Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


50. To fight a Chitauri's creation

  .  .  .later, sometime  the Dark World  .  .  . 

  .  .  . After Loki faked his death  .  .  .

Loki dusts his armor off, as the wall across from him repairs itself using extra metal that had been stored somewhere inside this piece-of-cake designed ship. It really does look like a slice piece of cake built as a ship. Not one can let down this argument; unless they have a different taste in  Dark Elf transportation designs.

"What a push over." Loki grumbles.

The Dark Elves aim their spears at Loki.

"Get off our magnificent, clean ship." The main leading dark elf demands.This is Behemith of The Dark Elves realm. Seriously, that is his name: Behemith. He is the assigned leader to a small group of the dark elf ship; given the title by no other than Malekith.

"And you say this is a clean ship?" Loki asks, wiggling his eyebrows at this ugly dark elf.

Behemith is  frustrated.

"It is the best ship in the nine realms!" Behemith gloats.

"Considering it has not been cleaned in ages," Loki refers to the rotten metal. He puts his finger on the wall just to prove his point, then he takes it off, and the metal seemingly falls off to pieces in darker colors. "It's the worst ship in Asgard, and.  .  ."

The Dark Elves behind the leader have flinched.

" .  .  . And every realm you can name." Loki finishes.

"You must be kidding me." Behemith said, pointing up his weapon at Loki's chest. "You got out of Asgard right when we came."

"You came sometime when I returned." Loki fiddles with his foot on the degrading floor. The dust hadn't been removed for far too long.  "Is that a coincidence?"

"No."  The leader said.

"Then you've just proven your point," Loki goes on to say. He snaps his right hand.  "I got out by telling Thor I would distract you, and then get the copy, and avenge mother."

"Copy?" Behemith, with a frown.

"Yes, she's a copy." Loki said.

"Then you must be mistaken, Loki,” The Leader said.  “Our leader saw potential in the original, and our wouldn't.  .  ."

"Want to be ashamed I told you the truth?" Loki asks, as he takes out small object from his coat pocket while they were not paying attention to what his hands are doing.  "And that  you used a  copy that could die at any general time?" Loki shook his index finger back and forth. "No I don't think so." The lower-ranked Dark Elves look at Behemith pretty confused what to do. "That copy is far less mortal than the original Joy. Besides  .  .  . " Loki makes small metal balls float around the group. "I'm here to kill her."

Loki takes several steps back from the group with a slight wave.

"See you in hell." Loki said, with a snap of his fingers they were killed by their own device.

Loki holds up a flat gray device--that clearly is new Asgardian Technology-- with a blue holoform floating above.

"Trackers are always handy." Loki noted as he read Negative Joy's location to be in the bridge area of the ship. "Ready or not, copy, here I come."

He was gone in a second.Our view climbs up and up the levels in the ship; as we see Thor and Malekith pass by fighting each other in mid-air. We can tell there is a present struggle going on between the Asgardian and Dark Elf. That is until Thor and Malekith fall through another portal that is totally different from the one that appeared at the above.It seemed like forever anyone can enjoy this; as long as they recorded it.

We should also note that Thor is Mjolnir-less.

Our view goes up into the bridge section that argumentatively could be called the HQ or the deck, but, which ever word can be used to describe it may be in minds of others. Negative Joy is tingling her hair into a knot watching the fight between Thor and Malekith continue through various portals. She seemed pretty amused by how fast their flight is going.Multiple balls appear in mid air around the Dark Elves across from  Negative Joy.

Their death is silent and unnoticeable.

"Muspelheim  .  .  ." Negative Joy noted. "What a surprise."

Loki appears at the doorway.

"You don't fool anyone the chitauri made a incomplete clone." Loki bluntly said.

Negative Joy looks up from the small row of screens with a white face.

"Yo.  .  .You are dead." Negative Joy mutters.  "You are dead."

"You fell for it, too." Loki said, as Negative Joy's eyes fully observe her surroundings. "I wish to sword fight. I believe you've got some of the sword fighting skills Joy has."

Negative Joy gets up from the chair taking out an unusual strange crafted sword.

"No disguises." Loki said, with a sharp growl in his voice.

He let down his Asgardian appearance; by choice.

"Fair." Negative Joy said, slightly in awe at his blue face outlined in black.

Loki did look so badass in this probably big fight.

Negative Joy takes off her ring.A row of glowing blue transparent like parts stick out from her back.Her face  looked human and a bit of robot resemblance. She is covered in armor that necessarily wouldn't be seen on the real Joy.She has this bit of 'do you want to fight me?' vibe coming off. Her fingers are unusually sharp, hard, and rough tipped.

"Better to fight without a veil in the way." Negative Joy is holding a electrical surging weapon in her other hand.

"A viel." Loki said the word as a form of hate. He crushes the ring into pieces with a snap of his hand aimed at it. She wouldn't walk out alive. "You are nothing like Joy."  

Negative Joy and Loki share some clashes with their swords. Negative Joy makes a slightly long cut on Loki's cheek. Out of sheer instinct Loki then elbow punched her and knocked her down to the floor. We see a creepy smile appear on Negative Joy's  robotic-human merged face. It's almost as though she had enjoyed the pain being inflicted. She begins laughing with both shoulders rolling up and down.

"I love this pain." Negative Joy said, with a chuckle.  "It makes the fight more accelerating."

Apparently Loki is creeped out by her, though she used that current reaction to send a jab into his shoulder. Her weapon gets a tip of ice and snow at the sharp edged part of the sword. Negative Joy yanks it out from Loki's shoulder and takes a few steps back. Loki clenched his shoulder that bled what we may call cold hard Frost Giant Blood that resembled ice coming out. One can say that when he ice melts it becomes blood. The warmth in the room made the ice turn into blood from Loki's wounds that it seem as though ice was turning into blood.

"I am the king of Asgard." Loki said as though he is on a higher level. "

"No." Negative Joy turns the paper into a long blade. "You are a liar. Odin cannot be dead. You are not his son; after-all." She attacks first but Loki uses his feet to make her trip. "You wouldn't make a great king." There is the hint of a hiss in her voice.  "Great Kings come from actual descent."

Loki approaches her.

"How stupid are you?" Loki said. "You've forgotten something else about Joy."

"Humor me." Negative Joy said.

"She's related to a king." Loki said. "A mortal king."

"And who is that?" Negative Joy asks, holding the weapon as though it was a shield. She is wary about Loki.

"William,"Loki turns his long sword blade into a long Excalibur weapon that had a green jewel in the middle. He looks at the golden handle with green leather around the grip surrounding the blue jewel.  A smile spreads across Loki's  face as he turns his attention to Negative Joy. "The Conquer."

 "You liar!" Negative Joy said, running straight at him.

"I'm not lying." Loki said, with a swift  to the left he cut off Negative Joy's right ear. "Check her family tree." He taps his chin. "Wait a minute." He has this look of self realization at a flawed thought he had in mind. "You won't be able to find out."

A cynical and sadistic smile spread across Loki's face.Negative Joy hisses as she covered her bleeding almost glowing blue wound that exposed the Chitauri technology. We see her somewhat organic ear degrade into a piece of metal. A pool of light blue flexiable liquid encircles the item like a lake surrounding an island.

"I will not take your word for the truth." Negative Joy said, covering her ear,

"So be it." Loki said,pinning his excalibur's tip on the floor. "And this will be for Asgard, and for everyone you've fooled and tricked, and ruined other's lives with that." He pauses. "But if you didn't fool everyone, ironically I wouldn't have met Joy."

 "Liar.!" Negative Joy  said with a hiss and charges at Loki.

Loki took a step to the side from her aiming. who took a step to the side.

 "I don't lie about  irony." Loki said, right as she came close to him. "In front of a cruel piece of trash!"

 Loki stabs into Negative Joy's trash,

". .  . You." Negative tried to say.

Without a reply to her, Loki takes out his sword out of her heart briefly enough for him to say 'For Joy' in her ear. And then he stabbed it into her heart once more getting a much successful dire-death-fatal strike on her heart.Negative Joy gasps in pain but there's a slight smile that replaces her gasp. Her eyes were full of happiness and satisfactory instead of anger and hate. Loki transforms his sword into a small blade which he took out of the incomplete clone. Negative Joy fell back on the floor as the ship began sliding forward.

"In the name of Asgard." Loki said, placing a small rounded activated device on Negative Joy's chest.  "You should not live."

Loki takes several feet away as she reaches her hand out towards him.

"Let me punch you." Negative Joy hisses.

"In your dreams." Loki adds a selective word that's the gender of a female dog.

Her face easily read 'I hate you!' as the small dark elf device killed her by taking her in and making her into metal. We discover this is only a projection of Loki which sizzled away from the falling ship hurtled straight down towards Malekith. We can guess now our last scene begins after Thor has left Asgard believing Loki is dead and his father still rules.

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