Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


17. (Then like a whisper; I'm gone) What's your name?


  There are times when you cannot avoid one thing for indefinite. Initially, I was unsure about making friends in this version of my universe. But, this event can happen once in my life. So ya know I made the best of it. I befriended John Wayne Bruce, Callie Summers,Karlos Stone, and Alice Laundromaut.I pitied Alice for having a unusual last name; just imagine how many kids bullied her as a child! Alice claimed she changed her name ontentinally to that because it used to be Frankensider. There is nothing i can sy about that. Anyway; they were helpful to me. How helpful can a bunch of weirdo's (who scour the entire United States for alien spotings just to be abducted) be helpful?

   Really helpful; no sarcasm and no jokes.

   How did I find them? That's a funny story in it's own way; I got into a mess. How big was it? I was one mistake away from shattering the windows, breaking everyone's seats, and sending everyone flying from my emotional-decompomised state while sitting on a bar stool. How does that happen for me? Here's how it happened  .  .  . 

"Why is there  a Victorian model in a small town bar with no ID card no  man, and no car?" One of the men ask. "Seems suspicous for a single women to be here."

The fear, my heart pulsing, upset, and mixed emotions were outta control.

 "Are you a run away?" Another man asks. His glass cup on the table is shaking ever so lightly. "Or did your man ditch you?"

The entire bar roared with laughter.This bar happened to be the usual place the the Bruce Summer gang hang out at before going outside for the night. I was about to release magic and pure hell on to the people bothering me: "

  They were also saying profanity; and I don't want to repeat it.

"Come on," A man pesters me; I could smell his drunken breath as he leans closer to me. His words were slurred,not clear; another indicatior he is drunk. "Watt's your story? Here four a one night stand?"


"Stop breathing on my neck!" I slap the man's face.

The man slid off his seat and fell down on the floor.

Come on, I didn't hit that hard! The law of gravity must be ridiclious for a man who's drunk

"You are drunk, and I know better for kids not to drink." I recalled all those videos and assembles about drinking at a young age  including the DARE program that had been in my life since Elementrey.

Most of the men in the bar are adults.  I didn't want to hold all those emotion up in a snowball like I did last time; I don't want some innocent person to be my next trigger. How did I manage to get across The United States with no  cash? Oh;that my friend, involved  doing what I call a 'Leverage' trick on them by using my power to steal cash from people's wallets unsuspectingly.If you don't know what Leverage is then I think you have been living under a rock for too long so it means you have to search for Nate Ford 'Leverage character' on the internet.

  If John hadn't came in (He's a BIG guy with huge muscles, man, how can a strong guy be gay and a UFO X-files like believer? Too good to be true) then I would be on the run and be classified as a mutant.Or some kind of freak that has super powers that is not understood quite well.We got out the bar a moment before a fight broke out,.

  _____                ________                           ____________

That was ten days ago. John had insisted we go to the Lational Lampoon Rocky Mountain.Callie and Karlos chipped in saying there's been UFO reports filed by people who claimed to be on board alien spaceships.Why did John mean to say Lational and not National?  His speech makes me wonder if he has a problem saying words; or, he's from a different country. It doesn't make sense at all; It's like Colton's mysterious last name that doesn't have a clue.

 "Hey Joy, can you gold this?" John said, holding a large camera set.

Doesn't make sense, he's a strong dude; how heavy can it be?

"You mean hold." I correct him.

"Same fring." He dropped the huge camera set into my arms.

Welp; I can just make it hover  .   .    . GO ME! So that is exactly what I did; use my power to make it hover above the ground.

"Okay." I said, as he drags a huge net from the  van. The Camera is levitating right beside me.The others are busy getting all the camera's set up around the forest-like-scenery. "Uh; are we hunting bigfoot or Sirius?"

 It's dark, but we are wearing the glasses that makes it seem it's not dark.

"No; aliens!" John said.

I heard something crack from behind us.

"It's only a Jrog."

John must be an alien,no seriously. I do not know any language that involves messing up your letters continuously; except Irish accents, those are cool.


I was sipping some coffee from a mug when the inevitable thing happens

"And you know what?"


"I'm lot gay; dol't tell Alice." John is putting up the trap.  "I've beel workilg up the lerves to ask her out."

 In English, John said: I'm not gay, don't tell Alice. I've been working up the nerves to ask her out.

 I was drinking some coffee when he said the news which ended up in the coffee being spit out

 "You are---what!" I nearly yell. And then I proceed to yell at him for using a thing that will get marriage rights and equality in 2014. That just ticked me off; because he's not gay.  "John Bruce Wayne, how could you use being gay as a ruse!"

John sheepishly shrugs;putting four stakes into the ground in a circle shape.

"It's lot my fault." John insists, fixing up the trap with rope that he wrapped around the stakes into the ground.  "They've assumed I've beel gay for years."


Later on that night; we got all set up and waited. Waiting turns out to be most awesome tool in the  nine realms. That heavy camera was set up in the middle of a clearing

Nobody noticed that I had made the heavy camera float, because when they were looking at me: I held it. Whenthey were not looking at me:the camera was floating. But now, at the moment, we have everything ready. I can't wait to see if there are actually aliens living among us! Yes, I'm a X-Phile! This feels like Mulder and Scully the FBI detectives are at it again! Solving supernatural like crimes and discovering the perpetrator to a series of .  .  . ya get what I am saying, kay? good.

 "Ready?" Karlos asks.

"As always." We said.

"Are you suure?" Karlos  teases us.

 Callie flips the switch.

We sat down eating bags of snacks watching the night themed cameras in never-ending hopes that a modern day E.T. would appear to us.All six screens flicker showing the woods, nightlife, and our traps. The crickets are chirping their lullaby song while an owl hoots. Alice is eating popcorn; how did she manage to get popcorn when we did not buy that or did not have  spare microwave in the gray Honda van? I give up trying to reason with her random actions! There are things that shouldn't be classified under logical thinking.

 "So, what do the cameras usually catch?" I ask, turning my attention away from Alice.

"One time we caught kids making a tree house," Callie said, in a way that said it didn't end up great. "So Karlos took every nail from their bucket when they were not looking."

"Awww." I said. "That'a cruel!"

Where did I pick up "That'a cruel" from? .  .  .  .

"They were getting into our alien traps." Karlos said, in self defense. "Those traps were made for aliens, not small kids."

"Well they didn't know."

"We told the towl; it was deel hulting seasol." John said,and I understand his funny comment as: We told the town while deer hunting season was up. "Ald besides, we did our UFO hulting in the part of the forest that was 'no hulting zone'."

"No hunting zones?" I ask.

"Yeeep." Alice said, popping a popcorn into her mouth. "Aliens do not count in hunting."

Alice chews on her popcorn like bubble gum.

"What else did ya catch on those cameras?"

"We caught two teens doing what adults do in the bedroom."


"They were just boys; so, we deleted the recording." Karlos said. "We all make mistakes. We saw some alien figure in the background, but  .    .    . We did not want to ruin two kids lives with an alien in the background."

I couldn't say a word.

 "Ole time we caught cats ald dogs starilg at the cameras!" John adds. In English he said:  One time we caught cats and dogs staring at the cameras! "That was creepy thal anythilg we caught ol camera. .  . Besides a rabbit with red eyes."

 John is an Alien, I am making it offical: John is an alien! He doens't make sense with his "l"s.

 "Is it July 4th today?" I ask.

 "Yeep." Alice said.

"Why is there no fireworks?" I ask, again.

"People don't celebrate July 4th here." Karlos  said.

I sigh, looking at the starlighted sky.

 "Today's Nucklehead's birthday."

John spits out what he was drinking as he laughs.

"What kild  .  .  . of lame is that?" John said, in between his laughs.

"Imagine a gigantic, huge alien like robot that is purple and gray; he has the lower part of the knight's helmet over his mouth resembling jail bars." I instructed them, as they have closed their  eyes. "He has horns similar to what you would see on a vehicle's front facing forwards like a bulls horns. I made him up when a pillow fell from my bed when I was sleeping; snap, he's created and tada I woke up! Back on topic;  He can take away powers for good, and guess what!"

"Maaaan, how tall is this knight like alien?"

"Tall as  Ironhide," I guessed. No, I didn't really decide how tall he is for the past three years or so?

"Whatt about the guess?" Karlos asks, raising his eyebrows with his eyes closed.

"He's a scientist." I add in a sinister voice. "And he can kill humans without mercy!"

Everyone open their eyes, glaring at me accusingly for giving  them a horrid image.

Happy Birthday Nucklehead.

"Look!" Callie shouts, pointing to the super big screen

 The camera's flipped over and were aimed right at the rocky material. so we went to find out what is going on.Ya know what we discovered from checking out what made the cameras flip over? seven words can sum this up: A wild Loki in a net.

"This is not a time for hunting!" Loki said.

I rub my forehead.

"You owe me ten bucks." Karlos said.

John didn't really like to lose a bet.

"Cold up." John said. "What's your lame?"

Why is he switching up 'C' and ''H' together?  .  .  .  .

"Lame?" Loki asks.

 "He means name." Alice said.

"Tom J.T. Newheart." Loki lied, under the disguise of a  prominent and young man. "Now cut me down,mortal hunters!"

"We are not human hunters!" Karlos shot down at all four edges of the net.

The net fell down.

"We are alien hunters." Alice adds.

I look away as it had landed.

"That has ta hurt." I said.

 Loki got out of the net.

"Sorry, Mr.Tom." John apologizes. "We've been searching for aliens."

"Aliens are not stupid as you think." Loki said, pointing to the distance (Which got everyone's attention, including mine) glowing white from behind a row of trees."Your eyes are weak enough to miss your one time ticket."

Karlos ran after the light.

"Hey!" Karlos shouts after the light as he ran. "Take me with youuuu!"

Alice continues eating some more popcorn.

"I don't  understand a word you said, Mortal." Loki said to John. "But you must be an alien."

I wish I could agree with him without sounding offensive.

"Lo." John shook his left hand. "I'm lot.Why are you here il the first place?"

"Business." Loki said so casually.

I lean to my left seeing a large, armored truck that would usually be in the city protecting loads of money. Wow; what was Loki thinking about hiding a armored truck in here? One; he must have been going off to meet up with someone who he brought the truck for. Two; he was looking to manipulate innocent people to help him reach his ambitions.

________________                          __________________________________________

 .  .  .   July 5th  .  .  . 2011.

The Summer Bruce Gang arranged for a meeting between me and 'Tom' (Who's really Loki, duh).Sad that no one can see through his disguise except for me. It's really disappointing carrying knowledge that this guy is not a man but a god, a Norse god who can backstab you. I would have been fine not knowing he IS Loki.It seemed inevitable my dreams about him are coming true; what's next?  Landing in the snow face first? Or maybe that dream was reflecting off my day on Asgard when Schenio came in .  .  .  .

I sat across from Loki; while sipping on a straw in my soda. This dream of mine is actually happening.

 "Why does a mortal like you follow me?" Loki asks, in a straight forward skeptic kind of way.

 I rub my forehead, taking the straw out of my mouth.

 "I am not…Nevermind." I shook my head. "I wasn't even following ya."

"Oh yes," He said, more sternly than I had ever seen a person. "Your voice is completely flawed; why do you say 'ya' and not 'you'? It's completely obvious you are following  me, little mortal." Oh well, I was following him--her? I like that nickname 'Little Mortal', sounds cute! "You are a grown mortal; what kind of realm makes you sound so ridiculous?"

Calmly, I  respond.

"A..." I start to say, but then catch my wording. "Midgard."

Loki’s eyes could have melted me into bits or into a puddle.

"That's not the right answer." Loki said, very objective.

 "No, it isn't ." I said, playing with my fingers.

Everyone thinks I’m talking to a middle aged Korean woman, when really, I ain’t.

I’m talking to a Norse god, of course!

"I have something up with my tongue rolling.” I tell him. “I just ain't  .  .  . perfect, ya know?"

I does feel good to admit on that, you don't know unless you say it out loud.

"You can pretend that I'mma a weak, wannabe, and really not-so-smart with accents kind of girl if ya don't like how I speak, otherwise, I can walk out yer life--which is cool by me, too,because that's what I am  trying ta do." I get this surprised look from Loki.That's a first; I made Loki show emotion: Wow. "Which I am failing MISERABLY at."

  He puts his arms on the table. If Loki was trying to look like someone else with a different eye color, he wasn’t really succeeding. His eyes are something that is easy to tell what they are.His green lagoon eyes are pretty obvious, so much  I don’t need to repeat that they are green with a touch of gray and blue to it. Wait, I just did that. Great, I’m very contradictory.

"You are lying." He said, in the kind of voice a very-harsh-yet broken kind of individual would speak.If I knew anyone else to compare him to, then I would really do some comparing. But sadly I don't know anyone harsh as Loki

 I slightly smile.

"I'm not lyin'."

"What is your name?"

"Well, do ya know what's in a name?"

"It signifies the family you come from."

I  have a small laugh at Loki's comment.

 "No." I said, tapping on the table. "It means ya are somebody. Ya are a person;all my life I've wished to be somebody.  Wished to make a difference in everyone's lives." I glance down to my napkin. Wow; I'm doing good making this completely different from that dream. "And when you hear that last name, you should remember it not as a failure--but as the 'mortal' who tried."

Loki didn't  display any visible signs of emotion or annoyance.

 "You are straying off topic." Loki said, flat out loud.

Yep; five points to Slytherin!

  "Do me a favor."


All right; here goes request number 1.

"Do not ever, ever, call me darling." I told him."Do not call me Demigod. If you were a human instead of a god who  has  gigantic a fangirl army on my midgard--"

His eyebrows rose up.

"An army of fangirl mortals?" Loki asks.

"And if you said that word towards me," I continue, ignoring his comment. "I would use a sedator in a needle,use on you then drag your body into a van. I would tie you up, put you under, then use tools to make all your worst hororrs in bad movies come true  .  .  . to you."

Loki looks unfazed by what I said.

"Why do it twice?" Loki asks. "That is over doing it."

"Because ya would wake up and try biting me." I said.

"How big is the army?" Loki changes the subject,.

I sigh, looking up at the ceiling.

"Japan had a promotional  fan poster of Thor holding yo-no no no no." I wave my hands back and forth. Darn it girly, you are spilling information like a computer chip. "I'm sorry; but I can't tell ya." I lean back in the seat. "I'm not supposed ta tell ya about that stuff."

I pat on the table using my left hand.

"Best picture scenario; picture girls screaming where-ever you go." I said.

"Would they kneel to me if I asked?" Loki asks.

"Of course--Loki, stop that!" I realized what he is doing. He's trying to learn more about this Fangirl army in my Midgard. Good grief girl, stop doing it!

"I am not doing anything; where are you from?" Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. He's being very specific. "Which Midgard are you from?"

Then, like grasshopper hitting the wrong target, I chose a random last name so I wouldn't answer him.

"Joy Jelenisto." I lied; watching Loki's face  as though he's heard of my name. Wait a minute there; it sounds like a name that Stan Lee would have made. Perhaps fibbing in front of Loki could be entertaining so let'er rip! "Daughter of Dan the Lazy god and Christina the Goddess of .  .  . "

I tap on my chin.

The couple is going to come in; in one, two,three  .   .    .

"Goddess of crazyness." I add.

 A couple goes by us, looking at me and Loki.

 "...Matthew, stop staring." The young woman said, giving him an elbow punch. "It's rude."

"Rude as in .  .  . You taking me to see Mean Girls?" Matthew replied, as they sat down at a table.  He shook both hands."I'm not saying it's a bad movie .  .   ."

  That's my cue to leave, phew!

   "I'mma be leaving." I said, picking up my drink and my dark themed jacket from the seat. "And I don't lie about--" I caught myself in mid-sentence. Did I really want to tell about something to a god? No. I didn't want to shake the entire future,and the entire foundation of what is meant to come. "Being an Asgardian.”

 I stick my tongue out at him.

Loki makes this grunt sound, leaning back in the chair.

 "You are..." Loki starts to say.

 "Com-pli-cated." I said, pronouncing the words in a different kind of way. Just like the song 'Complicated', that is really, really good.  I took the straw out from my mouth. "I told ya once and I'll tell ya twice; I wasn't sent by anyone," I lightly tap a finger on my lips. "Lok."

I turn away, while sipping through the straw and then exit through the door.

Callie stops the big-gray Honda van by the store,and Alice opened the van door. I get in then close the van door behind me. Karlos, John, Alice, and Callie were waiting to hear the news. These people have been searching at night for aliens from outerspace pretty much everywhere. So I have to crush the news to them. No don't say Loki is an alien, because he is not an alien. Loki is a norse god.

"He's not an alien." I said.

Callie drives off.

 "And he almost fit the bill!" Karlos whines.

"He came out of no-where like a ninja." Alice adds.

"Maybe because he is a ninja?" I suggest, buckling my seatbelt up.

"Linja's do lot come from outerspace." John said. "They come from Japan and China; because both .  .  . are  .  .  "

He lost his train of thought, good going man.

"Silent." Karlos finished for John.

Seriously, John must be an alien.

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