Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


7. Lasah Blastah

One of these days I am going to get outta here and get ungrounded, either way. One of them may come first before the other but to me this is the most directly  accurate fact. What if the world never existed with extremists out there who say,  "Love is limited"? Well, Earth would be in a fine and dandy economy. Love is not really limited. Marriage isn't just between a man and a woman; it's between those who are in love.

 Doesn't matter their race, gender, or color.

Or where they may come from: let it be realms, planets, and universes.

Anyway; back to the story in hand; Odin and I were having this conversation about Asgard. The history is rich and interesting like Atlantis. Frigga and everyone else was busy doing something.So far I've heard they are preparing a party, or, getting a skunk and a horse with a water-hose to do something really fishy.I can't decide if that is realistic.

 "Joy," Odin starts saying. "Do you know.  .  ."

"How many fingers I have, yep." I sarcastically said.

Odin rubs his forehead.

"No." Odin shook his head, briefly sliding his hand down the spear-staff like weapon.Jee, sometimes he starts our conversations with  'Did you know.  .  .' or 'Joy, that isn't. .  .'.  Sometimes I get the urge to interrupt him when he says that.  "Do you have a name for your blade?"

I raise eyebrows at this odd question.

" I don't understand how weapons can have names."  I said.

"Since the beginning of time;" Odin continues. To be honest, Odin sounds as though he's making a Mufasa speech.  .  . If ya get what I am saying, that is. "There's been weapons given names,"  He looks down towards his weapon. "Especially when they carry great power .  .  ."

 "Comes with great responsibility." I finish for him. "Spider man, 1st movie," I do a air pump. "Peter Parker's grand-father made that awesome quote."

Odin didn't seem to bother asking what I meant.

Nor did he seem interested about Peter Parker's story.

"The default name is 'blade'," Odin explains to me.  "But its small enough to a knife."

Yet it's got the definite structure of a sword, go figure.

 ".  .  . Uh.  .  .How do I name it?" I ask.

Thor and his friends were in a battle  in some other realm I am not familiar to; war had broken out from Loki's unpreceded action that lead to the destruction of the Bifrost. It's almost as though that chaos chose to erupt right then and there.They were using a different conventional way of getting to realms with Heimdall. Fandral wouldn't tell me at all how they were going from realm to realm. Everyone in Asgard knows I cannot leave until the Bifrost is rebuilt.

And so Odin says,  "I want you to meet a good friend of mine.  .  ."

 _______________               _________________________                   ______________________

       An Asgardian volunteered to  help me.

  This Asgardian has a really strange name. That name is no other than. .  . Duetei. See what I am saying? His name sounds like 'due today' and 'do tell'. He does look nice for his age. Anyway Duetei brought me to a location that involves  some concrete blocks, a field that looks right for a Pokémon battle to take place at, no walls were around the area, and there were  some stairs that were very wibbly wobbly shaped. I admit.  .  .  I did look down the stairs. So it was to Duetei's horror that he had to bring me down.

 ".  .  .Do you not eat chicken?" Duetei asks, as he puts me down.

 Duetei is.  .  . really strong.

And he does not make sense to me.

 "I'm a very picky eater." I said. "I'm so light that you.  .  .Wait.  .  . I'm not light." 

 I recall a friend trying to pick me up and was unable to do so.  I may look small but I'm not an easy person to pick up.  .  . wait, maybe that's changed.  .  . Since I kind of living in a brand new body since taking the pistol. No just cross that out because  I've become a completely different person! Not a mortal  anymore,  ya see  .  . Now as a  Asgardian.

 Hopefully no one  refers to me as a 'Mortal'.

"How tall do I look?" I ask.

Duetei raises his barely missing eyebrows.

"Height." I repeat. "Five foot, six--.  ."  Duetei's face easily changes to a clueless one.  I rub my forehead, and decide to ask in the comparing kind of way.  "Do I look  tall as Sif or Frigga?"

"Sif." Duetei said, taking his weapon out. "Let's begin practice. "

 Oh goody! I'm a tall person; Wooohoooo! go me, go me, go me you got the booty, oh yeah!

"Ya are on." I said, taking my blade out from its carrier.

Duetei attacks first, and well, I flip him over instead of using the  blade.

"Jackie Chan fan reflex. " I shrug.

Ya know, that was just a 'moment of inner body strength' that I used. I'm not that strong,seesh.

"That would be useful.  .  . without a weapon," Duetei notes, stand right up.  "But this calls for using your blade."

 So we did it again; this time without flipping him over.

Our blades sizzled kind of like light sabers except they are not too loud. They are not made of energy as midgardians may believe. They are like swords from our world just a little different from Midgardians. My blade is sizzled in blue energy while the middle is in a lighter blue tone. It's simply amazing how Asgardian metal could change when striking each other. I try taking a jab at Duetei  however, he deflected my blade before it could hit. Surprisingly my blade was strangely getting a bit longer at each strike.

I learned awhile ago that Midgard means Earth.

 Duetei had a hand behind his back while we were doing this little sword fight practice.

"How are ya doing that?"  I ask,  missing him again.

Duetei holds his blade up (His blade is a little bit longer than mine) instead of forwards.

"Practice makes perfect." Duetei said.

I've seen 238 deer in my entire life, and yes, I have counted.

"Well then.  .  ." I stared, but Duetei went over to the  bushes and took a strange man out.

Actually, I dunno what this individual is because there were three bumps on  his cheeks. His eyes look different from any species I ever seen from anywhere. His face looks so rough like rock it couldn't be a nice brain storm to decide what he is. The question of what he is.  .  . is like the mystery that might not get solved if I don't stop dabbling here. He has these strange markings on his forehead.  This dude looks pretty startled as Duetei almost towers over him.

"Why are you here?" Duetei asks, after he dropped the man.

"I-u-u-u-i-i-i- do not know." The strange man said.

"Yes, you do!" Duetei's eyes flare. "State your name and realm."

"He's just scared," I  reason over this strange dude.  "Ya shouldn't treat new people like they are threats. Not everyone is a bad guy right when they first come into the.  .  ."

Duetei's eyes had became daggers instead of the prepared and role-model kind of ones.

"Schenio." The dude, Schenio, said. "I come f-f-from Scartalfheim."

Duetei takes a step back.

"Joy.  .  . " Duetei said, taking another step back. "Step away from  him."

I look at him, strangely.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because.  .   ." Duetei just said that in a  way that I don't like. "Schenio is a dark elf."  Duetei's voice didn't sound light. The word 'dark elf' sounded heavy and deep.  It has the marks of all serious tales combed into one word.

Suddenly, I was kicked forward which made me let go of the blade's handle, then  landed face-first into the dirtt

"So easy to trick mortals." Schenio said.

Did he just freaking call me 'Mortal'?

"Did ya.   .   ." I  pull my head out of the dirt. "Just call me. . .MORTAL?"

Schenio is holding my blade.

 "Yes."  Schenio said.

This is worse than Scar getting killed by the hyenas and  only starting the movie  Thor by the Bifrost scene where Odin is scholding Thor for going to Jotuneim and banishes him shortly there after. The first face that I saw clearly was Loki's.  Then I saw Thors, and next was Odin. Or it was odin before Thor, I can't be sure. .  . But Loki was definitely the first face I saw.

"Gimme.  .  ."  My right hand takes on the form of a grip. "Dat Lasah Blastah."

Try saying that in Transformers Animated Waspinator's voice.

"Don't provoke him--" Duetei warns me.

I  didn't look over my shoulder.

"He just provoked his own hell. " I said, as Schenio takes a a step forward.

It's a good assumption he's not scared to attack a woman like me.Schenio does not know who he is dealing with right now. I can be worse than anyone he knows, in.  .  . well.  .  . words. I never get mad, and when I do. .  . It's like the world is ending.  However being in Asgard and in different realms my fury could change. I'm a totally different person right now, anything is possible.

Duetei didn't say a thing, but I can hear him take a step back.

I lunge at  Schenio, and well.  .  . I go very wild on him. I scratch at his freaking ugly, rocky face that is so alien I am not kidding. True to my word; I don't usually get into fights but he just called me a mother trucking 'mortal'. Why am I using mother trucking? I want  ya to back up and look at the slagging mirror, then scream because you are a shaggy dog. Anyways, I yank Schenio's shark tooth like weapon from his pocket.  I stab into his shoulder, but he throws me off into a bush.

"You fight like a child."  Shcneio sharply criticizes me.  He takes the shark tooth out of his shoulder.  Why the slag is Duetei doing nothing? "What kind of Asgardian can see potential in a Demigod?"'

I hate dark elves.

"Lasah Blastah!" I shout.

The  blade flew from his hand and landed in mine.

"Lasah Blastah." I repeat, like an overly obsessed fangirl.

Well there are people out there who are like that.

"Face my wrath!" I use my lasah blastah to cut off his left hand and kick him straight at the chest.

Duetei takes me away from the yowling dark elf as I kicked my legs.

 "I want to kill that mother trucker!" I screech, as Schenio is wibblly-wobbly.

"You will not do it." Duetei threw something at him.

Schenio is surrounded in a cage like object.

"I will not let you go until you've settled." Duetei said.

"Cage that trucker like the animal he is!" I screech as Schenio is covering what remained of his left hand.

Duetei takes my weapon and lets it become it's default mode; Laser Blaster.

____________________               ____________________                _________________

      It was a freezing and bitter blizzard; the winds howl blended in quite well with the heavy snow going in different directions. They did not go in one direction; they went in several. What I didn't expect is seeing myself leaning against a dark figure while trudging through this storm. A winter storm of the sorts. I can not tell who this dark  figure is, nor what this is. If anyone decided to look closer then they could tell I am really content despite there being in a freezing climate. Most people could be puzzled about this even.  .   .

"Are you cold?" The dark figure asks.

"Naaaah." I said with a slight shrug.  "Just chilling."

"It's freezing cold, mortal," The dark figure said. "You should equip yourself with a coat of armor--no.  .  ." The voice sounded so disoriented to my ears that it wasn't so easy to tell who it is. But this dark figure took the time to think about what he had to say.   "A coat of heat."

I could feel my eyes becoming extremely heavy.

"Are you insane?" I ask.

"Quite so." The dark figure said.

We continue the long, freezing walk.

"Are we there yet?" I question the dark figure, again.

"Asking every four minutes (to the dot) isn't helping mortal."  The Dark figure said. "And whatever you do.  .  ."

"Don't sing 'Never ever getting back together'." I interrupt him.

He may have sent me a glare. If my view had high definition perspective then I would have been able to see who this is; it's almost as though I wasn't wearing glasses-oh slag. . . I am not wearing glasses! I'm so screwed; I cannot see letters, objects, or people. Wait a second right there!  I can see the blizzard, what the slag is goin' on?

"No, mortal." He denies. "I was going to say: don't fall on my coat."

 Then, I fell into the snow  (Missing the big coat by a foot).

 I sat upright, sweating.

"Ivs.  .  ." I clear my throat. There was of course sweat dripping down my face  as though this was a heated nightmare. No wait.  .  . It was like I had been in the sun for too long in Florida. "It was only just a dream. It's not real." I rub my face.

 But why am I having a dream like this?

""The weather could be from the  Jotunheim realm and  .  .  . that I saw Thor recently." I tell myself. Well that could a really good assumption only that I experienced the climate. "But how could ya experience the weather?" I rub my head. "And who was that dark figure? Well maybe the faceplant came from today."

I tap on my chin.

By my memory there wasn't any dark figures behind us on the way to the Space Turtle. "Mentioning Loki is just making this harder to decipher--I'mma freaking Gemini!" I threw my hands up into the air. . "Fate, you are an idiot throwing out this.  .  .scrapping event!"

I really hope that was a dream. I really don't want to fall in the snow face first.

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