Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


41. How to make an Exit

December 30th  .  .  .2011.  .  .

When people talk about New York; they often associate it to movies, disasters, crimes, murders, and being extremely busy.But for people like me; it’s something that brings you back time and time again. It’s pretty much tied to your fate in simpler words. Sometimes you don’t know it’s actually happening until you’ve realized it. I just never realized until today that it can be the most turning point in history.

“Okay.” I said, hiding behind a large stack of boxes. I had an odd feeling someone was watching me. And there is only one person in the world of Marvel—other than Mystique—who can blend into the scenery. “I know yer there, idiot.”

“Since when did I earn the title of idiot?” Loki asks, puzzled.

I snicker.

“Since I went into darkness.” I said, with a rest assured grin.  “Anyway, for a god who claims to have a plan that involves not being considered a hero by mortals, are you going to be watching me from outside the building kick some butt?”

“No.” Loki said. “It’s to make sure she gets out alive.”

“Riiightt.” I said, rolling an eye. “Getting through a cop’s secret hide out isn’t my best perks. But hopefully there are only a few men.”

“What if there’s an army?” Loki asks.

“Loki.” I said. “Don’t burst my bubble. It’s very fragile when it comes to rescuing a damn mob child.”

“At least you don’t hear her scream during a roller coaster.” Loki said.

“All fangirls scream like this.” I said. “If you came to my realm; girls would be screaming their heads off. I mean the ones who survived the attack on America.” I pat on the sheath with the laser blaster in its blade form. For a person who know’s Loki there must be caution taken on your weapons “Loki, don’t make it into an banana.”

“I love how that’s where your mind goes.”

“Oh?” I raise an eyebrow.

“I was going to make it into a squirrel.” Lok said.

“A squrral?” I ask.

“Joy,” Loki said. “Are you intentionally saying the name of a rodent wrong?”

“No.”  I said. “That’s how I say it. You should know my ‘r’s are horrible, also when it comes to ‘w’s. Like when did you won the marathon in a beard.”

“I never did have a beard.” Loki said.

I get up, giving up trying to explain my pronunciation problem that should’ve left when becoming someone else entirely. I pinch my forehead feeling done with this insane universe.We share a few other words that may not be bothered to be said in front of children; grown up talk. I don’t think people like to know every word we shared leading up to the Chitauri. Then I head off into the building.

“Okay,Joy.” I said to myself, taking out the knife and have it in my small hands.  “Cool down. It’s not a test.” I take in a breath and then exhale. “You are basically going in and doing what the Chitauri did minus all the destruction to the building and switch’aroo.”

A couple trashcans were thrown from the inside and crashed where Loki was hiding.


January 2012.  .  . .California  .  . .

.  . . The 23rd .  .  . Monday  .  .  .

Finding your way from being mistaken as a clone by Thor, encountering the Chitauri that originate from an unknown realm, onwards  to meeting someone who everyone considers dead, and then to meeting a group who’ll become your greatest friends and then they leave you or try to kill you. I for one cannot bare the pain that’s been burning my arms. I’ve overstayed my welcome by not doing what this co called deal required.

Also, I quit my job at Costa Rica four days ago.  My time to leave was ticking down minute by minute. My arms had numbers that were visible to me and only me. Loki would look at me oddly when I did that. Karly, on the other hand, is with Witness Protection Agency. I left Detective Sunacho beat up, his left hand crushed, his guns destroyed, and bruises all over his body. That’s what happened to the dirty cop, right after he said; ‘Be a darling and leave, concerned ‘citizen’.’

Apparently my lying was so worse Loki started to teach me how to lie.

In a way he was kind of being a professor giving me a lying degree.

“So who’s the man we are doing this on?” I ask.

“Blake H.Harm.” Loki said.

“Mr.Harm.” I repeated. “Sounds good.”

We had a bit of an argument heading up the stairs of the house; deciding how to start a lie made up of skeletons; figuratively. Loki was telling me the basics of becoming a casual-natural liar. I can tell he is reliving some of the moments he had with Mar just by his eyes.Loki’s eyes have a world to tell.

“Fine, you can call me ‘boyfriend’ this once.” Loki said. “It’s not real.Got it?”

I giggle.

“Sure, ‘boyfriend’.” I teasingly said.

Loki rolls one of his eyes, pushing the doorbell.

“Hello?” Mr.Harm answered the door. 

“Hello.” We said at once, like we had been sycnonized.

Mr.Harm didn’t know what to say.

“Hello,” I start to introduce myself.  “This is my boyfriend L. .  .”

“Lokien.” Loki said.

“You never wrote the hobbit book.” Mr.Harm said the obvious.

“He’s Loki.” I said, casually.  “The manager of an important .  .  .”

“Factory that has received complaints about your electrical wirings interfering with the signal from these television sets.” Loki said.  Oh my, Loki sounds convincing talking about this stuff he really has no clue on. He must have read some books to at least know a bit what he’s talking about.“We’ve come to make sure there isn’t faulty wiring sticking out for some mortal to step on it. We come from the .  .  .”

“Joki company!” I finish for him, reaching my hand out to Mr.Harm. “I’m Joanna Joy Jelenisto.”

Mr.Harm shook my hand.

“So you are married?” Mr.Harm asks,as we ended the handshake.

Second time in a row someone’s asked this question.

“Single.” I said. “Very much. We are co-owners; it’s just business.”

Mr.Harm glances at us.

“Joki?” The man asks.

We nod.

“It’s like a pairing name.” I said. “But it ain’t.”

“It’s only business.” Loki lied.

“Boyfriend business.” I add.

.  . 2:30 PM  .  .  .

 .  .  . In the locked house.  .  .

Joy and Loki had some unexpected visitors.Mr.Harm apparently didn’t know these so called unexpected visitors; who should be called thugs in all fairness. The thugs tied Mr.Harm up and put him in his room. Well they were not necessarily the street thugs; they were out to do business. There seven thugs in all sent to the house. Loki had untied himself using his magic except for Joy; who he assumed could get out.

"I need a weapon!" Loki said, searching around the closed living room for a weapon.

Joy throws  her knife at Loki’s direction. He catches it using his right hand.

"Your knife?"Loki asks, raising his eyebrows.

"Yes," Joy said. "Now use it to defend yerself!"

Two of the thugs came in; and what happened next was like a blurr. Loki manages to subdue three of the men; technically he left two men with their shoulders cut and one with an aching neck.He went to Mr.Harm’s room while thinking, this is too easy where is the other men? Loki uses his magic on the door making it into a parrot. Mr.Harm’s eyes are covered by a black sock wrapped around his head. Mr.Harm’s hands are tied up.

“This is over done.” Loki notes, cutting the rope that bound Mr.Harm’s legs together.

Loki then cut what tied Mr.Harm’s hands together.

“Thank you!” Mr.Harm said, kneeling to Loki. “Thank you!”

All I had to do was save a mortal so they can praise me?,Loki thought, amused.

Then a explosion is heard from downstairs like a bomb had been set off.

“Oh no.” Mr.Harm said, after he fell back on the floor like a clumsy actor. “They set something off.”

 “No, they couldn’t have.” Loki said,as he turns away headed towards the door.

“It’s burning down there!” Mr.Harm warns Loki. “That will kill you!”

And then we hear Loki’s retort as he walks out the room, “Gods can’t die!”

.  . . DownStairs  .  .  .

  .  .  . 2.40 PM.  .

Loki came to the burning living room. He hadn’t seen anything like this. The windows were shattered as smoke drifted out into the open sky.Dark black soot is apparent on the walls as some patches of the floor is still burning. It became obvious something more powerful than a mortal’s gun had been activated in this very room. At the corner of the room he saw a figure on the floor in what seems to be hazy color

"Joy?” Loki calls out.

Loki saw Joy on the floor covered by what appears to be a blue, sizzling electrical force-field that outlines her entire body. Loki takes a couple steps forward; as the flames changed directions as though he is a force to reckon with.The floor beneath his boots cooled down but still burnt from the recent explosive. All Loki could see was; red, yellow,dark gray, and light blue.

"Don't get any closer--r-r." Joy stutters. Her dyed brown-blonde hair is seen carelessly over her shoulders. "Those men.  .  ." She refers to the burnt, crisp bodies that are behind her. "Tried to pick me-me.  .  Up and then they were.  .  . “Her right eye gazed towards the burning corpses.  "Ya know."

Loki summons a long, flat platform from the ceiling.

"Loki," Joy said. "Don't."

"Don't do  what?" Loki asks.

"Try saving me." Joy said, laughing a little.  "If.  .  .I could get myself outta here then.  .  .It wouldn't be this hard."

We see Joy slightly smiling at something she thought up.

"Ya know what.  .  ." Joy said. "Don't give my knife back; keep it."

Loki is trying to wedge the platform between her and the floor. It was useless as the platform split in two then it was sent to different sides of the room.The firing door is closed behind him. There were people yelling from outside. Wails of a firetruck suddenly brought his attention back to the dire room.

"I'm.  .  ." Joy said.  "I'm not strong enough."

"Joy," Loki argues back You could see in his eyes that he thought she is being absurd; after all he's seen her been through. Or what else their little relationship had evolved in. "You've dealt with; me, Kevin, and.  .   . " He counts his fingers. "Risking your life numerous times!"

True that.

"What makes you say.  . ." Loki's voice is shaky. tThough you could still tell he definitely did not understand why she said this. "That you are weak?"

There were tears wedging their way in the corner of her eyes.

"The Chitauri." Joy said.

The words were like an icicle had been made into metal and went through his left shoulder.

Loki knew  them all too well.

"They can help ya get what you want." Joy said. "I.   . I.  I'm sorry for putting ya throu---through this."

".  . .Hold on." Loki said, trying whatever he could prevent her from leaving. He could only assume that Joy could force herself not to go.He has an old grudge against the Chitauri. That grudge has not ever died down in the past hundred years. Mar’s death is part of that grudge.  "Don't let yourself go."

To Joy's horror; her climate is changing and Loki apparently was becoming a sizzled image to her.

"I.  .    . can't."  Joy tearfully said.

The physical image of Loki is sizzling like a broken television set to Joy.

"Yes, yes," Loki argues back. "You can! I know you are better than this." He walks around her. We see a tear go down Joy’s cheek. "Do you honestly think that being weak is helpful? No, it’s not; you have proven to me time and time again that mortals can take care of themselves and get themselves out of a mess. You are not a weak person. You are the strongest woman on Midgard I ever met in the nine realms. You've lost hope, Little  Mortal. Where has the mortal who told me to duck gone?"

Her eyes have stinging tears coming down her cheek.

Of course telling him to duck was from the ghost throwing stuff in the forest while running after them.

"Why have you lost hope, mortal?" Loki asks. He's stunned to see Joy in this vulnerable-given up-bella swan kind of position.  He stops right across from the door. "Hope is what keeps gods and mortal’s going. The peace and freedom of mind to make a god open his eyes to those he wouldn't expect to befriend.Most people like you and I end up enemies."

“We’re frien-enemies.” Joy said, her eyes shut as tears came sliding down on the floor.

Here was Loki; trying to make her get up on her two feet.

“You are not weak.” Loki said. “Get up.”

We see a burning tear in her eyes.

“The Chitauri don’t allow merci.” Joy said. “They won’t like how long it took .  . .”

“What?” Loki said.

“I was supposed to tell you months ago.” Joy said.”But I didn’t want to wreck anyone’s lives with that knowledge. I felt like. . it wasn’t ..”

Joy  yelps in pain feeling her arms burning off the sleeves on her shoulders. Joy’s sleeves burned off revealing her small brown, eleven birthmarks.Both her arms are sleeveless. Her gloves burned off too revealing a black mark below her knuckle.The flames in this room have parted ways enough for Loki to get a good hard look at her arms that have not been exposed until today. It was something new for once from the demigod who kept secrets, and acted strangely. It wasn’t until the markings on her fore arms appearing did it make sense to Loki.

Mar’s killers had struck again.

"I admit, befriending a mortal is not my strongest subject, but you.  .  ." Loki tells her. "Joy.  .  . Have certainly done the impossible."

Joy tearfully smiles.

"Don't let go." Loki raises his voice.

Joy wanted to dig into the ground; but, the Chitauri's were summoning her back.

"It hurts so much!" Joy squeezes her eyes. The tears that a burning woman would have are seen coming down Joy's cheeks.  "My arms, my arms, my arms are burning." Joy cries. The pain that is surging through her body is painful. She couldn't move her head to shake it. "I am sorry, Loki."

“Joy!” Loki said. “There’s nothing to apologize for.”

  For what I am about to put  you through. She finishes mid-thought as her breathing became controlled; both hands became numb and grounded, a powerful blast of wind gushed through the floor. Just after Joy fell through the invisible portal, the floor she had been pasted on had been left a permanent mark. Loki stood there in denial that this happened for a few minutes. It wasn’t until the banging on the door he was brought back to reality.

  Note to self,  Loki uses his trickery to open the door from afar,  get Joy.

“Where’s the kids?” A firefighter asks, as Loki brushed past them in the disguise of a fire fighter.

“There’s not a child in there.” Loki said. “There are corpses.”

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