Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


48. Over-worried much?

.   .  . three days before Dark World events commence.  .  . 

  .  . Though Loki’s already been locked up, anyway. .  .

The year is 2013. If it couldn’t be very obvious when a twenty year old Joy walked down a hall with a machine gun like weapon connected to her arm then what would make this obvious? This hallway is dark, suspenseful, and echoed her footsteps. It was quite empty for a hallway in the middle of some old alien town.  Joy did enjoy her line of work; basically assassinating. For two years she’s been working as an Assassin—who requires any targets not on Earth—for fun. Joy’s name meant something else in this line of work: Silent, unseenable killer.

“Just another potentially dangerous leak.” Joy mutters to herself, going into a room.

She closes the door behind her. Then she takes out a datapad which she reread her latest target. This target is going to be a whistle-blower for a certain line of business and the employers didn’t want this to come out. Joy wiggles her nose at the far—far-fetched—business name outlined in light blue.

“That’s an odd name to give a business.” Joy remarks, putting on a strange device with binocular like lenses and a few buttons on the side.

Joy presses the ‘x-ray’ button that is distinctively light blue with a ‘x’ and a ray marking on it. To her perspective; we see a strange alien like man having dinner with three other individuals at a table. She sat down on a chair, puts a bag on a table, and then props her arm—with the attached similar machine-gun device-- on the dark bag. A brief memory of a weak and injured woman entered her mind muttering something along the lines of  ‘Irish Girl’.

“Ignore it.” Joy mumbled to herself as she aims the gun at the target.

All it takes is one click; besides, her target’s profile has revealed to her that he has; horns, big feature that stood out, and a sharp shoulder structure that would usually be associated to the grim reaper in his prime.The individuals in this room didn't have any of these features in the X-Ray vision.Joy clicked on the trigger using an index finger making her elbow jolt back a bit. Three small bullets flew through the wall then glide through several dark and aged material making quick permanent strike markings. One of the bullets hit straight at the target's heart, yet the other went through the ear part of the head.

The target's heart stopped beating in the X-Ray view.

"Mission accomplished." Joy reassured herself as the body fell over from the table in the room seen in X-ray vision.

The door fell down sharp and unexpected; it almost made Joy jump

From the corner of her eye; there were the sight of a beaming white-yellow and almost sparkly light. There were a group of weird men in golden  armor with dark capes attached to their chest plating; the golden men almost resembled romans except they looked so league of the extraordinary gentlemen movie-designed-craft-like. A memory of a flashlight briefly came across Joy's memory that it seemed real to her; whoever was holding had a very, extremely white hand that seemed to match a ghost.

it's only a fragment, Joy reassured herself, start shooting these golden globe men!

"Die." Joy said, with the hint of a hiss in her voice.

   One Asgardian warrior charged at Joy. Joy smacked the warrior’s face using her right elbow  then sent him flying out the door.Time to kick some butt, Joy thought, without a sound.

    Joy  presses a square button under the arm attached machine gun which reverted from it’s destructive format to a metal arm with sharp spikes standing out. Next came two charging Asgardian Warriors. Their speed was almost admirable but going up against Joy is probably not the most admirable move. Joy stretched out her right arm right in their way, and then, she smacked straight at their golden metal armored chest plating with unexpected strength that somehow sent the spikes through the Asgardian armor.

   Of course that unexpected powerful smack sent the men colliding against the right hand side of the wall.

   The first smacked Asgardian warrior came in with two others. She grabbed a small chair--small enough for a child to sit in--and hit them with it.We see her eyes glow a light purple right as Joy elbow-knocked their swords away.The looks on their faces were ‘what the?’ kind of expression. We see a very devious smile spread across Joy’s face. Without uttering a word; Joy sent the small group of Asgardian warriors out the door--with the parts belonging to a broken chair--and crashed the group outside the doors’ threshold.

     Sadly they were still alive.

 “There’s more where that came from.” Joy said, looking down to her spiky machine weapon. Her smile fades away into the most calm, serious, but quiet-like expressions. Joy is apparently admiring her second best weapon. “This is worth all the credits.”

 Asgardian warriors sent back to Asgard from the fight with Joy.The light had nearly blinded her eyes than anything else; if not, she had been unlucky not to be watching this from a big screen Her breathing is fast-paced, her heart is a'pounding,her arm--that has the attached machine gun--is drifting in steam and cooling down.

A pale almost sizzling and transparent man is beamed in. We can tell that this is Loki's double. Through Loki's eyes we can tell there is nothing left of the Joy he had known two years ago. All that was left was an empty walking shell that hid feelings deeper. Loki walks towards the frozen in place Joy; he could see his own reflection in Joy's eyes.

"Joy." Loki said. "I took your virginity."

Joy's eyes went wide.

"Oh shi--" Joy said, falling back over.

Joy lands on the floor with her head first.She is still breathing,her heart is beating normally, and her mouth is slightly open. It didn't take long for Loki's double to assume she had fainted. We see the pale sizzling double be beamed away. Shortly there after we see no other than Thor beamed to the front--doorless threshold--holding his hammer. We see his eyebrows shoot up.

"She's already out?" Thor scratches his head.

_____                       ______                                                  ____     

  .   .  . Asgard  .  . 

.    . .Still three days before The Dark World commences.   .  .       

“Like I said; Odin is worried about the alignment.” Frigga told Loki. She had been the one who requested Loki to make Joy compliant with coming to Asgard. So frankly Loki is questioning Frigga why Joy had to come. “It is said the true individual will be revealed; once the clone is near.”

This is taking place in Loki’s well furnitured cell with a bookcase,a table, a chair, a mirror, a bed, a carpet, and a square-bed stand near the bed. The metal was a real bright yellow it may have convinced a new comerr it was made of gold, though what covered these objects were a certain shade of green.To everyone else; Loki is reading a book on the bed--which is merely a trick--learning new magic. But really there’s a conversation going on between Loki and Frigga.

“Joy’s supposed to die because the terrible clone is near?” Loki said. “Why? .  .  .” It didn’t make sense. “Why is it so important she has to die during the alignment of the realms?”

“All stories come to an end.” Frigga said.  “And her story ends in Asgard.”

“Joy wouldn’t want to die in Asgard. “ Loki said.  “Survivors guilt is not really a fun companion when you are the only one who survived  missile strike and died somewhere you don’t belong.”

“Why are you so sure about this clone?” Frigga asks, concerned.

Loki takes a small split in half--and obviously burnt--device from his coat pocket. The design on the broken and burnt device made identifying it easy.Heck even Thor could have identified it if Loki had shown it to him, It was Joy’s laser blaster.

“Joy gave me this.” Loki said, and then noted over its condition. “Before it broke.”

Frigga’s face is easily to read in a state of shock while a ‘how?’ in her eyes.

“It broke weeks after she .  . . left.” Loki said.

“This was made by the light elves.” Frigga said. We can tell--just by the look in Loki’s eyes--Joy didn’t tell him about the circumstances how she got it.  “It was made to break when the owner had .  .  . become unworthy for it.”

“There has to be more to it.” Loki said.

“If it did, then I would have been told.” Frigga said, glancing at the broken weapon. Frigga turns her attention back to Loki. “Fixing her will not make it whole again.”

“It can convince Odin.” Loki said.

Frigga smiles.

“That she is broken?” Frigga said. “A wise Asgardian once told me ‘Being broken is not show and tell.’;The craft has served its purpose.”

“What purpose is that, mother?” Loki asks.

Frigga held her hands out, as though they were on a table.

“You should know.” Frigga said.

Loki puts his hand above Frigga’s hands, and puts his hands on hers. This makes Frigga's image disappear from Loki’s sight. In a minute she was gone. Loki looks down to the broken weapon.He reluctantly makes the broken weapon degrade,then shimmer away like threads and needles undoing their work. The golden yellow dust disappears like a fire’s last flickering flame right above the palm of Loki’s hand. The projection--which he had made to trick others that Frigga and he were not speaking--faded away.

.  . .  . Morning hours.  .  .  Asgard  .  . .

 . . . Two days before The Dark World Commences  .  . .

"Hello." Negative Joy said.

Loki looks up from a Asgardian magic book.

"Bye." Loki said, looking away from her.

"I know what you've been doing on her," Negative Joy said, and then she adds in a hateful whisper. "You traitor."

We see one of Loki's eyebrows rise up.

"I have no idea what you think I've been doing on her." Loki said,with a head shake.

"Yes," Negative Joy said, narrowing her eyes at Loki. "You do."

"You should go back to your deception and get yourself killed." Loki said, in a non-cooperative voice. The look in his eyes easily read his dislike towards her. "After all,you are the clone."

We see a evil smile  spread across Negative Joy's face that wouldn't be usual on Joy's face.

"You're very observant." Negative Joy noted. "Guess who'll kill the real Joy? Me, yes me, you traitor." She taps her fingers. "I'll arrange her death during the alignment and be scott free of being suspected to not be the real one."

"You're forgetting someone." Loki said.

"Who  would I be forgetting?" Negative Joy asks.

"Me." Loki said.

Negative Joy lightly laughs at him.

"You can't get to me." Negative Joy said, over-confident.

"I can." Loki said. "But I'm waiting for the moment; where you are alone and no one is around you.Think your disguise is undetectable? Think again." Loki snaps his fingers. "Your voice is too fine, your words--oh I cannot decide where to begin at--,You just made a table disappear with a tap. Put it back." He shook his head. "I cannot be the adult around here."

Negative Joy taps in thin air and made a table near the cell re-appear.

"Schenio used to be this cell." Negative Joy said. "He's a dark elf." Loki's eyes read 'Dark Elves are extinct'. "No, they survived in a spare ship. Bor, Odin's father, didn't see them all perish." Negative Joy added a crooked-unperfect laugh. "Thor's got quite a liking to the mortal man. Don't you think? I'll pay him a visit after today, just to see this hot bicep supermortal."

"Why are you here?" Loki asks.

"To tell you; I hope your friend remains that silent killer." Negative Joy said. "That means she is doubtful, and, I am not." She flashed  smile that only Joy would make.  "Don't I look so innocent?" Negative Joy earns a 'No' stinging glare from Loki. "Figures."

She turns away from the cell.

"Think you know what happened between Joy and Schenio?" Negative Joy asks, in a whisper. "Think again."

Loki despised her. He wanted to be the one who killed the terrible clone.

___                           ____

.  .  . In a Asgardian room.  .  .  .

  . .   . One day before the Dark World. .  .

“What’s your name?”

Joy’s eyes narrow.

“You know it.” Joy said, with a sneer.

“Not really.” Came the reply from an Asgardian. “But you can call me ‘Doc’.” Doc taps on his legs.  “What’s your name?”

“Willy Wonka.” Joy lied.

“I’m sorry.” Doc said.  “But that’s a males name.”

“You’ve seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?” Joy said, with a hopeful reply.

“I met him.” The Asgardian said.

“Did you know the first one was cool?” Joy asks, babbling off. “I mean like come on there’s more redo’s to this movie than Pokemon keeping up with a ten year old Ash Ketchum.” She waves her right hand in midair.  “Like seriously; is that kid ever going to grow up.”

“You’ve lost me.” Doc said.

The brightened happy look on Joy’s face went away and was replaced by that face she’s been hiding under for two years.

“You’ve closed the door.” Joy said, in a vague kind of manner. She leans back into the rounded red comfy seat making herself feel comfortable.  “You won’t be opening the door anytime soon.” She used a metaphor to substitute for her reluctance to talk. “At all.”

Doc taps his fingers together.

“You are avoiding the question.” Doc said, earning an eye roll from Joy.

“It’s Joy.” Joy then said a colorful word as a form of slang.

“Why were you assassinating mortals?” Doc asks

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Joy said with a confident reply.

“This is not an answer.” Doc said.  “Why do you need to take your mind off?”

Joy folds her arms, reluctant to tell this Asgardian who already had decided who she is and who is not.

“Because.”  Joy said, as she leans forward and puts her hands together cupped downwards towards the floor. “Because of you guys; I can’t face what did from 2011 to 2012. I can’t put pieces together.” Her hands went into fists.  “I get images and words.” Her voice somewhat becomes trembly-ey. “I don’t get complete memories.”

“Why?” Doc asks. “Just sum it up in one word.”

Joy’s eyes look dire and scared.

“Fear.”Joy said in a low voice as her hands became free.

Joy looks away from Doc making a comment about how much she hates Thor.

"Hold your hand out."  Doc said. Joy raises an eyebrow at him. "Do it."

Joy reluctedly holds her hand out.

"What kind of trick are you going to pull?" Joy asks.

Doc taps on it, then, Joy fell back on the chair like couch and looks as though she had fallen asleep.

"Just a favor from an old friend." Doc said, taking out a book and leans back into the more comfortable and cozy--much larger than the one Joy is in--couch.  "I'll take a good hour reading."

_____                                           ______                              _____

.  .  . Joy's mind.  .  . 

  .  .  . Loki has entered her mind, so yeah  . .  .  .

"She's redecorated." Loki said, observing the spiral stair case leading up.  "Better than it had been last time."

Loki goes up the flight of shiny silver-golden stairs that had a unique and friendly design to it.Previously the walk up to Joy's mind was going up a mountain path that had dirt, rocks, and creepy tree's looming from the sides in a depressing band. Eventually, when getting to the top, Loki  stops across from these huge closed doors that seemed dark gray with unusual designs.At least they were not bars like they had been for eleven months. It became apparent Joy had redone the entire passage up. 

"Why am I not surprised?" Loki said, sending a string of green magic to the locks.

The doors slowly open  before Loki. We see a 'woah' reaction on Loki's face. Loki steps on grass when entering the large area that didn't seem like a ball room at all. Previously it had been a ballroom ripped out of a magnificent movie made by midgardians.There were gigantic pom like tree's, a perfect blue lake over a rolling hill,and dinosaurs were there. Loki is close to a pom tree that had  wingless dragon creatures using their own necks to get leaves from it. 

Loki saw two velociraptor's having a terrible hissy fight with their clawed hands.

The sky is a fair blue.

"Impressive." Loki said with an amused but fascinated look. "Joy has brought them to life in her head."

He saw a mortal sized white door that somewhat had a door knob hanging on right across at a gigantic pom tree.Loki walks under the gigantic long necked dinosaurs that paid no attention to him and were so peaceful eating the tree leaves--which some people can call Tree stars--as though Asgardins were stroll by harmless creatures.Loki paid no attention to the long necks belly's  or their gigantic clawed stones structured against hard skin.

The warm summer air breezed past Loki and made him feel comfortable as he stood in front of the white door.

Why not?, Loki thought as he summons the door open.

One of the Velociraptor's had nudged his back hard. Loki made a slight wave in the air using his hand sending a large green flame behind him. This summoned a fifty foot tall dinosaur that had  duck like feet, a long neck, strong clawed forearms,a crocodile snout, a body structure similar to a walking dinosaur that stood on it's back feet, it sported a seven feet tall spiny sail, and hard rough skin. Well you can just say this is a prehistoric relative to the Crocodile; only dinosaur-lized.This is the Spinosaurus.The Spinosaurus revealed its sharp fearsome fangs to the velociraptors.

"Chase, boy." Loki said, snapping his fingers.

The big dinosaur chases after the velociraptors.

"Using her father as a disguise  Loki thought out loud. "Time to use a figure . . ."

Loki disguises himself as some character.

He goes in. There was thirteen year old Ivy sitting there on a bed; the room resembled much like he had seen last year in that accidental mis-location. Except there wasn't a laptop nor was a television set; but there was a white bookshelf that is empty. It didn't have any books lined up. Loki looks down to the floor in front of the bed covered with a towel. There was this disgusting stench coming from it. with a quick point at the towel and his magic; he made the mess become no more.

Heck even the towel is gone and instead is a clean floor.

"Hello?" Loki said.

Ivy looks up with fear and worry.

"You.  .  . " Ivy stumbled in her speech, her eyes wide.  "Should be dead."

Well, that wasn't what he had expected.

"Who do I look like to you?" Loki asks.

Ivy paused gaping at Loki's disguise with much admiration in her eyes.

"Lenny Briscoe." Ivy finally said.

Loki sat on the bed next to Icy. He hadn't seen this .  .  . scared state of Joy in a long time.Loki had gotten through months of work--while awkwardly using her father--and finally got the point she was actually showing herself.Previously for the past few months; Loki had been talking to a small red and green toy dinosaur that could speak.

"How did you get here, Lenny?" Ivy asks, with a apparent sign of fear in her voice.

"No idea." Loki said, rubbing his hands together. "But I've  heard  there's a girl hiding from reality."

Ivy gazes down to her hands.

"Not exactly hiding  . . ." Ivy replied in a low and un-audible voice as she taps her fingers together shyly. "More like avoiding."

"Avoiding people by hiding in your mind's safe room?" Loki asks, giving her a look that said 'Hiding isn't always the answer' towards the girl.

"Safe room . . .Gotta remember that." Ivy said, with a headshake. "It's  .  .  .Scary out there." She didn't smile telling this to Loki; that when it came clear she is being serious."I don't wanna feel the dire, excruciating, and damn hot pain and be given bad reminders of it." Her skin crawled, the room entirely--and creepy like--became slightly cold that it didn't bother Loki. "I don't want to feel that pain again. I can weather out scapes on my legs,paper cuts, and teasings .  .." Ivy wraps her arms around her legs. "But not this."

Teasings, that Joy did not mention.

Two years ago; Joy did make Loki promise he wouldn't try to interfer in the missle were hitting the state she lived in--when ever she's returned---and her death on Midgard.

"That never stopped you from living." Loki said. This is getting less and less selfish when putting a cure on Joy's heart to become catatonic and heal any wounds on it, Loki mentally noted to himself as he watches the look on Ivy's face change. This is,  whenever a form of death has been put on her.

“Thank you.” Ivy said, hugging Loki. She then pulls herself away from Loki. “You are the coolest detective on Earth.”

"What  if you were queen?" Loki randomly asks.

Ivy taps on her chin.

"Um.  .  .  I would be terrible at it." Ivy said.  "But, you would make a great king."

Loki smiles at her considerate reply. After all she was fairly nicer as a child than as a adult with these very unusual--and unheard of--problems. Loki gets up from the bed's corner which made a creak be heard.We can see a small collection of books re-appearing on the bookshelf. But there wasn't a computer laying around on the bed. If Loki left her there; Ivy wouldn't come out at all and instead would divulge into reading.                                     

"Take my hand." Loki said, holding his hand out for Ivy.

The look on Ivy's face read 'Why?'

"Great Kings show their respect to their people," Loki said. "Do they not?" He saw a twinkle in her eye, it seemed so minor but noticeable. "You don't need to come out alone."

"I've been dealing with things alone for a long time." Ivy mentions with a sigh. "About time I stopped being a lone wolf."  It became more apparent that she figured out things indepentently; without help. Ivy eyes at the razor sharp grass  "I don't.  . . want my socks to get stained with blood."

"It won't hurt." Loki said, ignoring the spiky sharp grass that had somehow became blades from behind the doors.  "Not as long as you look down." He looks down to her feet. Why is she wearing white socks?, Loki mentally thought at the strangeness. "You can always replace it."

Ivy takes Loki's hand as she gets up.

"Thank you." Ivy thanks Loki clutching his hand like there wasn't anything else to keep her occupied from a needle's intimidating tip.  "You are a real childhood superman." We can see a look of surprise on her face. "Wow, your skin is really gentle." Her surprised face turns into an amused one. "I love that. It's like fine linen only smoother."

As much as Loki hated to admit in front of mortals; she did have a special place as a friend in his heart.

"Flattering." Loki said.

The two walk through the doorway; right as the room somehow and very meticulously melted away beneath Ivy's feet. She seemed not to notice it. Yet Loki, the most observant one, noticed this strange degrading event like a curious inner child. His attention drifted away from the half-on door handle and towards the large scene with gigantic dinosaurs.The grass's razor sharp blades met with the strings of the sock then made small holes. We can see tears form at the edge of Ivy's eyes. She squeezed Loki's hand tightly almost hanging on for some support.

"Ow." Ivy whines. "Ow."

Since this is person, the character who has all the memories, it made retrieving the bad memories connected to the Chitauri getting her twice and torturing her much easier to extract. The grass blade's swifted across Loki's boots.He came to a stop under the gigantic sauropods. We can see fine light green visible flames that had a tint of purple fast forward into Loki's hand--that held Ivy's hand--quickly. He chose not to see these memories; but also took what she did after being rescued to the day before he told the truth.

The grass became harmless. Loki lets go of her hand.

"Look away." Loki  instructs Ivy.

"Kay." Ivy said, with a shrug as she turns away.

The Sauropod walks over the duo making a call to it's pack.

Loki selectively seals the memories--that are tied to the pain and to her capture with the Chitauri--starting off by the ones where the Chitauri get her for the second time.He had to leave Joy the moment where they jokingly and deceivingly made up a company called 'Joki'. With  a swish of Loki's hand we see a dark black and green door chained shut, complete with a lock that only he could open. Loki lowers his hand away from the door. The damage to Joy, the character who stuck her neck out for her friends, had been undone.

"Done." Loki said.

"Wee!" Ivy yell, riding a baby sauropod. "I'm riding a Long Neck. Weeee haaaww!"

Spinosaurus approaches Ivy.

Loki turns the Spinosaurus into a long necked dinosaur that walked on all four feet.

"Completely done." Loki said, letting his disguise as Lenny fade away. He walks out the doorway and disapeared from view.

Though Ivy was having a nice time riding a baby Sauropod.

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