Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


44. The Avengers: Interrogation

    .        .      .During the Avengers . . .

      .      .    . A lot of time later, probably.   . .

 Loki is cuffed while sitting in a chair, and in a room awaiting to be transferred into a big-tough container like room that is awfully similar in a way (Minus the white innocent walls) to the one seen in one of the X-Men movies where a guards blood is made into bullets.Getting his plan into motion is difficult; but it will work. Loki does not have his scepter in possession; it is in the lab where Tony and Bruce will be working on it.

 "I should interrogate him." Thor said.

 "You have a soft spot for him." Tony said. "He'll use you."

"He's part of the family.” Thor said. “And  use me?"—Thor adds a laugh as though it is absurd. Sometimes Thor had some unusual humor.--"He can't do that.  I've used his tricks against him once or twice in our childhood.”

"I bet five bucks you will." Steve offers.

"Why do deer need to die for a bet?" Thor asks apparently confused about poor, innocent deer.

Tony sighs to himself, as he shook his head.

"I won't be the one telling him about currency." Tony said. "You should do it--wait. What’s your name again?"

 "Steve Rogers." Steve said.

"Okay Mister Rogers." Tony mocks his name.

 Thor did not understand the name-calling with Steve; so he went into the interrogation room built just for Loki. Then he sat down on a chair feeling  it's strange this time around; him asking Loki what's his plans instead of his father. It seemed a bit like Daje-vu only flipped to different sides instead  of watching from the sides lines Thor is doing it.

 "Why did you send the girl after me?" Loki asks.

Thor is puzzled.

"I don't understand your question, brother." Thor said.

Loki is not really convinced about that.

"Her name is Joy." Loki said, in a voice that only Thor could hear.

Thor's eyebrows rise up, in a sudden.

'That. . .” Thor rubs his chin. “Is.  .  . impossible."

"Why?" Loki asks.

Thor turns around, and nods at the mirror.

“I will show you why.” Thor said, as the door across from them opens.

A woman that strongly resembles Joy came in through the door; her skin is not pale, her hair is a different color, she has on a ring,she wore a sleeveless top, she has a skirt on,she apparently is wearing make up, and she is well in shape.

“Joy,” Thor said. "Loki says you were on Midgard.”

“What?” Negative Joy said, acting startled. “I just met him”

Loki notices she wasn’t wearing long sleeves or a long coat; that wasn’t Joy.

“Is this a trick?” Loki glances to Thor and the girl. He is disgusted to see someone pretending to be her. "This mortal is not Joy.”

 “She is Joy.” Thor said. “Brother, this is her.”

Negative Joy came to the table.

 "Joy does not like to wear dresses, or skirt.” Loki remarks as though it’s  a well known fact. He could tell this is a clone. “More like Joy -2.0.”  Loki makes a snarky comment about her. “Are you comfortable being called ‘darling’?”

Negative Joy didn’t react to it, but she sat down at the table on a chair. It set alarms off in Loki's head.

“Get her out of here.” Loki demands.

“She’s part of the team.” Thor said. “And she’s been helping us every step of the way.”

Loki hadn’t seen her in the forest nor when using the eye to get a failsafe open.

“I’m the girl, you know.” Negative Joy said. She shrugs off Loki’s harsh demand as nothing.  “And I just came in here, you traitor.”

 She didn’t say it in fury, yet this copy of Joy had only made it as a fact. She was not.  .  .Joy.

 "What's your username?" Loki asks.

Joy blinks, startled by the unusual question Loki had asked.

 "Excuse me?" Negative Joy tilts her head, looking at him oddly.

"Your username,” Loki said, making a strange shape with his free fingers.  “The first one you made on the internet."

Negative Joy gasps, as her mouth makes an incomplete ‘o’ shape. Thor had been un-ware but now caught off guard by the question.

 "Simbasgirl." Negative Joy said.

"Wrong." Loki said shooting a bad look at her. He figures she could be in-complete which may explain the username.  "She's either outright lying or trying to complete her memories."

 "You don't have a degree in knowing me." Negative Joy defends herself.

"You didn't have a degree in lying before you came to Asgard!" Loki points out. “I was teaching you how to do it better.”

 "Thor, are you going to say anything about this?" Negative Joy asks Thor,frustrated.

Thor is rubbing his chin.

 "Your bickering is amusing; it's like an old couple fighting." Thor admits.

Negative Joy punched his shoulder.

“Brother, do you listen to her speech?” Loki asks, gesturing to the clone. “This is not Joy.”

Loki could not believe what deception Thor was under.

“This is Joy.” Thor did not insist this but he merely said it confidently.

 “She doesn’t speak like that.” Loki said, watching Negative Joy’s face drain of color. He is right about her . “Joy would be furious to be called ‘darling’.” He saw color return to her face. Negative Joy’s hands became fists. “Get this clone out of my face.”

Negative Joy folds her arms.

"She’s been on Asgard the entire time.”  Thor said.

"No, she's been on Midgard."  Loki argues.

"You fool, I've been on Asgard." Negative Joy said.

Loki points to her.

"Isn't this obvious?" Loki asks. "She keeps using 'You' to refer others." He shook his cuffed hands at her. "She's a poorly-incomplete copy!"

“The copy that we know of is probably dead.”  Thor adds.

 Loki is hurt by this news shocker; why would anyone copy her? Joy is not the best type to copy, nor did he see it okay to see an awful representation of Joy. How is it awful?  Negative Joy looks too perfect and casual; without a flaw radiating off her. The Chitauri went through this trouble? Loki notices she wore a ring. The Chitauri lost her the first time around, somehow. The original Joy somehow found him at the Laundry mat.

Loki allows his power to send Negative Joy through the window.


“I hate it. “ Loki starts. “When you, of all people, fall for a fake.”

 “I’m not a copy!” Negative Joy  protests, as Steve helps her up.

Loki slightly shakes his hand.

“She’s not Joy.” Loki repeats. “Nor will she ever be.”

The metal wall replaces the broken mirror.

“Brother, your words will not make us think differently about her.” Thor said. "And making me question her is not the best move."

Loki raises an eyebrow.

"Like you calling her a name that doesn’t belong to her?" Loki asks, his voice did not sound nice nor did it appear to be friendly coming from a countless year Old Norse God like him. Loki’s wiggly eyebrows subside.

"That's too far." Thor said.

 "She has no right to have that name.” Loki gestures to the metal door.  “Has she ever talked about being bullied?”

“No.” Thor said.

 “No?” Loki repeats Thor’s answer as though it were ‘are you serious?’ in reality. “How well can she sing?”

“She’s terrible but—“ Thor starts but he is interrupted by Loki.

 “She's terrible?” Loki interrupts Thor, pretty much amused by Joy’s more flawed counterpart. “Hah!" Loki shook his head, snickering at the bad qualities of the copy." I never thought the day would come you would fall under a simple trick.”

Thor is puzzled, easily and visibly not understanding what Loki is saying.

“One of the great  parts of mortals is that certain events shape them into who they are as adults; her memories may be right, but her personality is different." Loki goes on to say.  “If you’ve spent months with the real Joy then by now you know she hates being cared ‘darling’ and is sarcastic.”

 "She isn't different."  Thor said. 

 "Does she ever tell you about scenes from movies that bother her?" Loki asks.

 Thor didn't reply.

"No Joy would not bring a light atmosphere around them." Loki taps on the table.He had been around her so long that he could genuinely tell the differences. If a Loki-fan was there then they would get some popcorn and record this."No, an actual, decent clone would:  crack a joke, have a light-joyful atmosphere, not fall in love with a man in a machine or you, and have pale skin like a vampire.”

“Vampire?” Thor repeats.

“THIS fraud  is way too pretty,” Loki ignores Thor’s question.  “Her voice is way too perfect,she doesn't have all her memories, and she has thirteen birthmarks."

Thor folds his arms.

"Where?  .  .  ."  Thor asks.

"On her arms." Loki said.

"What about them?" Thor questions.

"She has twelve birthmarks." Loki said. "I've seen her sleeveless; once." The mischievous Norse god admits,"But I don't forget her face like you have. She has seven birth marks on the right arm, and five on the left."

"This isn't about Joy." Thor said.

"There's a incomplete clone pretending to  be Joy!" Loki hands are in fists. "I thought you were better than that!The  Son of Odin is an idiot? The world has gone upside down; what is correct is incorrect.Like a arrogant warrior; you pay a blind eye to it!"

 "Don't make this about me." Thor said, as Loki is getting on his nerves. “Where is the Telesctera?”

 Loki then appears amused.

“Thor  .  .  .” Loki said, looking at him strangely, but still amused by Thor’s simple mistake.“Do you know the difference between the Telesctra and the Teseract?”

“Humor me.” Thor said.

“The Telesctra are operated by small mortals, and the Teseract is a blue cube.” Loki schools him, with a sigh.  “I don’t know where a time traveling body is. I sent it off.”

.    .   Outside Interrogation room  .   .    .

"Should we pull Thor out of this interrogation?" Tony asks, as the metal wall is capable of showing what is going on without the glass needing to be pulled down.

The room is somewhat dark but well lit. We can see Steve, Tony, and Negative Joy in the room.

"Five bucks we don't need to." Steve bets.

 "I bet ten we will." Tony said.

 "Boys, if you keep this going then one of you will end up broke." Negative Joy said.

  .   .   . Inside Interrogation room.  .  .
 "This is about 'it'." Loki said. "Has she ever told you about the black spot on her hand?"

"What spot?" Thor asks, clueless.

Loki sighs, shaking his head.

"She never told you." Loki also wished she hadn't been so secretive about it.

Thor goes to the door.

“I’m telling the truth this time,” Loki insists, and decided to use a word he wouldn't necessary use when others were around. "Brother."

They didn't have the same father; but it was only because of Frigga that Loki is here.

Thor hesitates for a moment right at the open door, and then he goes out.

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