Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


10. So

Joy leans back in the chair.

"So," Joy said. Her eyes glance at the closed windows. "What calls for a conversation in.  .  ." She pauses for dramatic effect.  Joy's eyes quickly change their direction away from the closed windows. She raises her eyebrows suggestively at him while saying, "A locked room, Thor?"

There is table in between the two. . Also in this really, simple closed room is a really fancy  rug under the table.

"You've been acting strangely." Thor said.

Joy shrugs.

"Just barely." Joy said it as though it was nothing of a major importance. "Is there a good reason to interupt on a really good sword fighting practice?" She folds both her arms Without any visible give-away that this woman is tryng to act mature. Which she is doing sucessfully at the moment.

Thor frowns, as he snaps his fingers.

"Like that!" Thor said.

Man, does  Frigga and Odin not like an attitude?

"Jeee, I haven't been on the woman's curse for like.  .  ." She caught herself. She raises an suspicous eyebrow at the man. "Thor, what is the real reason?"

 "You've been acting strangely whenever we mention Loki." Thor admits. "It's almost as if you know. .  ." He taps on the table. "You know something that we don't."

"So?" Joy asks, wiggling her eyebrows at him.

"You act strange when we talk about Loki." He finally, let the cat out of the bag, tells her.

She huffs.

"Isn't that pretty obvious," Joy  unfolds her arms, getting up from the chair. "Mr-hammer-dude-who's---nevermind."

Joy puts her hand on the doorknob's grip.

"I want some answers." Thor said.

Joy sighs,relaxing her grip on the doorknob and then shifted herself towards Thor.

"I come from another version of Midgard." Joy said. "I've only seen one movie that's.  .  ." She briefly closes her eyes, shaking her head back and forth. "That invovled your story, and, um.  .  .' Joy's skin is sweating.

"My story?" Thor asks.

Joy nods.

"Do I look 'Hot'?"  Thor awkwardly asks.

Joy didn't know to what to say about that for a few minutes.

"Ya look exactly as ya did in the movie."  Joy said."Though it's been forever since I had seen it; some things are foggy, and some aren't. Like Loki; a little bit."

He raises an eyebrow at her.


"Yep." Joy nods. "Though he's portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the movies (Who is a real life Disney prince)." A bucket of milk is hovering right above them with  a handful of berries looming overhead. One can assume this is Joy's doing. "Your actor is Chris Hemsworth (who is Australian)  who portrays you and Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek."

She breaths in and then out.

"My enterprise Captain is Picard; the bald man." She continues on her babbling spree.  "And my first partner in crime with him is Data." Joy spoke Data's name with much fondness.  It is easy to tell that during her childhood she watched that show.

Thor tilts his head.

"Are you  a fan?.  .  ." Thor asks.

"I have," She holds her hand up, then makes a V like shape in between her fingers. "And always will be, a Trekkie." 

He rubs his forehead as Joy's hands stop that 'vulcan' hand sign.

"This might sound ridiculous, and selfish." Thor said.

"Try me." Joy sneers at both words.

'Are you a fan of me?"  He clearly tells her.

Joy leans against the door.

"Uh," She folds her arms.  "Don't take this for offense, but .  .  ."Joy held out her right hand then shook it back and forth. "No way."

Eventually she is sitting back down (But on a large, comfy bean bag) and the two objects that had been floating overhead Thor were on the rafters to the ceiling. The conversation could be quite well some form of 'getting-to-know-this-girl' better. Or if a conspiracy person would poke a hole into it saying 'Thor is trying to find out what else she knows about Loki.'; plain and simple.

 Thor laughs; when Joy tells him about the memes and gifs that exist about him and his brother having a.  .  . Unusual relationship.

  "Are Midgardians really that into us?" Thor asks, tapping on the table.

 Joy shrugs.

 "They made "Agents of Shield" where Lady.  .  ." Joy stops herself. "Um, spoiler alert."

 Thor tilts his head as though he didn't understand why she said that.

 "Is your brother adopted or was he born years later after ya?" Joy asks. "I have.  .  . kind of forgotten."

Joy smiles, leaning back in the chair.

"He's adopted."

"He's lucky."

"Why?" Thor raises an eyebrow at her.

"Because he got a family that taught him basics; and a mother who taught him magic." Joy sighs. "My mom spoiled me rotten. Nope, she didn't teach me how ta tie my shoes!"

Thor is amused by her comments.So then with that conversation cleared up and everything a little bit understanding; the door unlocks by itself. Joy tips over in her chair, landing on her head. Thor shook his head as he chuckles at her own clumsiness. Joy cursed some kind of slang to herself as Thor walks by.

"Do the drooop." She whispers to herself, watching the bowl tip over.


Thor is soaked in water and then grapes lands on his head.

We see that later on, after the scene is over; Joy takes off her glove to see a 'upset' version of the smiley face. Actually it's the frowny face; but that is a little too specific.

"Jee." Joy said. "I hate the black spot."

She puts on her leather sports gloves, as Fandral calls for her from a stable.

They were going out riding some horses; actually, they were going to do some 'favors'.

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