Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


23. Switched Roles: Secret club possibly?

 New York looks way better than I've ever seen from movies. Guess who is at New York? One name can summon thunder from around: Thor. Tony Stark told us that Thor is using his tower to bring the Chitauri.I didn't know Tony Stark had a tower; it's almost like every bad or good technological genius has a giant tower! Seriously, try watching superhero cartoons or movies then wait for the revelation that one of the characters has a tower. There has to be a secret 'own the largest tower by geniuses' fan club going on under everyone's nose.

    Thor has opened a gate-way to the Chitauri's location. So obviously what happened on Asgard  is happening on Midgard--a different Midgard playing out what might happen in the one with my physical body--except there isn't a clone to replace me. It also means this is what Loki would do in Thor's position without me there. A feeling of dread came down when I realized that. Avoiding  a hard choice is difficult to do in a world where I do not belong in.

 For starters, even before arriving to New York, ya can see through a window to see from  a distance there is a huge portal that's letting huge alien like space craft’s fly out. Tony got up as the giant garage like door to the tank-helicopter slid open. So I put one and one together.   

 "I get to see a man in an iron suit fly out!" I cheer, doing a small air pump. My elbow knocked against a really rough handle belonging to a luggage sized gun.  "Woohoo! Better than watching from the . ." --Natasha,Clint, and Steve were looking at me strangely. My voice got a little bit smaller.-- "Tel . . .elvision screen."

 "Can someone explain how odd that sounds?" Steve asks.

"Better that you don't know." Natasha said.

"I would sound more like a lunatic," I joined in. "If I were a Iron Man fangirl, which I'm not."

It's best that ya know  I ain't attracted to Tony Stark, because really I ain't about to mess with a dude who's got a girlfriend. Oh yeah, he does, I remember reading the summary to the third movie.

"Iron Man Fangirl  . . ."  With a click; Tony levitated above the surface thanks to small blazing jet boosters. 

Tony then flew out the massive tank-helicopter.

"What's this thing called again?" I ask Natasha who is beside me.

"I told you five minutes ago." Natasha said.

"I forgot." I said, with a shrug.

By the look that Natasha is giving  me; it's a safe bet that she doesn't believe me.

"It's the Hellicarrier Jr." Steve said, with his shield right beside him.

I feel nervous and slightly scared. This machine bore a resemblance to its predecessor; except, being big as a helicopter and a large room similar to a large plane that sent soldiers with parachutes down. It's a fair argument that I've seen way too many movies involving that kind of stuff.There are two rooms with closed doors near the pilot room.

"T--Thanks." I said, feeling an icy chill go down my right hand.

It's been ages since I last had a confrontation with chitauri that didn't know a scrap about me.

 "Worried about the chi-er--hai whatever they are called?" Clint asks.

"Nah," I shook my head. I'm a little rusty with . . . uh  . . ." I held up a long sniper rifle that has razors in it. "Shooting a razor blaster."

 ~                                                                                   ~         

     By the time we arrived to New York.there were some people fighting off the Chitauri  using really absurd weapons such as Tools, shotguns, and so on. The civilians who had not gone into this mess were cowering inside different buildings. I could hear their frightened screams right after taking a step out of the Hellicarrier Jr. The air is thick with fear and heavy uncertainty lingered around. My grip on the razor blaster's jiggered, bumpy handle tightens a little.           

    This is when we started saving the day.                       

  Probably ten minutes into the battle I got some good news from Natasha.

 "Guess where Loki was." Natasha said, lowering her hand down from a black rounded ear bug in her ear.

We are in New York,  kicking Chitauri arse.

"At a beach?" I suggest, shooting down a chitauri with a razor blasting gun that shoots through their heads.

"No, he turned the hulk cage into an aquamarine." Natasha said, sarcastically. "Actually Loki was found .  .  ."

 Clint, the dude who had been in the first Thor movie, was no longer like a under controlled zombie like state. I perfectly understood what they meant by mind control because: 1) Transfans in 2009 kind of went overboard with writing the Autobots getting reprogrammed, 2) Soundwave's guitar/virtual game is another form of mind control, and 3) I've watched too much television. Clint is using his unusual arrows to shoot down the Chitauri.

"I wonder how that happened."  I wonder aloud after she told me.

 Steve Rogers is well  . . . what Steve Rogers would do as Captain America. 

"Then you won't how he's getting here." Natasha said while using her high heel to stab into a chitauri's neck and kind of squish it in.How much badarse can ya get with this figure? A ton that can make boys drool. How can I possibly know this?Well ya gotta remember that I have the ability to see through a hawks perspective and  can control things, however not humans.

 "Don't tell me  .  .  . " I put my right index finger to the side of my head and closed one eye, hitting a chitauri square at the head at the same time. Yes, I'm doing a little 'Shawn Spencer' moment to intentionally interrupt Natasha.  "The spirits tell me he is taking a short cut."

Natasha flips over a chitauri.

 I reopen my eyes, while discarded newspapers hit the Chitauri (Who were gonna attack me) in their faces. Yep that was my doing!

 "You are  . . ." Natasha starts to say.

I click the trigger to the razor blaster that shoots out balls of flames with those razors that tore through the chitauri bodies. The dead chitauri collapsed at once like a row of domino's.

 "Wierd," I finish for her. "I know, and I love it!"

 In a way; I'm weird and I know it.


"Damn it." I said. "Not tem again." And then cover my mouth.


"Die like a spider you--hiidcup--egyptian-dinosaur-alien beastily!" I yanked the head off a nearby Chitauri and kicked it into jewelry store.

The dead Chitauri's body wondered around like a dead chicken's head had been transformed into it.Chicken's heads can actually survive without being connected to the body if it's been given some water. I remember from a syfy movie that there's a certain breed of snakes--I think it is Anaconda that the head still lives for five or ten minutes after being removed.


"I wasn't even eating!" I shook my fist at the sky, while using my other hand to shoot down a Chitauri from across. "I hate you hiccup--hhic cup--despite having a video of me having hiccups with 3 thousand views!"

Yes, there is a video of me with the hiccups on youtube called 'The Hiccup girls' with my cousin. I also have a Transformers Animated  music video that has  "Love comes/I guess you are right" in it involving  Bumblebee and Sari pairing including some pictures of Wasp. When I first uploaded the video  .  . .  I may have accidentally pressed the dislike button. A shame, yes, an idiotically mistake of course.

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