts on it; her speech, her memories, her personality." The  older chitauri with a cane said. His grip on the cane's head become a little bit together breaking the metal that made it seem proud and prominent dented in. "The only way we can cover that up is by.   .   ."
  The older Chitauri is a little hesitant on what he has to say.

  The younger Chitauri in between the two just looks at the two,a little clueless what is going on.

 "Giving it the ring." Melo finishes, ever so calmly.

"What ring?" The young Chitauri asks.

 "The Deception ring." The old Chitauri said, putting his cane on the young Chitauri's chest. "Nobody would think anything is different. All we do is give a ring, give it a small blaster, and escort it to Asgard."

"Sounds easy to do." The young Chitauri said.

The Older Chitauri knocks the young Chitauri down.

"No!" The Older one said. "This hinges on the original getting out so we can get the copy in."

The  Young Chitauri glares at the Older Chitauri accusingly, as he got up.

"So." Melo said, ignoring the younger Chitauri's plight.  "Can you awaken it?"

The older Chitauri grumbles, pushing some buttons on the dashboard.

"As soon as the protective fluid is drained." The older Chitauri mutters.

    The older Chitauri smiles a little, looking up to his imperfect creation. The water fell out as the shields had been removed from the tube.The Older Chitauri presses a rounded, transparent button underneath the monitor. Everything that had been connected into this specimen pops  out and hangs there as though a television set had been removed. The specimen fell  down after the tubes had removed themselves. This specimen gets upright; we see in  somewhat close view that the specimen's back is glowing in rows similar to the Chitauri's beetle transportation in invading. Blue skin initially appears similar to a robotic body but that is replaced by human skin that still shows a glowing blue row on the spine.

  "Perfect." The young Chitauri whispers.

 We see the specimen activates a suit that appears automatically. This specimen strangely develops hair that ends at it's shoulders.

 "How long do we arrive to Asgard?" The Older Chitauri asks. His aged, dusty-like eyes are different from usual aliens. They were full in eager to see what he created doing what it had been made for. "I would like to see my creation in actio--"

 Melo shot the older Chitauri dead.

 "Prof!" The younger Chitauri came to the older Chitauri's side.

 The Older Chitauri did not have life in his eyes. He is quite simply: dead.

 "Do not ever speak of this." Melo said. "He knew its weakness. And so do you. Do you swear not to tell?"

 The young Chitauri nods, fast.

  "Good." Melo looks forward to the specimen. "Nobody will ever realize.  .  ." He laughs. "She's the clone."

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