Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


34. Unusual acting plus Loki

 “There are times knowing each other well come in handy, and sometimes the past can creep up on you. The Past always finds a way to come back  .  . .”  Quote of the chapter.

“So?” Loki asks. “Why does a call from you bring me here?”

The two men share awkward glances and stutter in their sentences. These two men are Karlos and John trying to figure out how to explain their situation that requires Loki’s help. Loki did not understand a word they were saying despite being one thousand years old with lots of experience and years behind his title.

“Erh.  .  .” John looks to the door and then back to Loki. “We didn’t give her .  .  . um  . . .”

“We didn’t give her wine.” Karlos said. “She’s been acting strangely, and no, I don’t think it’s because of the curse that women get every month. It’s  . .  .” Karlos shook his hands back and forth as though denying an invisible fact.  “So different to see her this way.”

“How  do I fit into this?” Loki asks.

“She’s been asking for ‘mead’.” Karlos said.

Loki raises one of his eyebrows while thinking, Mead? The God of Mischief studies the two men to make sure they are not playing a trick on him, Why is her wanting mead alarming to these mortal fools?

“I don’t think a bar serves this kind of stuff anymore.” Karlos goes on to say. “She keeps going on and on about going on a date when there isn’t date scheduled for her!”

“I don’t understand about scheduled dates.” Loki said.

John sighs.

“Joy does not start ranting about dates after visiting a haunted date center!” John finally said. “She’s the kind who tells you in the morning so you have a heads up where she’s going.” John glances at the door. “We had to nock the door because Joy kept insisted visiting about some Norse god—not you, but some werid lamed dude—and she would have gone to a park.”

“How do you know?” Loki saw this as two desperate men wanting to ditch a girl to go out and have some fun.

“We followed her nast light.” John said. “Stranger thing was; she made a raccoon into a dove.” He looks really white like Thor had used his hammer in front of him. “She doesn’t have that power; she has telekinesis!”

“We figured you might know who this person is; because ‘they’ apparently know you better than Joy does.”  Karlos explains to Loki. “But she did have headache’s a few days ago; after visiting the haunted date center.”

“I have to see this for myself.” Loki said.

So Karlos unlocks the door for Loki.

Loki goes into the room, not seeing the woman who they had been acting so freaked over.

“Call us when you get the sarcastic-often times threatening-irish sounding-no relationship girl back.” Karlos wishes Loki luck.

“Threatening?” Loki looks over his shoulder. He knew she could make geninunine fake comments to get what she wanted but threatening often times made it seem her personality was bigger than Loki had gone to know.

“I do know for a fact she keeps her word.” Karlos looks down to his right, with a sigh. “I woke up with my face painted all over last week after changing the channels on her.”

Loki hears a piano being played in the next room. Karlos closes the door behind the God of Mischief. Loki curiously went into the room expecting just to see her holding a weapon with an ‘I’m reaaadyy!’ expression on her face. She has to be playing them, Loki thought as he came closer to the room with the paino playing.

“Stop the act—“ Loki stops midway, caught off guard  at the doorway.

Joy is playing the piano in an attractive dress with black long sleeves, the dress’s torso is black, and the lower half of the dress is purple. Her small chest is exposed, her face seems unusual—as in somewhat glowing--as though make-up had been applied, and her small shining earrings caught Loki’s attention.If Thor had been there he would have assumed Loki saw a hot Asgardian.

What kind of spell is she under?, Loki wonders while studying Joy’s relaxed and calm demeanor. The paino’s notes sound vaguely femilar from his past. Loki’s fingers tap like they were on an individual piano. He could smell the scent of what can be related Asgard mead from Joy. Loki leans against the doorway thinking how Joy pulled this off.

“Hello,boy.” Joy said, not in the sarcastic voice she usually greeted him with.

That was a red flag.

“I’m a man.” Loki corrects her. Now comes the time to as the question. The question typically used for ‘Is this really happening?’ and ‘She must be faking it’ scenario. “And who are you?”

Joy smiles, but differently.

“Tiene.” Joy said, picking up a bowl. She zaps it into a lion cub.

The lion cub squeaks while looking in all directions, startled how it came here.

“I don’t know you.” Loki did not know this person who was using Joy’s body as a vessel.

Joy looks over her shoulder making an I don’t believe you’ look at him.

“Liar.” Joy makes the squeaking lion cub into a tomato then she squashes it. “I remember you.”

Loki’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion,  Who is she?

“Remember  .  .”Joy said, making water appear on her hands like magic.  “The Battle in the realm where Thor said, and I quote, ‘Isn’t that little high, brother?’.”

Then it dawned on Loki.

“You .  . .” Loki’s anger is boiling.

“You forgot me.”  She finishes for Loki. Joy’s voice sounds a little more formal than how she usually spoke. “I made some mead. But you know; this person .  .  .” She looks at her arms.  “Oh she has so many tears. Not the happy kind of ones; but sad. When I came into her body;  I saw this dark doorway.”

“To the exit, you mean.” Loki said, no longer leaning on the doorway.

“That was the loneliest walk I ever had.” Joy said, with a heavy sigh. “And I went through those locked, sealed doors.” She shudders like it was something so unpleasant a trip like that should not be taken again. “I never felt so depressed before.” She clears her throat. “But the other doors; they.  .  .  “

“Exit?” Loki asks.

“No.” Joy said, getting up from the piano’s chair. “Joy. That was all I could feel;Joy. It was like I opened the door of laughter. Those two doors; . .  . drastically different.” Joy spoke in a low voice. “And she’s brainstorming, in the middle of this, about some ludicrous out of space monster!”

Joy’s voice became higher.

“To the point when you want to leave her?” Loki asks, again.

Joy rolls her eyes, groaning like the question  had become nonsense.

 “She’s even thinking about jumping into cotton candy to get me wet.” Joy adds.

Now that was the Joy who Loki knew.

“And why are you using her body,Tiene?” Loki questions her.

Joy sighs, picking up a perfume product.

“I wanted to see what Lisa had not seen how alive you are.” Joy said, as she watches Loki’s face turn from calm to fury. “And it’s been an awfully longtime since I saw the pale young face belonging to an Asgardian prince.”

“I’m not Odin’s son!” Loki informs her.

Joy turns her head at Loki’s direction seemingly surprised, holding the perfume product.

 “I’m not the real prince of Asgard, I’m a god of mischief. I am the prince of lying,Tiene!”Loki reminds her who she is speaking to. “You have forgotten how times I’ve backstabbed you. Yes, you have forgotten a past that’s really not surprising.” The way Loki said it sounded hurtful. “Did you think coming here to me would end up with you coming back to Asgard? I can’t; I exiled myself!”

 Joy’s mouth is left open.

“You know Lisa died, right?” Loki reminds her. “She would not be proud you’ve taken over a mortal’s body.”

Joy’s turned from surprised to hateful.

“Lisa mostly died because of this girl.” She makes the perfume into a snowglobe. “Is that worse than forgetting your entire life? Why have you forgotten me, darling?”

That’s when Loki came to accept that it wasn’t Joy speaking to him.

“You are using what I do.” Loki said.  “And I don’t like it when it’s from you. I remember now, why I forgot you.You brought mother with us to battle, without a weapon, and did I not mention potentially dangerous hunchback beasts? You tried to kill her. Did you forget my knife coming through your chest when we were close? Tiene, your beauty and power is remarkable .  .  . But your attempt to kill my mother  .  .  .You  became trash to me!”

“She was in our way.” Joy interrupts him.

 “Frigga was never in our way,” Loki said, using his power of trickery to get control of the paintings in the room. “There was never an ‘us’!”

Joy laughs at his comment, looking at the snow globe. The paintings then flew at Joy who then ducked as the paintings clattered on the wall.The paintings, as they were flown off the wall to do, fell on Joy.Joy made the paintings into bunnies that hopped off her. Loki turned them into guard dogs but Joy made them into butterflies, so Loki made them into plates and used them on her again. This time the plates were broken by Joy.

“The God of Mischief, is a bad boy?” Joy teasingly asks, still holding the snow globe.

“You belong in an Asylum.” Loki said, in a hateful voice.

Joy shook her head while ignoring the insult.

“Childhood memories, they all get fuzzy every-once in a while.” Joy said, she looks up from the snow-globe to Loki. “Didn’t we dance for that one celebration?”

“No.” Loki said, firm.

“Another lie.”  Joy said, with a disappointed sigh as she shook her head.

“You are making up fake memories, stop it.” Loki said. “Because . . . I can arrange her death and leave you body less.”

Joy smiles at his threat, putting down the snow globe on the counter.

“You are not supposed to smile at death threats.” Loki’s words were like sharpened daggers that tried to at least make Tiene realize what she’s doing.

 ‘You don’t really mean that.” Joy said, tracing over a stool’s surface. “You can’t kill a god.”

“My father was a Jotunheim.” Loki said, taking a step away from Joy. He didn’t have a spare weapon to create or make out of the blue; only he had some tricks.  “I may be part Asgardian; when I say ‘Kill  her’ I mean it.”

The door behind Loki closes.

“No.” Joy said. “You don’t.”

“Tiene, get out of her body before you are vessel-less.” Loki said. He didn’t figure she would have somehow—spiritually—gotten to Midgard without the guards to the spirit world noticing.

Joy’s face became concerned and a bit worried as she came closer.

Loki steps away from the possessed Joy. He made the rug into a polar bear but Joy made it into a cat, sadly. This is not what I expected to happen, Loki thought feeling his back hit the door. Why were there so many doors in one apartment? Mortals happened to be door lovers and adored them where-ever they went in the house; from the living room to the kitchen to a couple other room.

Mortals had to tone down their love for doors.

“Loki.” Joy said, coming closer. She came close to Loki. “You let me come here into this realm and all you have to say .  . .  .” Joy raises one of her eyebrows. “Is to leave this age-less body?”

The cat is sitting there wondering why it’s not a beautiful rug.

“I did not let you come here.” Loki said, with a frown.

Joy stops, and then folds her arms while her face quickly changes from concern to ‘oh no you didn’t’ reaction.  

“You let the alien see his crush.” Joy taps her foot on the floor.

For once, Loki’s puzzled what ‘Tiene’ was even talking about. For a minute there he thought she made up a screwed up fantasy. Joy then unfolds her arms sighing while shaking her head.Loki noticed her hair had been trimmed quite recently; it’s shorter than Tiene’s long hair length. At least Joy cut her hair before Tiene had taken over.

“You know, the man who switches the l and n in his speech.” Joy clarifies. “He’s a humanoid alien.”

“He’s from Lousiania.” Loki argues back. “Mortals speak differently than we do on Asgard.”

“It was his idea to start the UFO searching business.” Joy said, tapping on her forehead.  “His idea.”  She lowers her hand. “Don’t you get it?  John was left behind years ago.Don’t know how everyone believe he’s not.”

“He’s a mortal.” Loki insists.

Joy rolls an eye.

 “I don’t know where he’s from.” Joy continues, with a sigh. “But John, he’s not who he says he is. He’s like you and me put into one body; a convincing liar who does to protect his loved ones.”

“I am nothing like him.” Loki said, sending Joy crashing into the wall.

Joy gets up rubbing her shoulder.

“You never kissed me.” Joy tells Loki, her eyes were a bit unusual—strange, not right as they should—like an emerald diamond.

“We were never in love.” Loki said. “You are delusional.”

What happened next was like a blur to Loki. He remembered a kiss, though he didn’t have a good recollection how that happened. But what happened after that surely did get rid of Tiene from Joy.Only an Asgardian could hope the spirit world has an insane Asylum with more locks then it had before.

________________                                            ________

  .  . . The next morning  .  .   at 6:45 AM  .  .  .

  .  .  . Bedroom  .  .  . .

Loki gets up from bed.

“Wait.” Loki turns over, seeing Joy not in bed. He walks around the bed, then saw her sleeping in a ball  on the floor with a blanke looking really comfortable.  “Tiene.” Loki looks down to the sleeping woman. “That insane Asgardian."

However, the cat from last night is still meowing. Apparently it wants to be fed and then turned into a rug once more. Who wouldn’t want to be what they enjoyed being before? Anyone whose used to being what they are or who they are can probably understand this desire. The outside to the bedroom door is covered in cat scratch marks.  

“Cat meowing,” Loki sarcastically. “How great.”

 Loki gets dressed. Loki confides to Asgardian legends. He could only hope Joy would not be pregnant. Neither of them wanted to do this; except Tiene did. The insane Asgardian spirit who perpelled two--individuals who will later have a 'sorry' conversation about this--individuals into something that's not at all a good thing when logically thinking about this. 

“Do I have to clean up the mess of an insane ghost?” Loki questions himself, looking down at the cat.

The cat meows at Loki, pawing at his leg.

“Kneel.” Loki orders the cat.

The cat puts its paw down and patiently stares at him, hungry . It somewhat did as he had asked for it to do. So Loki fed the cat, then he waited for it to eat and drink some water. The cat went back to the room it had been created in; then, Loki turned the cat into a rug once more. The broken dishes were not a problem to fix. So Loki magically put them together and then turned them back into paintings.

Loki left the room, and closed the door behind him. 

"Blanket." We see Joy grabbing a blanket from the bed and turning over; then falling back asleep.

Our scene returns to Loki. The scene time skip jumps to thirty minutes after getting out the room. He walks into a bar--that is part of the hotel--where could see an unusally alone Karlos eying at his lemonade glass with two straws at it. We see Karlos slides it foward, and then the straw slides back to him.

“Hey, Mischief man!” Karlos said, with a wave.

A couple who were there, looks up briefly to Loki, and then returned their attention away.

“It’s Loki.” Loki corrects Karlos, going to the table. “If you are trying to find a suitable nickname; Mischief name is a child’s title.”

Karlos laughs, shaking his head.

"Where's your 'actor' friend?" Loki asks, more femilar to seeing John with him at  the table. He sat across from Karlos.

“John’s at the hospital or somewhere getting stitched up for a rude insult to his speech.” Karlos said.  “I don’t know he can drink without getting drunk,he’s one hell of a man. Anyway  . .  .”Karlos notices something off, there’s a lipstick smear on Loki’s neck. “Ooooh; that’s hinky.”

Loki uses a napkin to clean of the lipstick.A waitress came with some water in a cup—that has a straw—asking if Karlos’s friend wants anything, so Loki took the glass and began drinking it without using the straw.

“He’ll likely take a lot of green eggs and ham.” Karlos jokes. “Probably eggs, bacon, and I suggest .  .  .” Karlos tilts his head seeing even more lipstick. “And we need more napkins. I’ll pay for it.”

The waitress left, oblivious to the lipstick.

“Is there more of this?” Loki asks.

“Quite a lot, actually.” Karlos confirms, nodding his head.

 The waitress came back and puts some more napkins on the table, and then she went to another table. Loki uses the napkin to wipe off the lipstick while Karlos tells him where the most visible signs of lipstick are apparent. After cleaning the filth off, Loki then explains what had happened last night in a type of voice that wouldn’t get everyone’s attention. Karlos’s face turns white as Loki finishes the story what happened last night.

“So . . .” Karlos taps his fingers together. “You made Joy lose her . . . “

“Yes.” Loki said, quite ashamed. “But this time it’s true.” Loki shook his hands. “It was Tiene who made that happen!" He was entirely being honest with Karlos. Loki could tell Karlos is a bie lie; everything about him is a lie. "She was stuck in her little fantasy we were together.”

“And what did she do?” Karlos asks.

“I told you before.” Loki reminds him.

Karlos shook his head with this 'urgh' irritated expression on.

“I can’t get my head wrapped around it.” Karlos said.

Loki takes out the straw then takes  a sip from the glass.

“She tried to kill my mother.” Loki said, putting down the glass. “Tiene was declared a traitor and I had to make sure she would never do it again.”

“Woah,” Karlos said. “That’s really deep.”

“We were good childhood friends.” Loki adds, in a low voice. “It was.  .  . unexpected when she snapped.”

“So did the chick leave Joy’s body?” Karlos asks, after taking a drink from his lemonade.

Loki takes a sip from his drink.

“Yes.” Loki said with a nod. “Tiene never curled up in a ball with blankets around her.”

Karlos laughs, shaking his head.

“Man, I won’t tell her about your little brush with a delusional ghost.” Karlos said. “If she wakes up and starts babbling about the crazy event you told me; I’ll tell her she lost it with a random nice guy on the street—who she accidently gave him the good stuff—and one thing lead to another, thinking this prank she pulled probably was better than your tricks.”

Loki looks impressed by Karlos’s lie.

“Thta’s a pretty good lie.” Loki said.

“I can be convincing.” Karlos tells Loki.He has this proud expression on his face.  “I’ve learned from a very special agent—the best in the globe---to sharpen my convincing skills.”

“Who?” Loki asks.

Who would have thought this guy learned from an agent?

“A girl—no I mean a guy, from this Naval Criminal Investigative Service.” Karlos tells Loki.He puts the lemonade on the table.  “There’s one thing I know about Joy; when something like this to happens to her and she has no memory what so ever, it’s so fun to watch her call people who never talked to her.”

Loki raises an eyebrow.

“How many times has that happened?” Loki asks, his hands together in one fist on the table and he looks very interested.

“A few.” Karlos said, with a laugh. He taps on his forehead.  “Joy is a naive girl, sometimes, but she really has the guts to go after a guy who calls her any sweet words.”

The waitress came back with the order.

“I would like your number.” Loki randomly asks, holding a pen—he had made out of no where—and a napkin.

Flattered, the Waitress puts the plates on the table  and then wrote her number.

“You new in the city?” The waitress asks.

“I know the city?” Loki asks, unfamiliar with a question like that.

“She’s asking if you are novelty to the city.” Karlos said.

Loki looks back to her.

“Not really.” Loki said, as the waitress hands him the napkin with her phone number.

“I have a cousin who’ll like to see a hot guy sometime in the house.” The waitress said in a way that sounded like she is complaining about it. “You understand when a relative takes on the role of your parent?”

Karlos nods.

“I hear the pain.” Karlos said, shaking his drink lightly above the table.

The waitress left the two.

“Give Joy this number.” Loki said.  “And then this lie will check out.”

Karlos raises an eyebrow.

“What are you going to do?” Karlos asks.  “Become a phone operator to listen in or something like that?"

Loki finishes the glass of water.

“Quite so.” Loki said, apparently wanting to hear a conversation that would be worthwhile to listen in. He puts the glass on the table and went on to eating the breakfast Karlos had ordered for him.

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