Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


36. The Lying Hour part 1

A/n This chapter arch was inspired by  "Criminal Minds" episode "The Children's hour" ending where I believe the mother was lying to  prolong the man from killing her or doing anything to her.  

 Karlos raises an eyebrow at Loki.

“Loki, the god of mischief.  .  .  . ” Karlos begins in a way that sounds unbelievable. “Doesn’t listen carefully in a hilarious conversation?”

“I don’t understand how mortals can listen carefully without laughing.” Loki said.

 Karlos sighs while rubbing his chin, and then he lays it all out for the one thousand year old Norse God.

 “There is something wrong about this.” Karlos continues, looking at Loki very strangely. Loki didn’t react to the man’s remark. Karlos had his hands in the shape of a bowl but the fingers were spread out and put them on the table. “You don’t know how wrong this sounds.”

“Your speech doesn’t sound bad.”  Loki said, thinking Karlos is talking about his own speech.

Karlos looks up to the sky with a groan.

“Wrong enough to summon a tornado with sharks, Alligators, piranhas and . .  . “ Karlos looks away from the sky to Loki; while he counts his fingers, though Karlos stopped at the third. He could easily see the ‘literality?’ reaction in Loki’s eyes. “So wrong you can’t mess it up.”

“Not if I say it better than you do?” Loki suggests.

Karlos takes a glass of lemonade, and then takes a sip.  He puts it on the white napkin.

“If it is other than Natural disasters and trash; my answer is yes.” Karlos said. “Riddle me this or answer me this.” Karlos makes the shape of a circle on the table. “If you are so better than Mortals  .  .  . Why did you not listen carefully to their conversation?”

 “She didn’t say anything about being pregnant.” Loki said.

“Eh, she isn’t pregnant.” Karlos said, surprising the Norse god.

  “How do you know?” Loki asks.

  “Her trash can had four negative pregnancy tests.” Karlos said, getting a strange look from Loki. “I have a hobby exploring trash cans.”

    “You claim to be a good liar.” Loki said. ”But you’re terrible at lying to me.”

  Karlos lowers his head muttering, “I dropped my cell phone in her bathroom  .  .  .”

 “And that conversation she had with the waitress,” Loki adds. “I didn’t catch all of it.”

Karlos cups his face into his hand then rubs the side of his cheek with same hand.

“How can a waitress not ask what Joy is talking about?” Karlos asks, figuratively. “Were you imagining something when listening into their conversation?” He raises an eyebrow at the Norse god. “Did you?”

He didn’t get an answer from Loki.

“Oh.” Karlos said leaning back in the chair, shifting his elbow off the table. His eyes became wide as though he had been told the empire state building had become a robot.  “You did.”

 “No.” Loki denies.

“I didn’t figure you daydreamed in an important conversation.”  Karlos said.  “Now about calling me here; which is one thing, who gave you my number?”

“The Waitress from the bar.” Loki said, raising his black eyebrows and wiggling them suggestively. “She told Joy all about the scandal—“

“Um Loki, get a new dictionary please.” Karlos interrupts him. “She’s not a politician.”

“She’s the daughter of one.” Loki slips the truth out.  “When I was listening; I had to wonder, who’s been insisting to stay in New York? My answer is no other than you. A waitress usually would not give their phone number to unknown mortals. You were there, so she felt comfortable to give her number. Your father, who’ve I heard has recently been ‘underfire’, is a friend of this waitress’s father. This waitress is Carrie Absurdname.”

“Her last name is not Absurdname.” Karlos argues.

“Yes, yes it is.” Loki presses on; certain her last name is ‘absurdname’.  He taps his fingers on the table.

 Karlos shook his head muttering,  ‘Crazy God.’

“I’m not crazy, nor is your name ‘Karlos’.” Loki continues as though he is doing a ‘detective’ moment.

Fans can argue Loki has seen some classic mortal movies, such as Clue.

“My name is Karlos.” Karlos claims, fidgeting in his chair.  “You can’t make irrational accusations like that!”

Loki raises an eyebrow.

“So you admit I am right.”  Loki saw through Karlos’s panicking eyes. “Your real name is not Karlos. It’s Kevin.” Loki continues, enjoying what he is doing to the man.  “Carrie’s dad  is a lead prosecutor for a very important case. Want to be better than your ‘father’? Than do something that’s worse than lying to everyone who you are.”

“Hey!” Karlos gets defensive. “I’m not the one who’s a Norse god.”

“For a mortal; you’ve actually made me believe your name was Karlos.” Loki admits. “Not only is this ‘Callie’ mortal actually rich, this  ‘John’ mortal is an alien, this ‘Fred’ mortal who was nothing but wimp, and .  .  .  .”

“Fred?” Karlos acts surprised. “I don’t remember a Fred.”

“That’s because you didn’t ask his last name.” Loki harshly said.  “Unlike  you, I actually am interested in last names.” Loki’s left finger slides on the table. “Trash can be trash, but the name behind it is more like a treasure hunt to find its use and value.”

Karlos stares at the Norse God as though he had lost his mind.

“You are talking like a garage collector.” Karlos said.

Loki pauses for a moment.

“And isn’t that what you considered Fred when you stabbed him with a ice-pick?” Loki said, this time appearing to be prepared to make  Karlos into a raccoon.

Karlos looks as though he had been caught red handed.

 “I found his body at a building.” Loki vaguely reveals. “I was intending to have a meeting with a potential warrior. You can imagine how unpleasant it is to call off a meeting because of a mortal’s ‘crime-scene’.”

 “How do I fit in to this crime scene?” Karlos asks, in a way taunting the Norse God that he didn’t have anything concrete.

 “As mortals say; funny thing,” Loki takes out a small phone from his coat pocket.  “I found your phone near the dead body.”

Karlos stares at it.

 “So that’s where my phone went .  . . .” Karlos said,turning his gaze down towards the floor. His eyes get big then look back up to Loki realizing his slip up.

“To be better at everyone is one thing, but trying to fool without showing  .  .  .” Loki begins like he is shaming a child for a terrible trick. Loki grabs the phone before Karlos. “You have failed keeping Fred’s death underwraps.” Loki taps on the table, while a smoke like strip of green turns a small dog into a cat.  “You should stop running on your fake identity.”

 “My secret Identity is not a sidewalk.” Karlos said, folding his arms and narrows his eyes at Loki.  “Give it back.”

“I did not compare it to your awful sidewalks that have ugly, unappealing thorny weeds sticking out.” Loki said, sounding disgusted by the pavements.

Karlos is sitting there, thinking what to say from a descriptive comment about weeds.

“.  .  . Give it back?”  Karlos said, as after some thought.

“Not unless you tell the truth.” Loki said.

Karlos’s eyebrows march together as his forehead became a mess of wrinkles.

“You already know.” Karlos said, frustrated with the god who held the phone away from him. It seemed as though this confrontation wouldn’t end. “Now give me the phone!”

“But they don’t.” Loki said, as the words sunk in to Karlos.

Loki glances to the lemonade. 

“And you’ve been drinking lemonade everywhere these  ‘mortals’ have went.” Loki continues.   “It’s unusual to see a mortal drink this much every day. Unless it is not Lemonade—by far I know it is Impossibe—at all.” Loki notes on the idea.  “It’s because you feel guilt from the deeds you’ve done. “

Karlos folds his arms, leaning back into the chair,

“And what is that?” Karlos asks, with an attitude.  “Tell me; what exactly is my real identity?”

We see a glint in Loki’s eyes.

“You are a serial killer.” Loki turns the cat into a German Shepard.

The German Shepard growls at Karlos, sitting by Loki.

“Hiding behind a ‘nice guy, chill out, child of a FBI agent, and down to Midgard’ like an animal seeking shelter will not help you for long.” Loki said, petting the German Shepard’s head as though it obeys him. “The truth is; your father is not an FBI agent. This FBI agent is the one chasing you for crimes.”

Karlos’s face is turning white.

“What about the very special agent?” Karlos asks, pointing out a minor detail.

“I would say he is not an agent.” Loki said. “Though meeting him face to face has changed all that.” We see Karlos’s hand shaking as he takes a drink from the lemonade cup. “He’s someone you used to escape from custody. So you could kill again.”

Karlos puts down the lemonade cup on the stained napkin with a visible circle matching the lemonade cup.

 “And the waitress, you’ve fooled her too.” Loki then says something to the German Shepard that wasn’t heard. “After Joy hung up; I continued the conversation with Carrie.” Look shook his head. “ he hasn’t put two and two together, yet.”

 Not everyone is paying attention to this unraveling conversation between the men.Karlos’s eyes are stuck on the fierce German Shepard growling at him. The dog appears intimidating to a man who’s been hiding behind a wall of lies longer than Loki. A web full of lies, deception, and foolish acting.

  “But, she saw you in the act.” Loki continues. “She was young and didn’t get to see the dead body from the corner of the street.She was there and you couldn’t finish this victim off; you had to lure her away. You brought her home, and then, after dropping her off at the prosecutor’s house you left to finish off the victim.”

 Karlos’s eyes were focused on the table.

 “However, you didn’t expect someone to call 911.” Loki adds. “That Victim lived for another year. And then you finished them off a year later  after stalking them.”

“It’s hunting, not stalking.” Karlos mumbled.

It was then Loki realized he is talking to a sick mortal. He is appalled by Karlos actions.

“Her father is not aware about this relationship, or about you. For the past few years you’ve been paying visits to New York, calling her every few days, writing love letters,and  sending pictures.”

“That’s love.” Karlos said, in his own defense.

“That’s not love.” Loki snaps. “That is trying to get close to an eyewitness. Relying on the darkness to keep your deadly past underwraps is not your best move. Think you could fool me? You can’t.  You just can’t.”

“Um eh. . .” Karlos is impressed by Loki’s ‘here’s what happened’ revelation He clears his throat. “I can’t tell them.”

Loki’s eyes were swiftly bold to the serial killer. Loki taps on the German Shepard’s head letting a green wavey strand surround it. The German Shepard shrinks and shrinks until it was back to its original dog form: A small cute dog with a loose collar. If looks were telling then it would be guessed this dog is owned by carefree owners who treat him fine.

“If you don’t, I will tell them you are Kevin The  Ice-Pick killer.” Loki said, as we can tell his voice is bundled in fury. If a word like ‘bundle’ can describe this fury then it would be spot on for Loki, but if it cannot then his fury is undescribe-able.

The Small Dog runs away from the two men.

 “I’ve changed.” Karlos claims, appearing to be honest about it.  

“You’ve forgotten who I am.” Loki said.

“Um no,” Karlos puts on his blue jacket.  “You are a Loki, the Norse God of Trickery and Mischief.”

“You killed a mortal last night.” Loki said.  “And it was the man your alien friend had a punch out with. You have not changed; but you depend on lies to stay alive. I should know; I am the prince of lying, after all.”

“He’s not an alien.” Karlos said, getting up from the chair. He picks up the lemonade cup. “John is from Louisiania.I stopped killing nine years ago; just drop it.That girl was the hottest thing I saw in my life, and that man who I murdered was a child killer. Why the hell would I not kill a man who got out of jail for that? Answer me that, God of Mischief. Why wouldn’t I do justice for the innocent?”

Loki slides his left index finger on the table; his power of trickery sent a car crashing into a watch store across from them. All attention were then focused on that car; away from the daily walk up and down the streets—or more so the socializing in the street—of Bakers. People screamed, the car that crashed into the watch store is beeping, and cars stopped in their lane.

 More so anything Loki did to the man would go unnoticed.

“Nineteen people.” Loki said, referring to mortals as individuals. He too gets up from his chair. “And they did nothing wrong.”

Loki walks away with the phone; shortly thereafter, Karlos is thrown into a restaurant by a strand of wavey green magic.

_________                                          ________

 . .  .Many years ago on Asgard.  .  .

 . . . In Loki’s childhood. . . .

 “Loki, to fetch a liar in his act, you have to catch him in it.” Mar instructs young Loki.

Loki and Mar were hiding behind a wall; waiting to catch a thieving Asgardian who was stealing cats from homes. Mar had insisted to Odin it was part of the training Loki had to go through with him and it wouldn’t be a problem. After all he’ll be back un-harmed. Mar had a couple cats in his house; with his home abandoned—so it seemed—in the middle of night.

“You said we were doing tricks to each other.” Young Loki said in a low voice.

Mar made a low chuckle.

“This is the art of lying.” Mar explained to Young Loki.

“Lying?” Loki asked. “You never said anything about lying.”

Young Loki saw a dark figure heading to Mar’s house.

“That’s because we are using it for a different purpose.” Mar whispered as the figure got closer to the house. “And to become successful at it; you must do it all the time or at least often enough to become a pro at it.”

“Like a prince?” Young Loki suggested.

The Figure stopped at the house and took out a small bag from his pocket.  

“Yes,” Mar said. “The prince of lying.”

“I never tricked strangers before.” Young  Loki noted.

“Your mother told me you need some help with that.” Mar added.  “And the lying part, you should pick that up faster than learning the best form of trickery.”

“Which is?” Young Loki asked.

A  long wide notable smile appeared on Mar’s face.

“Making the worst nightmares real.” Mar said, snapping his fingers.

A goat appears behind the figure within a blue cloud  that is apparently string related and cloudy a bit at the middle. The goat rammed into the figure then it disappeared just how Mar had summoned this creature in magic. The figure groaned while getting back up on their two feet. Mar nudged Young Loki’s shoulder trying to provoke him into giving the figure his best shot.

 “Here it goes.” Young Loki said, waving his hand.

A rabbit appeared in front of the figure’s shoe.

“Rabbit?” Mar looked at Young Loki. “Seriously?”

“I’m not ready for bigger things.” Young Loki admitted.

Mar rubbed his forehead as the figure knocks the rabbit out of his was. Since poor rabbits cannot squeak for the sake of its own life it remained silent. However it stood there with red eyes fixated on the figure that kicked it. The figure proceeded to get into the house.

“Is there girls in your life?” Mar asked.

At first, Young Loki stammered a little. It seemed apparent to Mar that Young Loki had thought He had asked if there were any ‘girl’ crushes Loki had on. Mar sighed, while combing through his hair with a small silver hairbrush. Since when did Mar bring around hairbrushes? That question never got answered in the time Loki was with Mar.

“Loki.” Mar said in a low voice. “Get your mind off girlfriends. Capeesh?”

Young Loki nodded, while  understandable relieved it wasn’t the question he thought Mar had been asking.

“Tiene, Lisa,” Young Loki began to list. “And Sif—“

“Then imagine its Tiene poking at your shoulder repeatedly so she can ask you for a foot massage!” Mar instructed Young Loki.

Young Loki’s face is basically terrified what a girls foot is like. Loki gulped, squeezing his eyes briefly while imaging a certain image of cleaning Tiene’s dirty filthy infected foot. Mar pat on Young Loki’s shoulder as though he had been grief struck by a loss. That loss was the ability to never imagine cleaning a foot.  

“Make rabbit into a horse.” Mar said, putting his hand off Loki’s shoulder.               

Young Loki’s eyes opened, and he looked up to Mar with raised questionable eyebrows.

 “What good does this do?” Young Loki asked.

“Make it into a bull before I turn you into a frog.” Mar said, sounding serious about his reply.

Loki waves his fingers at the bunny then made the creature turn into a bull. It had to work as he heard meows from inside Mar’s house including screeches. Young Loki added a certain quality to this bull: the ability to go through walls without squeezing through a door. The large bull goes through the door into Mar’s house. Young Loki saw Mar had crossed his fingers.

“Please don’t break the mirror.” Mar whispered repeatedly.

They heard yelling from inside the house.

“For the love of Odin’s beard, don’t break the mirror.” Mar wished, again.

Young Loki is amused, obviously, so he made a circle with his left finger on the ground and made the bull into a jack rabbit. They heard more screaming coming from the house. A rush of feet is heard stampeding through Mar’s house. However they heard a distinctive noise belonging to a mirror being shattered.

“He’s cursed for 7 years if he looks at it.” Mar said.

The two heard a loud context yell from the house about the mirror.

“There goes his promising life.” Young Loki said.

The door fell down and the figure left behind  a large bag on the ground.

“What did you do to the bull?” Mar asked, glaring at Young Loki.

A jack rabbit hopped out the house.

“I made it into a Jackagardian.” Young Loki said.

Mar made the jack rabbit into a hound then snapped his fingers which sent the animal right after the thief. Mar studied Loki’s eyes to see if he were lying. We see one eyebrow rose up while the other remained down on Mar’s face.Mar’s face became a grimace by a man in his mid-thirties.Mar’s silver comb is in his right hand.

“You don’t know what it’s called.” Mar said, after a while.

“I am not lying.” Young Loki said.

“Lie better to me.” Mar said.  “And believe in your lies. Then we’ll be even. Now I must get the animal thief. Loki, go home.”

 Mar left Young Loki behind; going after the animal thief with the hound.

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