Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


45. The Avengers: The hallway

    .      .     . After Loki’s escape .  .  .  .

  .  . .  .During the Avengers. . . .

Tony comes down the hallway. He could sense somebody was following him. The Ship's engines had been damaged quite badly and his Iron Man Armor had been given its own fair share of dents. His Iron Man mask/helmet is currently not up. We can see one of them is on the sides of his leg armor. Technically it was Clinton who made the problem but it was primary Loki's fault. 

Tony stops in his tracks.

"Stop with the tricks." Tony turns around in all prepared to use his attached mechanical arm, which can detract and expel energy balls, aimed at Loki.

 Loki chuckles a little.

 "I have a little favor to ask." Loki said.

  Tony powers up his hand.

"To knock you out?" Tony said, in a suggestive-threatening voice.

  Loki shook his head.

 "Uh no." Loki said, slyly smiling at the generous gesture. Well, in his eyes, that would be a nice offer but that wouldn't do any good. "I would have asked earlier."

Tony shot an energy ball but that went right through Loki like a hologram.

 "How stupid do mortals think I am?" Loki said, not pleased by Tony’s failed attempt.

 "This ship is the evidence." Tony said. "That says lots of volume. Stop with the tricks.  .  ."

 "I cannot do that, Dave." Loki said, catching Tony off guard. "It's a really good movie.” He nods as though telling the truth. “There's so much what the mortal mind can do to itself, in isolation. Now that I am.  . ." He hesitates on finishing that sentence, earning a glare from Tony. "I need some.  .  ."

 "Cuffing?" Tony held up cuffs while  prepared to use them at any time.

"Permission." Loki admits.

  Tony did not know what to say.

 "Why does a crazy, deceptive, lying, lunatic adopted by gods need permission?" Tony said.Tony did not understand. Besides, Loki is a bad guy and bad guys shouldn’t need help from the good guys.  .  . Usually; Nor do they give them permission to do.  . something?

 "Because, as mortals say," Loki said. "I have a friend.” Loki sways his right hand. “Not a girlfriend."

We see a ‘Loki’s got a girlfriend’ look on Tony’s face.

 "That copy is your girlfriend.” Tony said, refusing to accept what Loki says about her.

 "Why does every-one say that?"  Loki asks, pacing back and forth. "We are not 'boyfriend' or 'Girlfriend'." Loki stops pacing, abruptly turning his head to his left. "We are simply.  .  ." One word can be hard to say, for a god of mischief who's from Asgard. Loki tips his head up towards Tony. "Colleagues."

 "You never have gone to college." Tony sassily said.

 Loki looks away, as though he didn't even like saying the word.

"Fine." Loki gives in. "She's my demigod friend."

"Who's a fake." Tony adds.

Loki sends Tony a threatening glare; it intimidated Tony a little.

 "She is not a fake,” Loki’s words dripped in words that meant what he said. What he also is saying is an unwise phrase that a villain does not use. “Trust me.”

"I cannot trust you." Tony reminds him. "Matter of fact," He lowers his electrical armed hand. It seems that his belief in Loki being a very dangerous threat had somewhat diminished. “Nobody can."

The god of mischief slightly smiles at this.

"Trust my rage." Loki said.

Tony raises an eyebrow at him.

"Rage?" Tony asks. He is actually surprised about Loki’s unusual character and defense towards the fake Joy. "What kind of rage do you get from a fake?"

Loki sighs.

"The Chitauri have Joy.”  Loki said.

Tony's eyebrow settles down, as he rolls an eye.

"Ohhhh.   .    . that kind of rage." Tony said.He understood what Loki said. “Fake Joy and Loki sitting in a jail cell K-i-s-s-i-n-g—“

Loki made an apple appear out of no-where and sent it flying  so that it hit Tony's head.

"Stop it." Loki didn't really like what Tony is alluding to.

Tony rubs the side of his head.

"Fine." Tony said, glaring at Loki. "What kind of permission do you need for this clone?”

"I need to use one of your Iron Man suites." Loki said.  There were some officers coming down the hallway. "She is.  .   ." Loki sent them flying back. "Not a clone."

Tony could see the rage stirring inside Loki right across from him.

"I know what clones can do," Tony's left hand mimics a shooting blaster. "And that they look exactly like the person who they were cloned off."

"There are things that reach beyond your interference." Loki walks around the man. "You have no idea who is trying to be Joy." Loki stops in his tracks. He looks towards Tony. "Do you feel joy when around this woman?"

There is no answer from Tony.

"Tell me." Loki steps forth.  "Does she love you?"

"Well.  .  . Now that you say it," Tony said, a fond smile grew on his face. "She did admit."

Loki slyly smiles at Tony's small problem.

"Did you not listen to Thor?" Loki quizzes him.

"About what?" Tony asks.

"Not finding him attractive." Loki said.

"So what about it?" Tony said, as the apple disappeared.

"Joy doesn't really like you." Loki said, with a smile that would usually be seen on a man who is right. "Her name is not Joy because she finds men in metal suits sexy and attractive." He refers to Tony's suit. "She finds them heroic."

"Of course she does!" Tony said, rationalizing what Loki could be saying is the truth.  "That's what most people think about my armor."

We can see a ‘he’s not taking me seriously’ glint in Loki’s eyes.

"Do you know what Joy gives her superheroes?" Loki asks.

 "Kiss?" Tony guesses.

Loki laughs, shaking his head.

 "No." Loki said.

"Enlighten me." Tony said.

"Hugs." Loki simply notes it, as though it was something so precise that did not require practice to say it.

There's a pause between them

"Well," Tony said.  "What do you need permission for?”

“To use one of your suits for a important task.” Loki said.

“Which is to save the clone?” Tony asks.

Loki sends Tony flying down into a wall.

“Nevermind; I’ll be stealing one.” Loki said. “And you can’t do anything about it.”

Loki disappears in thin air.

“No!” Tony shouts.

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