Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


18. Switched Roles: Undetermined

A/N Character Rue Fluer does not belong to me; she belongs to TheReaLokiLaufeyson; because Joy makes an appearance in her book. BUT, Do not read it if you don't want to be spoiled what happens at the end of this book. IF you want to be spoiled anyway, then go read it. That scene will NOT take place in my next book. Fair warning for you. Also the first scene was written by TheRealLokiLaufeyson, but not the quote of the chapter.

___                              ___

"Fate has plans, and if you try to do Joy's circumstance between Loki; fate is going to get it's hands dirty." -Quote of the chapter. ".    .    .Which means driving away won't help."

  It was late night, nearing midnight as people dispersed to their homes from bars and pubs. One man exited a frequent gambling spot for certain people. One being Remy E. LeBeau, aka Gambit. He had his arm around the waist of a blonde woman, age 25. She wore sunglasses that hid her eyes too well.

 "Oh c'mon, sweety, just one night with me."

"Now, y'know I can't do a t'ing like dat. I'm just here for de money." She had her mental blocks up, but she knew that they could only protect her to a point. "Off y'go monsieur. Y'drunk like a skunk." She pushed him away playfully before running off and vaulting over a wall with her retractable staff. She smiled as she held the man's wallet. "Dinner or groceries?"

____                         ____

  Callie is standing outside the bathroom in pajamas holding a towel and folded clothes over her forearm.

 "Joooy  Jelenisto!" Callie calls out. "Are you done brushing your teeth?"

From inside the bathroom we can see Joy is brushing her teeth up and down closely to the gums.

"Not yet!" Joy shouts back; her mouth full of oddly blue toothpaste. She has this big-watermelon like grin. She is checking herself out at the mirror with the sink on. "Don't wanna get a cavity; this time!"'

  Callie sighs, as she looks up towards the ceiling.

"Damn it." Callie said, looking down to the floor as she mutters. "Irish girl."

 Callie taps her foot impatiently as her right hand is on her hip.

 Rue, a blonde twenty-five year old woman, came by while charming a man in the early morning. Her bracelets slid down together as she brushes past Callie without paying attention. She wore black sunglasses that hide her pupils as black as night with irises that are red as a pair of Decepticon optics ripped out of the movies.Callie mutters to herself along the lines of not liking Las Vegas women taking advantage of men when they are drunk and sing their charm. It didn't make sense to the man who passed by hearing her say "sing their charm"; did she actually mean 'Using' their charm?

"Do girls liiike yiu sing teir carms?" The mam asks Rue.

"Ssshhh." Rue said,  putting a finger to his lips as though  she's about to kiss him.

 Rue guides him down the hall. She was taking the man to his room as a favor for Gambit who knew this man.  And he sounded so ridiculous to her through his thoughts and out of his mouth. It made Rue wonder how she ever agreed to help, but that's what partners are for, right?

Rue could hear Joys mentally repeating list that goes like this: Go  somewhere that Loki wouldn't, Find an actual ET, eat some breakfast--oooh is that a coin? Rue tries to keep her powers at bay. I wonder if Godzilla would have become a box office; I hope it's better than the American Godzilla Dinosaur version called Nessie! Maleficent could become the next 'frozen' classic in a way--oh wait this is a different Midgard so anything is possible!  Don't think about survivors guilt  .  .  . Noo, what has to happen will not be possible  .  .   .

"Mrs.Tidy Irish girl, I can't stand here forever!" Callie complains.

 Joy drinks some water, a few moments after that she spits it out into the sink. A piece of toilet paper is torn off then wipes across her mouth. It's so good to have powers that involve controlling objects and not people. For Joy it is one of the luxuries to be a survivor. Joy puts her hair up using a hairband. She admires herself in the mirror.

 "So far, so good."Joy said to herself, shutting the mirror's door hard.

 The mirror breaks into pieces but did not fall apart.

"Seven years of bad luck  .  .  . not bad." Joy said, turning away from the mirror.

 Joy opens the door with toothbrush floating behind her hand out of eyesight.

 "Cal, ya can stop knockin'." Joy said, irritated.

"Joy," Callie said, holding her hands out. "I wasn't knocking!"

Joy chuckles and then went down the other way. Calie went into the bathroom.

"JOOY!" Callie yells, startling a couple who were coming into stopping in their tracks. "You broke the mirror!"

 Joy covers her mouth, while her other hand that held her dirty clothes quickly grabbed the toothbrush as she goes by someone. We have a brief transition to the girl’s room; Karlos peeks by seeing that Joy’s side of the room is clean as a whistle, while Callie and Alice’s sides of the room are pretty much disoriented and cluttered. He had never seen a room be this different on both sides. They were spending the month at a friend’s house before checking out a UFO hot spot with their equipment.

“So that’s why they call her ‘Mrs.Tidy Irish girl.” Karlos  muses to himself, taking a bite from his sandwich.


    *                                           *                                            *

    .       .      Later       .       .

"No!" I yell. "Alice!"

I had to make a quick decision; before anyone else is killed.

    "Just to get to yourself killed?" Loki said, as I nodded. And Loki continued his rant like he didn't care. I ran towards danger without giving it a thought beforehand, just; gods don't die, right? He never did finish the 't'. "Brillian.  .  ."

   Ya know the sound of shooting?


  Listen for the thud.

 "Someone call 911!"

 You know the sound of  people screaming?

 "Oh my  .   .   ."

   I don't have to tell what happened; you have to continue it in your mind.

  It was dark for a while there.

 Until my consciousness came back from the darkness.

  I saw lights going off and on; similar to how a hospital scene works out when being pushed through the halls. There is so much noise . .  .People are talking as some of them sound panicked and in a rush. One of the voices that are most recognize-able is Loki's. From my blurry, not-so-good perspective it could be easy to have been fooled that the doctor to my side was not a god. How did that happened? Wow this must not be surprising to fate who I hate. Who wouldn't be fooled by Loki at this time? Great, I just rhymed and I ain't a rapper. Anyway; that question above is a good one.

   Which one of them is Loki?

 "Where are we taking her?" Loki asks, showing the sliver hint of emotion?

Wait, Loki .  .  .  . showing emotion? What the--

 "Emergency surgery." A nurse said. She looks at him in a strange way. "Dr.Cage, you shouldn't be here," Loki could have relaxed and tensed up at that moment, not everyone could be sure in this case. "Don't you have a funeral to attend?"

Why is he acting this way? Loki does not act worried about someone who he just met. Am I right? Because this isn't Romeo and Juliet.

"That was a misfortune.  .  ." Loki began.

"Email." I faintly whisper.

"Misfortune email." Loki finishes.

How did I get into this mess again?

My vision is becoming darker and darker as the seconds tick by.

Oh yeah, I got into this by being a hero.

 ____________                 _______________                        _______________

        .   .     . Opposite universe of Marvel Universe  .  .  .

      .   .   . Forest?  .  .   .

 "I am not your brother." Thor stands strong in his words. "The only thing that I had seen in my childhood was a shadow.  That shadow was me. I was that shadow looming over the one who got everything  from mother. Who's the spare now? Me. Father has made it clear that I will not ascend the throne when he passes--"

 "We grew up together," Loki interrupts him. "Father treated you better than me. To ascend the throne? Is that why you have not come home?" Loki points to himself. "I am part of the famil--"

 "Not biologically!" Thor argues.

 "We don't have to be related to be family, brother." Loki reminds him. "You of all people should know that." He saw jealousy in Thor. "They thought you dead.Mother has cried in her chambers, father--the proud king he is-- doesn't show it."

"Mother, crying?" Thor laughs it off as though Loki is joking. "Never. And you mean died."

The rage gathering in Loki is strongly visibly in his eyes.

"It's what you would have said to me." Loki said."I do not joke when mother mourns for her son's supposed death." If a man studied Loki's voice they would find strains in it.Thor's recent stunt has gotten on Loki's nerves. "Father has offered to make me king. It's a grateful offer, but I'm not suited for it--it's not my thing. It should be you being  the king."

"You are lying." Thor denies what Loki is saying to be the truth.

"Wish I were lying." Loki said, concealing the anger towards Thor. "What about that jealousy I see in your eyes?" Loki continues. "I know you better than to throw everyone under the bus because you won't be KING. Come home with the Teseract; we can forgive y--"

"I don't have the Teseract." Thor said. "Sent it off; no idea where it is."

"Brother," You can see in Loki's eyes that the iceberg had tipped over. "I taught you how to lie."  Loki took a step forward. "And you are not doing good at it."

"It's the truth." Thor's words drip in lying and betrayal.

What happened next? Oh yeah; I arrived. To be a little precise this needs to be seen not told.  Just imagine a girl appearing in terminator style wearing clothes. The heat radiating from me is pretty hot. How hot is it? I don't need to be precise; it's like when you cook Ramen for three minutes with water in it inside the microwave.

Thor threw Loki down into the forest. 

I got up then flipped out my lasah blastah.

"Ya are an idiot!" I turn on my lasah blastah and shoot at Thor.

But Thor reflects that attack right at me so  ya know that made me slip.


"Ow." I wince, turning over.

That hurts more than getting shot at by these wacky people in Marvel Midgard!

"No." Thor said. "That makes you an idiot.  .  ."

I grab my Lasah blastah but before it could be used; Thor put his foot on my hand.Do ya understand how painful that is? It's not pretty feel hot, stinging pain from a part of your body that is handy to every-day life. Man do I love my hands! Welp they are still in sports gloves so go lucky me! But still this hurts. Tears are stinging my eyes so without further ordo I let them slide down my face; this time not keeping my pain in.

"Have we met before?" Thor asks.

I couldn't  find the answer in my guts while looking at my hand that is under Thor's foot.  So when I didn't answer; Thor grabbed my lasah blastah and broke it into two pieces.

"Noooo!" I cry out. Oh my primus, OH MY PRIMUS  this really hurts! Not just my hand but the aftermath of a valuable weapon getting broken into two pieces by a 100% pure Asgardian hurts as hell. How could that get broken so easily by him? Well, girly, maybe my weapon is not gone:Technically.  "Yer a bafoon, Mr.I-crush-hands-for-no-reason!"

Thor put his foot up then used his hammer to keep me pinned down.

"What dah heck is up with ya?" I ask, clenching my shoulder.

Oh my primus my hand feels better and swollen!

"Answer my question," He said. "And then you will be spared from the chitauri."

Oh hell.

"No!" I said.

I get hit by his hammer.

"That is a lie." Thor said

 Ow. That really hurts!

 "I hate the Chitauri!" I yell at him. "I hate them more than anything in the entire galaxy; they took things away that ya can't relate to!" The pain is fresh on my shoulder. I wanted to fall over a cliff so the pain could end!  "Tanks to tem; I have to do something that I'm avoiding."

  Thor raises one of his golden eyebrows that are shadowed by the night.

"Which is?  .   .   . "

"Ya ever heard of Shattered Glass?"


 Go figure for the Norse God who's lived under a rock.

"Opposite roles?"


Good, at least Thor's smart in this universe.

"All riighhhtt." I said; here goes bubbly me who speaks a fast and doesn't need to breath in between.No really, if something stops me in the middle of my sentence then I will continue, no exceptions."They want me to suggest them to someone who's adopted and is pretty much like the bad guy in my universe but since ya are here then that means they got to ya first first."

I sigh.

 "Ya don't understand what I am saying.  . . right?" I ask him, hoping that he understood me.

"English please." Thor presses his hammer against my neck.

Okay, then Thor is gonna get what he asks for.

"Um sorry." I hold my hands up like a shrug.  Man that hammer is heavy! No wonder Loki couldn't move when  Thor went to destroy the Bifrost in the first movie. "I have ta be vague as possible."

He presses that hammer harder against me.

 Ow ow ow ow ow. Okay,I have ta break that vow.

"Bas--Basic-basically yo-yo--your brother is the bad guy in my universe." I clear my throat, gasping for air as it felt like he had pushed against my throat so hard it might have closed.

 "He's not my brother!" Thor said, in a angry voice.

 "Oooh coool, defensive; that's nice." I said, amused how he denied it so quickly.It wasn't Loki who denied it in this universe; its Thor.He brought his hammer slightly forward so I could breathe; oh air, I love you my friend!"And is rumored suppose ably to have landed in the Chitauri's realm like you supposedly did.  .  um.  .  . two years ago, or so."

 I can guess this might be right.

Thor lifts the hammer away from my neck.

 "Instead of that happening; he didn't arrive there." I said. "He landed in Midgard."

 "You must have a name." Thor said, letting me get up.

 "Joy Jelenisto." I lie.  Well, that's a pretty good last name for a lie. "Of.  .  . Burlington, Illinois--No!"

   I stop, recalling Mrs.Bonnington from Marshal Elementary school.She had dark hair that was up, she used to wear glasses, she visited a beach,and showed me a picture of a painting made by an artist named Miss Ivy.Mrs.Bonnington had told me all about it; seeing the picture and taking it.Why is she so important to remember? Because spelling her name right is linked to spelling Burlington right.

 "Burlington, Iowa."  I correct myself.

"Burlington?" Thor asks.

"I was born there." I said, flatly as a ironed Lugnut that’s a screw part of the wheels on the car. Imagine a flat  Lugnut Screw; it basically means there’s no juice, no emotion, nothing—Zitch! "I technically lived in Illinois for half my life."

 I could see in Thor's eyes that he didn't understand how it fit in; as I could hear a commotion from the forest. A fight is brewing back there and  I am willing to bet there are heroes having a conflict with him. Because one thing ya know is that suppose-ably these heroes might not have met Loki. Heroes are the most logical guess. I mean the Loki-you-would-not-expect-to see. What? I've written bad guys being the good guys in Shattered Glass. It's easy to write that; I feel much comfortable writing The Shattered Glass World of Transformers Animated.

"That name .  .  . " Thor dryly said, with an Asgardian accent mixed in some Australian bits. You can tell it’s more formal than Americans. "You speak of." He glances down towards his feet. "Is similar to my childhood friend; Jo Lenisto."

I look up at the sky, and then shake my fist at it.

 "Fate!" I yell. "Ya are an idiot!"

 Thor looks back at me.

Why is it an idiot? Because that means I'm mentally in another universe where my counterpart lives.

".  . .And she did not have terrible speech impairment." Thor adds.

Then I sucker punched Thor right at his face which almost made him flip over and sent him flying into a rocky mountain.

"I do not take insults from Australian god-guys!" I shout, getting up on my two feet. I shook my fist after him. "Nobody insults my terrible speech except me!"


 "He said 'did'." I repeat, going through my hair while walking back and forth. It scared  my calm composure like a lion roaring at a chicken. "She's dead."

But at what cost did it require for her to die?

 I heard something hard ringing from the forest. So I look over my shoulder to see a big heavy, not-so-good cloud coming my way. Right away I ducked for cover while summoning three boulders floating somewhat above me. It's only to make to make it appear that piles of rock are piled on me.However, they are being used to protect myself .  .  . Anyway. The blast pushed me backwards like a turtle being displaced by the tides as it slides backwards. The force was so hard that all my protection was swiped clean and sent me into a bush right across from Thor.

 My head had hit the mountain surface so hard that I could feel see the hospital room and this universe.

For a while there; there is deserted gray, dark and cloudy scenery.

I could hear my Loki from the Hospital.

"What kind of Mortal names their pet 'Watch'?" Loki complains. "And why live in a boxcar?" He's reading the Boxcar kids! Oh sweet Asgard, I love that book. "Of course; mortals think living in a box car is better than living in a royal, powerful castle that is loved by everyone AND everyone KNEELS to them when asked!"

If my head wasn't hurting; then I would be laughing at Loki's complaints.

 "Great." I heard a familiar voice. Oh wait; I know that voice; that is Tony Stark! "My armor is ruined. I told you not to strike his shield. But nooo; A point had to be proven that you have magic."

 "That is not Magic." I heard a familiar voice; the guy who was Captain America in the First Avenger.  "It is trickery."

 "It is indeed Asgardian Magic." I heard Loki. "And trickery would be  .  .  . "

I could see from a distance that Loki had taken on the disguise of Iron Man.

 "This is trickery." Loki said, arms behind his back as he is levitating above the floor thanks to his jet-foot boosters.

 "Hey!" Tony Stark said. "I don't look that beat up, Mr.Ditto."

"It's Loki." Loki insists, as he powered down his feet that have jets powering it and lowered him towards the ground. The ground could have become cooler from Loki landing like he knew how to pilot a machine such as Tony Stark's suit. "Loki Laufeyson," And then he said with such pride that wouldn't exist in America these days, "of Asgard."

"Okay, Mr.Copycat." I can guess that Tony rolled his eyes. "Drop the act."

I feel this rush of excitement going up my body.

Wow, Tony is doing some serious rhyming.

"I  do not like to repeat myself." Loki said,un-assuming the form of Iron Man. He raises his eyebrows at the word 'repeat' on cue.

_____                    __________                   _______

                             .  .  .   Earth 616.  .  . 

                             .    .    .   Hospital   .     .   . Unspecified time .    .

"So," Loki reads. "The little boy decided it was best to get his best friends and go on a treasure hunt."

Loki looks down from the book to Joy.

"I do not understand how mortals can read these." Loki looks back down to the door. "I could make it way better.  .  . With intelligence that is worse than a child's play. You are in a coma; great, standing in the way of a shooting. " Loki turns the page despite hating the book. "You just had to be the hero! Brilliant."

 A man with balloons walks by the door, and a dog trails behind him.

"Hey Jooy!" John’s voice alerts Loki right on the nick of time.

Loki took on the disguise of a child as John came in.

"Hey kid," John said, as friendly as a golden retriever could be when it’s been humanized.  He came in through the door leaning on the side while a hand is in his pocket.  He has a box of chocolate in one hand. "How long has she been out?"

"Forty-three minutes." Loki said, noticing John has a black eye. He tilts his head at the incredibly tall, muscular man had a black eye. 

“Stop looking at me like that.” John said.

Loki's straightens his head as he puts his back against the wall.

“What fight did you get into?” Loki asks, being very blunt.

John rubs the back of his neck while looking away from Loki.

“Karlos.” John said as though it were something to whisper about.

Loki cups both his hands together, raising a brow at the mortal.

“Excuse me, sir?” Loki improvised a child’s speech.

John sighs, sitting down into a reclineable chair.

“Karlos, with a K." John said, putting the box of chocolate on the table. "We couldn't do a damel thing!" Loki watched a closely strong man unfold before his eyes. "Kid," He grunts. "You think it's easy to go through a line of fire?"

 "Give me a cavalry for any time, any day, any year for a battle." Loki said. He  gets this unusual look from John. "You look like superman."

  "Kid." John said, patting on the arm of the reclineable chair. "Life is not a movie. If it were; I wouldn't be here."

"Why?" Loki asks.

 "Because I am .     .      . very different from you." John said.

"Why?" Loki insists to know.

"I am  .  .  ." John rubs his forehead. "Kid; one moment you see your dad, right?" He began speaking more clearly than he would ever do in his life "Now in a blink of an eye; he's gone. Your mother is still there, but, not completely as most mothers .  .  . for reasons that remain untold." He sighs. "Sometimes we're like gods with a limited life span. Only for gods; we're dust."

 Loki is moved by John's analogy.

"No, you are not." Loki said.  "That's not right. You are like .  .  .  ."

 Loki looks over to Joy.

 "A person who's there, but, in a blink of an eye you are dead." Loki said.

"How do you know? Kids are lot gods." John asks.

Loki taps his fingers together, observing John's wrecked up emotional stat.

"What if .  .  ." Loki looks away from his hands. He could drag his time out a little longer with John. Not that he wanted company it's that Loki wanted to see his reaction.  "I told you that Loki is adopted and he's from Jotunheim?"

John rubs his chin, as though contemplating what Loki had to say.

 "What's a Noki?" John asks, with all honesty in his heart. He gets a glare from Loki.".  .  . That's lot the right answer, I assume. I am lot familiar what you are talking abut."

 "It's Loki."" Loki corrects him.

 "Noki." John said.

 Loki puts his hands down.

 "Where do you come from,mister.  .  .  .?"

"John, John Bruce Wayne."

"Mr.Wayne, where are you from?"


"That's not a real place, don't play with a kid who can tell when an adult is lying."


"Jupiter is a gas planet."


 "Pluto is not a realm."

And then John began talking about something else.

"Karlos and I were arguing who should have gone with Joy to the Mall to get some chocolate for a test run: if Aliens get attracted by candy. Karlos threw the first punch after I brought up his sister. What? We have lerves that are cold as steel; but you do not insult the man's sister." He combs through his hair. "Instead of letting Joy go with Karlos .  .   . We lost our second good alien hunter.  I had to tell everyone the truth about my sexuality. I mean it's some of my fault for not listening to Callie about not putting damel water into the pasta, and, I didn't take Alice seriously when she was back from speaking with a ET  that there was going to be a death but  .  .  . Now, she is  gone."

"Who?" Loki asks.

John sighs, like a man who just gave up keeping something back for so long.

"Alice." John said. And then he went on like a man explaining his guilt in interrogation. "I broke Karlos's nose. We might be disbanding the team  .   .    . Hunting aliens to show the entire world we were lot alone was  Alice's idea. I don't have the chance to tell Alice. She's dead . .  .  ."

"You still hunt them?" Loki asks.

"Yes we did--" John looks at Loki strangely. "Wait you said still.  .  . How do you--"

Loki loses his disguise.John jumps out of his seat. His face has become completely white as  a medical room made specifically for patients who are allergic to metal and have an OCD to clean up messes. The problem with John's speech is confusing Loki. Loki does not like to be confused about someone.

"What--wwhat are you?' John stutters.

"I'm a 'Norse God';  god of mischief," Loki said. "And you should kneel down to me before I kill you."

John could not move.

"Would you feel comfortable if I were an alien?" Loki asks.He did actually not like this  idea, but, John was scared stiff to the point he couldn't do a thing except stare at Loki. Loki did not actually enjoy being stared at for long periods of time unless  the person was staring at a picture and a statue of him.

John nods.

"Then kneel." Loki said.

Loki changes into a short, almost classic alien. A couple people who were going by stopped short in their tracks at the open door. Instead of kneeling like Loki said in exchange for becoming an alien, John bowed down to him. The people outside the door gasp and then fainted. And one said "I told you we are not alone!" not long before getting the medical workers to see this. Becoming an alien and getting this reaction from everyone made Loki feel amused AND admired.

"Now get up." Loki said, dropping his disguise. He apparently is wearing Midgardian attire. "And my name is Loki not Noki."

"Same thing." John gets up.

People got up to see the alien had apparently left and a few considered them to be nuts. It did not take long for him to realize that since Loki  is here then it probably means he was at the shooting.

"Why were you there?" John asks.

"Getting some acquaintances to get what I want." Loki said, walking across from the bed. He picks up  a chocolate from the box and ate it.

"Then why the damel are you here?" John said, in his most furious state

Loki swallowed the chewed up chocolate.

"I didn't expect Joy," Loki pus his hand on the railing of the bed. "To be there for two and a half hours."John folds his arms, while people were being dragged away from the door desperately claiming there was indeed an alien standing in the middle of the room.  Loki helped himself to two pieces of chocolate. "I was there when she got shot."

Loki had said that without emotion, as was his face emotionless while looking at the simply dark chocolate candy.

"Only a guilty man stands around a woman who got shot." John said, taking his chocolate box back. His fury is visible to the human eye. "You are a cold blooded, Norse god Vulcan!"

John leaves through the open door.

"Someone has to tell me what Vulcan means one of these dreadful days." Loki notes to himself, and then ate one of the chocolate’s he took.  

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