Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


14. The Deal

  The Chitauri are around me. I had been just abandoned by everyone; Everyone. I had grown accustomed to were no longer seeing me as.  . . Heck, who wouldn't be in a mess when this just happened to them? I would be in a complete mess--cross that out. I'm just crying. It was like living in a great environment just snatched away by poachers. Is this how girls in those awful fan fictions that everyone really hates must feel like? It really hurts to be thrown out by your good friends who fall under deception. This hurts more than Russell calling me a bitch.

Ya heard me.

 I was called a bitch by a jerk.

    I was being bullied at the time by a cult at school led by David; a African American kid, I don't give a huge life about him, and I only remember this because TFA Bumblebee's human form in human error was African American. Russell wanted to break my heart. He asked me (Before he called me a bitch) to be his girlfriend, so I said yes, and we  .  . ya know became girlfriend and boyfriend. We broke up a week later after I had been informed by a student he was going to be break up with me in two weeks. I was so looking forward to dating, and then it was crushed. After we broke up, much time later, Russell later admitted to me, "You were the first. " who was his girlfriend. Did that mean I had to feel special?


 "You want to go home?" A chitauri asks.

I comb back my hair, looking at them point blank.

 "I don't have a home." I said, brushing the tears off. 

My home is gone, and there is nothing left to pick up.

"Oh,"  A Chitauri said. "But you have something to live for."

I wipe another tear off.

"Like what?" I snap, putting my hands on my legs. I look straight at the ugly son of the cows.

"You have a interesting fate bestowed upon.  .  ." A Chitauri said.

"Don't give me a Optimus Prime speech, damnnit." I said. I got up. I am stronger than this; listening to lectures deemed by the bad guys who got my life all figured out. "Ya  are not me. Ya have no idea--"

"Of course we do." One of them laughs. "We've seen you change over time."

Woah that one sounds like a stalker!

"Who do you think told the kid to tell you about Russel?" A lighter Chitauri said.

I couldn't move a muscle or anything for that matter.

"Good, we have a compromise." A gruff, rough sounding Chitauri said

Could this be a dream? No it's not. I'm getting into a huge mess.

"No we don't." I protest.

I get hit by a spear, landing on my side.

"We want Loki."

The ringing in my ears could have been a major distraction; but did they just say.  .  . They want who again?

 "Who--what--Loki--who--why?" I squeeze my eyes just for a moment.

 I put my hand down and use it to lift myself half way up.

 "He did not come to our realm."  The Chitauri with an authority voice said.

"He never came."  A lighter sounding Chitauri said.

 "He was supposed to come." A female voice adds.

 I can't believe they got me  here for Loki. Seriously? Why do ya have to get a midgardian, change her into an Asgardian, have the best time in Asgard, snatch it away on her freaking birthday, and then ask her to fetch a dude she doesn't know where he is at. And oh, I ain't saying this out loud. Nobody is hearing this because I am rambling in my mind.

 I laugh at them.

 "This is not funny."  The gruff Chitaui said.

 I wipe a tear.

 "It is ta me." I said, accidently saying 'to' as 'ta'.

 Yes, there is a difference in pronunciation in Irish; get it in ya head! Also, tree is three in Irish.

"So ,.  .  ." I said, feeling the pain in my left hip.

 Good gallifrey, I have (Or at least had) a hairline fracture from falling down from monkey  bars. It hasn't really left me at all. Sometimes I can experience pain from my leg when it's cold or out of the blue; but for the past few months, I have forgotten about it.

"Why?"  I ask. "Why dd ya leave .  .  . A clone behind?"

 "To make them think you are still at Asgard," The Chitauri's leader said, with a grunt. "And the clone is stuck here."

 "You are indispensable." A lower voiced Chitauri said.

"Oh well." I rub my head. "I dunno what to say ta that. I don't easily get stumped."

"Do you want to live?"

I clear my throat.

"Well  .  .  ." Tough choice to be made right here. Jee, why me? Oh yeah, fate decided already. "You know it already. It's kind of not a deal since--"

Two Chitauri's took my arms.

 "And that's why we have to take caution." The authorial Chitauri said. "You will suggest us to him; in order for us to get the teseract.  .  ."

"LET met go!" I try moving. "Ya mean dah Teselecta?"

 Nobody said a word for the first brief minutes.

I had to stall, I just had to.

"Stop stalling." The Chitauri's leader came forward holding bracelets of the sorts.

These bracelets were steaming heat. They were like gloves but so different; they were made of medal and there are spaces in between. I could see smoke drifting off their heated metal surface; they were so spirally, unique, and pretty cool looking. But that feeling of awe quickly fell away when the big, gruff Chitauri puts it on my arms.

 I scream; feeling this pain stinging.

"Stop it!" I yell; but they were saying a spell.

A spell that did not sound too good.

I could feel my energy draining; but the strange pairs were glowing golden for a while, if ya were there then you would have seen these blue shapes appearing under the bronze material similar to aura lights moving in the sky. Except.  .  .  .  it's being imprinted for a variation of time. I saw numbers appear in my view. So many numbers, locations, and facts wonder of this may seem.  .  . crazier than my own Fan Fictions.

 They are crazy, I'll admit to that.

 "St...stop it."  I cry. "P--Please."

  I fell over.

 "What are ya doing ta me?" I ask, clenching my stomach.

"Oh just doing our own customizing." The gruff one said.  "We are making our own mark on you; our property."

  Basically I've been marked.

"You have  6 months, 4 weeks and 4 days to do this." The gruff one adds.

 My vision is getting blurry.

 ". .  .So I'm like a dispose-able.  .  .Cell phone." I whisper, feeling senses are leaving me.

"No," I hear a couple chitauri's laugh. "We call you back like a dog." The gruff one said. "And then; we'll make sure you won't live. Don't count on living when you come back." He paces back and forth kicing some dust into my eyes. "Because you have to find him, then suggest us.  .  ."

Don't count on living.

Oh boy, does he not understand the term 'do not underestimate a girl' in his vocabulary?

 "What.  .  ." Aaacho! " About.  .    .Avoiding it?" I ask, watching a smaller Chitauri take the bracelets off.

I'm too afraid what the universe has in store for me.

"You can't avoid fate." A lower voiced Chituari said. "It’s impossible."

 No.  .  . Why would I do that to Loki?

 "He landed on Midgard., not our realm." The gruff one said. "Find Loki; he'll help us and we'll help his fiery ambition to rule Earth."

 "Do you. .  ." Well it's a long shot. The smallest yet most biggest question, ever. "Expect he would come.  .  . because I'm gone?"


And then I lost conscious.


.  . I don't want this!

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