Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


38. The Lying Hour Part 3

.  . . August  19th  .  .       

 .  . . 2011 .  . .New York. 

Cops went into the rented apartment. They discovered Callie’s dead body. The room was a mess. We see the officer’s share a glance wondering what kind of fight had gone in here. The mess seemed big enough that a sonic soundwave would have done. But the knocked over furniture had said otherwise. The FBI had a good reason to question Loki.

“So.” Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzu said, sitting across from  Loki. “Who gave you the suspect’s phone?”

Loki is still in his disguise.

“I found it.” Loki said.

“Where?” Dinozzu asks.

Loki folds his arms.

“Your name is Dinozzo, right?” Loki asks.

This is the same man he met before; just in a different disguise.Who’s in a different disguise? Loki is the one in a different disguise for this occasion.Whenever he did take over the world Loki didn’t want a shred of paper laying around saying he did something good until he tried taking over the world.Loki had to make it genuine this is the first time Dinozzu has met him; technically speaking.

“It’s Dinozzu.” Special Agent Dinozzu said.

Loki sighs while leaning back in the chair.Joy’s description of Tony is very remarkable with his counterpart, Loki thought as he observed the man. He was from a Naval Criminal Investigative service. Not only did Kevin kill innocent people; he did kill people from the navy, at least two petty officers.

“I found it.” Loki said.

“Where?” Special Agent Dinozzu asks.

Loki shifts in the chair.

“Near a dead man named Fred Asgard.” Loki said. “I understand his death has been mystifying the public for a while.” Special Agent Dinnozu’s left—nearly missing—eyebrow rises up. “Why don’t I save the trouble and tell you how Kevin was able to kill him? I mean Kevin the Ice Pick Killer.”

Dinozzu stares at Loki.

“Fred is from a alien planet called Asgard.” Loki said, staying true to the character of the Korean woman who had taken him in. “Your American UFO’s  do come in handy.”

“We cannot take credit for UFO’s not belonging to the United States.” Special Agent Dinozzu said.

“Ah,” Loki taps on the table. He could tell Dinozzu is lying. “So there has been aliens visiting this planet. Since when did you steal an alien’s space-craft?” Loki questions Special Agent Dinozzu. “Do you like leaving humanoid aliens who do not belong here stranded?”

“I cannot comment on this.” Special Agent Dinozzu said.

“Did you lose an eyebrow from cleaning up a crashsite?” Loki asks. “Any way; my son has a map on the ceiling. Have you also been left un-aware a man named Fred Asgard died by a Ice-pick? You’ve disregarded it as a copycat trying to get attention? This is not a copy cat’s doin,g but I do not know how a cat can copy a murder.I have given proof he’s back. He killed a man last night. His phone has pictures; disgusting pictures.” Loki shudders as his voice sounds disgusted mentioning the pictures “Pictures of his hideous crimes.”

“Who?” Special Agent Dinozzu said.

“Kevin.” Loki said. “The Ice Pick murder.”

Special Agent Dinozzu appears to be floored.

A Demigod, Loki thought, they may live long but death is inevitable for them.

“How do you know this?” Special Agent Dinozzu asks.

“The Television.” Loki said.  “I’ve learned a lot from crime procedures and the detail to the victims injuries.”

“Who told you about the hotel room?”  Special Agent Dinozzu questions him again.

 “Meredith Quill.” Loki said. 

“So Meredith knows there is a  dead woman who’s been reported missing for years and advised you to turn in evidence.” Special Agent Dinozzu said, and then he glances down to his hands briefly. He looks towards Loki. “There’s something you are missing.”

“That is?” Loki asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Meredith Quill died in 1988 by cancer.” Special Agent Dinozzu said. “And her kid went missing.”

C—ccreak went a door.

“Sir.”  A woman said, after opening the door.  “We’ve got the call.”

Loki knew Joy would not be the dead woman in the apartment. He had seen her beat up a man with her elbow, legs, and using a trash can lid instead of a blade sticking out from her pocket. Joy perplexed Loki in more ways than one. Joy could use the blade to kill them but she chose not to and left the man groaning in pain while crying for his mother. Joy had impressed Loki.

“Oh shit.” Dinozzu said.  “Which call?”

Loki disguises himself as a rat and scurried out.

“I’m not sure what to call our suspect who’s demanding for Agent Kang.” The woman said.

Dinozzu sighs turning his head towards Loki.

“So, Kevin the Ice-Pick Killer is his name.“ Special Agent Dinozzu said,glancing up to the wall. His  face became puzzled like a child had done something so simple and went under the table on him. He looks under the table. Then back to the chair. “Shit.”

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