Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


33. Loki, did you just--what dah heck?

Loki tricks a couple into doing something so funny, and he is enjoying seeing them in misery. At least that’s what I understood from Loki.This couple happen to be from some country that possibly might be china. Well, to be fair I thought my prank would probably be the best but let’s face it: I’m competing against a Norse God. I’m probably going to lose this case. We’re in a store that happens to be designed like a restaurant. . . For the past five minutes, Loki’s been changing disguises every the waitress comes to take his order. “Mr.Koz-well.” The Waitress is holding a notepad. She’s got her eyes fixed on it. “What’s your order?” Loki’s disguise is that of the man from the unfamiliar couple. “Excuse me?” Loki is speaking in chinese. “My name isn’t Koz-well.” The Waitress looks away from her notepad, and shifts her attention towards the God of Mischief. “Bu—but . . .” The Waitress stutters, as though the words couldn’t get out. “Mr.Koz-well was there.” "Classy." I said, using my two of fingers to keep the straw in place. “So were—hiccup--Arnold Baughtedub, Lewis Hekic, Hannaha Plaughtigan, Alice—hiccup--Whenfree, Red Withall, and Charlice Laughtiff.” The Waitress looks at me, right when Loki changed his disguise again. But this time it was him in his Midgardian attire. This is not part of the trick; trust me. Messing with the Waitress is for fun. Loki may not know what are the common names found on Midgard, however, he sure does make up un-imaginable names. “Am I losing my mind?” The Waitress asks, with concern in her voice. I hiccupped, again. “Probably.” Loki said. My plate is empty. “My suggestion; Bacon and sunny-side up eggs are what my friend—hiccup-- want.” I said, holding up my index finger. “Just one.” I bend my finger up and down. “I’ll pay for—hiccup-- it, with cash.” The Waitress shook her head saying something about ‘you need a glass of water’ while scribbling on the notepad. “I’ll have green Ice cream for the side.” Loki adds. In one, two, three . . . . .The Waitress seemed scared—at first—to look directly at Loki. Her fear is really obvious even for a FBI agent profiling a serial killer in a small city.The Waitress fought back her fear in her mid-pause deciding whether or not to look. The Waitress sighs, in a way that made me think she’s chiding herself ‘it’s only my imagination’. I saw the waitress freeze once she made contact with Loki. Other customers were not paying attention. “I need a paid vacation.” The Waitress finally said after an minute The waitress turns away, and then heads the other direction. “So . . .” I tap lightly on the table. “Tiene.” “Sounds femiler.” Loki said. Did I just really say Tiene? I felt somewhat different for a moment there. It was like these feelings were passed on from the Waitress—no that’s the words of a mad-man, I’m not losing my mind!—in some bazaar fashion rub my eyes, pinch my skin, and drink some water. Tiene, the word repeated itself in my mind. “I didn’t just say that,” I mutter to myself, hoping it was a vivid day dream. “That’s crazy.” “Crazy thing is when mortals think they are immortal.” Loki adds. I sigh, hoping the next word out of my mouth is not Tiene. “What else are you—hiccup-- going to do with the couple?” I must admit; on April 28th, 2014, it was supposed to storm that day. I pretty much had a blonde moment back there at the bench holding a dark, small MP3 player with ear buds. I don’t have it in my possessions. But what I do know is that the device is still at Asgard in my backpack. Loki waves a finger. "Just wait for it." Loki said, and his eyes green lagoon eyes brightened. Outside the restaurant I saw a clone of Loki appear right behind the closed door. Loki’s copy went to the couple. I put the straw back into my mouth. In the cup is chocolate milk with cookie dough floating inside. Sometimes people may not understand how you can put cookie dough into a drink that doesn’t fall straight to the bottom as expected. Often time’s logic should not be applied whenever The Marvel universe is real. Yes, hiccupping while drinking through a straw is a thing. _______________ ______________________ _______ . . .Outside the building . . . The couple who were not familiar to the United States is seen knocking on a door to some store. We see Loki’s copy go towards them—luckily he didn’t get hit by oncoming traffic—looking casual as he could be. There weren’t much people on the street. Some windows are shattered mostly by ‘unknown causes’ that happened earlier today. Most people are not using their phones—because the phones are in their pockets—while walking up or down the street. “The store is closed until a bomb goes off in thirty minutes.” Loki casually said in chinese. The two—most likely tourists---unfamiliar people look over their shoulders. They have rings on their wedding fingers and appear to be in their late forties, and quite short for their age. It’s easy to observe they are married. The Chinese man has a big backpack filled with unusual objects while his wife is carrying one bag and a pink hat. “What?” The Chinese man said, as his face instantly became concerned and startled. They don’t speak English but we are somewhat entering an unexplainable thing. He did not seem bothered by the weight this backpack is putting on. “Bambi?” The Chinese woman said, blinking. The Chinese man looks to his wife. “Honey, he said bomb not Bambi.” The Chinese man told her. The Chinese woman’s face became horrified. “The bomb is at the local news station down the street, turn left, and then right.” Loki continues on. “I’ve heard from a credible source.” To them, the couple understood his reply as “The news reporters for ‘Berry’ news station are behind it, go to a clock store and tell them about it.” Loki’s Chinese is a bit rusty since he hasn’t really used it a lot. The couple goes the other direction leaving Loki stuck there thinking what he may have gone wrong on his trick. . . . . Back to the restaurant. . . . . . Fifteen minutes pass . . . The Waitress and the other customers were staring at the television set watching two Chinese tourists making themselves look ridiculous and absurd. We can hear Joy’s lone distinctive hicc-cup break the eerie silence when the Chinese couple is claiming there’s a conspiracy between the giant news stations reporters and their bosses to blow up one of their own for a fortune. "I did better." Joy said, without hiccupping. "I did it better then you,little mortal." Loki said. "I did not use what machines Midgard has to offer." Joy sigh, and then she hiccups. “If I turned into Godzilla then perhaps you would be impressed.” Joy sarcastically said. Loki, the god of mischief, could not tell whether or not Joy is lying. “Can you?” Loki asks, raising one of his wiggly eyebrows. Joy slaps her forehead, shaking it back and forth. “No.” Joy said, as she is disappointed by Loki. “No.” “I wonder why those two are making a fool of themselves.” The Waitress said. “Sad to see these days people want their five minutes of instant fame . . .” Loki snaps his finger, making a copy of his appear right across from the Chinese couple. The Waitress froze whilst dropping the coffee pot that spilled its contents on the floor around her. Joy folds her clean napkin into the shape of a little flag then waves it back and forth. “I surrender.” Joy said, no longer hiccupping. “Of course.” Loki said, making his copy become a background civilian. “I am the prince of Asgard, and much more victorious.” More like the prince of seduction in Fan Fiction.
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