Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


20. Switched Roles: Determined

 Score for ticking off Thor! Jokes aside from the guy who has an Australian accent I don't bother to look up. Apparently this universe does not even have the TV show Angel. Nada! Nor does Doctor Who exist; obviously X-men (as a franchise), Marvel, and DC do not exist. Perhaps if I had cleared my mind and done some meditation then I'll stop thinking about other Television shows.Knowing that made me wonder if . .  .I should stop wondering about this stuff; seriously.

        Loki and I were having a conversation about something that has totally become forgotten.Wanna know how many times the topic changed in the conversation? Countless times; faster than I ever talk about various Science Fiction shows and whatever has my interest. Wait a second there; it must have been about some scepter! I  .  .  . don't know what a scepter is. I do know about Scythe's because of The Grim Reaper show with Billy and Mandy, also that I made a Decepticon Original Character kind of like Freddy Kruger named Midreaper. Yes, I give Midreaper a cybertronian scythe. Imagine a huge, dark and purple scythe with features ya can imagine in the Transformers live Action movies.

     "So what Scythe are we talking about?" I ask, leaning back in the wheeled dark chair.That chair reminds me of the one Booth had leaned back in it, during an episode of Bones when one of the FBI agents died and he wanted the chair really bad because it was  'so good'.

  "It's a Scepter." Loki  said.

 I could hear the chair cracking.

 "Scythe." I repeat, sitting upright.

Loki could still keep a straight face and act as though he wasn't worried about it; still like the Loki that I knew but, different.

"Scepter." Loki looks at me strangely.

 It was like Loki found me to be a difficult woman. Or a woman who did not know the differences between a scythe and scepter. A really wordy assumption but that's just me.So that's my reasonable guess, assumingly if nobody can read my mind and say otherwise. Actually; it's like he saw some-one else in my place instead of me. It was like he was doing a Tony Dinozzo thing; Tony Dinozzo imagined Kate when she wasn't alive.

 Should I tell them a list of weapons I do know about? Well, if one can get annoyed by it then perhaps Loki and the Captain America dude would. What? It's perhaps the most logical guess because 1) Captain America dude is from a different time. 2) Loki is in argument with me.  And 3) because , I'm going on ahead and telling anyway.

"I know about: Hammers, axes, guns, machine guns, maces, wrecking balls, energy stingers, and magnets." I count my fingers. "Staffs, knives, knuckles--A hand can be a weapon too--,sticks, cannon, fusion cannon, tanks, spears, swords, blades, laser blasters, machine guns--"

 "You said that twice." Loki points out.

 "Stakes, salt, Crosses,silver bullets," I continue, ignoring Loki's comment. "Books," That Captain America dude spit out what he was drinking. "Silverware, pointy stuff, and scarecrows."

 "Scarecrows are not weapons." That Captain America dude (who I have no idea what's his name) said.

 "Your fear is a weapon, too."  I then remembered something else too. I folded my arms. Believe me, some of my comments could be the next ‘I can quote all her statements off my memory’ kind. Honestly that’s not bragging because really that’s the truth .  "And twisted jokes."

From the screen, that's across from us, is Thor; waiting. We were sitting and supposed to be playing cards but Loki had to know if I knew anything about a mother trucking scythe. He was not holding his hammer at all; why? Because Loki put it into a box that does not let out 'Asgardian weapons', it requires a mortal's presence to be taken out. That's one of the cleverest and smartest cautions that ever have been told. For once the good guys are being smarter than Syfy's protagonists. That Captain America Man folds his arms.

 "Have you ever met me?" The Captain America dude asks.

 I yawn.

 "Your movie was unbelievably slow." I start, twirling around in the seat that has wheels while looking at the ceiling. I recall watching that movie that I felt tired but really couldn't go to sleep. "And that I was watching it at night at my Dad's house; when my Dad's 'girlfriend' was yelling at him downstairs in the basement. The next day I learned she kept him up all night until 12, something. He was going to call the cops but she kept stopping him every time. I fell asleep, though, on the couch."

   Aw man I just spilled it like a computer without a firewall.

  I look down from what is a really interesting ceiling to the table.

 "Movie?" The Captain America dude said, sharing a confused glance to Loki.

 "She's a different Jo." Loki said, with a shrug.

He looks away from Loki to me.

"I'm Steve Rogers." That guy who now has a name tells me.

"Kay, Mister Rogers." I said.

   ~                                                              ~

 I had this unusual black out, per say. Mostly ya wouldn't call it a black out but a vision; whatever people referr to fragments of scenes that doesn't matter right now.

  There is a red convertable with a gray roof, it could remind an average movie-goer of a red mustang from a movie where this mustang was alive and killed every person who treated the main character badly. Perhaps I remember it still because the car was squashed in a car compactor at a garbage dump, or at least that's what I think because the Syfy version was terrible.

   No worry, I had this black out while watching the screen when everyone was .  .  .doing something, I believe?

  The car stopped at a building. A short man followed by  taller man (this man opened his umbrella before coming out, when it wasn't raining). I couldn't recognize them. It was like their faces were being blurred. The short man had a black crow on his shoulder. The other dark, moody-like man knocked on the door.

 "Who's the handsome bird?" The Short guy said.

 The black crow puffed its chest up, as the short man pets under the crow beak.

 "It's just a bird."'The taller man said.

 "Just a bird?" The shorter man repeats, as though the taller man has just said something absurd. The shorter man covered the  side of the crow's head like it had ears. "It’s not just a bird!" He insists. "It can speak, ya know."

"I don't know about you," The tall Man said, shooting a glare at the crow.  "But, I'll prefer not to lose my mind talking to a bird."

"It's a Crow,An--"

I saw that the door opens, obviously.

  "Hello--" The figure behind the door sneered seeing them. "What do you want now?"

 "Favour." The short man said, uncovering the crow's head. The taller guy with a umbrella leaned against the building's wall. "Remember dat favour ya owe me?"

I heard a heavy sigh, almost like a single blow defeated the iron defensive voice that would have refused in the first place. I hadn't seen a figure with a blurry face get defeated so fast in one sentence alone.

 "That one, why come in!"  Whoever he was opens the door wide, and so the taller guy went in (and closed his umbrella). "But not the bird."

   The crow oddly caws at him, repeatedly like it was screaming as the fur on its back stood up.

 "Fine, just shut the bird's beak!" The Figure said.

The shorter guy went in, covering the crow’s beak.

     ~                                                            ~                                  ~

 I regained consciousness a little bit after that part of the black out. Then it wasn't so hard to determined everyone had pretty much ditched me.For some reason there is a gut feeling something bad will happen;it's like the ominous feeling a hero gets before a crisis happens. So like a completely-bored-Asgardian-out-of her mind it can be easy for ya to see me go to where Thor is kept at.

 "Visiting me, yet again?" Thor said, with a snicker.

 I came out the doorway.

"Missing someone?" I ask, seeing his face falter to a grimace.

 "You  .  .  ."

"Yep, I'm me."

"Who sent you here to this realm?" He demands an answer. "I would like to know who summoned you here to this realm shortly after a Asgardian I knew well became deceased!"

 He approaches the glass window.

 I shook my hand.

"No one sent mesah." I sent, doing a jar jar binks impression. "But  .  . What's her parents names?"

"Dan, the god of Laziness, and Christina godess of crazyiness." Thor said.

Woah.I .  . am stunned.

 "Now speak why you come before I have one of my associates kill you."

 I sigh.

"Dude, ya can't lay a finger on me, why? Because fate!" I raise my voice. "Fate brought me here; I was dying in .  .  .I need to stop."

"Because you are naive and you let those emotions get your gut; then you get out of control, you get weak and vulnerable." Thor continued. "You put yourself into a deathlous situation. You put yourself into the brink of death to be somebody. Is that correct?" I was trembling.  "I take that as a yes." He grins. "You try and try again; but you know what?"


 "You fail trying; because deep down you know it does not help you. What you are really; is an annoying, pesky, attention hog with a speech impairment.Nobody likes that kind of person."

 "" I growl.

 Thor takes a hand of the glass. 

 "Glad to meet you." Thor said, with a smile that only a man like Joker or Loki would have.

All right; he's getting the biggest feedback from me, and it needs to be taken out.

"YOU HAVE NO IDEA." I yell at him.My voice became louder and my face became hot as a kettle making coffee or tea. Or is it tea?  "TRYING, TRYING TO BE THE PERSON WHO PEOPLE CAN HANG OUT WITH? DO YA HAVE A CLUE?" From an outside view ya can see my eyes are glowing a light purple. "NO . NO NO. YOU NEVER HAD A BULLYING CULT BEHIND YA. YA NEVER GOT OUTCASTED BY EVERYONE.YOU HAD EVERTHING!"

 I held up my balled hand.

"Thor," My voice trembles, as my vision is blurry--darn you tears!--"everything, in your hands.You knocked it away like  a greedy lion who wants to take over the pridelands" I growl at the word 'everything'.  I can feel these hot tears coming down.

Thor backs away. I don't know what's going on with my voice though.

"So don't slagging tell me I am annoying and a attention hog!" I continue. "Because I try not to be an attention hog, do ya hear me?"

Thor rubs his hairy, golden thick chin.

"You are emotional and that makes you compromised."  Thor said matter of factly.

I then remembered about The Hulk movies.

"The Hulk." I recalled.

Oh my .  .  . So  .  .  . that other dude I have no idea who he is .  .  . The Hulk plus scepter.

"You found out too soon." Thor said, with a wicked like grin. "Loki found out on time."

The lights went out and then the ship tilted over like something was attacking it. Oh frag. Oh frag. Oh frag! I hit the wall side. Man that was so fast I didn't least expect it.I heard a door slide open. My back hurts like the stingers ripped off a gigantic robot from a  certain series had been used on me. It feels electrically hot and hot stinging pain. It's time to stop comparing stuff from--Oh slaggit Ivs why did ya have to come here in all places?

 "No matter the differences; both of you are slow pokes."  I heard Thor's voice.

OW! My stomach that hurts!  My gods my gods my gods this really absolutely hurts!

"Ow." I cry, shedding a few tears.

You do know that it feels good to scream at a  bad guy? Sometimes the past catches back up with you. And cry once in awhile that makes it all better; let it be for pain, movies, books, and you get the point. My eyes open to see Thor fiddling with some button on a large machine. A exact replica of him appears inside the large object.I push myself up but not without an earful of pain from my back. Honestly, you cannot get back up from a hard blow like that.

"Loki will come in, and think I will still be here." Thor thought out loud.

 "Do.  .  . you think he's that stupid?" I ask, squeezing one of my eyes.

Thor looks at me like a man who had a brilliant idea.

"Of course." Thor said.  "Never was the best in Asgardian Magic; but what I could do  .  .  ."

Ten or five minutes after that; Loki came in;  the door reopened.

"Stay right there!" Loki said.

"What you going to do?" Thor's replica asks, wiggling a foot in the doorway. He is taunting Loki in the way that makes me come to the conclusion that Loki would have done too. "Cut my foot off?"

I wanted to warn Loki but--Then Loki dived in to the room just as Thor stepped completely out and Thor's replica sizzled. My mind screamed  however I couldn't do a thing. My  mouth is zipped shut; literately. It is zipped shut.What ya can hear from me is muffles and can be inferred as gibberish.My hands were bound and so were my legs. Slag it.My backside still hurts! I can't believe what my question has lead me to; which happen to almost got the answer.

 "Let me out!" Loki demands.

"How about no, " Thor said, shaking his head with a laugh. "Your emotional friend is the best silent person to tie up."

Loki's eyebrows wiggled, like he didn't get what Thor was saying.

"Consider your idea about Syfy and smartness invalid." Thor said, referring to me.

AND THEN Loki noticed me at the corner of the room all tied up. Must look pretty bad. Oh primus I do look bad.

"Mmpph!" I try speaking.

Then this guy who I faintly remember to be the owner of Lola that car without a hood came into the room.

"Phil Coulson!" Loki shouts.

Phil got shot, who then shot at Thor, who hit the wall.Thor made the big box containing Loki fall .  .  . and I blacked out right before Thor made his escape  .  .  .  I hate you fate!

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