Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


16. I keep finding Loki, like seriously?


      "I'm pretty sure no one wants to be thrown into a dangerous universe even if it has their favorite Show, movie, or books. Sometimes they do want to. But for awful things that come ahead. .  . They never asked for it.Nor did I want this complicated and tragic life." -Quote of the chapter.

  Okay; picture a  concert at night. There is lights that help ya see there is a huge crowd.It is technically the best setting to put this in when ya wanna pull of a sweet, rock out song.The sun had recently set. There's a big curtain that's up preventing the audience from seeing who they paid to hear.From behind  the curtain a child could hear people complaining. Not just four people doing this but a handful. I stood right behind the curtain feeling excitement and nervous, at once.Being shy in front of large groups hadn't been my best advantage.

     "Are you ready?" Colton Goove, one of the concert managers, whispers to me

   Whenever Colton 'whispers' it's more like a yell; kind of like Shawn and Gus whisper to each other trying to decide on something but apparently everyone hears what they are saying.

  Colton has fuzzy hair that matches his really strange last name. He claims it's actually Goowe in English;so I figure he might not be from America which is okay with me, anyhow. Colton has a accent that I can't tell what it is at the moment. If it's like Bltizwing's (He has a German accent) then oh hell, that was the accent that I've seen as hell to write accurately.

   Lets get off the accent drawing board.

  I'm ready, I mouth back, gimmie yer best shot.

  I saw Colton shook as his head as gives the 'slide it back' hand sign'. His fuzzy hair has sparkles from a birthday party.Colton had got here late and he told the other managers; that is how I know. The Curtain slide back like a snake slithering fast to it's prey on a smooth, flat surface that doesn't bother it.  .  . Unless there's an earthquake then it would be going kind of like a 'w'. Anyway; disregard the snake comparison that doesn't fit in this situation.

  "This random music is based off a song from a movie.  .  ." I paused, briefly as the crowd was waiting to hear their paid for performance. "It's Frozen."

No one said a word.

"Does it matter?" A teenager shouts.

"Of course it does!" I argue back.

"Where's the Quarterback band we came for?" Another teenager shouts.

"Trust me." I said, with a slight nod. "It'll be famous." Then whip the curly hair over my shoulders. It is only an act. Perhaps no one is going to bother thinking about that plausibly attractive swish--wait. I got the body of a Victorian role model; so of course they'll notice! "Yer'll love it."

I landed in a state nobody would ever expect. I was (and still am) still dressed up in Asgardian clothing; it's not a dress, it's similar to what Sif wore. Okay, I landed in Nevada where a band was supposed to be playing. So, I had sang in front of these music composure's and they said  "That's good enough."  One can ask why a girl is taking the place of a band. Easy;their band was stuck recovering from a hang-over. They had background music be added on set. I had to make that meeting Loki is not optional. I'm not one of those people who wants to wreck lives.

"Because, I don't care," I sing. "About holding it in, anymore!" The fireworks go off from behind the stage. "Don't have to keep,these emotions in a bottle." 

The crowd is cheering! Woohoo, I'm doing fantastic! Perhaps singing at a early age and contining off into my life was probably one of my best life decisions. My right hand balls up into a fist while walking in-between the stage's sides.

"Don't need to hide." I continue singing , as I made everyone's wallets go some one elses pocket. "Don't need to pretend,Don't need to conceal how I feel, Middle school is over,"

The crowd were being drawn into the song as well. The smoke in the background set were activated--Heck, I don't need ta know that it has been turned on.To be quite frank I can smell the fumes from the stage smoke. And ya know what? It smells pretty bad for being staged smoke.Does it gag the singers when its worse? It makes me wonder they can tolerate the smoke from the stage! I turn on the stage lights and change the settings to  numerous colors.

"I'm not that iron girl!" I sing.

The crowd repeats 'Iron girl'. I snap my fingers; the lights go off.

"So let them talk,"  I sing, walking towards the cheering crowd. The fog goes off on the stage. "I don't need to hide my feelin's," My confidence rose and rose to a great level.  I took a breath, striding away briefly from the crowd.  "Anymoreeee!" I wave my hand, holding up three fingers. "One, two three!"

Back on my Midgard,this would have been a big issue singing in front of a huge crowd. I'm too shy to speak towards a big crowd when reading a paper or reciting a poem. How can I avoid meeting Loki? Oh yeah; by going to California. That is the least expected place Loki may ever go to. Why? Because there's a good chance he may have landed in a big diverse city such as New York. That's how I am able to be singing here without stuttering or tripping over. If he had been here.  .  .

I stop mid way.

"Here I come." I went on singing. Through an eagle's eye, ya can see the cell phones are shutting down and the camera's are beeping. "Let it burn, let it burn."

The lights dimmed down.From all the heads in the heads in the crowd you can tell their attention is being shifted to their surroundings like  pigeons. If you backed out of my perspective then one of the most apparent things to be seen  is a spot light around me. This is part of the act that the managers were initially against it; for some really, odd reason. May not understand how managers orchestrate a rock-out concert for teenagers--oh wait; they have attractive people wearing what could really make fangirls scream.

"Keepin' this up in a bottle," I made my hands ball up into a fist.  "I can take this toll, but it can't be bottled up for long," I steadly raise my voice.  "The tree's are not affected, nor is the universe,it's only me who is affected by this growing bundle."

I point at the crowd,not  holding the microphone with my hands. This time it's floating in perfect position where it can follow while I am singing. An average person who's a skeptic of magic might be standing there stunned trying to contemplate how this is possible.Guess this could be the best surprise in a concert. It's the perfect  power to have without knowing what it is.

"Because I can shed these metal bottle binds from my feelings." I continue to sing.

The screen behind me is showing some animation; I had urged the producers to make a short video with what this song was made for. The scenery is summery right at a mountian that has grass and bushes growing. There is this girl walking away from what presume-ably is words that ya wouldn't want to hear. She takes off a gray hoody; there ya can tell she is wearing a black leech jacket that has sleeves reaching to the wrists. The black leech coat is transformed into a sleeveless vest on top a short sleeved shirt that ends at the belly button similar to a V. Her long, light brown pants had become shorts.

  The floor is steaming heat. Her shoes were not burning nor melting as a reasonable person may think. Anyone could tell this girl is not affected by the weather.

"Don't need to conceal, Don't need to hide," The ground around the girl is cooler; showing the green grass flatten from her feet."don't need to be that silent girl, Don't need to be that iron girl,Don't need to be that isolated outcast, anymooooree!"

She runs up towards a cliff, summoning a bridge of heat.

"Because middle school is over!" The girl runs over the bridge making it turns hot and solid thanks to her charm to not make it melt. The stairs has become a light pink and the railing has turned a dead on red. She throws her books over the sides of the bridge like it's something can not hold her back anymore. Nothing can stop right now; letting it burn eternally.

This girl runs after something shiny in the distance.

 Before everyone's eyes she becomes an adult woman who has some nice taste in clothing style; no dress, but a suit no less.

 "So let it burn! Being this emotional never affected them! This is who I am." I poured my feelings into this. Man it sounds so good! "So let it burn!"

 The heat moves around the girl as walks forward making a large mansion appear from the ground up. The crowd roars as the music continues; guess this is working well in the end. Middle School for me, oh well, that was kind of a long road .  .  . where it sort of shaped me into who I am today. High school was an entirely different road that is carved by me; the girl who had bottled up her feelings.

She appears at the door.

"Being who I am never bothered me,anyway." I finish.

This girl turns around and goes back into the mansion, then the large wooden doors close behind her.

____           _______           _______

  .   .    . California.  .  .

 .  .  . June 12th, 2011.  .  .

I lean back in my chair, watching that man with curled back black hair and really pale skin put laundry into the...what’s it called again? Okay whatever. I totally forgot what it is, but man, does he look hot! Oh wait,it’s called the Laundry machine that requires coins so it can be used. Traveling from Nevada wasn't an easy task especially with Fangirls wanting my autograph and people wanting me to sign papers for albums. Sorry, not that interested in doing that kind of stuff.

  I have one mission: Do not find Loki.

 I didn’t expect this to happen at all.

"I can tell you are watching me."  Loki said.

Nor did I want it.

I recognize the voice as no other than Loki, The god of mischief, sounding close but not far. Is it weird I didn't recognize him at first. And that's how I fell back in the chair, because Loki apparently noticed I was watching him. Wait.  .  .  . That pale dude is Loki? My reaction could be slower than usual because I've been getting up at 7 lately.

“Are you okay?” A woman asks, staring at me in concern.

 I get up and set the chair upright.

“I'm fine.” I said,flashing a fake big smile.  It's so good to be brushing my new teeth in the morning.

"Are you sure?" The Amierican woman asks, concerned. She seems like a good person but really worried.

Loki is using his double in disguise to do his laundry, while he was browsing on a small hand held device. Man, he's good at two things at once. If fate hadn't decided to pick a girl from a different universe and not made a god, then perhaps I wouldn't have been able to see through Loki's disguise. He's taken on the form of a Korean Woman in her mid-forties. Loki used a double to do his laundry in disguise. I tap my chin. Triickkyyy..

 “No need to be concerned.” I tell the American woman, waving a hand.

The American woman looks over to Loki.

“Um…?” The American woman asks something to Loki.

Loki looks away from the device and then spoke in fluent Korean.  The American Woman walks to her laundry basket while looking pretty embarrassed herself. 

“You speak in Korean?” I ask Loki, amazed.

The American woman picks up her laundry basket.

 “Of course I can.” Loki said, with a 'it's obvious' tone in his voice.

"Cool." I said.

He  raises an eyebrow at me.You know the look of realization that could make a murder suspect pretty much guilty as charged? That's what his eyes pretty much changed to. It’s safe to say I read him like a book.  Not by Loki's face…but by his eyes.

“Who sent you?” Loki asks, taking a step back and puts the mobile device into his long dark coat's smaller pocket to the side. It's almost like a trench coat except that it's made for Midgardian realm visiting; it makes him look so; older, attractive, and just.  .  . Hot.

   Where is the 'falling-for-Loki' side of me coming from? Shoo! Go into the insane Asylum, little girl! Not all first-time-meeting-bad-guy ends up in love.This is probably the biggest headache in character attraction. Seriously; I wanna put that side of me into a creepy,dark closet with jackets with a almost lit light bulb hanging from the ceiling.Then I want it to make a story using their eyes staring at the clothes.

  One time; I was in my room (In 2006) and I watched the closet as though there the clothes were making a story.. .That was when I was on different pills for my Autism.I remember that night because I was up until morning! Now back on topic; He's got a good question. I should really answer him instead of blabbing to ya about closets.

I shrug.

 “Nobody,” I said. “And by my own defense." I point to myself. “I didn’t want this.”

“Come on, somebody from Asgard couldn’t have just luckily found me.” Loki said, snapping his fingers. The projection doing his laundry sizzles away into the air. His laundry has fallen into a basket.“You must have been sent for me. How did brother find me this time?”

“Um dude,” I said, waving a hand. Loki has a great idea but the world is not in my favour. “I did not intend to find you."

"Find me?" Loki said.  "So Thor did send you!"

He just struck a nerve. Accusing me of aligning with the bratty god of thunder who betrayed me.

"If I were sent by Thor," I said while keeping my anger in check."Then next time you would see him with a broken nose." Loki is actually surprised by my reply; that I can tell. "Your brother did not send me.Let's get that clear between us."

"Someone one sent you." Loki said, probably believing me by now. But Loki ain't believing I wasn't sent for him. "Stop lying and tell me who sent you."

I rub my forehead.

“I am not lying!" I said, with a groan.

Loki turns away. And he picks up the laundry basket.

 “Don’t look for me.” Loki said, as though he was better than anyone in the building.


Loki was out and more people came pouring in. Wait a minute there! Did I just forget to ask a very important question that’s been bugging me since I got to Asgard? He was right there solid as a rock. But that scene; nobody could see him in the end-credits. Except for the viewers, and that the dude repeated what Loki said. Apparently I have a wild imagination that involves mirror universes and thinking too much outside the box.

I remember the lyrics from 'She's waiting for superman' and it suddenly occurred to me: finally.

She says, "Yeah, he’s still coming, just a little bit late.
He got stuck at the laundromat washing his cape.”
She’s just watching the clouds roll by and they spell her name

____                                           ________                               _____ 

  .    .   .June 16th  .    .

 .   .   Utah.    .  2011.   . 

 The scene begins in a long, clean looking bus that resembles a red bus from a certain movie involving a boy named Harry and an order on the phoenix. People are obviously sweating and some are using booklets as fans so they can be used to keep themselves cool. Joy is there too; reading a book. Joy is wearing long sleeves and sports gloves in the dead of summer.

“Hannah, can you see through your left eye?” Rolger Alkoheim waves two fingers in her way.

 “I may be losing my sight,” Hannah said, with a fluent Spanish accent. “But that doesn’t mean it’s going away fast.”

 “What’s it like?” Joy, from across the two, curiously asks. “Is it all black?”

“Hannah, you don’t have to answer—“

Hannah shook her right hand.

“It’s all right Rolger,” Hannah said, not bothered by Joy’s simple and innocent question. Anyone could tell this woman has the patience to answer someone about her eyesight loss. “It’s like the night sky without a moon.”

“Hey,” A man, sitting by Joy,takes out a notebook and pen. “Would you like my number?”

A can floats out of Joy’s black-purple bag, while her eyes glow light purple.

“What the—“ The man begins.

Joy grabs the can and then uses pepper spray on him. The man yells some profainity that should not be repeated or said towards her. Joy lets go of the peppers spray and lets it return back into her back casually like it wasn’t something that very important. Hannah, Rolger, and people who saw this unusual event are stunned. The man gets up then causes a commotion which ends up with him getting pinned by the other passengers.

“You don’t know how many men have asked me that.” Joy said, sharing a sigh to herself.

“I bet a lot.” Rolger said.

 .  .  Colorado.  .  . Where there's lots of forest fires.  .  .

  . .  .June 24th.    . 2011.  .

    I rub my forehead; I found Loki again and then forgot to ask him that frigging question. Number 1, girly is that ya trying NOT to. Number 2, What kind of person in the existence of realms am I? Well.  .  .  . I don't know; becoming some one different is a totally unknown battlefield.Strange enough that a decent human being cannot remember to ask a simple damn question. Developing a habit to say things that someone like me woudn't say. Smelling is the best gift that can ever be  bestowed upon me; mostly because unlike many people there's a disadvantage to being me who could not smell as a Midgardian.

      But now I can smell, and that is what rocks about being an Asgardian. A person can reason my  personality was scorched in the Chitauri Vs Asgardians battle because of my taste for battles. Don't know why but it's a plausibly a great assumption for great detectives. For example: Smelling a dog trotting after me is actually pleasant. Why am I saying this?  It's because I never have ever smelled a mangy, little cute mutt. It's the gift to have a eagle's perspective from  behind me so that makes it literal that 'She has eyes on the back of her head' has been taken to the max.

 "Is she actually smiling?" A woman asks, with a thick German accent.

Why should a person turn around slap them silly-willy? Oh yeah  because that person has integrity, dignity, and self respect.

 "With a mutt trailing after her."


"How gross--"

   I wave my finger sideways. Look above, there's a row of flowers right outside a window resting on a ledge. How cruel can I get with women complaining about a mutt following me? There is going to be dark humor in this. So waving my fingers sideways sent these flowers falling on the three women sitting outside a restaurant. It's one of those fancy things that's similar to people in London sit down then look at the gigantic and huge tower. This tower is used in a lot of movies; to be destroyed or have a hat thrown away only to be retrieved by a dog.

 "This is horrible!" The lady, who pointed out the mutt, complains.

"I always wanted to plant flowers, but not like this." the girl, who had said 'Eww', complains.

"I am gross!" The German woman said.

From a hawks perspective; ya can see the dog stops at the covered-in-dirt-women then it trots to them and proceeds to do what dogs would do at a fire hydrant. How has it been living with knowledge that I survived the obliteration of Illinois? Well, it's not that hard. Everyone who I knew is dead. I don't have anything to go back for; except my blankets, My purple 3DS, my books, my box of 'clues’(Random small objects I found over the years that were deemed valuable),cash, clothes, drawings, pillows, and you get the drill.

If I decide, whenever that day comes, to accept my own fate (when returning to my Midgard) then it should end out with me wearing: two pairs of gloves, my hat, my coat zipped up, and as who I had been before. If  I returned without any of the above; but returned as this adult Asgardian woman who’s body became a corpse and was discovered to be something different then it would be the next Rosewell event.  It’s like the rule of time travel; do not return wearing something different from a previous time. It would seem odd to be wearing that in your time.

  I stop at the street corner; when that song 'She's waiting for superman' suddenly came into my head; Don't know why it came—waait. Hey, am I seeing who my eyes are really catching? This might be some kind of sick joke that fate is playing with me. Who can assume a girl with survivors guilt and a mission to avoid Loki is really doubting her conscious?

She's out on the corner trying to catch a glimpse,

Lo' and behold is Loki. He is talking to a person—who am I kidding? Loki is the kind who can manipulate others, backstab them, deceive them, and the thing is you can’t trust him. He’s a cold, deceiving, mischievous Norse god who gets what he wants. In English; he’s almost like a British actor who does  pretty good job portraying a businessman that’s a misunderstood person and a ambitious prince He usually does not show his feelings, emotions, and he’s usually not that expressive. The lyrics in one verse ‘waiting for superman’ just fits this situation.

Nothings making sense,

Loki is talking to a human under the disguise of a punk. Has he really gone that far? If you want to rule the world and make people suffer then go right into the cooperation business or go to law school, or, go to finance school. This is really odd; Loki told me not to find him, and look, I found him. I turn away from the street corner going the opposite direction. Good grief; should I start going away from the United States? If fate was a man standing in front of me then he would get a hundred slaps to his ugly, criminal-tatooed face.

"If life was a movie, it wouldn't end like this." I said, mocking a verse from ‘She’s waiting for superman’.

You know; that verse played on my MP3 when the portal opened to me on April 28th at 6:18 AM (The bus driver usually got there at 6:15 AM; I get in the school at 5:55 AM).  Why is it important to tell what time it was? Because everything is important when you are returning to a specific date.I saw the dog (that done his business on the women) run off from the trio. I know avoiding him for how-ever-long the Chitauri gave me may result in a horrible .     .    .

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