Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


30. Random but it happened

Somehow Loki and I got transported to my Midgard. However its one year before the missiles came to Illinois. That is what I do know for sure. But where did we land in Midgard? I cannot decide whether or not it’s logical to be in at this point. Okay where were in my Midgard? We were in Comic-con.

“Nice Loki costume!” A girl, who strongly resembled Loki’s costume, tells Loki.

“What?” Loki asks.

“I said; Nice Loki costume.” She said in a British accent.

Loki turns to me.

“I don’t speak like that,” Loki said. “Tell me who is responsible for this.”

“It’s your costume, dude.” I said with a carefree laugh.  I turn towards the Loki fan girl. “You are talking to the LOKI.”

“Proove it.” The girl said.

“He’s .  .  .not experienced Thor 2 and The Avengers 1.” I  whisper to her.

“I can do better than prove it!” Loki snaps his fingers at a group of Chewbacca girls and made  them into doves.

The Loki Fan Girl kneels to him.

“Now turn them into mortals before anyone realizes they are missing!” I tell him.

“Ah, so you are not immature all the time.” Loki muses out loud, waving his hand at the doves.

The doves turned into girls in Chewbacca costumes and they fell into a huge crowd.

“I’m part of your army!” The Loki Fan Girl squeals. “Oh my loki’d, you are here! Loki; the god of mischief, is here!”

The Loki Fan Girl went into a huge group of Loki Fans.

 “Why is she  .  . .a girl version of me?” Loki asks.

“Genderbend.” I said, in a whisper like tone. “A lot of fans do it.They change your gender to the opposite for things like Comic-con.”

Loki puts a hand on his chest.

“A  .  . girl?” Loki repeats.

“Yes.” I repeat myself. “A girl, Lok.” I laugh at his ‘why do that?’ expression. “That was the mirror image of you.” I saw a group of Fans go by wearing StarGate SG1 main cast armor. I then remembered what I’ve been wishing to do. “OH I haven’t gone to a Comic-con in years. This is my first time!”

“Your first time?” Loki is surprised. “I thought you would have gone fifty times in your life.”

“As a mortal,” I said. “In 2013, I’m probably writing a Fan Fiction called ‘Shattered Glass - seeing is believing’.”

“That’s  .  .  . . specific.” Loki note.

“Shattered Glass is awesome.” I said, noticing a group of Loki Fan Girls headed out way. “Army is ahead!"

A herd of Loki FanGirls surrounded the god of mischief.

“Tom Hiddleston, sign my LOKI armor!” A girl wearing Loki’s merchandise holds up the helmet.

“.  .  . I cannot sign myself.” Loki acknowledges. “And I am not Tom Hiddleston, miladys.”

The girls make a dreamy sigh and fall back landing Square on the floor. I admit he did something Fandral would do to acknowledge the girls dressed in Loki attire. The girls got up looking excited than ever when they first came around the one thousand year old god. I decided right then and there Loki should sort out his own mess with his fans. It was too funny to continue watching.

“Say darling!” A fangirl asks.

“Who’s that woman?” Another Loki Fan girl asks.

“Is that woman your girlfriend?” A shorter Loki FanGirl asks. “Oooh,she probably is!”

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Loki turns the shorter Loki Fan Girl into a horse.

All the Loki Fan Girl’s gasp.

“I’m Joy Jelenesto.” I said, with a nervous smile while shaking hands with Loki Fans who were more than willing to do that. “And  Loki is not my boyfriend.”

The girls refuse to believe this; since you know, Loki lies a lot.

“He’s not single anymore!” A Loki Fan Girl complains.

“I’m very single, thank you.” Loki said.

“Loki,” I said. “Turn that horse into a human before I peck out your eyelashes using a hawk.” I turn my direction towards an insisting Loki Fan Who kept asking relationship questions. “We’re not in a romantic relationship.”

Loki did exactly that, a little bit unsure if I would if that threat would be followed through. I didn’t need to be in his head to know this since it’s on his face. The short Loki Fan Girl twirls in circles saying stuff about ‘Mr.Ed was not a horse, but a man’ multiple times until she fell flat on the floor. Two other Loki Fan Girls took the short fan girl somewhere so she can get a grip on reality.

“Would you actually do that?” Loki asks me.

“Any time.” I said, very casually.

“Does he call you darling?” The pesky Loki Fan Girl asks.

“No.” I said.

“I call you: Jo Darling.” The pesky Fan Girl dubs me.

“Call me that one more time.” I warn her, in a deep and threatening voice.

I actually think Loki would now see what may happen to him if he does call me ‘darling’.

“Darling.” The Pesky Loki FanGirl repeats.

I punched the  Pesky Loki Fan Girl at the nose sending her flying into  a Scooby Doo cast member session.

“I like her.” A Loki Fan Girl tells Loki.

“I’ll leave you with that army.” I said, holding up an index finger.

I left Loki to sort out his own mess with the Fan Girls. Why do all the other Fan Girls think we are in a relationship? We are not in a relationship: I do not intend for this to happen between us. I plan not to tell Loki about the Chitauri. That is my big plan all along.

__________                    ________                 _____

.  . . Two hours and thirty minutes pass .  .  .

After enjoying myself to loads of fangirling with comic-con fans—for different shows--, I decided to see how Loki is doing with that army of his.There were people who were talking about this weird guy who claimed to be Loki and did weird magic tricks that were real.Eventally I let myself walk around until I found out where Loki was.

I saw two Tom Hiddlestons backstage the Thor franchise question and answer session. Of all places to find Loki is with his actor. Did anyone ever think this actually will happen? Tom Hiddleston is using Loki as a mirror to check himself out. I could see how comedy-gold this moment between the two is. Loki copied every move Tom Hiddleston did.

“Damn it Loki, stop copying Tom Hiddleston!” I shout.

“My reflection is alive?” Tom Hiddleston asks, his head turned towards my direction.

Loki copied the pesky Loki Fan Girl’s appearance.

“Um.  .  .um. .  .” I shyly tapped my fingers. “Y-y—you are a brilliant actor. Love your portrayel on Loki; it’s like the exact opposite when Darth Vader says ‘I am your father’.”

Tom Hiddleston laughs.

“He’s fun to act.” Tom Hiddleston admits. “It’s like the child inside has a door to come out and play.”

“Really?” Loki asks.  “How can I be that fun?”

“Oh.” Tom Hiddleston looks at Loki. The actor instantly became 100% sweeter than he was in the first few minutes of our conversation. Tom Hiddleston lowered himself down to Loki’s level with one of his smiles that a fan girl would forever cherish on her laptop’s screen.  

I didn’t know that Pesky Loki Fan Girl was that short.

“How was the trip here?” Tom Hiddleston asks.

“I didn’t trip.” Loki said.

“I meant how the ride here was.” Tom Hiddleston politely asks.

“I didn’t ride a horse.” Loki said.

Some-one had to get inbetween the two!

“Sorry, Mr.Hiddleston!” I got in-between the two, fighting back a really big grin of mine “Loki met your fangirls.  .  .” I then realized what came out of my mouth. “Slag it.”

Loki loses his disguise.

“They are my army.” Loki corrects me.

Tom Hiddleston’s eyes became huge as he stumbled up full level.

“Y-y—yyou are . .  .” Tom Hiddleston is having a little trouble taking in the fact Loki is here.

“I am Loki.” Loki said.

“Fictional.  .  .” Tom Hiddleston fell back and fainted.

“What’s wrong with him?” Loki looks down to the British actor.

 “He’s a whovian.” I said. “And a real life Disney prince. He’s also the reason why I told you never ever to call me  ‘darling’.Most of Loki FanGirls use it in Fan Fictions with you. I’ve read only two Loki Fan Fictions that were not fueled by in-the-bed scenes.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” Loki is facing my direction.

“Loki, this dude portrays you in movies,” I said. “And he wanted to portray Thor.” I pat on his shoulders with a wide smile. “You got stuck with him.” I sigh still getting that ‘I want my answer’ look from him. “Imagine meeting someone—who almost looks like ya--you pretended to be.”

“Mr. Tom, the answer and question session with the cast is starting!” A man calls out.

I clap my hands.

“Become the man, and for pete’s sakes, don’t tell Chris Hemsworth you are not his brother when you first see him.” I said. “You made the actor faint, so now ya have to take his place and say a bunch of lies.”

“Easy.” Loki became Tom Hiddleston. He fiddled with the disguises bowtie.

“.  .  . Loki, drop the bowtie, he usually wears a tie.” I tell him. “You are doing the wrong person.”

“Wow, you are bossy.” Loki observes, as his bowtie becomes a tie.

“Glad to meet you.” I sarcastically said, shoving him into the session thingy with the cast.

How-ever-long-this-lasts, I hope we get back to the right time. I put a long blanket over the real Tom Hiddleston. I put two blankets over him (to be specific) then put a Transformers pillow under Tom Hiddleston’s head. I went out backstage and sat in the chairs to see this session; only to see how long Loki pretends to be Tom Hiddleston.

“Did you meet Loki?” A Loki FanGirl asks.

“I am Loki.” Loki said, sitting down in a chair.

 I could tell he is enjoying the attention from everyone. The Loki Fan Girls squeal. The other fans were holding just-recently-bought franchise bags that had all their favorite character or fandom products. A few were dressed up as Captian America, Aqua Man, Thor, Hogun, Siff, and and Fandral.

Wait a second there; doesn’t Aqua Man belong to the Justice league not The Avengers?

“What’s happening in Thor 3?”Another fan asks.

“That’s a bit jumping ahead.” Chris Hemsworth said.

“Stuff happens.” Fandral’s actor said. “And Thor uses his hammer to make his enemies surrender—spoilers.”

“No,I—Loki comes over and takes over Asgard with little to no one ever noticing,” Loki said, playing around with the card on his table. “That is Loki--Thor 3.”

“I thought he would be meeting his real mother in the third movie.” Chris Hemsworth said, leaning forward on the table with his head tilted at Loki’s direction.

“Or it would be his fault Asgard would be destroyed.” Another actor said, looking at both ways,. He seemed genuinely concerned. “That’s a joke, right?”

Loki apparently appears as though he has heard this before.

“It is in the Norse God Mythology book.” Loki said.

“No, it isn’t.” A Loki Fan Girl declares. “I’ve done tremendous research and I am victorious!”

Loki looks at my direction.

“Did she just steal my quote?” Loki asks, as the entire table burst into laughter.

So much for keeping a low profile.

“They all do.” I said. “Mr—rmrmrmr—Mr.Hi—i-i-hiddleston.”

“Tom, have you been acting Loki all night long?” Chris Hemsworth asks.

“Or writing Loki Fan Fiction?” Hogun’s actor adds.

“Neither.” Loki said. “I am Loki, and I’m from Asgard—“

“In Thor 2 Loki says ‘Tada’; is that mocking ‘The Croods’?” A Loki Fan asks.

“No.”  The entire table said.

“It’s an inside joke that Loki is; insane, a very good liar, wonderful trickster, and a man who loves to take everything literletal.” Chris Hemsworth said, in a joking kind of way.

“I’m flattered by your compliment.” Loki said. “In Asgard, we are more formal than Midgard.”

I decided to get up and leave feeling a big urge to laugh because Loki is pretending to be Tom while not pretending to be himself. Loki has a hand cupping his face perhaps chuckling at my too-amused-to-stay condition. My red face probably was the best indicator he had thoroughly amused me. Once I got out of the room there had to be taken deep breaths; in and out, in and out.

“I live in.  .  . a comedy movie.” I gasp in-between breaths.

Inside the room, this scene can be witnessed by the fans.

“Thor, I’m not your brother.” Loki said in-character.

“What?” Chris Hemsworth said. “I’m not acting as Thor; I’m pretending to be Loki. You are pretending to be Thor.”

“Loki, I’m not your brother.” Loki said, probably enjoying telling this to a man who resembled his brother.

“Cut, cut, cut there boys!” Odin’s actor joins in. “It’s supposed to be a funny act; don’t make it so demeaning Tom.I can already tell this is not going to end well. Tom, I know you have the mind of a child now use it for this one act.”

Loki lowers his head, muttering ‘Yes, father.’

“Loki,I never was your brother.”


“You were adopted by Odin.”

“I’m not adopted!”

The LokiFans were silent, and ready to hear the next line.

“Yes, yes you were.” Loki goes on. “Try touching the box in the security room, okay, and your skin is blue. If an Asgardian was touched by one a Jotunheim then they would have gotten burns. But if you were touched by then then your skin would only turn blue.”

“I suppose.” Chris Hemsworth said, lowering his head with a shrug.

“Don’t suppose,” Loki insists. “Adopted brother, you should assume that you are a lost relic while I take over Asgard.”

“But I’m not a lost relic.” Chris Hemsworth argues, bringing his head back up.

“Ask Father, he’ll take you to the only thing where you can see the other half.” Loki tells Chris Hemsworth. “It’s time to step out of the shell you’ve been hiding in for so long, put off the shadow of hiding from temptation, running away from temptation, and asking to  get what you want because you won’t get that hammer.”

“I will get that hammer!” Chris Hemsworth insists, shaking his fist.

“Not if I hide it.” Loki said.

“And end.” Fandral’s actor made an ‘end scene’ hand stroke.

The fans of the Thor Movie series—not just Loki Fangirls—stood up and clapped for the act. At the end of the day; we somehow had returned to the other Midgard I had sort of been adjusting to. For the time being, and for-ever speaking, I’m so glad to be home. Home sweet home never hurt a soul.

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