Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


32. Pranking New York City

. . .  August 13th, Saturday  .  .  .

 .  . . New York  . . .

“So you want to—what?” I ask, dumbfounded by Loki’s request. 

The God of Mischief leans back into the chair as though he owned it.Loki had specifically requested we met here two days ago. To be a little more specific: Loki called me to meet him at so place, at so time, on the 13th of August. My first priority is not to let the Chitauri get what they want from me, and, my second priority is using my power to prank a lot of people for fun.

 Or just use it to prank those who I do not like.

“See who does it better.”  Loki said. “To trick/prank the entire city of New York.”

If he was grasping for straws to chat with me then they were really too high.

“Are you high?” I ask, folding my arms on the table.

We were in New York City; not the one near Canada that’s ten hours away from Illinois.

“I’m above you, so yes.” Loki took my question to be a serious one.

Loki is high? 

“I didn’t know you took. . .” I look both ways, making other people were not paying attention. Sometimes you need to be careful when saying stuff, it’s required. “Drugs.”

Loki’s face told me he is figuring out what the word means.

“What’s that?” Loki asks.

I rub my forehead.

“Stuff that can help mortals or hinder them.” I said.  “We have a variety of side-effects such as bug vision when really on it, speech gets very silly—“ Loki’s eyebrows shot up. “No,I ain’t high.” I shook my hand back and forth. “And mortals do silly, silly stuff if they drink it.”

“Like what?” Loki asks.

“Order Pizza while being chased by a cop and then land into a trampoline that lands them on a pile of mattresses that cushion their landing.” I hypothetically said, getting a blank stare from Loki. I didn’t really want to explain the extremely bad effects, besides, kids shouldn’t do it. “It’s very possible.”

“I did that once!” A man in the other seat behind us said. “But .  .  . um . . . I was driving a motorcycle at that time.” He turns back into his seat and sulks down as a few people had their attention on him.

 I had made my point across to Loki; who I figure he reminds me strongly of Starscream with all his lies minus being a god and all. Loki wasn’t a giant robot; but half Asgrdian,half Jotunhiem. I made sure the right jacket was on the side of my chair. Loki is still figuring out what to say. He usually wanted to have the last word in everything.

 “I do not take that mortal product.” Loki finally  said.

I picked up my jacket.

“I will be getting a brilliant prank up , Lok.” I tell the Norse God, getting up from the chair.

“What does Lok mean?” Loki asks.

“Don’t play stupid with me; you know what it exactly means!” I snap my fingers.

Loki did not flinch, but simply tapped his fingers on the table. If my eyes were deceiving me and so was my ears then the entire world would be saying Loki doesn’t think about most things in life. I had to accept Loki didn’t think about his own name’s letters. Loki is being extremely patient to get a straight answer from me.

 “Jot down your name and see for yourself.” I finally said.

“If my             question will be answered, so be it.” Loki took out a pen from the coat pocket and moves the napkin below his right hand.

For a Norse god who’s met his actor, Loki sure doesn’t think a lot.

__                                       ____                                       ____

 . .  .On a New York City street.  .  . .

.  .  . Thirty minutes after Loki and Joy’s meeting . . .

Up to this point; I got money for everyone not picking it up by hand but using my what-ever-type-of-power superhero fans call it these days.The streets does not have a dollar, penny, or any shiny valued objects. How do I know this? My purse is full of it. Thanks to everyone being distracted; I collected one hundred sixty dollars and thirty-tree cents.

Loki is leaning on a corner down the street; patiently waiting to see my big ‘prank’ that will be set off.

“Ready,” I put in earbuds into my ears—attached to a MP3—and turned the music on. “Set, go.”

My focus went on their phones quickly dialing random but not specific numbers that lead to anywhere in the world. I also made one of the street lights pole move upwards pointing at the sky.Quite a few people on the other street stopped to see what happened to the pole into becoming this odd way. The song I’m listening to is no other than Unbreakable by fireflight.

I walk in through the swarm of people and let this huge prank begin for New York City.

“Hello?” That’s what everyone said.

Window shattered into pieces, flower pots fell from the ledges, and whatever was put on the rooftop started falling down.

“I’m unbreakable, and I win!” I cheer, snapping my fingers.

A grand piano fell behind me.

“I’m unbreakable.” I sing,following the lyrics walking away from the broken piano.

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