Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


31. Headache

  .  . . August 10th .    . .

. . . New York City .  . .

  I am  having a headache. Not the one all people experience every year that feels long and often times very short. My headache it’s more like screaming in this language that’s derived from the Chitauri.Don’t ask how I know about that because there’s no explanation how this is possible.

 They are urging me to suggest—big impatient pharaoh hunchbacks don’t understand the bundle on my shoulders— them to Loki. In my gut there’s a feeling telling me that time hasn’t come.

I couldn't bare this pain much longer. But then again there’s a brand new life for me; not be owned or tortured for being late on something ‘important’ for some evil bad-like guys who twist other’s arms to get what they want. For the short time I had been around the Chitauri they had created a horrible impression on me.

“Headache?” Callie asks, getting on her summer clothes.

It’s August, and summer is transitioning to fall. I’m sitting in a chair dwindling in my headache’s pain.

“Yes.” I mumbled, pressing an ice pack-- hoping it would work, obviously--against my head.

Callie slips on rather expansive, neat-styled sandals.

“I had a headache before.” Callie straps her sandals on her pretty small feet. “And it was during the winter; when I was a child. I was wearing winter clothes—before then, I wore summer clothes even when it was winter, but my father insisted that one day—since it was cold—I had to wear winter clothes!”

  I look at Callie.

“Your last name really isn’t Summers.” I realized, saying my thought out loud.

Callie drags her feet across the floor attempting to get the shoe into place.Her small foot did not fit in to the shoe; similar to a Cinderella attempt. You know her name is actually Ella; right?  Her name is not Cinderella; it’s the title of her movie though some people, like me,sometimes refer to her by ‘Cinderella’.

“It’s Butterscotch.” Callie jokingly said. I would have taken that seriously if she hadn’t laughed at it. “My last name is actually Jones; Callie Jones.”

I held my breath somewhat anticipating what else she had to spill.

“My parents are wealthy.” Callie adds, taking her sandals off. She throws it out the window—and my eagle like perspective saw they landed in a shoestore without a glass window—as though she didn’t think about selling them.

She’s crazier than me, I thought.

 “And they want me to be married off to some jerk.” Callie adds, putting on her summer shoes.

The way Callie had said it sounded like it had been arranged before she even met him.

“Arranged marriage?” I guess.  

If Loki had been here; He could have transformed Callie into a dangerous female lion that could trick a male lion into going into the wrong pride. No wait, that’s the wrong comparison, if she was turned into a lion that was the pet of a human you wouldn’t have known until Callie ate meat like a gentlemen with forks and napkins.

“I ran away, changed my looks, and took on a different life.” Callie explains. “I’ve learned to consider winter as summer, and fall as summer.” Every second that goes by I consider Callie a summer obsessed lunatic who’s actually wealthy but wants to blend into a ‘normal’ life. “Isn’t it great to have a little craziness lingering around?”

I sigh, pressing the cold icepack against my forehead.

“Thought my life was complicated.”  I muttered. “Gee, I wonder how you’ve been getting money.”

“Joy, you’ve been collecting money where-ever you go; you attract the money when no one is looking.” Callie goes on like a detective solving a case. Gee I think Karlos and Callie should hook up because they are almost alike. She puts a hand on her chest preparing to say something overdramatic.  “However I do  look.”

I honestly didn’t know what to say.

But on the other hand, since visiting that haunted abandoned date center . . . I feel weird.

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