Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


21. Switched Roles: Okay, Mr-I-m-a-genius

You know how I woke up? There must be a trend here getting knocked out and then waking up. Seriously! Actually I lied about blacking out. I am wide awake. Most people wouldn't want to see some-one die. However there are people in this world who wrote about it and have seen death on television who may be horrified to see it happen before their eyes. Focus Joy, focus on the sharp metal right beside ya. The flat, sharp metal floated above the ground.

Phil has a big, huge arse gun beside his right hand.  The gun is huge (Like I said), its dark gray and some of its parts are glowing light blue. A person may have mistaken it for cannon when truthfully it is not. I could have mistaken it for that if he hadn't shot Thor saying, "That's what it does." OH YEAAAH! He's the dude in the trailer who says "Don't touch Lola." and then a woman repeats what he said in that other trailer "Don't Touch Lola." aired in 2014.

  To be truthful I wasn't really out; well kind of.

 It's strange to picture yourself in a universe that ya pretty much lost interest in so many years ago, like 2009. Ya know that year I joined Fan Fiction net, the funny thing is when ya add four plus two then ya get six. Six years being on a site; honestly I forgot about it sometime during 2010 and 2012, somewhere between there. Yes, I returned to the site in 2012'ish. I have two Fan Fictions from 2011 on that site from my Midgard. Now let’s get back ta dah story here; kay?

The sharp metal cut through the binds around my hands. It fell out my right hand then landed on the concrete floor with a kling sound to it.

'Don't be a scaredy cat.'  I tell myself, mentally right after hearing the metal object hit the floor. 'Don't be scared about openin' dah zipper  .  . .  Girly, ya've watched too many Syfy movies.'

 Next to unbind using a sharp object is my boots. Hot, stinging pain followed closely whenever I moved my arm. So what do ya suppose my next move is? The flat, sharp object levitates above the floor. My stomach still hurts from what Thor did.This is exactly another reason why not to like him not only because he's a spoiled brat but that his counterpart is awful. That man, Phil Coulson, did not cry nor did what ya would expect a dying man would do. He only pulled the trigger.I am so not attracted to him. I'm really too scared ta open the zipper; is it okay to be scared? Yes, it's all right to be scared when ya don't know what to do.

  Truth to be told it became blurry at that point.

 ".  . . Are you saying Demigods can heal faster than humans?"  Everything is still blurry. I recognize it as Tony  Stark's voice.  "So you Asgardians heal faster?"

 Who the heck is he talking to?

"No, I'm only a healer."  A woman's voice said. She sounds like a light woman who is really good at insisting, and probably has the same body type as Sif. "That zipper was only child’s play. It's the easiest piece of magic in Asgardian history."

I can get all that from her voice. What? I've listened to books through audio recordings several years ago. I remember one time when I heard my name called clear as day one time in Fashion class.That made me think it was an odd occasion, but to be sure I looked around and saw everyone paying attention to the board taking notes. The strange event is something that's never left my memory. It sounded clear without any signs of stress,problems,and such. the voice sounded like  girl in her teen years, she probably had blonde hair, blue eyes, a slim body figure and she most likely was tall.

 "Why are you here instead of going after Thor?" The Healer asks.

I could imagine Tony Stark leaning against a table.

"  .  .  . Maybe because I like to see how you 'heal'." Tony said

"It's easy to do." The healer said, as my back is feeling a bit better. "I bet it must bother you how we accomplished this much."

"I can figure it out." I imagined Tony Stark folded his arms.

 "That will take you 50 years to accomplish." The Healer said in amused tone.

 "Ten years." Tony said as though it was casual.

Isn't he a computer genius or something? It's been ages since I've seen Iron Man 1.

 "A mortal is not capable of mastering Asgardian magic in ten straight years. That is slower than a Asgardian Child learning to ride." The Healer said in a way that didn't sound nice towards Tony.

 "I'm a genius; it'll take me less than five years to find out with the right equations and effort." Tony brags.

 "You said ten years!" The Healer said, sounding stunned and mixed that Tony lowered the number he originally had told her.

 I wonder how long their bickering is going to last.

"Five is just as long as ten."

 "To us, that is an eternity. You are making this up! I swear, you big headed mortal  .  . "

"If you see us as slow, why don't you tell me how to do it?"

"Well, you have a girlfriend, and you are doing major flirting."

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. With my blurry vision it's tough to not be able ta see Tony Stark's reaction. He shared some words with the Asgardian healer that isn't appropriate to repeat ta kids, or, young pre-teens.

 "Then why did Jo's counterpart not undo it?" Tony asks. "The . . . Mouth zipper most people would like to use."

 My back is feeling better and better, heck yeah!

 "She has some skill in magic, but, fear paralyzed he .." The Healer said but she stopped mid-way.

 I could tell she is worried about something. But fear had paralyzed me, ya know with the whole zipper issue, and it's not fun to be a scaredy cat from watching too many Syfy movies.

 "What's wrong?" Tony asks. "Cat bit your foot?"

 "She has dark magic." The Healer said in a dark manner.

 Mysterious-sy per say, because the previous giant from so long ago had said the exact thing. Does this happen ta be connected with me blade? Oh I just used a Irish saying, I think. Can't be really sure and say it is.  I like saying me blade, because it sounds fun to say. I don't have dark magic nor do I know how to contract dark magic and use it. Maybe me blade is full of dark magic. However the bits of Asgardian Magic that I do know from Frigga teaching me how to use it is . . 

"Oh yeahh, dark magic that's totally dark enough for Goth?' Tony jokingly asks, again.

I could imagine her shooting glares at him.

"We do not practice dark magic."  The Healer said, in a snappy tone but with a 'stop joking!' voice.

 My vision is getting clearer and clearer, woohoo!

 "Don't move." The Healer said. "I'm almost finished .  . ."

"No," Tony said. "You are standing across from her like she's infected with the plague. You don't heal like that .  .  ."

I'll spare you the rest of their conversation, because really its two adults sharing an argument.

 ~                                         ~                                                     ~

Nobody knew where Loki went except for me.I know Loki is not dead; because 1) He didn't die in the 1st Thor Movie, 2) He is Loki,and  3) Loki is a Norse God. Healing my injuries took about an hour and fifty-three minutes. So of course, Tony wanting to know about Dark Magic, ya don't need binoculers to see him bugging me.

 "You have dark magic." Tony said,

 "No I don't." I said.

"Yes, you do." Tony said.  "If you did something that requires it in your universe to do something Thor would do on Earth; then you can be sure that our counterparts will avenge that."

Wow,he's flipping the coin thinking that I might be a full blown bad guy. Well here's the problem with that: I am not.

"Look, Mr.Stark, I can't shoot an arrow or use a hammer." I said. "And I know a few bits of Asgardian Magic. That healer--"

"Her name is Samber." Tony said.

"Lady Samber is the second person to say 'She has dark magic'." I tell him. "And the first time around it was thanks to that a troll (or a giant whatever-he-was) did not eat me.”

“A Giant did not eat you?” Tony repeats, his eyes were the kind a child who discovered a mythological creature existed.

“The huge giant stepped back away like he feared dark magic  . . ." I continued.

Wait a second, maybe I got the dark magic from the Bifrost portal sending me to Asgard? There were glorious spectacles passing through universes, galaxies, and space. Maybe . .  The wet wind had some dark magic in it! But why would Heimdall send for me through dark matter--dark matter; the only thing that makes sense. Joy, Heimdall didn't send for you because he didn't have a clue why ya were there the first time we met. Logically the wet wind might have had dark matter conjured up by fate getting its hands dirty to get someone to Asgard: early. Odinwas the only person who expected ya.

"Scrap  . .  ." I said with a sigh to myself. My attention shifted from remembering towards Tony Stark. His logic is almost correct but not really sound.

“You scared a giant, where do Giants live in your universe?” Tony asks.

“In your own business realms.” I sarcastically said. “Okay, Mr.I-m-a-genius; if you are curious about me, then where's the container that held Thor?"

Tony was obviously stumped for a moment there.

“It fell.”

“And where’s Loki?”

“Uh .  .  . He probably went out for icecream.”

Wow, that would get huge laughs from an audience.

“No, he didn’t.” I said. “Thor tricked him into container thing  .  . . Hey, what’s the name of the guy who can become the Hulk?”

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