Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


39. The lying Hour part 4

“Sometimes the past is dirtier than we remember.” Quote of the chapter.

Loki takes on the disguise as one of the agents in the room. There were many gadgets and machinery plugged into long square white objects merged into the plainly blue wall. There were several windows that had luxurious beautiful curtains. There were phones, computers, and two advanced boards occupying the room. There were people using the computers.

It seemed odd to Loki; at first.

Didn’t this room have nothing but a couch?, Loki thought as he stood near a window.

“Are you new here?”

 Loki looks to his left, and  saw this unusual man. How unusual is this man? He’s wearing a plaid polo shirt, ear muffs ,and  a unusual pair of jeans. The unusual man did not seem to fit into the scenery with all the official apparent agents. Apparently this disguise wasn’t one of the agents in the room.

“Guess you are.” The unusual man said, after he got no reply from Loki. “We got a call twenty minutes ago from the ‘so-called’ ice-pick killer saying he wants to speak with Agent Horatio Kang. And standing there by the window is like a chameleon trying to hide by a freezer.”

“Who?” Loki asks, acting as though he didn’t know who this person was.

“Agent Kang is the FBI agent who put up a hefty  .  .  . “ The unusual man said but he is interrupted by Loki.

“Bulletin board?” Loki suggests.

“Something like that.” The unusual man said.  “He and his partner almost got him during a chase. Can you believe it?  They were practically a street corner away from him! We would have got him if it wasn’t for NCIS messing it up.”

“I can believe it.” Loki said.

“And then this lady came in and reopened the case.” The unusual man adds, animatedly. “I thought it was false alarm until the call came in.”

“And why are you here?” Loki asks.

“I’m from the Behavior Analysis Unit.” The unusual man said.  “His behavior was unexpected.” Loki raised an eyebrow at him. “Everyone the Ice-Pick killer had died, except .  .  .”

“Agent Kang.” Loki said.

The unusual man nodded

“He kept at it on the side during his investigations.” The Unusual man said. “His partner, the one who had been there during the case, sadly got killed in action. We only learned the killer’s first name on his 16th murder victim, in a verse beside their body, written in their own.  .  . “

“I get it.” Loki said, with a shudder. It truly disgusted him what mortals did to each other, but, at least they were punished for their crimes under the justice system. “He went under the profile and continued killing.”

The unusual man  raises his eyebrows.  

“You read the case files?” The Unusual man asks.

“No.” Loki said. “I’ve been filled in about the murder spree in the suburbs that happened five years ago, in New York.”

Hours ago—before Loki came to Kevin--, Loki did some digging about cases on the unsolved  New York crimes website. That site was only available to law enforcement but Loki had a little help getting through the walls.

“That’s pretty specific.” The Unusual man said.

“I take no chances going into a case with a serial killer who just returned from a long ‘no murder’ drought.” Loki said, in a convincing tone that made his lie sound believable. “And I never have seen a open window with a bird staring at us; during this conversation.”

“It’s not like we are being spied on.” The Unusual man said.

“You don’t know it.” Loki said. “Don’t you?”

“Know what?” The Unusual man said.

“Your own government is spying on you.” Loki said convinclingly.  “Through technology. I have someone up there who gives me the updates.Oh, I hear your email is being hacked in at the moment.”

 The Unusual man went to  a computer that wasn’t occupied and proceeded to get online. Loki could picture the room being almost empty except for the couch’s presence. He had a chat with John about his home planet. The planet that John had been stranded away from for countless years because of mortal stupidity.

“Do you miss it?” Loki asked.

“Miss what?” John said, puzzled while holding a bad magazine.

“Home.” Loki said.

“Nousiania, I miss it; sometimes.” John lied. He saw the look on Loki’s face read ‘Liar’.”Who told you?”

“Tiene.” Loki said.  “Mortals think you are human. But really; you are not.”

“That’s what people told me at Know-where.” John mused.

“Do you miss your real home?” Loki asked.“I am the prince of lies,and I have not met someone who’s that good at masking lies. Well except for you. Your friend Karlos is much worse at it doing it in front of me. ” Loki earns a small smile from John. “Do yourself a favor; stop lying to me.”

Loki saw a twinkle in John’s eyes.

“There are times that I do.” John said, turning his head towards the open window. A cool breeze swept into the room.“I was young nike Alice when we first met. If they hadn’t stolen my ship then perhaps I would be home being scolded by dad for being reckless.” John’s voice turns into a sad but fond one.  “Or I would be mourning my parent’s death by now.”

John looks at Loki.

“I haven’t lost a parent.” Loki said. “But.  .  .”

“You will understand.” John said. “When it happens to you.” John directed his comment to Loki. “My kind knows these things when someone close to us dies.” He puts one hand on his chest. We see faint blue glue from it in the shape of a circle. “You see, like Asgardians, we nive nong. But sometimes we can’t wait for 10 years for their noved one to return.”

“It’s been 10 years?” Loki said, startled.

“Yes.” John said, lowering his head. “Ten nong years.” John sighed. “Alice was the one who guided me in humanity.It was like yesterday we met on Kampus.” John recalled, fondly as his voice became a little happy. “She took me in when no one wouldn’t.She helped me lie that I was a new student who hadn’t been documented.”

“Did  you tell her?” Loki asked.

“No.” John said. “I told her a lie. A good one; in fact.” He adds a snort. “Way better than Carlos.”

FBI agent Horatio Kang came in. The way he came in had drawn all the noises in the room to a halt. Loki’s vivid memory—of the conversation—settle back into some part of his mind. Agent Kang appears to be somewhere in his late fifties, he has a shaved head, and a gray mustache that was a persistent reminder of how old he is.

“So.” Agent Kang said, right after he had entered the room. “When was his last kill?

“Two hours ago.” Special Agent Dinozzu said.

Behind Agent Kang comes Agent Harrish Fewler.Kang’s partner’s mostly referred to as Agent Fewler among the force.Loki recognizes the gloomy, dark, tall, handsome, and attractive man as someone else. This wasn’t Agent Fewler. This was the man who helped Loki open the portal to the spirit world. Well let’s refer to him Agent  Fewler for now.

Agent Fewler prefered to be in the dark away from the sun for some reason.

“Is he your new partner?” The Unusual man asks.  “I could have sworn that Fewler was shorter than you.”

“He’s prepping for an undercover case.” Agent Kang said.

The phone on the table rings. An Agent pressed the button on the phone that allowed a specific function to activate.

“Is Agent Kang there?” Kevin’s heavy and uncool voice came through.

 Have we already began referring as Karlos as Kevin? Well, let’s just go with it. 

“Yes.” Agent Kang said, and then he looks straight at Agent Fewler as though he was thinking ‘Oh, he’s right’ about something.

“I haven’t enjoyed killing a person for so long.” Kevin’s voice sounds fond of what’s he doing. “That I’ve completely forgotten what torture’s like.”

The words from Kevin disgusted Loki. He never felt this much rage to kill a mortal and not feel guilty about it. The Unusual man gestuered to Loki, while pressing a red button that made their conversation mute.

“Kid.” Agent Kang said, his head turned towards his direction. “Do you have anything that we might need?”

“Well.” Loki said. “He’s got Carrie Absurdname under his thumb.”

“The Daughter of Mr.Absurdname?” Agent Kang asks.

Agent Fewler, as well, seemed shocked about it.

“Yes.” Loki said.  “She saw his last body. I’m pretty sure she remembers.”

“And who are you?” Agent Fewler asks.

All eyes were on Loki.

“Pratt Oddinson.” Loki said.

“Okay, Agent Odinson—“ Agent Fewler shook his head. “Agent Oddinson, how do you know this?”

Loki presses the blue button.

“Who put me on damn mute?” Kevin asks, as we hear a shriek.

“I did.” Loki said.

“Who are you?” Kevin asks.

“Pratt Oddinson, of New England.” Loki turns it on mute.

Everyone was now staring at Loki’s rather unprofessionally move.

“Agent Oddinson, that’s not how we do it!” The Unusual man puts it back on.

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