Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


4. I dare you

It was only a dream.Perhaps Mr-I-am-Wise-and-know-everything's-purpose could tell me why the dah heck I'm a Asgardian. And why some Asgardians are mistaking me for a Midgardian. Okay here what was happening; I was sitting right across a middle aged Korean Woman. I was drinking a soda through a straw apparently comfortable with this stranger. Some reason this person wasn't a stranger to this dream-me. She familiar ( the way she spoke).

 "Why does a mortal like you follow me?" She asks, in a straight forward skeptic kind of way.

 I rub my forehead.

 "I am not..Nevermind." I shook my head. "I wasn't even following ya."

"Oh yes," She said, more sternly than I had ever seen a person. "Your voice is completely flawed; why do you say 'ya' and not 'you'? It's completely obvious you are following  me, little mortal." Oh well, I was following him--her? "You are a grown mortal; what kind of realm makes you sound so ridiculous?"

Strangely, I was calm.

"A..." I start to say, but then catch my wording. "America."

The Korean Woman's eyes could have melted me into bits or into a puddle; She was actually really harsh and skeptical..

"That's not the right answer."

 I could have gone into a laughing fit if I hadn't been in a solid body, at the moment.

 "No, it isn't ." I said, playing with my fingers. I look up from them to this strange, but yet familiar middle aged Korean.  "I have something up with my tongue rolling. I just ain't...perfect, ya know. You can pretend that I'mma a weak, wannabe, and really not-so-smart with accents kind of girl if ya don't like how I speak, otherwise, I can walk out yer life..."

  She puts her arms on the table. Her voice didn't sound like a 'woman' voice, but a man's voice.For a second I could have swore her eyes were not raven dark but a green lagoon kind of color. Ya know the kind that has green with a light touch of gray and blue to it.

 So Asgardians to do impossible things.

Her eyes searched me (Sort of).

"You are lying." She said, in the kind of voice a very-harsh-yet broken kind of individual would speak.If I knew anyone else to compare her to, then I would really do some comparing. But sadly I don't know anyone harsh as her. "I don't like your voice."

 I slightly smile; she speaks like an Asgardian.  

 A couple goes by us, looking at me and the Korean Woman.

 "...Matthew, stop staring." The young woman said, giving him an elbow punch. "It's rude."

"Rude as taking me to see Mean Girls?" Matthew replied, as they sat down at a table. "I'm not saying it's a bad movie..."

 This is strange; but to everyone else we were speaking in Korean, but, my eyes were seeing through that. She and I were having this odd conversation. Nobody is able to hear it. Except for a nosy god up there in Asgard like Heimdall. Or Odin, such as Thor and (believe it or not) Fandral. Where was I getting these thoughts?...

  "I'mma be leaving." I said, picking up my drink and my  dark, themed jacket from  the seat. "And I don't lie about--" I caught myself in mid sentence. Did I really want to tell about something to a god? No. I didn't want to shake the entire future, foundation of what is meant to come. "Being an Asgardian."

 I stick my tongue out at her, or him.

 The Korean woman grunts, leaning back in the chair.

 "You are..." She starts to say something, but I cut her off.

 I drink from the straw.

 "Com-pli-cated." I said, pronouncing the words in a different kind of way. Just like the song 'Complicated', that is really, really good.  I took the straw out from my mouth. "I told ya once and I'll tell ya twice; I wasn't sent by anyone," I lightly tap a finger on my lips. "Lok."

  __________________            ____________________                              ______________

I felt deeply connected to this space turtle that looks like a whale with turtle qualities. Okay...okay okay,Hogun  (The quiet dude), dared me to ride a space turtle. Well..How did that happen? One moment I'm talking about a dream and then to an impossible creature. What does 'lok' mean? Maybe I'll understand Okay; It's not usual to be in Asgard.It's definitely strange, crazy, and odd. Today people may get pranked. So it's not a--

"A--space what?" I repeat, startled by Hogun's request.

Hogun taps on the table.

"Space Turtle." He repeats.

It sounds too good to be true.

"Ya must be pulling my leg." I said, chewing a bite from roasted chicken.

He didn't shake his head nor did he laugh; I gulped down a bite from what-ever-the-heck I'm eating,

 "I'm not joking." Hogun said, and then he takes a drink from his cup. He wipes off some kind of liquid  from the corner of his mouth. "I dare you to ride a Space Turtle for an hour."

 If I had known what a space turtle was, maybe it wouldn't be so scary.

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