Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


43. Prior to the Avengers: Arrangements

    .      .      . Prior to the Avengers  .  . . .

Loki disguises himself as Peter Quill to meet Groot and Rocket. Since we've gotten this acknowledged as a disclaimed fact; let's begin the scene. To everyone in this large and sprawling noisy bar like building there are significant advanced devices playing music, a big disco ball at one side of the room where other aliens can have a fantastic time. However on the left side there is stools and tables close to the counter--but far enough for individuals to walk in--at a reasonable distance. The music--that is playing-- is not what humans are accustomed to hearing. 

We go to the left hand side of the large building (which we'll dub as The Disco Bar) and go to the very back. There is Rocket sitting on a comfy red stool in front of a rounded table. We see Groot, the living tree, holding his arm out as jungle gym fora couple space green monkeys. Across from Rocket there is Peter Quill. But since we know it's not actually Peter; let's identify him as Loki.

"Are you insane?" Rocket said, as his furry eyebrows hunched together. On the table--in front of Rocket--is a small advanced version of a menu.

"Not really." Loki said.

We see a small rose grow on Groot's pinkie. The green space alien pet takes it off carefully with fascinated eyes. The two other monkeys were using a swing set under Groot's elbow that seemed small enough for them; we can tell that their owner is probably flirting with some girls or either dancing with the crowd.

Rocket's furry eyebrows depart.

"You want us to go after an Earthican in a Chitauri ship?" Rocket said in a  low voice. He leans back away from the table. "That's a death mission."

"I am Groot." Groot said.

Loki looks at the giant tree.

"Is that all he can say?" Loki said.

"Uh huh." Rocket said. "That's all he can say; in order."

Loki takes out a small thin light gray datapad from his coat pocket. Loki slides his fingers across the screen putting in a big number. We can see a visible sign of amusement with what he's actually doing with this device. He's pretty much using Peter Quill's bank account.

"How about ninety thousand credits?" Loki offers, as he looks up from the screen.

"Uh, how about no." Rocket said, tapping his paws on the table.

Groot looks to Rocket.

"I am Groot." Groot said.

"I know that's a lot!" Rocket said, slightly turning himself towards Groot. "But this is the Chitauri he's talking about."

"I am Groot." Groot said with a 'that's a big offer' reaction.

The space alien monkey's jumped off Groot's arm and headed towards a big red individual who had eyes like a lobster. Green monkeys with spiky tails, Loki thought as the two friends share a unusual argument, I didn't expect to see those tails help them run. An average observant alien can tell Loki is fascinated by these adapted pets.

"I am Groot." Groot said, folding his arms and looks down to Rocket.

Rocket shook his head and rolled his eyes then turned back towards Loki.

"How about ninety-nine thousand credits?"  Loki offers, again.

Groot's jaw went open as he has this 'Accept this!' reaction.

"I am Groot." Groot taps on Rocket's shoulder.

"No." Rocket refuses.

"One million credits?"  Loki said. Rocket's eyes became huge. "Good. We've come to a agreement."

"I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot." Groot taps on Rocket's shoulder.

Rocket mutters 'Fine!', while turning his head to Groot.

"I'll tell him," Rocket said as Groot is still tapping on his shoulder. "Groot, stop tapping on my shoulder."

Groot pulls back his arm away from Rocket.

"We'll do it." Rocket said. "But, Groot and I will need a distraction for the Chitauri." Loki raises an eyebrow.  "Getting to their holding cells is one of the difficult missions we've ever done, and, um, there requires a flyer."

"A bird?" Loki said.

"No." Rocket said, as he shook his head.  "Some-one with a metal suit that can shoot square at their ugly ass faces." Loki acts like he had a general idea where to get one. "After our mission is done; where do you want us to bring this earthican?"

"Some where  in the Galaxy." Loki said. "But not Earth."

Rocket folds his arms then puts them on the table and looks at Loki suspiciously.

"I am Groot." Groot said, tilting his head.

"You know when the Chitauri has a bone to pick on someone.  .  ." Rocket said, as he puts his furry arms out of the folded position. He flips over the menu device. "They do not live long."

"I am Groot." Groot said, with a nod.

"I do not understand how this matters." Loki said.

Rocket groaned and rubs his forehead.

"What makes you think this earthican is not dead?" Rocket questions Loki, tapping on the menu device. "Mr.Quill."

"Hope." Loki said.

_____                                _____                                       ______

  .       .     .  A day later .  .  .

  .  . . Hispotarian center  . . . .The Hispotar planet welcoming gates . .

The Hispotar planet was similar but different from Earth.John had told Loki much about his home planet way before The Kevin incident. The planet was everything John had talked about; even the towering buildings, jaw-dropping gardens, some of the neatly built water fountains, smaller buildings for business and housing, and Hispotarian residents who look similar to humans but not 100% like humans.

What really stopped Loki from entering the city was lacking a visitor’s pass. He needed a pass to get through security. However he was advised to get his from the Hispotar official visiting center that gives passes. The directions were pretty easy to follow unlike mortals who made odd names for landmarks.

 "Visiting Center." Loki said, looking up to the large sign attached to a colossal building.

This building is the Visiting center. The Visiting center has a rounded rooftop which is easy to say it’s a clear and transparent glass made to keep the beautiful blue and orange sky in perspective. Loki is still using the disguise of Peter Quill--this disguise made him have a rough trip to Hispotar--not surprisingly. Loki walks towards the welcome mat but when he stepped on the rubbery bouncy rug it made the doors slide away. This reminded Loki of a store on Midgard called ‘Wall-Mart’.

"At least it is not manual." Loki mutters to himself.

Loki walks through the doorway and saw three long lines at different counters. The atmosphere in this room is busy, loud, and organized. Emphasis on the ‘organized’ of the busyness.We can tell this didn't work for Loki. I will not stand here for a visitor's pass, Loki thought as he walks over to a table that had a couple small screens--making the shape of an 'I'--levitating above a funnel like device with three tubes sending small brief sizzling and barely visible balls into these screens that changed channels. 

The doors shut behind Loki.The floor is shiny and some of the floor is covered by fancy rugs.Loki came to a desk at a different side of the Visiting Center that didn't have daunting lines. This desk has a female hispotarian listening to a MP3 device and chewing on what is probably a counterpart to bubble-gum. There’s a label on her blue and white uniform that reads  'Hi, I'm new, my name is Eie'. Let’s begin calling the female Hispotarian by the name 'Eie'.

"Is this open?" Loki asks.

Eie didn't reply as she pops the bubble gum.

"Can you kneel without listening to the machine?" Loki asks again, getting not a response from Eie.

It bothered him to be ignored. He did not like machines. How can a mortal get lost in a song from a machine?,Loki thought as he frowns. Loki snaps his fingers; his mind focused on changing the current music. A wave of light green flamey transparent strings went into the simple dark machine sticking out from Eie's jean pocket. Her face changed from 'lost in thought' to a 'what dah?' reaction. Eie yanks out the ear buds then slaps the MP3 and the earbuds on the table.

"This is unacceptable!" Eie complains. She glares at the small device like it could spring to life. "My Kemuai kayleudo khaniec it's Shuyrics on me!"

Loki's look is genuinely 'excuse me?' A Kemuai is a MP3 and Shuyrics means lyrics. No wonder Hispotarians have a difficulty saying 'l','n', and 'C' words, Loki thought, they have a difficult language.Kayghleudo means cannot and khaniec meant change. Sometimes understanding Hispotarian language can be confusing.

"May I have a visitors pass to Hispotar?" Loki asks.

Eie looks towards Loki.

"You are Peter Quill." Eie said with a growl present in her tone.She folds her arms.  "You are leudo allowed to have a Visitors pass!"

"Remind me." Loki said.

"You stole the very first Kemuai and gave it to the Icyeli Giants." Eie said. "And they destroyed it."

"Why does that matter?" Loki asks.

"It's part of our history." Eie said, her lion like eyes changed to a light red.  "Get out."

"No." Loki said.  "I must speak with a Jauhn Raiyn Bruis."

Eie narrows her lion like eyes at Loki. We should just refer Jauhn as John for the sake of not getting confused.

"Why."  Eie held up her hand before Loki could reply. "It must all be in one word."

Our scene takes a small transition to a house that's floating above water and attached to a piece of large land with a nice front garden. There are some tree's clustered together virtually providing shelter for unusual alien species and growing strange fruit. We see a tall figure come out from the area created by the trees. This figure is no other than John. We hear an opening theme tune associated to Star Trek from a small device on his ear.

"Why do people call during gardening time?" John seems rather irritated to get calls when's doing it. 

John taps on the small device hooked on to his ear while walking through the garden. His green hands have small spikes sticking out that have a noticeable amount of leaves stuck to them. The spikes sink back into his skin, and John brushes off the thorny leaves. He's wearing one of those yellow sunhats with a feather sticking out from the mountain top structure. We can tell he has sharp tip elf ears.

"This is the Visiting center calling." Eie said.

"Is this about returning on the scouting ship?" John asks, sounding annoyed. "I told you already! I had some help sending a message to them. The humans were the ones who stranded  me on their planet of dirt for ten Stenceels!"

Stenceels are years in Hispotarian culture.

"You have a visitor." Eie said, on the other end.

John walks to the patio that is part of the bridge connecting his house to the plot of land.

"I have a  .  .  .  what?" John said, surprised.

"Visitor." Eie repeats.

John looks down to a nearby coffee table that had some piled up data pads.

"Who is it?"  John asks, glancing away from the datapads.

"Peter Quill." Eie said.

John blinks.

“Who again?” John asks.

“Peter Quill.” Eie repeats.

"I don't kloo him." John said, taking off his sun hat.Kloo means know in Hispotarian. Kids these days, John thought as he puts the sun hat on the table. "I am leudo kanowee to meet a stranger--"

"He said the word." Eie interrupts John. "Joy."

John knocks down the datapads.Kanowee means ‘coming’ in Hispotarian. I must pick a new word, John thought. He had grown adjusted back to the lifestyle that had been out of his life for ten straight years. Now someone who knew Joy wanted to speak with him; probably to get help doing something on Earth. He didn't like the idea leaving his home planet; again.

"Damn skaro." John said.

"What did you just say?" Eie said. "I kohald'ev swore you used the planet of a machines species."

Kohald'ev is could've in their language. Eie doesn't use their language a lot because having a job at the visiting center requires Hispotarians to know English and sound clear enough for the others to understand them. John, on the other hand, is using his language as much as he can--when he can--while retaining some of his English.

John looks up to the sky with a sigh.

“I’ll kano.”  John said. Kano means come in Hispotarian.  “Be right there.”

“Good.” Eie said.

With that the connection was terminated.

____                      ____                      __

Our scene returns to the visiting center only twenty-three minutes after the call. Loki sat at a chair and taps his foot lightly on the floor. Sometimes waiting is not one of Loki’s perks. Though watching a Hispotarian struggle to change the music back is one of the ‘to die for’ moments in life. Loki stops tapping when he saw a familiar figure come through the doors. So his kind change skin color, Loki noted to himself as John came through the doorway.

“Who the skaro are you?”  John asks.

“Someone you know.” Loki said, as John approaches him.

“I don’t know you.” John said, standing across from Loki.  “Yet you said her lano .  .”

Lano means name in Hispotarian.

“You’re a bit off track.” Loki said, holding up his index finger. “Its name.”

“Don’t insult my speech.” John said.

“Shuyrics turn back!” Eie said, irritated as she is pressing numerous buttons on the small device.

Loki waves his hand which sent a light green wave at the device. The light green wave hit the device. Eie relaxes with her ear buds back in. John’s eyes get huge as he looks to Loki. It was as though he finally got a eureka moment just how good Loki is as a shapeshifter. John sat down on a seat.

“Y-y-you shouldn’t be here.” John said, in a whisper.

“I shouldn’t be here, Joy shouldn’t be at a Chitauri ship, and Kevin should have not been a serial killer.” Loki said.

John frowns.

“Why the skaro are you here?” John asks, again.

John does have the remarkable resemblance to John Wayne, the cowboy actor. Not the John Bruce Wayne character referring to Batman's real name.John's face is not something he had picked up; it's what he had gotten from growing up.His eyebrows furrowed together easily standing out from the classic-but-sincere notable face.

“Mortals would say; funny story about that .  .  .” Loki goes on to explain the situation.

John’s face turns into a  shocked one.

“She .  . . Avoided her task?” John said, finding it absurd.  “Because she wants to be somebody. I can’t believe she was.  . . .”

“Determined.” Loki finishes for him.

“No,” John said. “I call that crazy. Joy had nothing else to lose,” John taps on the table at the ‘lose’ part. “And, she didn’t do what the Chitauri sent her to do. I would say Joy has the guts to rebel against orders and kick their butt to the moon.” He taps on his chin. “But these guys mean business.”

“She doesn’t kick one’s butt to a moon.” Loki said. “She’ll .  .  . kill them.”

“How do you kloo?”  John asks.

“Let’s say I was trying to get an ally from this mob boss.” Loki said, as the look on John’s face became full of ‘what were you thinking when you did that?’ reaction.  “And his foe kind of cornered Joy and called her ‘darling’ and ended up dead. He was really close by that point.”

We can tell John’s  slipping into his English speech with the strong Hispotarian accent.

“How did he kurlur her?”

“I was there.”


Even Hispotarians didn’t have an excellent IQ.

“Do some guess work.” Loki said. “I have two bounty hunters who’ll be helping, but, they need a flyer.”

“They need paper to do a job?” John asks.

“No.” Loki said. “They need someone in a robot suit that can shoot.” John is confused.  “I come to you because.  .  . You know how to fly a suit.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying.” John remarks, getting up from the chair.

“You told me you flew a Tony Stark Iron Man armor.” Loki explains to him. “And you’re good at it.”

“Nohei, it’s been years since I flew that old thing!” John exclaims. Nohei means Loki.  “I haven’t flown in anything like that ever since. I don’t think flying in a Chitauri spaceship is a good idea.”

“If you die; Rocket and Groot will return your body to Hispotar.” Loki said. “And all your friends or family know is that you died doing something right; such as saving a planet from losing its prized passion. They will celebrate your return. They won’t know the entire truth about it. No one will know; just you, me, Groot, and Rocket.”

“What if I come out alive?” John asks.

“Either way; it’s the same result.” Loki said.

“Others will cheer for me?” John said.

“Yes.” Loki said.

“When do we start?” John asks.

Loki has this mischievous look on his face.

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