Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


29. Sometimes we have to decide

Sometimes we have to decide what is wrong and what is right. But most people should clearly think some outrageous conspiracy theories are not worth their time. Our scene begins in a former police station renovated into a museum which is currently being investigated by the gang for ghost activity. Karlos and Callie are stationed in the former captain’s room with all the TV sets plugged in.

Callie has Joy's phone beside her right hand.

"Did they exchange phone numbers?" Karlos asks, looking over Callie's shoulder.

Callie sends a sharp warning glare to Karlos as he took the phone.

"Respect the alien's privacy." Callie said, respecting Joy's privacy even with her crazy theories.

Karlos stops looking over her shoulder.

"You mean Norse god." Karlos corrects her.

"Joy is not a god, she's an alien." Callie insists. "She claims not to be a Norse god."

"Buuut she is a god." Karlos said.

"The Alien from outer space claims to be from earth, but not the right one." Callie pulls up a webpage about alien who take on human characteristics to blend in with humanity. "So it leads me to think she's from another version of Earth, her native planet with her own kind. Her kind is capable to make carpet burn upon contact; also they are psychics and secretly have super-strength. They also made humanity exist by sending bacteria millions of years ago."

"HOLD your horses there!" Karlos waves his hands back and forth. "Do you realize how crazy you sound?"

"My theory is right, and whatever she claims is the opposite." Callie is downright convinced by her own theories.

"You are geeking out on the X-Philie forum." Karlos guesses, while tilting his head to the side.

"No." Callie said, taking his word for an absurd interested cop."That was the Anti-X-Philie website against X-Files.The Website was  'End X-Files franchise!' basically aid X-Files was the worst abominiation in the history of television and fandoms; when the funny thing is X-Philies were part of a historical Science-Fiction show that inspired shows like Supernatural, Torchwood, and BlenNet."

"Blennet?" Karlos found himself puzzled.

"BlenNet is about internet geeks (They use other technology) who work with demons. Don’t be alarmed these demons are not bad guts they are good guy, seesh not everything is black and white. Some demons can be friendly.” Callie notes, as Karlos relaxes. “Internet geeks come in handy no matter what the circumstance, seriously, and one of the main characters is a demon. “

“And what do these internet geeks do?” Karlos asks. Maybe I’ve watched  too much soap oprah’s, possibly why no one mentions BlenNet to me, Karlos figures.

“No wait, they are computer nerds!” Callie threw her arms into the air as though she had given up. “These people have an organization called BlenNet. They hunt down these people who escape hell, Fallen Angels who tick off BOTH god and whatever-that-guy-who-owns-hell, and the worst people out there who kills the innocent in the big bad guys name." Callie explains the show to Karlos. "And at the end of every season . .  ." Callie's eyes become full of tears. "One of their plans backfire. It's on season 9 at the moment."

To Karlos it seemed like Callie lost her mind. And that she has been around John for a very long time.

"The internet anti-X-Philie war lasted approximately five days." Callie finished babbling, well almost not done. "On the sixth day FBI raided the HQ and closed the website down."

"It would have been a funny story,"  Karlos recalls shaking his head.  "If I wasn't the one who called them in the first place."

"I'm right, and Joy's an alien." Callie stuck to her story.

"Have you considered Joy might be telling the truth?" Karlos catches Callie off-guard by taking Joy's phone.

"Give it back!" Callie tries taking the phone back.

"Buy a new phone, Cal." Karlos holds the phone up from Callie's reach as he went through Joy's contact list. "Ah ha!"  His eyes brightened at the fine print word 'Loki'. "So they did exchange phone numbers!" 

Callie grabs the phone out of his hand.

"So what's your fandoms name?" Karlos asks, as one of the computer screens sizzled. "I'm talking about BlenNet."     

"Blenyetfans." Callie said.

“Excuse me? That sounds like a youtuber name.” Karlos said.

Callie smiles a bit at  Karlos’s comment.

"The main, MAIN character Christoff says 'Yet' a lot.” Callie went on explanining. “That's where we got the 'yet' from. I can't wait for 'The Last case' episode.It'll be sad to see the remaining members split up on the series finale but a little bit satisfying.” Callie sighs. “I hope he finally admits his feelings for Sarah.”

"What time does it come on?" Karlos asks.

"In one hour." Callie pulls up a livestream page on the main computer.  "I'm prepared."

"I'll bet one hundred dollars there will be a spin-off, a book series, and a movie." Karlos bets, just to test Callie's obsession with an  TV show.

'"Impossible, it has the worst ratings this year!" Callie argues back. "There's no chance it'll get there."

"A bet is a bet." Karlos reminds her.  "I bet sixty-four dollars and thirty-three cents."

 The radio (aka-Walkie-talkie)sticking out Karlos's jean pocket powered on.

"Ah, BlenNet isn't kanceled, it's been renewed." John said over the radio. "And the new episode is The Swing-Set and there are four main kharacters. Also, Khristoff is the demon guy, and Sarah is not part of the team. Sarah is a fallen angel who’s  been the villain for the past two seasons. She debuted in season 7 as an innocent  woman. Please tell me you were paying attention when kamera four suddenly sizzled.”

Callie and Karlos are confused how John knew.

“I bet fifteen dollars John’s an alien.” Callie mouths.

“Four dollars he’s not an alien.” Karlos bets back, handing her the walkie talkie.

“We were paying attention.” Callie lies to John.

“And the camera did not sizzle.” Karlos said.

“I’ll believe Fred’s side of the story.” John said.

Fred is in the jail cell room with a recorder and microphone. We see him fidget on a chair. He looks younger than Karlos and John, meaning he’s most likely in his mid-twenties.Fred taps his left foot on the floor. One can figure he is waiting for an unexplained voice to make it known. He is zoned out imagining what a ghost could say that may frighten him when really he’s scaring himself.

 Fred's walkie-talkie sizzles to life.

 "Freed." John calls on the walkie talkie

Fred had scared himself so bad he threw the walkie talkie out the cell.

"Fred, oooh free-ed." John continues talking. "I know your walkie Talkie is connnected to the komputers." Fred's skin becomes sweaty, his heart pounds, his adrenaline begins running. "Stop klicking the 'turn off' button!"

__________                                           ______________ 

Loki's last plan to rope in a mortal didn't work out.He had to figure an avenue,or wherever, for some willing people who would like to participate in ruling over their realm.Starting big did not work well so starting small seemed the best way to begin his quest to rule over something at least.Last time Loki saw Joy, he could tell something weighed heavily in her mind and made her feel conflicted.

It's August 6th, on a Saturday.

Loki is in a room playing a cardgame with a few other men. This room is filled in smoke. What's making the smoke is cigars.It is apparent Loki is not bothered by the smoke inhalation.

"You want to rule over the world?" One man, who sounds like he came from  a low downtown street neighboorhood, asks Loki. Okay let's call this man 'the Downtown street man'.

"Yes." Loki sad, taking a card out from the row of cards in his hands. He puts the card on the green table.

The other men snicker, chuckle, and the last one laughs.

"That's what all villains say." The last man, who had laughed, tells Loki.This man is Austin. "In the cartoons and the old 90's movies/tv shows."

"Erm, not all." The Downtown street man said, holding up his index finger. "You are  talking about mad-men. Villains who want to take over the world are either scientists, geniuses, former employee's who used to have government jobs, and people who wash cars."

"I'm a god." Loki said, as the other men put their cards on the table. "So the reason you have in 'villains' are flawed."

"If you asked us about heroes; we would be having a debate table in the view style."  Austin said. "The old version where no one's opinions are scripted!"

"Some villains want to take over the world." A man  said, he has a odd looking cigar hanging out. He's Quo-tess Macqueen.

Loki could not believe Mortals had debates about heroes and villains. It seemed as though the group were bigger nit-pickers than any mortals he had met.

"So, Loki man, are you serious--" Austin starts.

"I am serious." Loki said. "What I say is the truth."

".  .  . about kneeling if you win this round." Austin asks, as he raises an eyebrow.

"That too." Loki said.

"Absurd."  Austin's eyebrow settles down.

How could Joy be THE JOY mentioned in the Norse Mythology book?  Loki thought, as he puts his feet on a nearby stool like a king would.  All she does is get into trouble, or find it.

"Are you losing?" Loki asks, waiting to hear the answer to be only  'yes'.

The men shook their heads.

"If you were unsure  . .  . " Loki begins asking.

"About losing, Lucky?" Quo-tess jokes.

"No." Loki shook his hand. "But who's lucky?"

"It sounds like your name when said too fast." Austin agrees. "Luuuuckkkkyyy."

"Lucky." The other men chime in making it perfect and almost sound like  'Loki''.

"Doesn't sound like it." Loki didn't really like to ask these questions to Mortals but since he is not on Asgard then they are his choice. He cups his hands together in a fist. "Have you ever had a 'dealing-with-the-right person' who gets into trouble a lot and is notable from a prominent resource?"

"I had a cop pull me over."" The Downtown street man said, "And I wasn't sure if he was THE Lando Mernervo!"

"His last name is not Mernervvo, it's Calrissian." Austin corrects him.

Smoke puffed from two of the men's cigars

"I want to make sure I'm dealing with the right person." Loki said, dubious about whether or not Joy is the real joy mentioned in the book  (which he has never read).

"If I were you then I would test them." Quo-tess suggests.

"Hmm; like a 'who does it better'?" Loki asks.

The  mortal men in the cloudy room nod.

"Yes." They said at once.

"Is this 'bout girl troubles?" The Downtown Street questions Loki.

"I'm not in the market." Loki said,while plotting 'who pranks/tricks mortals better with actual powers' game.

All the men decided to ask which market Loki is talking about.

"In New York?"





 Loki's phone rings when at the last suggestion 'Ireland' which he has not been before.However Joy sounded like she came from iceland and Ireland--family tree matter of speaking--.Loki takes the phone out his pocket then flips it open to see who is calling.The caller name is  'I'm not Irish'. Hadn't he just been talking about her?

"It's the girl." Quo-tess puts another card on the table and takes his cigar out.

"Or a kid." The DownTown man said.

"I bet kid." Austin chips in with The DownTown man. "He might have a kid."

Loki presses the green upside down phone button on the side of the menu option then puts the phone to his ear.

"Trouble, again?" Loki asks. rolling an eye.

"Um no." Joy said. "I have one question because  .  . um.  .  . " She looks over to Fred who is doing a magician trick at a stage (at night)  with nighttime lights on so he can see. "This realm might be different than mine."

"I'm right." Loki said, lowering the phone. "I'm right about her being from a different realm."

The men had stopped smoking and were sharing puzzled looks.

"I'm sticking to what the kid thought." Austin said in a low voice.

Loku puts the phone to his ear.

“Do you have a twin?” Joy asks over the phone.

“No.” Loki said, baffled by her ridiculous and absurd question. “I do not have a twin."

"Okaay, I'm just making sure about dat." Joy said.

"I’m a single child." Loki goes on. "Little mortal you should know this!" Loki zaps a card over which then became a boat.

Joy looks over her shoulder as she saw Fred is doing actual Asgardian magic.

“That’s really strange  .  .   . “ Joy said as Loki hung up.

Loki puts the phone away as the men who were smoking  cigars had their guns up.

“How bad do you want to die?” Loki asks them.

“What kind of sick nickname is ‘Little mortal’ suited for a child?” The Downtown street man asks,

"Turn that boat into a damn card!" Austin adds.

Loki is baffled by the downtown street man.

“It’s not for a child. It’s for a woman.” Loki saw these men had startling weird ideas.  “Aiming a gun at a god is not your greatest idea.” Loki notes, shaking his head. He snaps his fingers then the men's cards flip over. Loki calmly puts his five cards on the table.  “I win."

The men did not lower their guns,

"Now kneel.” Loki then uses Asgardian magic on them (and thereby forced them to kneel).

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