Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


42. Prior to the Avengers: A Bargain

  "What do you mean she's not letting you in?" The Chitauri leader asks, in  a booming voice.

 "The mutt has locked us out." The wimpy Chitauri said, taking a step back. Let's call this Wimpy Chitauri; Howard Chitauri.

There is a unexcuseable silence between the two Chitauri.

"She's very  . . . . Underestimated." A slightly taller Chitauri said. Okay let's call this Chitauri; Bob Chitauri.

"When you were busy killing her?" The Chitauri leader said. We should call him Lazlow Chitauri.

"No." Bob Chitauri said as he received a unpleasant frown from Lazlow Chitauri.

"What can possibly make a mutt force the doors to lock." Lazlow Chitauri sarcastically said, taking a small Chitauri off a chair. "You," His voice barked at the one with frightened eyes.  "Get out. We don't take cowards at our posts."

The frightened Chitauri scurried up, and then proceedly was followed out by a couple Chitauri guards out the door.

One can assume the frightened Chitauri would not live for the remaining hours.

"Poor Charles," Bob Chitauri said, shaking his helmet.  "I knew he would not last a week aboard."

"I'm not a coward!" Howard Chitauri said.  "I'm just a wi--wiwmp for Demigods with a ton of power!"

A bunch of the Chitauri roll their eyes.

"I hear the Mischief god is coming." A scanner Chitauri said from the side.

Lazlow Chitauri hs a smile not seen usually on a typical ugly Pharaoh robotical creature.

"Thanos is going to be impressed he came to us rather than the way he foresaw it." Lazlow Chitauri said, with a cackle. "Get the Scepter ready. It must be ready when he departs this ship."

 Loki walks into the room; his face is clearly burnt. It's easy to guess Loki hadn't decided to heal himself from entering the portal to the Chitauri realm.Anger is present on his usually well kept, stoic iron-clad face. There were some Chitauri following him but they are sent flying back down the hallway. We see his boots picking up speed across the gray clean floor's that didn't compliment Loki's choice of attire. The high pitched, danger alarm is heard in the hallway.

"Hmph." A cranky, dusty old Chituari grumbles. "He's here."

The doors flew off their hinges followed by C--rc--c-raacck loud booming sound.

"You are late,"  Lazlow Chitauri said, in a chiding voice.  "Loki."

"Late?" Loki repeats. "I don't see how late coming to get Joy back matters that much."

Loki and Lazlow Chitauri exchange a heated conversation.This conversation is not suited for people who consider hearing conversations that are major and significant to a very important movie is considered spoilers. Perhaps that's what we consider the scene that is getting skipped through by an imaginary fast forward button.

“.  .  . In exchange.  .  ." Lazlow Chitauri reluctantly said the bargain of their discussion. "For your cooperation to rule earth, we give you back that mutt."

 “The mortal has a name.” Loki sharply corrects him.

Lazlow Chitauri grunts.

“Her name means nothing," Lazlow Chitauri argues. "Nothing but lies.”

Loki’s face transforms to a surprised face.

“Can you just let her go?” Loki asks, calmly.

Loki is more collected and emotionally hardened than the Chitauri; all the way to The Pentagon workers on Midgard. Loki is the prince of lying, god of trickery and mischief. His name may mean  destruction but certainly you cannot underestimate a mischievous god.Loki is not the biological son of Odin---as most people know in Joy's original Midgard--in all the nine realms and galaxies. But some people theorize Loki's mother is actually an Asgardian.

"Not a chance." Lazlow Chitauri said, as his men were behind him warily looking at the Noregian God.

 “I’m flattered you have acknowledged.  .  ." Loki points to himself. "A mortal as a bigger liar than me.”

Lazlow Chitarui did not stir.

 “She’s ours.” Lazlow Chitauri argues back. “She didn’t keep to her end of our deal.”

Loki waves his hand.

“I don’t think that is possible. ” Loki said, with a laugh. What kind of deal did she get herself into?  “You can never, ever make her property.” Loki shook his finger. This mortal suggested them; so maybe there's more to the story. She’s too lazy.” He earns a stare from the Chitauri. “She didn't get up to get a remote--A couple times--and used her telekinesis power."

Bob Chitauri grumbles about the power Joy currently contains.

"You cannot retrieve success out of her."  Loki continues. "Joy is not a slave."  His words easily intimidated a few cowardly Chitauri who noticeably stirred in the crowd. "She is not the type you can profit over.”

Lazlow Chitauri growls.

“We can torture her,” Lazlow Chitauri proposes. He watches Loki’s calm and collected demeanor change momentarily to 'you did what' reaction. “And then let her body rot in the sewers where it belongs.”

Loki uses his power to let a sharp object from the ceiling fall on Lazlow chitauri’s head.

“Sewers are disgusting.” Loki said, walking away from the groaning creature. He stops at the doorway.   He cocks his head ever so briefly, pausing in his place. Then he straightens his head to its proper position. Loki clears his throat. “Don’t talk about my colleague that way.”

Loki looks over his shoulder to see the other chitauri are helping the leader up.

“I expect to see her.  .  . alive,” Loki firmly said. “By the time I’ve done my end of the bargain.”

Loki walks out.

"I didn't say; alive." Lazlow Chitauri said, out of Loki's earshot. "Quick, I order you to kill her!"

Loki had left the room and he was walking down the hallway--towards wherever he got in the first place--to start his back up plans.

"You do realize she'll crush our skulls." Bob Chitauri reminds him.

".  . .We are not the most feared creatures in the galaxies because we have advanced torture machines!" Lazlow Chitauri snaps at them.  "Use the darts on the ratty-backstabbing mutt." Lazlow Chitauri reveals his sharp clear white fangs to his men. "She's overstayed her welcome far too long."

"Are we going to give him that Scepter?" Howard Chitauri said.

"Right." Lazlow Chitauri said, handing Howard Chitauri the Scepter.

"Me?" Howard Chitauri said.

"Yes, you." Lazlow Chitauri's stinking and unclean breath is seen in the almost cold room. "Give it to him."

Howard Chitauri ran after Loki to give it to him.

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