Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


2. My Backpack contents

Heimdall walks me to the building where Odin presides in, I think that's the right word. I observe these new buzzling with life surroundings in the streets while walking through Asgard.The buildings look really magnificent that it would beat out newly developed buildings from modern day cities.People were dressed differently and it's best to say it reminded me of a castle with tall walls--except it didn't have very tall walls--reflecting a scene from a movie in the Lord of the Rings. 

"So pretty." I note.  "Man, The Alladin TV series almost nailed the browsing stations."

"Browsing stations?" Heimdall asks, looking at me strangely.

"Food market." I said.  "That's what most people call them. I call them browsing stations."

Heimdall probably didn't want to get into a long conversation why I call them that; why? Because he didn't reply. I remember many times that Jacob and Joseph were roleplaying that Joseph had to repeat a certain phrase, "For Asgaaaaaaaaard!". I ain't joking about this.Joseph had to repeat that when they were roleplaying some kind of war or battle. I understand why Joseph had to say it, now.

The huge doors open in a welcoming manner. But I had my fair share of some citizens glance at me oddly. Go figure for being  four foot eleven instead of five foot two. We walk through the long hallway that has a beautiful carpet with admirable colors. There were pillars dotting from the entrance nearly to the throne. On that throne is no other than Odin. We came to a stop across from him.

Pretty sure my mouth was open.

 "You came here, early." Odin said. Odin  looks exactly like his movie counterpart. 

No, not kidding.He has the black eyepatch which almost seems it's made out of some different kind of metal. Odin does have a white beard as well.Did the director of the movie get transported to Asgard? Perhaps it is coincidence Odin resembles his movie counterpart.

 "U-u-u-m--um," I stutter nervously, tapping my fingers together.   "I--is my realm getting inta world war 3?"

 Odin walks down from the throne.

"I've seen your kind develop," Odin said, shaking his head with a small laugh. Odin stops in front of me.  He is obviously holding something behind his back. "But that's not a surprise your realm gets into a war."

 I roll an eye.

 "Yeaaah,We're kind of predictable. I don't say 'kinda' anymore because that's a culture..." I get this strange eye from Odin. "Okay...I'm kind of a Whovian." I rub my feet together.  "When was I supposed to be here?"'

Oh yeah Heimdall is not here. No surprise.

 "You were supposed to be in 4 minutes." Odin said.

 I am a seventeen year old girl  and I'm taking this all in. I'm wearing a pink,purple, and white coat with  the inside of the warm, big hoody is fluffy-white. I'm wearing blue jeans, nicki shoes, a blue shirt with a light blue short sleeved shirt on top that has a giraffe wearing glasses. I was expected by a god. I was expected by a god. And I was early coming to Asgard.. Anyway, Odin made me touch this really sharp blade that ignited sparks. I swear I could feel something tingle inside my heart.The sparks were light blue...No wait, they were red! Actually, they were both red and blue with the  middle of it white.

"what kind of sword is--" I touch the Jewel shape object in the handle and the sword transformed into a pistol.Oooh lalala! "My own freaking lasah blastah!" I squealed  grabbing the pistol by my two hands. "This is the most awesomest thing in fangirl history!"--Well in my history; besides being betrayed a lot, accomplishing things, and getting a job-- "EVER!"

I look towards Odin.

 "Wait a second " I actually think about this situation a little clearly. "Why did ya give me this?"

Odin has this small smile.

"What it cannot provide in hand to hand combat, it makes up for it in firing." Odin tells me as he left out the good stuff.

   Seriously, why do the good guy's wise guy have to leave all the good and helpful information out? I mean, come on could it get any better than this?If I knew what I was supposed to be doing then I could be willy-nilly right now. Other than that really bugging, hard question...I should have wished harder that portal to be a space bridge. I should have done it harder!

  "So?" I ask.

  "I want you to meet my son." Odin said.

  I don't like Thor, the dude ya know. He doesn't appeal to me. So Odin had this dude, who reminded me of the scientist guy from 'Spy Kids The Land of Dreams', bring me to a room where Thor was training with...that alien-like woman who's got this unique forehead and nasal thing. I put the pistol in my backpack for safety (One would call it a bookbag, but whatever) Oh yes, I've used Anatomy terms in my Fan Fictions so I know the cervical is my neck! Nasal is...tap your nose. If ya happy and ya know it, tap ya nose!

  "What's your name again?" The man, who I don't know his name what so ever, asks.

 I pucker.

 "Yours?" I ask.

"Fandral." Fandral said. "Now tell me yours."

 He's not Irish,for yer information.

"Ivy Bell." I said, as Thor slid across the floor on some pretty neat shoes. "Who's she?"

"Siff." Fandral said.

 "I know someone named Sif." I began to tell him.  "On Ben 10 Fan Fic--..Nevermind."

   I  remembered what I promised myself. I would not tell about a site that may be down because of World War 3 that's probably obliterated the entire Northen United States. Or pretty much everywhere. Wait I'm wrong about the nasal-forehead thingy for Siff, scratch it off!  Fandral called out to Thor, pretty much ending the training session. Siff had some other business to attend to; other than meeting a short girl who'se speech is terrible. 

But man, Siff has curly hair as Bella Swan from Twilight, If ya seen some promotional posters for Twilight then ya may know what exactly I'm talking about.

 "Fandral, how did a mortal get to Asgard?" Thor asks.

Fandral gestures to me.

"The Bifrost got me early." I shrug. "Despite it being broken and all. I honestly do not know why it brought me here."

"Early? Fandral and Thor said at once, sharing a odd glance.

 I shrug, again.

"Yeeeep!" I said. "And ya pretty much stuck with me!" I point to myself with a bright smile. Yep I am the girl who finds excitement in things people would not find exciting. "The place I inhabited--uh-um--in the certain realm I lived in is um uh probably gone, wiped off the face of the Earth, oh yeah, because of missiles."

"What's inside that bag?" Thor asks.

  I  sat down on the floor; then unzipped my packpack, taking out;my agenda,my notebook,my hat,my pencil bag,my calculator,My black bag,my Pistol...and that was about it.

Oh wait I also have this sketch pad and this small book to write how the morning/afternoon went. I unzipped the first top of my backpack, took out two pairs of gloves; One pink and one black.Then I unzipped the second top of the bookbag, took out a bag of pens, took a blue pen out and unzipped the last pocket. I took out my unopened package of markers.

 "This is all I have." I said, in a low voice.

And that is quite literal.

"Coloring machines?" Thor asks.

"They are not machines." I said.  "Robots are machines, computers are machines, agriculture related vehicles are machines, but markers are not machines." Thor didn't seem convinced. "Would you be convinced if I applied a purple marker to your face?"

Fandral raises a brow at Thor.

"Would you?" Fandral asks.

"There is no way you're going to be applying this machine on me." Thor said.

About half an hour later when Thor was out napping; I colored his face completely purple minus those eyelids. Fandral, was asleep nearby,so I put some purple on his fingers then put into his hand. The edge of his palm was colored purple just to make it more convincing. I washed my hands off using some water and made sure there wasn't any evidence left.

"Is this a diary?" Siff asks,randomly flipping through my notebook.

"It's my drawing notebook." I said. "But I ain't gonna be drawing on it."

Siff raises an eyebrow.

"Why?" Siff asks, closing the notebook.

"You see, if I return home, for whatever reason." I said. "And there is new drawings on my notebook that gets found by some people. These people will go through and look at the artwork then they will see pictures of characters who do not exist." I put my MP4 into the net pocket of my backpack. "They will be puzzled because it looks so real."

"So?" Siff asks.

"Oh boy." I said while rubbing my forehead.  "Ya see,it will get leaked out, and then people will start thinking that not only UFO's exist but so do Gods." I wave my hand back and forth in mid air."They will go mad scientisty like to discover how these extremely realistic pictures landed on there."

"And how can you be so sure?" Siff asks.

"There is this guy who made a manuscript made in the medieval times with images that matches universes that were discovered much later in history." I explain, folding my pink and white coat properly.  "Humans poke around, they search for answers, and they will meddle with magic."

"Mortals cannot do magic." Siff said.

I laugh at her reply.

"Magic is real." I said.  "And so are you."

"I suppose someone from Asgard taught one of them." Siff said in a low voice.

I knew who Siff was referring to.Because there is only one dude in this realm who is presumed dead.

"Fandral!" Thor yells. "Why did you color my face this hideous color!"

Well...I can tell this is gonna become one, epic and long adventure full with twists and turns. Also that I am going to love this!

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