Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


40. Honesty

    .  . .8:44 Pm  .  .   .

 .   . . Night  .  .  .

“Who are you, really?” The Unusual man asks Loki, standing near an Ambulance.

“I cannot tell.” Loki said.  “You can call me,Agent Oddinson.”

“What about the guy who was supposed to be Agent Kang’s Partner.” The Unusul man said, as the ambulance people put a body into the vehicle. We see that Joy looks very, very unwell and her eyes look wide open. It’s as though someone forced her to watch an entire season of some anime.

“He’s not human.” Loki said, getting in. “And if you were agent Kang, then you probably would be searching at a dock for Kevin’s dead body. You might find a bite-mark on Kevin’s neck.” The Unusual man looks at him oddly. “Don’t blame the undead for it; it was someone else. It’s always going to be someone else who killed a lunatic serial killer.”

Loki changed his appearance on The Unusual man, again. This time he picked the unusual man’s appearance and takes off a exclusively added hat with a smile at him. Technically it was Loki and Agent ‘Fewler’ who killed the serial killer. Loki watches the man’s face become the general gist of ‘Holy shit’.

“Bye.” Loki said, with a little wave.

Loki changes back to his Agent Oddinson appearance right before the doors were closed by the emergency responders—or should we just call them Ambulance workers?—in front of the unusual man’s eyes. The Unusual man stood there still trying to understand what had happened before his eyes. What kind of madness is living in this world would forever become a mystery to the unusual man.

__                                          ___                                                 ____

.  .  .  .October 10th  .  .  .

 .  . .   2011.  .  .

StarBucks is not a dream job, trust me. I don’t know how teenagers these days dreamalize it to be their slagging dream job but it ain’t possible; trust me. It is only possible in band fanfictions existing in the internet. It can be the worst job making a perfect coffee and then giving it to someone else who will no doubt mess it up. I had a job at Starbuck for a week. Why did I quit after a week? A lot of ‘five way’ fangirls were asking me how to get my job. Who could stand nuisance in a StarBucks this long? Oh yeah; not me.

 I discovered a few of my favorite sites exist in this realm.

Not only is Hasbro missing in prominent franchise’s, HighBro exists in its place.

“Where’s the Toy section?”  Mrs. Elizabeth Henneth, a well-dressed young woman, stirs me awake from a long trance. Her voice is really alarming because it sounds deep and pretty loud coming from her. Mrs.Henneth is twisting a lock of her red hair in a bunch. Why did I say her name?

This is when I must present an odd fact: every woman in her family has the first letter ‘e’.

“Sorry.” I muttered apologetically while shaking my head. Then I look over the counter to see her daughter Ellie. 

Ellie is holding her brown teddy bear for dear life. Mrs.Henneth is really one of the craziest drivers I have ever seen—a window to the store shows the parking lot—so far in this realm. That’s why Ellie’s hair is sticking out in all directions like electricity had been applied to her head like a magic ball.

 I might be a demigod, but, I have a trail of unusual things going on.

When Ellie’s hair is not sizzled looking; Ellie’s hair is usually in a mess like a mop with curls and tangles similar to a fictional character from a cartoon for kids.

“Ello Ellie.” I greet her daughter, and then look back to Mrs.Henneth with a smile. “‘Three rows down; as usual.”

Mrs. Henneth looks puzzled, and strays away from her daughter and headed down the store.

“Did she just forget me?” Ellie said in a low voice.

I put my arms on the table,  and placemy chin on it.

“Kid, why don’t you sit at that chair?” I suggest. “Your mom’s really picky. It’ll take her two hours to decide on a . . .”

“Pink  castle.” Ellie said with her voice small and fine.

I chuckle, summoning the chair to the girl.

“Sit.” I said, pointing my finger on the table.

Ellie sat on the chair like I had said. Her eyes were big as a lolli-pop; figureively. Mrs.Henneth’s indescive hums is obvious from a couple rows down. The store is similar to Wall Mart and a dollar general put together. Except this store is bigger on the inside and looks smaller by the outside. I tap on the table, feeling as though this girl is so impressible anything can solve her question.

“Maggic.” I continued the ‘g’. 

In came Loki and  Karly Deblio. Oh hell; what’s Loki up to this time? How did he find me in this non-well known little store? Loki seriously must be getting answers from fate through a cheatsheet where I am living at or where I currently work for that matter. I sent Ellie sliding into the corner adjoining the wall and the long bar like counter. Memphis might be known for the state that coined the blues, including being the final destination of MLK’; but it ain’t that small.  

“He’s Harry Syles!” Karly Deblio squeaks, with her hand wrapped around Loki’s arm.

I could have sworn his last name is spelled Styles, not Syles.

“You mean Styles? . . .” I ask, glancing to Loki and then to Karly.

Karly shook her head.

“He’s from the Five Way Band.” Karly said. “And then there’s Lenny, Zale, and Mason part of it.”

Loki’s disguise is a young man who looks as though he is twenty two with dirty blonde hair, an attractive face, adorable blue eyes, and hair that looks as though he put on a wig. I don’t know how teenagers these days consider that ‘Hot’. Since when have the laws of attraction been thrown out the window for hot a boy or girl is? Your personality is hot; that’s what gets the chicks and guys.

“Did you know your boyfriend is not a perfect ball of sugar?” I ask, watching her defiant radiant face still beaming. “His five-way bandmembers didn’t play for a charity because 1; they weren’t getting paid.” I shoved reality straight into her face, figuratively. “I highly recommend you find a different band who have hearts.”

“They are sweet boys who have hearts!”

“Heartless.” I corrected her, with a hiss.

“So what about  it?” Karly  said, questioning me.

“Cancer kids.” I said, but not in a tone that would be regarded as ‘fine’. And then I sarcastically added, “So glad you fall in love with a heartless boy band.”

Karly’s face grew red and red.

“Ignore her.” Loki said, going to a different side of the store—well that was his double doing that—while still standing there as a different disguise. “She’s a hater.”

“Right.” Karly nods.

Sometimes this job isn’t what I am cut out for.

“Show me what ‘magic’ you can do.” Loki said.  “Asgardian magic.”

I bit my lip, just once.

“Fine.” I wave my left hand right at a toy shelf and make a box become a water puddle.

Loki undo’s my terrible attempt at magic.

“You are horrible at this.” Loki said.

Go figure; I didn’t get past the changing part of magic with Frigga.

“I had some training.” I said, earning a questionable look from Loki. I whisper, “Why are you here?”, as Karly and Loki’s double were browsing a row.

Mrs.Henneth is still humming along browsing the shelves. I got a bit worried about her seeing Loki’s double.

 “I’m meeting a well-known contact.” Loki said. “Why are you here?”

“I work here.” I said, apparently fed up with fate’s moves.Loki didn’t appear to be convinced. “Do you know who this girl is?” I ask Loki, but I didn’t get a reaction from him.  “She’s the child of a godfather figure,--“—I wave my right hand—“--the mob kind of guy!”

“I’m well aware.” Loki said, looking over his shoulder as the door opens.

The door bell rings as a couple shady men came in. In comes this well dressed-intimidating man  with three body guards.Woah they are dressed in black with white buttoned up shirts in a way saying they were secret agents who get rid of aliens from outer space.At first it seemed like Loki had lost his mind; asking for help from some-one who uses guns to get his point across. Never would I know how Loki befriended someone from a group who had a ‘do not speak to officers’ oath.  They mean serious business when coming into a small known store.

“You are condemning yourself into a silent and very brutal death.” I warn Loki.

Loki didn’t show if he felt insulted or felt offended by my warning.

“I don’t know about you,” Loki said. “But I’ve already acquainted myself with him.”

“Kenny Deblio.” I said. “He’s from the ‘K’ family. Everyone’s names starts with a K.”

“So?” Loki  said, tempting fate in its wondrous dirty ways.

“They won’t be nice when you trick them.” I explain. “Tricking him that you died won’t work.” I added, as Loki turns towards Mr.Deblio “He’ll find you; they always do. No one would ever know you died. This is how good they are cleaning up their mess.”

Loki shook his head, probably putting the thought out of his head. He then approached Mr.Deblio.

“Who is he?” Ellie flies in front of the desk. “Who is he? Is he your boyfriend?”

I cover her mouth then look in all directions.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I tell her.

“He seems like the guy.” Ellie reminds me. “What’s the history? Is he your ex-boyfriend?”

“No. he was my superman.” I said, seeing a blank face on her.  “He was my hero; one time. He’s Loki; a god.”

Ellie dashes to Loki leaving the chair spinning.

Oh hell.

 .  .  . October 12th .  .  .

  .  . . 6:49 PM  .  .  .

I walked out the building; a bit hoping  it wasn’t cold. But boy, mother nature must like bothering me with cold air. I shivered a little, rubbing my hands together.I zipped up my hoody, pulled up my coat hood,and  headed down the street. Cars didn’t speed usually at night in the side of Memphis. My shoes hit puddles of water that recently came to this greasy dirty ditch side of the road. Crickets are not so naturally a calming part of night; they are associated to romance as many fans of The Little Mermaid might think. I think the same way.

“Why are you here?” I stop in my tracks, looking over my shoulder to see who’s been following me. It was no other than Loki. “I didn’t figure you to be the stalker type.”

“I am not stalking her.” Loki said. “Karly’s at home with her father and mother.”

There goes the intelligence pipe.

“I didn’t say a name.” I shook my head, with a disappointed groan.

“But you do know where I can get an army of those fangirls.” Loki said.

Oh, so that’s why he’s come to me.

“Loki,” I said. “Half of those fangirls are dead in my realm.”

Loki raised an eyebrow.

“What?” Loki asks.

I sigh, looking down and shaking my head.

“They are dead.” I said, with a certain hint of a serious topic. 

“This is not acceptable.” Loki said in a way that sounded like that flawed some part of his ambitious plans. “I can tell when you are a lying and this is not the best one you’ve done.”

He thinks I am lying about this?

“There’s  a couple missiles, in my Midgard, that have stricken the northern side of the united States.” I explain to the god.  “Most actors—like your actor Tom Hiddleston—were sent to Washington DC. Just  twenty four hours before the destruction had commenced.”

“And how does this relate to my army?” Loki is confused.

“Half your army is dead.” I said.  “Half of the United States is gone. By now in my Midgard it probably is at World War 3 with Russia and a couple other countries. By the end of it; no  one will live. No one will ever survive it—well the end-of-the-world-preparers would survive underground with years worth of food.”

Loki rubs under his jaw, tapping his foot.

“No one?” Loki stops rubbing under his jaw, looking directly at me.

It was as though he was making another plan of his; better and improved.

“Unless; they get rid of both North Korea and Russia.” I said, with a loose shrug. “No one will survive.”

“Really?” I saw this mischievous glint in Loki’s eyes.  “What if I made it end before it began?”

I look at the sky, with a sigh. I see my own breath in the cold night.

“Then you would be a miracle.” I said.

“Mortals would kneel to me and treat me as their hero.” Loki rationalizes, his voice changing tones to a successful leader who knew what he wanted to get.  “Then I can get my army to take over their foolish world.”

I half-heartedly laugh at Loki’s comment, shaking my head

“I will be dead by then.”  I said, casually.

It was so dark I couldn’t see the reaction on Loki’s face. The night is pitch black around this part of the neighborhood. It was an eerily silence between us except for the crickets making themselves known from the untrimmed grass.Perhaps Loki was trying to understand what my comment meant, such as; was it literal or a sarcastic comment? I would have gone with sarcasm if I had been him.

Dead?” Loki said, as though it was a heavy word.  “Why?”

Wow, he must have a bad alarm clock for his timing.

“The first missile struck my school.” I said.

“How are you here?” Loki asks.

“The Bifrost opened up,” I tell Loki, and then continue walking past him. “And took me away.”

Loki went after me.

“What’s your real name?” Loki asks, walking beside me.

“My name?” I said,frowning at his stupid question. “It’s Joy.”

“You are someone else,” Loki said, getting in my way. “Different.”

I roll my eyes, somewhat annoyed by his determination to find out my name.

“I don’t remember.” I strongly said.

How sad is that? Forgetting the name you had been born with years ago.

“Did Father tell a certain fate is bestowed upon you?” Loki quizzes me.

I look down to my right, recalling what the first words Odin had said. You don’t forget something like that; ever.

“No.” I said. “Odin said;  ‘You came here, early’ when I had arrived.”

“Did he say this?” Loki draws away from the darkness out to the street light.

Street Lights do lots of things to your mind when a pale skinned man comes through. It leaves you believing he is a one hundred seven year old vampire out to romance you and make you his forever-mate and become a depressing doll. Though I can paint another picture of him in word that are better.The street light made his quite admirable (and attractive) facial features stand out to the eye’s view.

I had my hand in the pocket with keys while asking, “About the early thing?”

“No.” Loki said, with a look that told me he easily pitied my intelligence.  “The fate  .  . why do you use ‘thing’ to describe easy subjects?”

“Human nature.” I shrug and then proceed to give him a side note about the word. “I had a one day mental argument whether ‘thing ‘ was a word or not.” I walk around Loki, and then continue heading down the street.

 I had a house to make sure that has not been broken into while at work. My legs felt tired from standing all day.

“Can you tell me when this missile strike happens?” Loki calls out.

I stopped in my tracks, with a heavy sigh. Then turn my self-sideways at a Loki in the distance.

“It happens April 28th at 6:15 AM.” The words came out better than expected.  “Loki, you are a god.But you are not a time traveler, nor are you a Zeus or a Odin.If you want to rule the world then do yourself a favor: Don’t get into my realm’s stupidity affairs. Good night, Loki.”

And then I finally left.

.  .  .Costa Rico.  .  .

.  . . December 29th .  .

 I had taken a job at Costa Rico three weeks after Loki had arrived in Memphis.I did have a little part in what little plan Loki had with Karly; and gave him some advice what a teenager would want to have with a famous boy bandmember.I also had to kick some butt when Loki went the wrong way on a ‘date’ with Karly and landed square in the crosshairs of an opposing Russian mob. Yes; I had to save Loki’s butt. He didn’t want to destroy his plan’s progress between whatever individuals.

My new job was to question potential flight suspects in a room.

“Morning Joy.” Henry Waterserve, a security guard, greets me as I walk by.

A causal comment from Henry; check.

“Morning Henry.” I said, going past the brown and black hound. “Morning Maxster.”

Maxster made a soft pitched ‘ruff’, lifting his head up timely at the so called bark. He’s never failed to bark(and rise his head up) when someone has greeted him. Maxster is still kicking for a dog his age. That is what I have learned other than; Henry likes hot coffee, Loyd likes cool coffee, and Blaine likes water with donuts.

A usual ruff from Maxster; check.

“Your shirt’s on backwards, Loyd.” I tell the short and middle aged man with a mustache.

“Hell.” Loyd grumbled, getting up from the chair.

“The suspects in the room.” Henry said. “File’s on the table.”

I shook my head, grabbing a file on the table

“First suspect of the morning,” I said.  “And it’s not even 10.”

“It’s 8:40.” Henry said, like the man he is.

I went into the room.When a woman has a secret vow to carry out then it will be carried out; somehow. This vow wasn’t about to be broken because fate is desperately pushing for whatever to make it happen. I am not a goat that fate can push out into doing dirty things; I’m the red and gray train that will crash into it.

 I am the red train who tried.  

The door shut behind me. I didn’t need to have an extra pair of eyes to see Loyd went to the restroom. And then I sat in the chair ready to hear excuses this suspect has for their situation. My first suspect of the day was an unwell woman in her late thirties. I glance at her file to see what had gotten her into this iron clad room. It has security cameras that normally would be seen in Sci-fi movies.  

“Jenna Carlton?” I ask.

The unwell woman nods. Okay let’s call her Ms.Carlton.So begin with Autopilot questions.

“Why did you bring a radioactive purse aboard?” I ask, putting down the file on the table.

Ms Carlton takes out a set of keys.

“I .  .  .” She wasn’t able to speak English that well.  She puts it on the table.

I look up to her; seeing those desperate and sick eyes.

“Mam.” I said, putting my hands into a ball in one another. “Do I have to report you as a flight risk?”

She shook her head, jabbering something in a language I could not understand. She empties out her purse then took out several small objects most people won’t consider as important or significant. I pieced together this item she had attempted to bring aboard was for her son who needed this for an important task. It was federal government approved.  But no one had alerted the flight zones it was something not to raise suspicion over.

I had fallen into auto-pilot on the way to work this morning. This job doesn’t require lots of thinking. So rest of the afternoon was spent interviewing lousy people who had brought something that shouldn’t be brought aboard or didn’t do as they had been told when scanning their luggage. It was 2:50 PM when something very unexpected had happened.

 “Why did you bring a computer and not power it on?” I said, in auto-pilot.

I’m in Auto-pilot, you know, it’s so casual and doesn’t require a lot of thinking. I normally don’t need to be looking straight at the suspect’s face with full attention. That’s where my mind goes off track into worlds of wonder, what to do after work, what socks to put on after getting home, and whether or not to start dinner first before turning on the Telly. 

 “So, you call these machines ‘computers?”  Came the reply.

“Yes.” I said, with a sigh. “That’s what we 21st century civilians define our laptops or desk dependent machines.”

“Do you know how little you look?” The suspect asks.

“Short, you mean.” I correct the suspect, first time around.

“You are a little mortal.” The suspect said.

“Short mortal.” I correct the suspect.

I don’t know how this is even possible; but the suspect made an argument about that.

“No, you are tall.” The suspect said.

“Short.” I said.

“How tall are you?” The suspect asks me, again.

“Four foot eleven.” I said. I’m really in auto pilot mode; see?

The suspect sighs, shaking their head probably from my brain in rest mode.

“You are five foot five.” The suspect said.

“Okay, stop being weird.” I said. “Tell me why you didn’t power on the laptop.”

“Now you said Laptop.” The figure accuses me. “Which is it? Computer or laptop?”

I slap my forehead; feeling tired and groggy. I hadn’t gotten enough sleep from my next door neighbors yelling and shouting all night long. Their scream fest is just tempting for me to mess their house up one time. Just to show whose boss of the room next door. For a first in my life being a tired worker is surprising.

“I don’t know who you are.” I said. “If you don’t answer.  .  .  .” I tap my fingers on the table feeling a headache coming up. “I will have your butt behind put on the no fly list.”

“There is no way in Midgard you are capable of putting me on a list of flys!”  The suspect said.

I rub my eyes; trying to decide if this was a dream. Come on; can’t this be a dream?

“There’s no such thing as dreams like this.” I said, with my eyes closed.

“This is not a dream, Joy.” Oh hell. My brain then began thinking. The serious tone in it matched no other than Loki’s voice.

It all became apparent I was talking to Loki,.

“What the hell are ya doing here?” I question Loki.

 “You remember Karly, right?” Loki asks.

I  folded my arms.

“I do.” I said. I heaved a sigh.  “You’ve made a mistake with her.”

Loki fiddled with his fingers like a child asking for help.

“Not exactly.” Loki said. Well, that’s surprising. Not. “I ditched her at a hot air balloon with one of my doubles and then bought a ‘soda’ from a station. I saw her forced into a black transportation vehicle—“

“Car or van?” I ask.

“All of mortal’s transportation vehicles are the same to me.” Loki said.

I roll an eye.

“Well there’s a fine print to wead on the Wikipedia.” I said, pushing back my chair. 

"I want you to practice that' 'r' more." Loki said. "You are a grown mortal. You should have taken classes for this. The only reason I came here is because you are well known for finding mortals in this—“

“Loki, that’s another story for another day.” I pick up the file on his fake alias. “I was able to find the child and the dog because the pet had a GPS tracker.” I sigh,shaking my head at the easy case. “There were five men in the room; they were not tied to the mob. I can’t risk going into an abandoned warehouse with more than FIVE men.”

“I never said a number.” Loki notes. 

“Yeah right.” I said, rolling my eyes.  “The mob is different when it comes to kidnappings. There are more than five men protecting their kidnapped cargo. There is a reason why godfathers are called ‘godfathers’ in mob terms. They take care of business without anyone knowing what had happened. Loki, tell her father.”

“There’s a problem with that.” Loki said.

I raise an eyebrow.

“What?” I ask.

 “He’s dead.” Loki said, serious about it. “I do not prefer to get my hands dirty from things like this. If you claim to be an Asgardian and not a Demigod; prove it.”

I gasp.

I can’t tell if Loki’s lying.

“You’ve forgotten New York.” I said.

“New York was different.” Loki said , throwing out the event as an in-development story. “I’ve seen you can’t be struck by bullets.”

 “.  .  . Loki, you came all this way, just to ask me?” I said.  “That is not you.”

“That’s what you would do if it were me.” Loki said.  “You would go to Thor.”

I turn away with a frown on my face and head towards the door.

“It was only a day ago.” Loki said. “If I were you; I would go to the Detective Sunacho. He’s not all who he claims to be.”

Damn it. A good guy is actually a kidnapper. Damn it.

“Bye.” I said, exiting the room.

Loyd’s shirt is on inside out.

“Hey look!” Henry said, jokingly. “The Shiny Lucario decided to come out the crystal.”

“Loyd.” I said, with a smile while passing through. “Your shirt is inside out.I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Ah hell!” Loyd said, getting up. “Henry; could you stop being a big A-hole and tell me I’ve .  .  . “

I didn’t hear the rest as I shut the door behind me.

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