Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


49. Truth

.  .  . During the events of the Dark World  .  .  .

We see our Joy listening to her MP4 and drawing on her notebook; her bookbag  near the chair's leg. We see she is working on a sketch of Lenny Briscoe.We see Dark Elves walking by the sealed door; for once,Joy wasn't venturing outside the doors into the war like scenery going on.We all know how that ended up on June 6th, 2011; her 18th birthday. Joy presses a button on her old and black MP4. Joy takes out her ear buds having a very strange feeling in her gut. She could hear the doors being pounded on. Her eyes didn't flinch but we did see a bucket of water fall on a Dark Elve's head--that was right across from the door--and made it stumble forward colliding into others.

We see a smile grow on her face.

Joy flips through the notebook.We can see some well done line art of Loki, Thor with a veil of darkness behind him like someone is planning to kill him,including a man who had some genunine resemblence to David Boreanaz,Odin, Frigga, Sif and the three Asgardian warriors, and an incomplete sketch of Asgard. She had colored in Loki's hair a bit, his coat in a darker color of black, and his attire beneath the coat.

Joy  wraps her ear buds up around the MP4 shortly after turning it off--using her finger to slide the black slider forward for a complete minute until a white word appeared in caps 'COBY'--and puts it into the backpack left pocket that wasn't torn. Aren't bad feelings in the gut enough?, Joy thought with a heavy sigh.She puts the backpack near a chair. The circle brown markings below her eyes were somewhat faded out. She stood in the middle of the room, weirdly enough.

Joy closes her eyes.

"Time for a magic trick, girly." Joy said to herself, as she spreads out her fingers. "Focus on the cell."

We see the entire room become still, her breathing became controlled, we see a slighlly strange purple glow from below her eyeslids. A strange gust of an image slipped through the floor levels in Asgard surrounded by a purple mist  and went through diifferent area's of Asgard going lower and lower to the level of a cave opening. In these leves were fighting dark elves and Asgardian warrriors. Eventually we get to the cell where Loki is being held at.

Loki looks up as the mist appeared across from the mirror.

"Joy?" Loki looks up a apparently new magic book. He could feel the joyful atmosphere.

The misty shape took on a transparent form of Joy.

"I never thanked you for the Kevin incident." Joy said. "For saving my life."

"No," Loki said, with a shake of his hand. "That was my vampire associate."

"Loki." Joy said in a low voice. "I know when a vampire gets ticked off by a serial killer and a Norse god holding me in his arms while taking me out the building." The way she said it sounded heroic. "I didn't forget your vampire friend's flashlight." She adds with a fond smile. "And how you made Kevin slip."

"You were out when we came." Loki said.

"I could still hear." Joy said.

"Did you paint Thor's hammer beige and pink yesterday?" Loki asks.

"I may have." Joy replied. "I am not waiting for my superman, anymore."

"Why?" Loki asks.

"He's standing right in front of me." Joy said, with a thankful smile. "Loki, thank you for this adventure."

Loki looks at her questionably. There was chaos outside his cell and Asgardian guards were either dying or killing some prisoners who had made their way out of their cells.

"You don't need to thank me." Loki said, leaning forward from his bed.

Joy didn't seem detered by Loki's reply.

"I do." Joy said. "Because you are my hero."

Her image fades away from Loki as Thor landed in the hallway across from Loki's cell. Our scene returns to the room  with Joy. The doors were thrusted open with a loud bang following it. There came in a furious Malekith with hands in fists. His eyes--if they should be called eyes-- were like daggers towards Joy. The way he walked forwards in a quick pace easily foretold there was a problem that came up.

"You are the one full of it." Malekith starts, his voice cool and notice-ably didn't reflect over his ugly face.

Why doess this man remind me of Christopher Ecelleston?, Joy thought as fear filled the room.

"What?" Joy asks, her breathing now regulated. She blinks multiple times at his vague comment.

Malekith walks towards her with a looming dark look in his eyes.

"You have dark magic."  Malekith said.

Joy took a step back while her thigh knocked against the table near the chair. Her eyes glanced to a vase. She sent it flying towards Malekith who inelegantly caught the vase in mid air. He lets it drop from his hands and it shattered into pieces. Joy made the chair go after the dark elf  but Malekith took a step to the side. Then without much effort he grabs up by the neck.

"I want your magic." Malekith said, as the doors behind him slightly closed.  Malekith holds up the original Joy, draining all the dark magic that resided in her.

"Oh ." Joy said, with a gleeful smile. "No wonder you look so femilar!" Joy sounded so right and cheerful.  "Christopher Ecelleston is your actor! Nine is a cool guy; being the last of his kind--or so he thinks, anyhow--like you."

"I am not alone." Malekith said, then he uttered a line in his native language.

"Is that ancient cybertronian?" Joy asks, as her throat becomes squeezed and eyes winced.

"Shut up." Malekith said, with a growl as his eyes became a different color from absorbing the power.

"You are a fool.” Joy weakily said.

"'I'm not a fool to use my resources."' Malekith said.

"To kill the original is a foolish act."  Joy said, as darkness flow from her veins into Malekith.She gulps. "'Because no-no-now, they-t-they’ll know who is who."

Malekith does not approve of Joy's comment.

"Lies." Malekith said.

Joy weakly smiles while feeling her very life draining away.

"I don't. .  ." Joy manages to speak. "'Hav-ha-h-ave a degree in lying."'

Malekith makes the process a lot faster; until it was only he and her surrounded by a dark cloud. In two minutes; the connection between Joy and Negative Joy is severed. We can hear a high pitched screech from outside the doors down the hallway belonging to a woman. The dark-purple mist disappears around Malekith. Malekith drops a cold,  pale girl to the floor. If an observer was there they can get closer and see her glasses are wet and have cracks in the lens. But this girl is not wearing Asgardian clothing, yet it was Midgardian clothing; the girl wore what she arrived in Asgard from the first time.

Though her heart is still beating but not enough to make her move; yet actually enough to  keep her brain alive.

"Who is this?" Malekith asks, taking a step back with disgust in his voice.

Negative Joy ran into the room sending two doors smacking against the wall with a heavy thud.

“Malekith, they are—“ Negative Joy stops in her tracks. Her eyes stop at the cold and lifeless body. Her eyes gazed at Malekith. “You idiot." She taps on his chest.  "You've screwed up.I wanted to kill this pretty thing first!"  Negative Joy yanks back her arm apparently irritated and anooyed by his stupid move. "You've become a pure bred idiot."

Malekith did not like what he heard from Negative Joy.

“I am not an idiot.” Malekith said.

“Yes, you are.” Negative Joy said, slapping him. “This is the original Joy,dumbass!” Her voice snaps at him. "It would have been better if you disposed of her in your ship." We can hear a growl in her voice. "But you dumbass decided to get me caught."

"The only reason you are alive is to crumble Asgard's defenses in order to retrieve the Aether from this mortal being called Jane Foster." He makes a dark scar appear on Negative Joy's face. "The deal was; you help, I conquer."

"My help?" Negative Joy repeats, raising her voice. "How about you needing a damn inside source to convince Thor that going out into Muspellhiem--however you say it realm--to retrieve a long lost Dark Elf and get more information from them was A TERRIBLE IDEA."

 We see Schenio appear behind Negative Joy while holding a long sharp aged blade and a determined expression.

"Step away." Malekith said, simply putting her to the side--well more like tossing her--like luggage.

"Don't you toss me away like a rag doll!" Negative Joy snaps, landing on the floor.

The two Dark elves are gone in a second.

"You dumbass." Negative Joy harshily said getting up.

After all, Malekith would go back from the mini fight to Asgard to find  this Jane Foster.  Fandral comes in then spots Negative Joy near the original's dead body. It didn't take long for him to deduce this individual standing in front of him was not Joy. They locked gaze; one was a instant anger and the other was a 'oh snap' glance. Negative Joy takes a step back making the windows sweep open from behind the table. 

"You are the clone." Fandral said. "A chitauri's product."

"Hah." Negative Joy said, admitting the truth.  "You  Asgardians are very gullible." She then points to the motionless body. "You see that girl over there?" She has this unrespected smile on her face. "She wasn't strong enough." She lowers her hand.  "To survive the dark magic extraction."

Fandral chases Negative Joy out with his sword.

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