Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


3. Joy,the god of pranks

I'm not buying into what Fandral's been telling me about Loki being 'dead'. Ever since I came, it's strange to be in a fictional setting. I never pictured myself walking among gods. Gods who were legends and myth at once, even on Earth. Some people don't know about Norse Gods. Gods I say! I met Frigga, who I asked to teach me some moves (which she accepted, very fast). Turns out ya can use yer elbow to do some quick, efficient punching.

   Because, hey I watched the end credit scene to Thor. And Loki is not dead, but, I prefer not giving out spoilers. I only tell Fandral that  "I got a gut feeling." Also to give ya a really good...idea what my words mean: Ya means you. Yer means your. I learned this researching Irish accents and asked people if my voice sounded like it had an accent.

  "Won god-dog won!" I shout, wooting for Spike the Dog.

Sif and I  had been arguring what dog is the fastest at racing; Spike and Cyle.

 "He hasn't won, yet." Sif said.

 We were sitting on bridge.

 "...I said run,not won." I said, with a laugh slapping my knee.. I look at her in a funny way. "Ya really funny, ya know that?"

   Sif and I have this slowly developing friendship.

  "No, you are a strange one." Sif said, truthfully.

  "I'm the crazy chick." I said, as Spike fell into a swamp. He jumps right out (He's bouncy, and really energetic) the dirty swamp. This swamp is not really what people on earth can picture, it's pretty much different. Just imagine... "And a legend in some fandoms..."

  I made two seasons in one month for a Fanon series called Cassie 12: Original Series. Search it up for yerself on Ben 10 Fan Fiction. I also did things  people would be scared of doing but I kept my cool and went head on straight into it like a three-horn. I guess ya should have seen The Land Before Time to understand what I am saying...right? So a few days I was there was like a enchanted and immortal vacation resort where attack is almost like myth. Well, not everyone is invisible.

  So one day...I woke up...feeling a bit different.

 I trudged to the mirror.

 Lo and behold, I saw a different woman in my place.

"What dah--" I took a step back and so did she.

 Oh scrap,  it's me.

"...I look like a freaking Victorian model!"

  I couldn't believe it; I had new and different qualities about myself; like three dark markings under my eyes.  I still had the bangs that was shifting to the side, except: my hair is longer and it's also curly. It’s also really, really shiny. I don't look so stocky anymore (Hence the Victorian Model comparison).My eyes are still hazel. Could there be a chance my fingernails might be long?

 I look down to my fingernails.

Phew, they are still relatively the same size.

I look at my teeth; Woah, my teeth are really, perfectly white. No damage, not one cavity or a missing tooth. I use to have a cavity in my front tooth but it was above from eyesight, all I had to do was pull up my lip and lala ya can see it! The first 24 hours it hurt bad, and well...I did something Eleven had done at Lake Silenco; I faced my fear using the toothbrush. And brushed really, really hard. I don't have a tail: that's a good thing.

Or maybe, looking like a unique feline individual with a monkey tail wouldn't be so bad after all...

______                                ________________                                 ___________________

 Fandral is trying not to laugh. Thor and he were having the luxury to relax and sit around, while the kingdom was safe and sound (At the moment). Until I  had come in, they were having a conversation that I do not understand. Frigga is still...sad over the loss of Loki, she didn't need to admit It. I just knew it by her silence lately. Anyway, I came in to the lounge room in Asgardian clothing that a woman in this realm would wear. Sif had helped me pick out appropriate Asgardian clothing.

 "Who...?" Thor asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Don't act 'I don't know ya' on me, Mr-I-break-cofffee-cups." I said, shooting a warning glare to Thor.  Ya know that's the right words to make a god become more aware. Note to self: do this often.

Thor's jaw drops.

Fandral laughs, and laughs.

"Spit it out." I said, pointing a finger at him."And see where it gets ya from not telling."

"...Ivy..." Fandral said, after he got some air. "Who gave you that blade?"

"Odin." I said.

Thor and Fandral are both smiling.

"Guys, ya creeping me out!" I said.

Thor shook his head.

"You are not mortal." Thor said,looking up to me. "You are im-mortal."

Wait what.  Did he just really say that?


"My Dad might be confusing to understand..." Thor said. "But you, he gave you a god weapon, and chose you as its wielder." He points at the pistol I have in my thigh's holster.

    "When you first touched it; it awakened the potential, the strength, and.  .  .” Thor was doing his word choice pretty well. “Inplanted what we call 'Asgardian' powers inside of you. .  ." Thor stops in midsentence. "No, hold up.” He holds up his hand making an unnecessary pause. “That's what Fandral likes to say."

Fandral is rubbing his chin, looking so smug.

"...So  I was chosen?" I said, still in some shock.

Thor shrugs.

 "As your kind says; basically." Thor tells me.

I let it sink in...let it sink in...wait for it...let it sink in...

"I'm a god?"  I repeated, and then pace back and forth.

"Yes." Thor and Fandral repeat at once.

"This. .  .is.  .   .insane."   I slid fingers through my tangled hair almost like it's a mop, when really it is not. I just have really thick, dark brown hair. Mom  used the brush on it so much that I cut it myself! And boy I was proud of it, because I wouldn't be standing there as she combed it (Which hurt, to be honest).

 Thor and Fandral wanted to see what kind of Powers I had, so they did a series of tests on me; try to control water ended up a fail, trying to shoot an arrow ended up worse (I didn't hit the apple), I couldn't use a hammer without hitting my own foot (Later turned out I was better at shooting and hand to hand combat using a blade), and best of all I was able to not smile when telling a lie. Fandral was wiping off tears by the time we were about to get on the lying game.

 "Do you know what a norse god is?" Thor asks.

 Uh no.

"Yes." I lied.

Since when did I get  degree in lying?

"Do you know about Loki?"

Okay, this should be very easy!

"Um, nope."

...Ivy, since when do you lie?  Oh wait. I just got the best, fantastic prank ever idea in mah head!

"Do you know how to fire a pistol?"

Um. no I don't.

"Yes, I do." I said, being full confident.

  I wasn't even smiling at this point! Do ya know how big that is? I don't have ta smile when lying anymore!  Guess who forgives fate? Yes, it is no other than me!

  "And by the way; you left some coffee  behind on the counter, and, ya spilled it." I said, tapping on my legs. I watch Thor's eyes become wider and wider. I could picture the scene, forcing the cup to fall right over from the counter, let a bannanna peel fall off from an arm chair, and somehow..I was seeing this. I can't believe it's...crazzzzy.

  But still, this is priceless.

"Plus, you dropped that bananna peel." I add.  "And guess who's gonna slip on it."

 Through an eagle eye's view, I could see some-one heading towards the lounging room.

 "...I'll be right back." Thor said, followed by him leaving like a small-fast bird.

I assume that being on Earth  has changed Thor for the better, so, he cares about the little things more than ever, I think. I may be wrong. But that's just my take on his change since arriving to Earth and then leaving it. Also that he left behind Jane, a woman who is like the entire scooby doo gang put together, and fell in love with. He was, at first, a jerk and a really spoiled god. Thor still does not appeal to me. No way hoozay!

 "Are you sure about not knowing Loki?" Fandral asks, wiping off tears from his eyes.

 I look at him, slightly confused what he means.

 "I mean, come on." Fandral said, and then he begins to point out things I did not consider.  "You did a classic trick on him." Good point, heroic guy with knowledge on girls. "Loki would have called you on it and...." He pauses, thinking back on Loki (Probably since he's known him for a while). "Then would proceed telling you  how to do a better one on Thor."

 Fandral shook his head.

 But seriously? What does fate see in me to become a... I don't want to say it. I don't want to say it. I don't want to say that 'The universe is making a replacement' for something that is not lost. The universe knows  the lost object is not lost, but still out there. Sometimes, fate can decide on one moment to pick up a human. to become  extraordinary. But still, the universe is being a big idiot.

"Thor falls for it all the time...But." He shook his index finger. "But, that...was good, actually."

I laugh.

 "I do know about him," I admit. Yeah that's Loki for ya...I think.  I'm unsure about most things on Asgard and...everything.  "But the Norse god things...Nope." I shook my head, as well as my hands in different directions (I am sitting in a chair, for your information).  "I have no idea whatsoever I'm getting into."

I shrug, leaning the  chair back on the wall and lowered my arms.

 "And the thing is...Don't tell Thor, but I did make that mess using whateverpowers I got."

 _____________              ____________________                 ______________--

 Later that day, Odin summoned me to have a little chit-chat.

 "Do you have a name preference?" Odin asks, in the middle of our conversation.

 I look at him, raising an eyebrow at him.

 "Um...Call me Speedy," I tell him, in the most calm and stoic voice (That I could ever muster). Man, that was hard to do! I wonder how my characters ever felt doing that when it was necessary...Oh wait, I never did write what they felt when they did stoic talking. "I do lots of things...very fast."

 Odin shook his head, with a slight laugh that most people don't expect to hear from him...usually.

 "Not by your Midgardian name." Odin said.

 "Midgardian?" I repeat.

"It's where your kind lives; Midgard." and then he processed to make it astonishingly clear what question he's asking. He waves his fingers in a circle.  "I mean, your Asgardian name..."

Oh boy.

 "Joy." I said, with my hands behind my back.

In Pokemon; there's practically a lot of woman named Joy, I mean it. Oh and there was this Silent in Doctor Who that killed a woman named Joy on the Impossible Astronaut episode have a good sense of humor at least in my view. Also that Joy represents happiness and satisfaction.

 "Joy, the god of Pranks?" He asks.

 Snap, he figured out I  pranked Thor. Grrr...Wait a second!

He just said 'Pranks'.

 "Yes." I said, almost realizing at that exact time there's something wrong.

I wasn't expecting this. .  . .nor did I want this.  .  .

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