Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


46. Rescue Mission

  .  . .During the Avengers Events   .  .  .

"We've received a time limit." Rocket said, as John puts on the gloved armor to the stolen Iron Man Armor. "One hour."

John puts on the surprisingly light hard red and yellow helmet that locked on to the neck braces below his adam's apple.

"An hour?" John said, acting surprised. "Why does Nohei  keep changing the time nimit?"

"I am Groot." Groot said, making a small rat cage on the palm of his gigantic wooden living hand.

"Loki has trouble on his back." Rocket said, steering the spacecraft towards the Chitauri ship. He didn’t get a reply from John. “He didn’t tell you.” Rocket mentioned this like someone who is ticked off. “This is a dumbass death mission after all.”

“I am Groot.” Groot said.

“Not really.” John said.  “It’s more of a rescue operation.”

“I am Groot.” Groot nodded.

 The small ship docked at the Chitauri hanger where ships were flying mostly out of the gigantic craft. This is the Chitauri’s mother ship; most of their prisoners go in this ship and get the hefty torture or death sentence conducted on them. The three walk out of the ship. Groot, however, stopped at the light gray platform and then planted a few spikes around it. John actually watched the gigantic beetle like arch beasts fly out the ship.

“Groot.” Rocket said. “I know we are in the junk area of this hanger, but,” Rocket pinches the bridge of his nose.  “We don’t need the vine covers.” Rocket adds with an irritated sigh. “It takes more time to get out than planting them.”

Groot looks down to Rocket.

“I am Groot.” Groot said, with a concerned face.

Rocket’s eyes roll, as he grunts and looks down holding one of his favorite big weapons.

“I will be the one to say it in your face, again.” Rocket reminds Groot. 

“I am Groot.” Groot said, with a shrug.

Vines and light brown sticks covered the ship like a thick over-grown bush with leaves. They go through a short cut; though John flew above them using the jet boosters that are located under his feet. Then Chitauri started shooting—and that’s when John’s lousy flight with the suit kicked in—but unfortunately for the Chitauri they got trampled upon by John trying to learn how to use the firing systems.

“There goes our distraction.” Rocket said, as there was Chitauri shooting from afar.

‘I am Groot.” Groot said, with a happy face.

“I told you,” Rocket said, firing his gun at the ceiling. “He’s not a sheep!”

The blast reflected off the ceiling and then hit a Chitauri that had inadventurely walked into the hallway.

“I am Groot.” Groot said, looking down to Rocket.

“It was a lucky shot.” Rocket said. “Not a happy accident, Groot.”

The duo took the other way that was free of the Chitauri. Rocket held an extended datapad that showed the way to the room Joy is being held at. There was relatively few Chitauri in this hallway. The few Chitauri that had been in the hallway was smashed into the wall by Groot’s extended and bumpy hand which had become bigger for his little friend who wasn’t paying attention. There were red alarms going off in the hallway.

“What did the directionless machine man hit now?” Rocket looks up from the map.

“I am Groot.” Groot said.

“He was doing well until The Chitauri came along.” Rocket said. “He’s probably dead by now.”

A group of Chitauri ran right by the duo.

“I am Groot.” Groot said.

“I know they just passed us.” Rocket said, looking forwards.

There were big dark purple doors open seen wide open similar to chamber doors. A dark but dangerous feeling was coming from this open doorway. The red lights going off and on in the hallway didn’t help the mood being set. Rocket’s fur stood up.The racoon’s grip on the datapad tightens to the point he can almost break it.

“I am Groot.” Groot said, bent down to Rocket’s level.

Rocket broke the datapad into two.

“Groot.” Rocket said, holding the split in half datapad.“Do that again and I will break your prince charming doll into pieces.”

Groot is horrified.

“I am Groot!” Groot said, standing upright.

Groot and Rocket come to the room. Every step to the room made chilling goosebumps go up Rocket’s s fur. Fear had been present in a few of the bounties; even his first bounty was at first one major screw up with a bucket of fear, however Rocket and his friend Groot overcame that first bounty.  There used to be a third member of their little team but this member died on their twenty-fifth bounty and since then Rocket’s been wary of the most--extremely-- dangerous bounties.

“I am Groot.” Groot said, looking down to his buddy.

They were across from the doors.

“Fifteen minutes.” Rocket said, looking at a device similar to a datapad but shaped like a watch hooked to a chain. “Took us less time to get here.”

Groot nods.

“Hah, I wonder why these ‘Fear me’ guys chickened out.” Rocket said. “Their chicken reputation precedes them.”

“I am Groot.” Groot said, worried.

The dark, and threatening atmosphere was just a stump in  Rocket’s way.

“Watch me.” Rocket said, taking one step forward confidently.  “Nothing will happen.”

But in the long run Rocket was totally proved wrong. Rocket was forced back on the nearby wall by a powerful telekinesis force. Groot carefully gets Rocket off the wall using his thin and slightly wide fingers. Rocket fell into Groot’s arms, so Groot takes a couple feet back from the open doorway. They have this chat how to get Joy out of there.

"I am Groot." Groot said.

Rocket scratched the top of his furry head.

"This might be the worst bounty we've ever got." Rocket said, then he walks back and forth. "I've never got stumped before by an Earthican."

"I am Groot." Groot said.

"I know she's an demigod!" Rocket replied. "But her eyes are glowing weirdly. I saw them; it was definitely creepy, but I’m not sure if this is possible.”

"I am Groot." Groot said, looking down to Rocket with a determined face.

"Purple is not your color." Rocket said, pointing at him. "Do you have a better idea?"

"I am Groot." Groot said, with a confident smile.

Our scene slowly turns to black.

. .  . Thirty five minutes pass  .  .  .

 .  . . Outside the Chitauri ship.  .  . 

 The ship, which Rocket had purchased with Peter Quill’s credits, flew away from the realm that resided a gigantic chitauri ship pouring in numerous numbers of gigantic alien beetles.The ship is still wrapped up in all the sticks and leaves that Groot had grown. Rocket turns on the hyper mode when Tony Stark came through the portal leading to New York.

“Hold on tight!” Rocket announces on the intercomn. “We’re gonna go into Hyper mode.”

Groot grabs on to a handle—where Joy is strapped to a table with sticks binding her to it—and said ‘I am Groot’ to her.

“Here goes this gigantic ass bush.” Rocket sarcastically told himself, and then pressed the big red button.

The ship went into Hyper mode. We see Groot sticking to the floor using his feet as his bind to the floor. John is using his still powered up jet boosters to keep him from being slammed against the nearby wall. The gigantic bush like ship flew into hyperspace similar to the way it’s seen in the Star Wars franchise. The comparison might suit better with SpaceBalls where the villains faster and faster into hyper space. 

Five minutes passed and then Rocket presses the ‘halt’ button.

“Out of the danger-zone.” Rocket said, with a sigh as he fell against the seat. “Phew.”

From a great distance we can see a small explosion like a dot in the night sky.

Our scene transitions to some room of the ship; probably fifteen minutes had passed since the Chitauri were faced with their own weapon. Joy is sitting on a chair looking quite lost and confused. It didn’t help that there was a giant living tree  standing across from her, a raccoon that  had strapped on weapons who knew how to walk on his two feet, and an odd man with unusual skin  who reminded her of John Wayne.

“Know your name?” Rocket asks.

Well that was a strange question.

“Joy.” Joy said.

“I mean real name.” Rocket said.

Joy gasps as though she understood what he asked.

“Ivy.” Joy said.

“Let’s go with Joy.” Rocket said. “Do you know this Hispotarian?” Rocket points to John who had recently taken off the broken Iron Man suit. Rocket’s face falters when Joy’s reaction is ‘who?’. “Tell me you know him.”

Joy shook her head.

“I don’t know him.” Joy said.

John is concerned.

“What do you remember?” John asks.

“Just . . .” Joy looks guilty. “Just Thor declaring I am not Joy.” Joy closes her eyes briefly with her head lowered down.  “And these ugly ass pharaoh things taking me with them through a portal.”

“I am Groot.” Groot said.

“Joy, are you one hundred percent sure that you do not know me?” John asks.

Joy tilts her head at him.

“Uh no.” Joy said. “Though, you do remind me of John Wayne.”

"What about Loki?" John asks.

Joy held up her index finger with a ‘just a minute there’ reaction on her face.

“.   .    . Um I haven’t met him, yet.” Joy said, bending her finger up and down. “If you do one more foreshadow then someone is going to get their piercings torn out.” She folds her arms with an attitude. “It gets really irritating when people keep foreshadowing.”

“We haven’t foreshadowed.” Rocket said, sharing a confused glance with Groot.

“Sounds like you are.” Joy said.

“I am Groot.” Groot said, with a ‘She’s strange’ reaction.

“Joy, have you had any dreams that involved Loki?” John asks.

Joy tilts her head.

“That’s a strange question.” Joy said, tapping on her knees.

“It might jog up some memories.” John said. “Or even dreams that seemed weird to you; any dream that had the keyword ‘Mortal’.”

Joy smiles a little.

“A few.” Joy said, as Rocket and Groot went  down the hallway. “One dream  .  .  . I heard my name being shouted. Then I woke up with sweat all over.”

“Did you recognize the voice?” John asks, hopeful.

Joy looks down to her hands and then back to him.

“I just remember my name.” Joy said. “And then there was this dream I faceplanted into the snow because some figure didn’t want me making him drag me.” Joy looks down to her left as though she remembered something. “Eh, that never happened,” She looks up to John. “Or did it?”

“Maybe or maybe not.” John said. “But you’ll get those memories back.”

Joy holds her hand out in midair and then spreads her fingers out with a frown on her face.

“This is not a foreshadow competition.” Joy said, waving her hand back and forth. “In fact if it was; then you would be losing and my dreams would be winning.”

_____                                      ____                               _____

.  .  .  . Two weeks later .  .   .

 .  .  . A day before Thor and Loki return to Asgard.  .  .

“Hey Thor,” Tony said. “You have a holocall on the line.”

Thor raises an eyebrow.

“A what?” Thor asks.

“A hologram call.” Tony said. “I invented it just so I wouldn’t be standing around in my competitors apartment.” Tony could tell Thor didn’t really understand.  “It’s a sci-fi version of Skype, but there are other names for it,” The doors to the holocall room opened behind Tony. “I go with holocall.”

“Why did they call you?” Thor asks.

“He has my armor.” Tony said. “And he claimed to be some Jo-anne Rain person who you know.”

Thor goes past Tony and heads into the room. The doors shut behind Thor. There were lights up in the somewhat dark room.He saw a figure outlined in blue standing at a circular pad and tapping his foot on the floor. Thor continues walking until the figure became a distinctive recognize-able individual.

“Juahn?” Thor said.

John looks up from the floor towards Thor.

“Hello.” John said, with a slight smile. “Nong time leu see.”

Leu means ‘no’ in Hispotarian.

“Your English is better than we last spoke.” Thor said.

“Which was forty-three years ago.” John said, in a low voice. “I’ve wanted to see  for myself; whether you’ve aged or not.”

 John and Thor shared a rather light laughter; like it was a joke between them.

 “So what’s the call for?” Thor asks.

"Joy has .  .  . " John pauses briefly. "Joy has locked away her memories from Midgard.”

"What?" Thor asks visibly startled by John’s reply. "You have the clone?” John frowns at how Thor referred to Joy. “Joy is at Asgard."

"She's not on Asgard, old friend." John said, in a low voice. “I’ve seen her and talked to her.”

“What has she been saying to convince you?” Thor asks.

“Joy has that joyful atmosphere around her.” John said. And your insistence that she is a clone worries me.” John taps on the palm of his hand. “Thor, whenever you meet the real Joy again; she’ll be friendly but won’t be as forgiving.”

“She isn’t Joy.” Thor said. “I saw it in her eyes.”

“If you can see through people like Nohei and see the good in them; but not Joy, you’ve might be under a tough and convincing impression from the imposter.” John said. “Joy did request me to tell you that she was wrong about Chris Hemsworth.”

Thor looks rather puzzled.

“.  . . I don’t know who Chris Hemsworth is.” Thor said.

“Chris Pine?”  John asks, getting a ‘Don’t know who are talking about’ reaction from Thor.“Come on,Joy specifically told me to correct her about this!” John is appalled Thor doesn’t remember. “Chris Pine is Kirk’s Actor and the Australian actor is your actor. The only thing that got her confused with the actors was because your actor portrayed Kirk’s father in the  2009 Star Trek movie.”

Thor laughs, shaking his head.

“If we had a conversation about Actors I would remember.”  Thor acknowledges.

“Thor.”   John said in a low voice. “There’s one thing she’s never wrong about.”

“What is it?” Thor said, taking it like a grain of salt.

“Talking to fictional characters who are not supposed to be real.” John said, in a harsh tone. “Joy will eventually remember Nohei and everyone else; but not the pain. She selectively has chosen to forget the pain the Khantauri put her through.  Joy’s memory will be real in the times it randomly comes up.”

Our scene briefly splits in half to display Joy learning to shoot a sleek black and gray weapon at a shooting range at some planet.

“But you won’t be there when she’s getting it back.”  John adds. “And Joy won’t die because some fools think she’s a clone.”

The other side shows Joy’s first shot ends up with a bullet straight at the middle. We can see a proud smile on her face.

“John, she is a clone.” Thor said, again.

The other scene slides away in a classic kind of transition.

“Clones don’t cry when they talk about their past.” John said. “If Loki got through Joy without making her cry; he’ll say the same thing. She doesn’t want to be a girly girl.” Thor’s reaction is a unique one. “Just go with it, seriously.”

“You are not making sense.” Thor said. “She’s never talks about being a ‘girly-girl’.”

“She’s very picky.” John notes. “I can’t talk her into wearing a dress as a disguise.” John adds, and then shook his head. “Nor convince Joy to pull up her hair into a pony tail.”

“But when are you going to return Tony Stark’s armor?” Thor asks.

John smiles.

“Never.” John said, and then looks to his right. “Okay, turn it off.”

In an instant John was gone and all that was left is thin air.

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