Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


24. Switched Roles: The Hulk

It's been close to thirty-four minutes.

"I'm curious, what's Jane Fosters role in this mess?" I ask, as we  were hiding behind a tipped over bus.


I cover my mouth and attempt to hold my breath. I hate hiccups.

"She's been helping Thor get to this point." Natsha said. It certainly makes sense a little .  .  . but not really. "Eric Selvig  vouched to help, but, Loki didn't want him in."

I snap my fingers, and then that hold-your-breath ended forcefully because my body started the breathing cycle all over again.

"Ah, so that's the dude's name!" I said, getting another strange look from Natasha. "I kind of forgot his name. His name wasn't repeated as much in the first Thor movie."


"And Jane?" Natasha asks.

"Her name--hiccup--- was mentioned a lot; even to the end." I said. "The only way I know other characters names (That weren't said much in the movies) is by looking them up online."

 "You need some water." Natasha said, taking a metal thing off a grenade like device. She threw it over the tipped over bus.

"More like--Hiccup-- need to be scared." I was interrupted by my  hiccups.

Some heroes we are in this situation. Jeeze. My Razor blaster is busy recharging razors and it's energy levels that factors into the explosiveness behind the razor.It's pretty much like complex math similar to how math is described in Numb3rs (that was canceled,see how bad math is?) I can't help but say to imagine me with a Scottish accent instead of a terrible Irish take just for this next explanation.Had to learn that through the hard way when I ran out of ammo  fighting off a huge, giant hunch back Chitauri that wielded a blade with sharp edges. Steve took that nasty Chitauri down by using it's own weapon against the creature.Now ya can take off the Scottish helm.

  Natasha taps on her ear bud looking over the topped over bus. I could see a smile spread on her face; it became apparent that she didn't usually smile a lot.

"Lemme--hiccup-- guess, Loki?" I said.

Natasha nods.

"He just arrived to the Tower." Natasha tells me.

Loki and Thor are likely having a fight.


I turn around,and saw a man  on a motorcycle with a helmet. It's the kind that secret-I-will-kill you agents would wear when going out and shooting someone with a silent gun. Eeeh this means watching too much crime-shows can do this to ya. The motorcycle rider parks the motorcycle  against a railing then takes the helmet off and--lala, it's Bruce Banner. Is it wrong to imagine a meme when someone takes of a helmet and then words appear above saying "I'M BRUCE BANNER!"? Because honestly there must be some wrecked up aspect of my mind covering what has not been ruined.

 Cue fangirls drooling and screaming at hot guy who just drove in.

 "Sorry for .  . . chasing you." Bruce apologized.


I'm willing to bet  he chased after Natasha as the Hulk because the Scythe--no it's called the scepter--had fueled him to do so.

"It's okay." Natasha said.

Natasha threw a ear bud to him.

"What?" Bruce asks,after catching the ear bud.

"Just put it in." Natasha said.

I have a character in Nature morphers called The Steel Man who lives among the humans in one story of mine as a actual human using the name Bruce Steel.And he was the original Jack The Ripper;but he wasn't aware of a couple other murders. He had good reasons that won't be told: because, spoilers! Yes, I'm a nerd who's into lots of stuff and does research for history when doing a Science Fiction story. Lets get off my back, kay? Okay.

Bruce put the ear bud into his ear.

 "Yeah, I'm here."  Bruce said, with one hand on the ear bud. His eyes shined. "Smash?"


"I can do that." Bruce replied to whoever is on the other end of the ear-bud connection. "I'm always angry."

I turn away from Bruce and glance above tipped over bus. Ah man them again? There are huge living beetle like ark creatures heading towards our direction.They could intimidate fearless dogs into hiding in their dog house and send dinosaurs on their way to their death.The oval shaped objects in the huge spiky blades sticking out from the back seemed very well in place, and, almost like it hadn't stopped running. The memory of Lisa's dead body struck me. Rage from that day returned ;my left hand is shaking.I hadn't told Loki (from the right universe) about Lisa's death. Totally forgotten about it after being on Midgard for so long you tend to forget a few things.

 My right hand has a tight grip on the Razor blasters handle.

"Those flying bugs again, great." I complain a little.


Then I saw a giant green, huge guy jump on to the flying ark weapon beetle thing.The ground trembled not long after that, it made me jump. Oh goody my hiccups have ended! This is so much like a Godzilla event it's not even funny. There is only one exception to this thought: This is The Hulk bringing down a gigantic spaceship. The gigantic flying creature flew right over us.Not long after that I somehow ended up and fought against an ugly Chitauri with  a bunch of features not really admirable in the face of beauty pageants. He is much more uglier than what Steve had taken down like a pro.Video game designers can do so much better than the Chitauri's hideous, terrible face.

 "You are so ugly." I said, clicking the trigger.

 ~                                ~

    .   . Probably fifteen minutes later?  .  .  .

I have terrible sense of time, like seriously.Thor's kind of refused listening to Loki. He wants to be king of a planet that is not ruled. Sorry, he missed the American Revolution by 235 years.Thor decided to go berserk in the wrong time era with a scepter. Besides there are a few places in the world where dictators and kings exist. If this was taking place during the time of Beauty and The beast--a title I cannot stand but sing out 'story old as time' lyric, because of the scene when Bella and Beast were dancing--then someone would need to force me into a dress and prepare for their lives to be ended (if they dared lay a single finger on me) on spot. I really hate dresses hance you would find me criminally insane to wear one, or, either dead. Worse possible scenario: that person you believe is standing there wearing a dress who strongly resembles my artificial features IS NOT me.

  "Hah," Loki shook his head as he laughs. "What makes you believe telekinesis can go up against Thor?"

I didn't really know what to say. Putting the 'find-out-what-my-power-is-' has been on the backburner for so long.Much of the time I used it this unusual power of mine the thought was at the corner of my mind.Lets just say my priorities overshadowed it multiple times.Took it for granted like a farmer who had pigs and cows, and chickens.The human face is the worst give-away that tells what people are thinking.

"I'm shocked you didn't know the name of your power!"

"I had it on the backburner."

"For how long?"'

Okay, lets be sarcastic with Loki.

"Good question; I'll just ask.  .  .  " I look over to the left seeing a Chitauri riding a freaking fancy motorcycle with protection gear on. "That Chitauri with a biker's helmet."

I have the power to move objects, not people.

"But I'm pretty sure that it doesn't connect to my emotions." I said.

"Can you get big from it?" Tony Stark asks from the other end of the ear bud.

"Gee,I don't know if that's a big-head joke or a Hulk joke." I sarcastically said, tapping on the ear bud.

"Do you have a better idea to unarm Thor?" Loki asks.

I crack my knuckles.

"All we need is The Hulk,something kind of similar to what Mad-Eye was kept in one of the Harry Potter Movies, glue, sparkles, a big car,paint, icecream,and two Chitauri flight carriages."

 "Mortal, what significence does Ice-cream and a big car have in store?"

Oh yeaaaah that sounds way betterrrr--what? I'm weird for words like that. I mean for the word mortal--my cheeks are feeling hot and red. Do a Sherlock; go ahead and say I'm blushing.

 "Well, go get it annd yer'll see it Lok."

Loki tilts his head to the side.

"Lok?" Loki didn't need to say he found it odd, I could tell by his voice.

Good going Joy, ya called him by the name he's unfamiliar with. I am talking to the wrong Loki.

"I made up a nickname on me free time."

"What about sparkles, paint, and glue?'

"Keep asking questions, and keep asking, see how slow we go."

So yep, the most funny and perhaps plot-twisted prank was pulled on Thor. How did that happen? Natasha had to drive a car on to one of those flight carriages merged together with a car decorated in sparkles and paint that is bright as a brand new golden wedding ring. The passenger's seat is covered in icecream. Bruce, as the Hulk, got three huge steel cases that could be put inside of another. I did the honor to dump the icecream all over the seat. My telekinesis did the paintjob; the rest was the Chitauri's doing; literately.

 Want to know something?

That plan worked well. Because here's what happened:

"Did I  .  . .?" Thor looks down to his lap. He moves his left leg. "WHO DARES PUT .    . ." He dabs his finger in the vinelelia icecream and then licks his finger. "METABOLIC WASTE ON THIS SEAT?" Thor looks towards Natasha. "Do you, mortal with a bloody slate, have any idea who did horrible deed?" 

"It wasn't your brother--" Natasha starts

"He is not my brother!" Thor interjects, his face red in fury and his hands were in fists. He had let go of his hammer that fell but got caught by Loki (who unfortunately got overpowered by it's weight so Bruce had to take off him and put it into the case) "Answer me thoroughly, do you know who did this?"

"No." Natasha gets out the seat taking the car keys out. "But someone is going to get hit by a bag of air."

 Natasha waves at Thor a little then jumps onto a buildings ledge as the car-carriage dove down.

"Where is my hammer?" Thor shouts, shortly before he got hit by the air bag. ".  .  .So that's what this bag of air is. An air bag!"

Thor and Bruce had a score to settle.

"Do you have any idea who you are dealing with?" Thor asks the green giant.  "I am an god of Asgard, true ruler of those who are mortals and immortals, I am the rightful heir to--

Bruuce (as the hulk) slammed Thor into the ground multiple times like a rag doll. But the hammer is safely in the cases locked tightly.

"I'll take this missle up into the portal!" Tony Stark said through the connection.

"What?" Loki acts so surprised. "What missile? What is a missile? Have Mortals lost their humble mind?"

Loki saying positive things about Mortals? Oh my primus, this must be a Psych ward.

"No it's the world leaders who've lost their mind." Tony Stark said through the ear bud connection.He still mocks in the face of danger. Now I'm not sure if that's good or not.  "Natasha, close it when it detonates."

"Are you insane?"  Loki, Natasha,Clint, and I yelled through comnlink. What else do we call Ear bud connections: comnlinks?

"This missile has 5 minutes to detonate," Tony Stark said. "And will destroy the entire city if I don't fly it up there. If anyone has an offer because they suddenly sprouted wings or became a gigantic robot, then I'm all ears." Nobody had a thing to  say. "I'll make it!"

~                                                                         ~

  .  .   .one week later  .  . .

 .  .  . Outside New York City .  .  .

 For the past week I've been hearing voices from the Midgard I'm more used to. I heard John's voice, and Callie's, and the Loki from the other Midgard. Tony Stark did survive the fall. So did New York City in America. My eyes felt like they were beginning to open. That's why I had SHIELD drop me off at the statue of Liberty. Outside the monument that was in Reading Rainbow. I remember the last episode that featured clones. It was so fascinating. And I am 18, it was only thanks to school that reading Rainbow got into my life.

 I knew it was time to wake up.

I stopped in my tracks, turning away from the park bench.

"I know yer  there, dude." I said.

". . .You are a big buzkill." Loki said, losing his disguise.

"No use coming here," I said. "I  have ta go."

"Couldn't you buy time?" Loki asks, approaching me.

"Time can't be bought." I said. "You of all  immortals should know. Mortals, like Tony Stark, they belong here. I don't."

 "So would you prefer to stay?" Loki asks.

I look at him.        

"No." I said, shaking my right hand. "I prefer to be around a version of Loki that is one hundred percent logical." and then I add in a lower voice, "Even though ya are like the ideal, heroic version of  the Loki I know.  .  ."  Loki's face brightens as I pat on his shoulders. "Get a girlfriend."

 Loki raises a brow at me.

"Before a fangirl gets ya." I finish, putting my hand down away from his shoulders.

Loki laughs,  shaking his head.

I take my hand off his shoulder.

"SHIELD   is always open for a offer." Loki said,

I take a step back feeling it's time to wake up.

"And always will be turned down." I put down the offer, smiling.

Loki's eyes were twinkling.

"Will we meet again?" Loki asks.

"Your Jo, the one who's been here longer tan I, you've known me way before I came." I tell Loki. "I'm still the same person; just a different life."

Then I began to see darkness from my right eye that is slowly showing light from a hospital room.

"What was I like?" Loki asks. "The one you know."

"Like Thor, but . . . more lovable." I said.

"That's safe to know." Loki said.

"Yeah, you are hotter than yer brother." I add. "Goodbye, Loki."

 I saw his surprised face for the last, really last time.

"Is it that time already?" Loki asks.

And Hello to the universe I feel most comfortable in!

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