Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


5. Space Turtle. . .

  Hogun is guiding me where the Space Turtle usually lives (Usually is the keyword); He didn't  want to bring anyone in to this. Heck, this destination is so not ideal for hunting! If a skilled and trained professional ninja-sniper was going through a mountain environment, he would be on his toes twenty-four-seven. He wouldn't ever have his guard down. He wouldn't last getting to his target. A gigantic bird-like dinosaur creature swoops overhead.

 We duck as the creature swoops over us.


 I couldn't believe my very eyes.

"W...Woah." I rub my eyes, while straightening from ducking. "..Still there.,, eh, ain't a dream at least."

 I had seen a myth. I had seen the impossible which is becoming quite common.

"Don't be too loud." Hogun said.

We went to Jotunieum through a short cut.

"I ain't zhe one being loud." I said, mocking him in a German accent.

"...Where are you picking up all these accents?" Hogun asks.

We were climbing up a mountain. Why are we doing this? Okay there's a big ol' cave right over this mountain. Hogun told me this creature flew over during the battle that broke a fragile truce. He also said it is so big that a dragon-lion can go right in! Don't fret  because I made that name up, there isn't a creature that's a mix of a lion and a dragon. Ya can cool yer jets. Boy, this is cooold! I knew that I should'a brought my coat.

"I didn't pick it up," I argue back,struggling not to look down. "I developed a habit where I talked while I was writing." So this means I say whatever my characters say/whatever I'm writing; Out loud. when I typed and said "He did..."; My Cousin Natalie, she asked me "He did--what?"

   Yeah...That's what ya get from writing one character who's got an accent, writing them  for a week or just for a few lines in a day; the mark is left in ya brain.To be really and truthfully accurate; it's fun to write Blitzwing, the Decepticon with three personalities. For example; Whenever I hear "Going out the building" inside my mind...I say it as "Going out zhe buiiilldiiinng!" For some weird reason.

"Who did you recently write with a..." Hogun starts to ask.

"German accent." I finished for him. "And I wrote Blizwing last year."

"...Then what about the 'ya' thing?" Hogun asks.

"Oh that." I roll my tongue. "I've been writing as Allen Francis Doyle; He's Irish." I  climb up a bit more on the mountain. "He's more awesome than the Ponds, Clara, and oh, Mufasa." I didn't need to see if he was confused or not,  "Mufasa is Simba's dad from The Lion King."

And then we (Hogan and I) had a conversation about the broken bridge.

"Despite there being a broken bridge, we can get over it."  Hogun said, pretty ethuastic in a way.

I really ain't sure if Hogun's supposed to be like this, so,meh.

"And ya can't fix a habit when it ain't broken."  I add.

"Since when did I say your habit is broken?" Hogun asks.

I rub my forehead.

"Hogun,that was sarcasm," I shook my head, as my left hand is  feeling a free space on the rocks rough-climber structure. Also,  he looks 100% like his movie counterpart from Thor. "This is really disappointing."

The conversation continued for a good thirty minutes.

We came to the top.Lo' and behold there is a marvelous view that's like Utah Mountains and the himilyah's combined! The stretch, the curves, and edges are like a giant had sculptured them. Well, when ya  think about it...Giants probably did sculpt make this mountain. I rub my hands together as a chilly wind flew by. There are some wavy fog in the lower part of this mountain. Its really remarkable to see a marvelous sight in a cold, freezing realm.

 "Next," Hogun drags a  big, flat rock right at  a playground-like slide edge. "We slide down."

 Reminds me of a scene from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation; that scene was hilarious!

 "This is preposterous." I  said, getting a rock. If I had been 13 then I would have slid down the thing without thinking this clearly; but as a 17 year old, that requires some-thinking.

The  flat rock is large enough for him to sit on.

"See you down there." Hogun said, sitting down on the rock.

 Hogun pushes the rock away from the not-so-flat surface of the ground; then it zips him down the mountain.

"Don't ya look down, Ivs." I tell myself, and then look down to see my rock is way too small. I look up towards the sky just for a moment. "Sweet-fudging. . ."

 I pull a different rock from a pile as a strong wind pulls against me.

"Wind, staph!" I said to an in-animated force of nature.

Looking over the rolling, playground-slide structure made me more scared than ever. I wonder how the main character in Avatar manage to fly and the guy who gained a flying dinosaurs trust in Dinotopia. Dinotopia is the...the movie version of the Bermuda triangle plus Atlantis only with dinosaurs living with humans. Yer going down. . .

The wind hits me square in the back.

"heeey!" I squeak, falling  flat on the not-so-big square rock.

 The square rock (Propelled by my unexpected landing) zipped down the mountain in zig-zag and snake-like motion; Exception is that I'm not going down the straight smooth path.The foggy-ocean like clouds were coming closer and closer. At least the height anxiety I  reach my arms out, waving them while going by these high ridged surfaces of the mountain. Should I put my hands on the surface?

No Ivs, Nooo! That'll burn your hands!

Woah the adrenaline is going through my veins. . .That's way coool.

"WOOAAAHH!" I squeak

I whip past Hogun.

"I thought you were scared of heights?" Hogun said, rather than shouting it.

"The wind pushed meee," I shout back, as the fog is  getting closer and closer. Seesh if a paranoid man was going skating down here...he wouldn't last. I hope that death won't follow because then this will be pointless coming here and end up accidentally dying. "Seriooouuuuusssssly!"

I slapped myself while covering my eyes (Which pressed my glasses on my eyes), yo-wtch!

"Joy," Hogun's voice sounds far away. "Whatever you do; don't scream."

Say what again...I dind't understand that question

"Scream for icecream?" I turn my head and slowly take my hands off my glasses. Glasses are cool.

I uncovered my eyes, hearing Hogun yell something when next I went into a blanket of darkness. to speak.

_______________                        ________________________________

    There was this strange, odd whale-like sound. It sounded just like the long neck dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, the first movie in the franchise that I have loved and will love until death. It went like this: Hu--uuuaauuua.It went something like that, can't be sure. I open my eyes. It wasn't too late as water hit my face. I took a step back a little startled by this sudden force. My boots were so slippery that they sent me flying down. .  .Apparently I am still going through darkness.

 "Wooaaaaaaah!" I yell.

I look back seeing sheds of light disappearing behind me.

This is really, really scary!

 Finally after what seemed to be thirty-two minutes. . . I came to a stop.

"Phew." I sigh, taking a  deserved relax breath.

 I feel something nudge my shoulder.

". . .Hogun, stop it." I said, getting up. I dunno why I just assumed that. .  .seriously. . . don't.

I  look up and see a gigantic space whale that strongly has turtle physical features.

Oh. . . well. . .Ivs. . .

You are soo cute!" I cooe the Space Turtle.

I put my right hand on its' scaley, slipperly forehead.


"It's okay." I rub my hand in circles. I slowly put my head on the creature while rubbing my hand on it still. Dang. . .this Space Turtle feels so soft and warm. Scratch it off; it feels so perfect to sleep on! Heck, I could possibly just fall asleep doing this. "It's okay, cutey."

It can be defined to be impossible, but. . . I spoke with a space turtle.

 "Oooohh." I catch a quick glance to what had been my entrance into this cave. "Hmm. . . This sounds prank worthy. . ." What he is suggesting sounds far more brilliant than an idea ever told. Except for the spoon scene from The Adventures of Huckaberry Finn; that made me laugh way too hard.

  If there was a camera in here recording this conversation, then I'm pretty sure my eyes may have flashed. 

   Through an eagle's eye view there is Hogun surrounded by these blue men--they look like what Loki appeared when he touched that blue thingy in Thor.

  "You should not be here." A rough, rude sounding individual told  Hogun.

Hogun has a grip on his sword.

 "I'm just waiting."

The leading, rough sounding dude growls.

"Uh huh. .  .Oh yes!" I said, with a grin; and then tell the creature we have a change of plans.

 I climb up on the Space Turtle's forehead and grab one of the poking out scales on his head.

 "Let's fly!" I shout.

  The Space Turtle leaps through the rock sending tumbling material right behind us going layer and layer of mountain. R-r-rururmble the ground goes like a volcano is erupting when really it isn't. Jeez. .  .This makes me wonder if space turtles have extremely hard scales. Wait, I'm clinging on to a big scale right here! I love discovering new realms; they are so unexpected.

It's prankin' time!

From an outside perspective of this situation it can be thoroughly declared as a no-brainer. Well  .  . . I think. Through an eagle's eye most people can see that Hogun is surrounded. One of the strange individuals takes a step forward only to be sent flying back. This individual screamed like a little girl! Yes, he screamed like slagging Sentinel-Jerk-knight-prime! He.  .   . screams like a girl.

 "What was that?" The leading, rough leader of the group demands.

Hogun taps on the floor.

"It starts with a  'J'." Hogun  hints at my name.


One of them were then flipped over by a big moving mount.


 I use my prank skills; to make what-ever mechnical pen that the scrawny and not-so-smart blue dude had in his pocket exploded all over him.


The scrawny dude is covered in black ink.

 "MY FACE!" The Scrawny one screams, as he covers his face .

The Scrawny one ran towards Hogun.

Hogun immediately dispatched him using  his sword by slicing the scrawny one in half--woah that is epic--leading two body parts separate from each other (and beside Hogun's feet for that matter). This makes believe I have the most awesome view in the entire galaxy, or  that I have a gift. A strange, but.  .  . unusual gift.

 "Where is Loki?" The rough sounding dude demands an answer.

The rough and older leader takes a step forward.  His boots look as though they are made from leather, he has a scar trailing down his chest, His forehead is so formidable it was different  than Loki's. His ears are a bit pointy, he has sall horns right beside his ears where a side burn should be. He has a beard that's not really complete. And last; he looks like a well trained warrior bred for combat.

Man, this rough leader looks like he has a bunch of years on his back.

"He's dead." Hogun said. He spoke this in a way that didn't seem too nice. It was strict,It was mean,i  t ways solemn  all at once.

The one who had taken a step forwad then whips out a strange kind of malice based weapon.

"Only Loki would do this," The leader declares. "To insult my intelligence is a crime!"

"Of course; Corike." Hogun takes out two swords.  .  .

________________                  _____________________             _______________

The other Asgardians laugh, even--. . .Okay scratch that out about Fandral being a red head; he's got dirt-blonde hair. There was this one scene in Thor where he looks like he has red hair! I swear by my life that I didn''t bother to look at Fandral with a different perspective. I want everyone to remember that ya must not stereotype Irish people before ya get a knuckle to the nose.

 "More like The God of Animal Communication." Fandral jokingly said.

Hogun had been admiring his new weapon that he stole off Corike's unconscious body.

  I roll an eye.

"Bursting out from the ground, did that really happen?" Thor asks, in true disbelief.

Hogun nods.

 I looked so awesome doing that! But.  .  . seeing Sif and Thor get squirt at by the Space Turtle was the best thing ever! .  . . this was after the fact when we returned from Johuntieum. Odin had warned me not go to back since it might not a wise choice as their truce is no longer on good terms, since when has it? Jeeez. Anyway, Odin had made it clear that as long the bridge is under construction: I ain't leaving.

He basically grounded me.

"She's the only Asgardian who gets her hands dirty by being clumsy."  Sif comments.

"Thanks." I said.

Thor just looks at me in complete shock,.

"I am clumsy," I admit. "And ya know, dat's a really good trait." I see different comments for different ways as they are, sometimes if they are meant to be an insult then I take it as a compliment by accident.  I wave a finger. "Because.  .  .  I can do better pranks being clumsy!"

And that a frost giant thought I was a Loki.  .  . that is awful.

And that everyone thinks he's dead.

I really hate this fate thingy, again.

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