Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


19. Switched Roles: Determining

So when I woke up in the morning feeling--I love Tick Tock. When I was fourteen or fifteen,  the lyrics to bleeding love was stuck in my head.Most of the lyrics to this day are still in my head: So keep bleeding love, because I'm love with you, I don't care what they say and my heart is in ice. I think that's some of the lyrics. Sorry for straying off topic from Tick tock on the clock, I'll fight till we see the sunlight wooaaah ooohohh you break me down you  break me up--Sorry, I'll stop.

 But the thing is; I didn't wake up in the hospital that my body physically is at.

Guess where I woke up?

Don't over think  this like Sheldon Cooper would do; think simple.

"That's  .  .  . " I heard Tony Stark's voice. "Like she came out of the grave!"

"She has two eyes." I heard a woman's voice.

"Natasha, did you give her a fake eye?" I heard  Tony Stark's voice.

"No." I heard Natasha

  I am going just to call Tony Stark just Tony. Or what does everyone else call him? Great, I'm confused what to call the man. I open my eyes fully enough to see a gray cieling with lights at the top. I looked around and saw there wasn't anyone in the room. That's a little creepy; hearing voices that are supposed to be in here. I might really be nosy or have really good hearing or could be loosing my mind. What's the first ya do after waking up? Oh yeah, rub the back of your head while gettting yourself upright away from the curled, almost elevated up berth surface that feels comfortable. Which is what I did, go figure.

   If you do not know what a berth is then shame on you. Now go look up what berth means in the Transformers Fandom.Then look down to see my right hand is bandaged up.My hand still hurts from getting crushed by Thors's foot; you seriously do not want that. The door makes a creeaaak sound so as a typical person would do I look forward. Guess who came in out of a group? Oh you are wrong to think it is a woman because the person who came through the door is Tony Stark.No; not a big fan of Iron Man because the second movie was not-that-good. I'm a really picky viewer, and if it doesn't make sense to ya how I could possibly not want to watch Iron Man 3 then stay in the shadows that makes confusion what it is.

"Is your name Jo?" Tony asks.

I raise an eyebrow at him.

"A friend of Loki's." Tony said. I give him a questionable look. "She didn't have the right eye."

"Cuckoo kind of mind?" I ask, waving my hand in a circle close to my head.

"I didn't say mind." Tony tells me..

My jaw could have gone slack right then and there.

"She didn't have a right eye?" I ask, after regaining motor control.

Tony nods.

 "Then I am really not her." I said. "Who do ya think I am? A girl in a ballerina suit inspired from a Barbie Movie that came with a FarFetch'ed  and Aslan? I  used ta have a lazy right eye until I got it fixed and lost the ability to see things from a great distance; which is why I used ta wear glasses. I used ta wear tem."

 Tony  Stark looks at me strangely, as though some one had beat his super-genius mind in a game of chess.

 "Are you Irish?" Tony asks, raising an eyebrow at me.

 "Uh no." I said, folding my arms. "I just wrote a Irish character for so long I've gotten zee hang of it."

"Now you are speaking a Russian accent." Tony said as his eyebrow went down.

Hahahaa, this reminds me of how Hogun reacted when we were going to see the Space Turtle.

"Is that annoyin'?" I ask, unfolding my arms.

Tony rubs his forehead.

 "Feel like I really don't want to know," Tony said, with the sound of judgement and suspicoun in his voice. "From a woman who resembles a deceased Norse god without tattoo's." Oh she had tatoos? That's neat for a change around my counterparts.  That made me grin. "You appeared out of no-where like some Terminator that exists in the far future. And that is not funny; I'm not joking," I had to resist the urge to tell him that in X-Men future's it's like time-travel used alot in dangerous futures. "And that leads me to ask  .  ."

"I'm sooo not from dah future." I said. 

"Then where are you from?" Tony asks.

 I tap my fingers together.

 "Tell me about tis Jo," I said. "Then it will be open sesime."

  From a hawks' perspective I could see a red head, Captian America, Loki, including that a guy(who I have no idea who he is) with that light blue buttoned up shirt and dark gray pants.The unknown man has curly, dark brown hair. He kind of reminds me of a brilliant dude who knows all and has swag that can make fan girls drool at every move unlike Fan Girls screaming at drop-dead hot boy bands. For your information; I don't like One Direction, no, just no.

"She looked like our friend Natasha," Tony said."Except her hair was up in a ponytail; her shoulders were exposed, and she had twin blades." Do people chuckle while talking? Well he sure did. "Jo was, reluctedly,helping us."

He's leaving out a major piece of her.

 "Until whaaat?" I ask.

"We met someone who looked like her; they were dead at first sight."

Oh well that's a bunch of sadness; wait. I am still alive not dead like this counterpart. I live in my universe. But what I did in my universe is what landed me into this situation. How can I be alive right now? It's like a bullet had gone through my heart when thinking about this. Technically  there has been a bullet that has hitt my heart and one of my shoulders including my elbow, possibly. The other me.  .  . does not live in this universe.

"Was she a villain or a hero?" I ask.

 "A little bit of both." Tony said. "But mostly a villain. You are different , but, you look like Jo with a right eye."

   I get what Tony Stark is doing; he's making a conversation to find out more about me. That is a genius idea.

"We are not twins. But we are the same person, technically .  .  . I think." I said.

 "Are you one thousand years old?" Tony asks.

Very flattering question in a way, but that honestly is over the top. I laugh at his question like he just did a Three Stooges moment. Man, do I love them!

"Uh no, I'm eighteen." I said.

I could tell Tony is stumped. We looked so alike but had different lives set across circumstances.It seems right to know this. But a part of me was yelling out that she lived in this universe far longer than I did; and she actually had parents to name off unlike me. Perhaps I should ask the other Loki about Jo's family later on today, hopefully.

"What's your story?" Tony asks.

Oh boy.

 "I'm Joy Jelenisto." I said. "And in my universe; Thor is the good guy, and Loki is the bad guy."

Tony looks to the window with one of those looks that ya would see when he got a point proved. The shine in his eye per say. In my gut it felt like that the next few hours in this place could be questionably illogical or not really believe-able. My eagle perspective displays Loki rubbing his forehead while the Captain America guy hands this African American dude with an eye patch a dollar.  The unknown dude and Natasha share a glance, then they left the window. For sure, my questions about Jo should be answered soon . . . right after Tony Stark is done chatting with meeee.

 *                                 *

        .  .  . Earth 616 Normal Universe .     .  .

"I would nove to know what you think about her khances of survival. Because maybe it's lot our faults Joy's in a koma-like vegatable state," John puts Alices's baseball hat into a box. He has regret easily seen from those big pools of eyes girls would jump into if they were actually lake beds. He sighs picking up another piece of Alice's belongings. "It kould have been you, or me, or Carlos who went there to their death. Do you think she has a 50% khance to live?"

 Loki is learning about these people, who Joy had been spending most her time at, in the disguise of a cat. John did not get a response from Callie.

 "I don't think so. 50% is just as good as 60%; she may get overly taxed for every minute. Every minute that Joy's in there! Joy is still our unexpected friend from that damel bar! It's scary to see her silent," 

A scene transition shows Joy on the hospital bed, her eyes closed.

"She kan't stand still for one minute; you know? She's like a excited dog that wouldn't stand still--no I mean a child, children never stand still for a movie.Yes, Joy told me some things that didn't make sense, but now  . .  ." He picks up a photo of Alice and him in their late teens. He wipes off the dust from the frame. "We just have one friend who was there when we lost one of our own."

"Her chances are slim." Callie forced herself to say.

"Her khances are as high as a kid surviving drowning instead of an adult." John said. "Joy told me lot to nose hope in something," His eyes are watery, except they are not a clear blue but a emerald color. He wipes his eyes. "Don't say that her khans are now." Callie's jaw drops as Loki (as a cat) walks across from her pantleg.

Callie sneezes.

"Never nose hope, for a bright soul nike her." John finishes.  "That's what Joy would say."

Callie sneezes again as Loki turns into a mouse.

 "Did you just say Khan?"  Callie asks, using cleanex on her nose.

Loki climbs up a shirt towards the table.

"Khances." John repeats.

"No, you said Khan, dork!" Callie punchs John's shoulder. "Do you  want to honestly rewatch The Wrath of Khan."

 "How about we watch The Final Frontier?" John offers, putting another belonging of Alice's into the box.

 "Ghost." Callie said.

 "Star Trek: Final Frontier." John said.

"The Jedi strikes back." Callie said, with a smirk, and then she sneezes.

"You do realize the reason why the Wrath of Khan's title is what it is, because of a working title Star Wars: Revenge of The Jedi. It was suppposed to be The Vengence of Khan." John said, and then he sighs noticing Callie having the 'You are such a nerd!' reaction.  "The final frontier." John repeats, raising an eyebrow at her. "Do you want to fight using lightsabers?"

Callie sneezes.

 "Are you okay, nady?" John asks as Callie takes a toy Lightsaber out,as she shuts the door behind her. The blinds are down. It's dark except for the light in this room that are on. She turns the light off. "Uh  . . Kallie?"

 "Just so you remember; Vulcans are like humans and elves, bred together." Callie reminds John in the dark.

Loki scurries  to a table top,and then he stops at a big (To him it was) journal.

 "But they have Catara; another way to kheat death!" John said.

 The toy lightshabers clashed on one another. Loki read the most personal thoughts of John in the book; his eyes grew larger, and grew larger. He grew disgusted by what is on the journal. Loki changes into a bird quickly closing the book using his right wing. We hear Callies high pitch sneeze. We can hear John say "Gods bless you." It is not too hard to believe what Loki read was so bad he had to continue reading it. Loki turns into a racoon and then opens the book up using his small,furry hands.

 "This is not a fantasy movie." Callie is quick to remind John.

 Loki's glowing eyes allowed him to read John's journal.

 "Of kooouurssee." We hear John, knocking over a lamp. " . . . My bad."

A lightbulb goes off in Loki's head. Looks like I need to use a favor. Loki transforms himself into a hawk.His small but not noticeable wings turn the page. Loki abruptly stops in-mid sentence then closes the book using his right wing. He grabbed the book using his talons. Then he flaps both wings as small, discarded objects flew away from the table.

 "Did you buy a bird, John?"


Loki (as a hawk) flew out the broken window.


"Stop overreacting, it's just a bird--Hey, my journal!"

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