Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


37. The Lying Hour Part 2

   .  .  .2011.  .  .

  .  .  . New York  .  .  .

“Goodbye.” John said, over the phone.

We see the platform from a large non-human made aircraft slide down. The grass seemed to be pushed back from the unusual force perpelling it flat. Wind gusts speeding up from the usual force.There is light smoke coming from the entrance hence floating down the gray slide material land on the grass. The destination is somewhere in a forest around New York City; that isn’t well populated.

Callie throws a kernel of popcorn into her mouth,while watching a soap TV show and crunches it.

“You hanging up on me?” Callie said, with a crunch.

“Lot a khance.” John said, clearing his throat. “This is goodbye.”

“So that means you are hanging up on me!” Callie proclaims.

“Lo.” John argues.  “I’m leaving.” He walks taking a big suitcase with him and a little red wagon full of plants. “Thanks for all the memories; Kallie.”

John went into the opening, just as the phone call ended.

___________                                            ________________

  .  .  . New York City . . .

 “What?” Joy said, putting the phone against her ear. “Care to repeat that?”  JOylaughs while shaking her head. “I thought you said one of my friends is a serial killer.”

“Your ‘associate’ is a serial killer.” Loki repeats what he had said in the first place.

Apparently Loki has been trying to knock some sense into Joy that ‘Karlos’ is a serial killer.

“Ya must be pullin’ a Joki on me.” Joy said.

“Joki?” Loki repeats over the phone. “Is there some kind of conspiracy going on with these machines? Are you wire-tapping my phone?” Joy rolled her eyes at the question. “Is Joki a codeword for a secret ambush with Kevin?”

Joy groans, rubbing her forehead. 

“Never-mind.” Joy said, going through her hair.              

Her large dark purple bag is full of what can be assumed to be new ghost hunting gear. There’s a clear gray bag poking out from the edge of the dark purple bag’s opening. He can’t take a joke, Joy thought as her hand draws away from her recently dyed hair.

Loki’s accusations were humorous at best, yet they were far logical.Why would we have a ambush with a ‘who-the-hellis-kevin’ on Loki?, the thought crossed Joy’s mind momentarily. However, the thought sunk back into a forever-more darkness; figuratively. There are times when Loki’s reactions are priceless seen face to face.

 “Which friend of mine made a Joki about a killer?” Joy sarcastically asked.

“Karlos is not his real name.” The first words didn’t make sense, though what Loki said next was a shocker.“His name is Kevin. He is Kevin the Ice-Pick Killer. Kevin has returned to his old ways; killing mortals who hadn’t committed a crime.”

Is he lying?, Joy thought a bit unsure to believe him. After all; Loki is the prince of lying.Tonight they were going to check out a hotel for ghosts. This hotel is called the  ‘Devally Hotel’ somewhere in New York. It was ‘Karlos’s idea’ to go there—as he claimed it was haunted—instead of visiting a potentially haunted zoo that had lots of ghost reports.

“I can’t believe you are  goin’ tis far about Karlos’s FBI connection.” Joy said, coming closer to the hotel.  “And I will not believe another lie about Callie goin’ up ta Montana to take up horse racin’!”

“Little mortal, I didn’t say Callie was going to the realm with rolling hills and wing backed horses,” Loki begins to correct her on a lie that he had made up earlier, before Kevin had killed someone. Loki intentionally pauses before he said another word.  “It was John. Your hearing must be terrible.”

“I had ear surgery, thank ya.” Joy said, in a voice full of sarcasm.

Loki is baffled, over the phone; apparently he is waiting in line at a police station with ‘Karlos’s damning phone that has a phone number belonging to the victim he murdered last night. It’s a miracle how Loki is hearing her from inside a noisy police department. Perhaps a true miracle smashed into an un-logical moment in Midgard.

 And Joy elaborated on about the ear surgery.

“I had ear surgery to get rid of a small gray ball from my ear.” Joy explains, getting inside the hotel. “It rang like a school bell; so great thanks for sayin’ my hearin’ is terrible.” Sometimes Joy baffles Loki how she doesn’t realize her life is a comedy movie. “It usually was ringin’ by twelve when it was usually lunch time at school.”

   If Joy really wasn’t from Ireland; then nothing answered Loki’s hot question why she sounded Irish.

"Loki." Joy said.  “Do me a favour.”

"Yes?" Loki presses the phone against his ear.

"If I need savin’  .  .  .” Joy began, choosing descievely what to say next.  “Don't do it."

Puzzled, Loki lowers the phone to his eye level to make sure it was really Joy on the phone. The screen name read ‘Joy Irish’ in small green text. Loki puts the phone back on his ear a bit unsure why she would make a comment like this. If the news really did creep her out, then he might have swayed Joy into believing. One half of Loki’s gut said otherwise. It was strange for Joy to ask for an unusual favor.

"I use to believe in heroes.  .  ." Joy said in a low voice. "But mine never showed up."

Heroes?,Loki thought, I’m a god not a hero. Mortals don’t understand how gods live among them. One thing made perfect sense to Loki why no one bothered to believe a god is living among them. They were too self-absorbed to notice what’s going on under their very noses. So self-absorbed they wouldn’t notice a war being commenced in their back yard.

 “If you had to show evidence in a hurry, what gets all the mortals attention?” Loki asks.

“I’m on firaaaah.” Joy sang. “Kiddin’ tere. Just say somethin’ like ya have important evidence for a high profiled case when really you don’t.”

 We see on Loki’s side of the conversation that he is leaning over to his right from a long line.

 “I have evidence for the reopened case of the Ice-Pick Killer!” Loki holds the white baggy with ‘Karlos’s phone.

All attention shifted to Loki—in the disguise of the Korean Woman who helped him up his feet a couple months ago—very awkwardly. The glare of police officers are sharply on Loki.Well that is an over-exaggerated statement but they are skeptical about his claim. The room had become silent.

“Ya just did dat.” Joy said, with an over-exaggerated groan as she went to an elevator.

“Of course.” Loki said over the phone.

“Hah,” Joy said, with a laugh. “The laugh Karlos and Callie will get when I tell tem.”

Just as Loki was about to say something, Joy hung up. Joy puts the phone into the bag instead of putting it into a side pocket on the bag’s side. The elevator doors opens right after putting the phone away. Joy went into the elevator and then she presses one of the buttons on the side of the elevator. However a couple people came into the elevator. We see a lightbulb go off above her head.  She stood in front of the buttons.

“How many need ta go to floor 4?” Joy asks, looking over her shoulder.

Four people raised their hands

“I wonder what all these buttons do.” Joy said, pressing all the buttons on the elevator.

The elevator goes down instead of up.

“Hey, we said four.” A man said.

“No, you said floor zero.” Joy said.

A collective sigh is heard from everyone. Then the elevator went silent as it went down and down.

“Hey,” Joy said. “Who’s beeper is goin’ off?”

The people inside share puzzled glances, not getting what she’s trying to do. Unbeknownst to them; their pens, cell phones, wallets, and keys went into the man in the back’s bag. Joy takes out a harmonica from her ghost gear bag. She then tries to use it; though her musical talent cannot be applied to a little machine. She was terrible.

“I don’t need to die listening to a terrible harmonica.” An elderly woman said.

Joy rolls an eye, taking out the harmonica.

“It’s a small world.” Joy sang, as the elevator came to a stop. “Sweet home Alabama.”

The elevator then went back up without closing. We hear a collective groan from everyone minus Joy. Joy puts the Harmonica back inside the bag. Everyone is looking forward so Joy continues to mix a couple songs into sweet home Alabama and made a stethoscope go around the neck of a short young man who hadn’t been paying attention.

“I don’t remember rest of le lyrics.” Joy sang. “But I do know that keep bleeding looovee, owohooaah ,no matter what they say, sweet home Alabama,keep holding on,” Joy taps her foot on the floor making a beat.  “It’s only a day away, together we’ll stand the weather, soooo keep holding on!”

“Stop it.” The Stethoscope young man said.

“Use yer scope and listen ta dah wall.” Joy retorts.

The young man did exactly as she said without questioning her.

“Nothing ya can say, nothin’ ya can do, just keep holding on.” Joy continues to sing.  “Sweet home Alabama. You're not alone, together we stand, nah nah nah. Tick tock on the clock, I love ya tomorrow, I love ya and it’s only a day awaaaay, I'll be by your side you know I'll take your hand.”

Several people were covering their ears.

Tom Banker, a older man in the back, looks down to his bag with jack pot.

“I don’t own five wallets.” Mr.Banker said out loud.

“And don’t lie when I want to, but I need to lie all the time,” Joy keeps singing as the elevator kept going up.

The elderly looks straight at Mr.Banker, “Can I cho—“

“Are you mad?” Mr.Bankerinterupts her, clutching the bag closely. “Don’t ever say something like that!”

“Na na nah ooeeoeooeeo.” Joy humms. “WIIRRiirir wiirrrr.”

Surprisingly a few people actually joined in the humming.

“Uh uh huh huuuuubhhh uh erh erh erh erh erh huh.” Three people were humming a random theme.

Joy looks over her shoulder.

“Wanna hear a theme song?” Joy asks.

“No!” Everyone said.

“Wonderpets!” Joy sang, looking back to the buttons. “We’re on our way to save dah pet, we’re not too tall, we’re not too small,we’re not too big,  but when we work together we get the job done; wonderpets! Stop and stare, feeling like you are not there, a wayyz, so stop and stare, like you are not here but there and believe.”

The people plugged their ears, except for two.

“Hi Mr.T.” Joy randomly said to no one. “I didn’t tink ya’ll ever get in here.”

Everyone backed up into the back of the elevator.

“Ding!” Joy said, as the elevator stopped at floor 2.

The doors opened, so then five people got out of the elevator leaving Mr.Banker, the elderly, and a couple other people in the elevator with Joy. The Doors close with a whish.Joy taps her foot breaking the tension and silence in the room in a pesky kind of way. Her phone rings repeatedly in the bag.

“Oh shut up Loki.” Joy said out loud. “Not like you are going to wonderland.”

“She’s nuts.” Mr.Banker said.

Joy grins, knowing he has everyone’s wallets.

“Not when I know your wife is leaving you for some younger man and you are here to steal everything she has.” Joy said.  “Your demeanor seems that way since  .  .  .” The people in the elevator were staring at her.

Joy covers her mouth, apologetic.  

“Oops spoiler heavy.” Joy mumbles.  “I’ll tell ya in five stops.”                 

At floor six, nine people came in.

“Off to nethaland!” Joy holds up her index finger and then hits all the buttons on the control object, again.

“Nooo!” Mr.Banker yells.

Everyone was confused as the elevator went down, minus Joy. Once again, the new passenger’s belongings went into Mr.Banker’s not-so-heavy bag.

“Baa baaaa baaa.” Joy acts like a sheep.

“Meow.” A passenger said.

“Mwoar.” Joy mimics a lion’s mew.

“Stop it.” The elderly woman said. “I must go to floor 13!”

“Are you nuts?” Joy asks, the same question that Mr.Banker somewhat presented.

“No,” The elderly woman said. “But you are!”

“Thanks!” Joy said, taking pride in a comment that was supposed to be treated badly.  She touches her chest at that moment as though she is thankful.  “Six hundred thousand three hundred minutes of love, how do you measure it, measure it in love?”

 Joy successfully snaps her fingers singing in the style ‘seasons of love’ had been done. 

“It’s all about looveee.” Joy draws it out. “All about love.”

An hour later the annoyance on the elevator came to an end. Joy had set about seventy wallets in Mr.Banker’s bag without anyone taking a hint or some attention to their pockets. It seemed unusual to her that everyone got robbed on a long elevator ride. Though all the concern—figuratively--fell off Joy’s shoulders when nearly walking past a detective.

How did she know he was a detective?  He had a gun and badge apparent.

“Excuse me.” Joy said, stopping the detective  in his tracks. “There’s a thief on the elevator.”

This is Detective Jake Sunacho.  Everyone calls him Detective Sunacho.

“What proof do you have?” Detective Sunacho asks, raising a brow.

Most people won’t come up to him and inform a robbery is going on.

“The door is still open.” Joy speedily said. “Rush before he gets out with 70 wallets.”

“He?” Detective Sunacho is startled.

Joy steps back, then uses her power to send the Detective—by a table—down to the elevator room. Detective Sunacho’s eyes are huge as though he is rationalize how on earth did a table jus fly out of nowhere. And then the table pushed him in. We seDetective Sunacho had crashed into Mr.Banker. Mr.Banker’s bag tumbled over  letting a large collection of stolen belonging slide out then land beside(or just land right across the foot) some-one’s foot in the elevator. There were gasps heard in the elevator as Joy walks away.

Joy enters the room that Callie had rented; it had three bedrooms for the three.

“Guess what Loki accused Karlos of.” Joy said. “He’s lying that your good friend is a serial killer. Can you believe that?”

Joy heard moans from Callie’s open door. Her eyebrows hunched together, a bit curious what is going on in the room. One part of her screamed it was Callie trying to decide what to wear in the afternoon. One frightened side of Joy is shaken in fear. Joy bravely went to Callie’s ajar door.Her friend’s body is at the side of the bed.

 “Callie!” Joy shouts, going over to Callie’s unresponsive body. “Callie—“ Joy saw the wounds on her friend’s body.  “Oh my gods. Callie hold on.”

Joy takes Callie’s hand.

“Hey . .  . Irish girl.” Callie startles Joy by speaking.

“YoU-Y-Y-Y—you are going-g-g-gioing to be  okay.” Joy holds her trembling hand up; completely covered in red.

Callie squeezes Joy’s hand.

 “Get out of here.” Callie advises her.  “K-a-a-khaa—karlos’s lost it.”

“Who’s lost it?”Joy asks, trying to help her friend up on the bed.

Callie slips out of Joy’s grasp then she lands on the floor with a thump.

“I’ve lost it.” Karlos said, shutting the door behind him while holding a long ice pick with blood on it.

And then the scene cuts to black.  

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