Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


12. Happy 18th birthday to me

A/N This is a long chapter. Please make sure to take breaks inbetween this.This is dedicated to RgRacingGirl for reaching 1,000 reads on her bayverse story "Classified".

  I couldn't believe it. Today is my (official) 18th Birthday. I couldn't really believe it; Growing up. I Took a Step into Asgard, seriously, as a seventeen year old girl. Still this is unbelieve-able; Anyway, I've gotten accustomed to Asgard. Living there has become an everyday occurrence. Not everyday do ya have  a keeshond barking at you to let her out. This is a living chance to live among gods--Well not  a chance technically, it's a unexpected gift-- a gift to experience what Midgardians consider absurd.

  Might living with gigantic robots (in a certain universe that starts with a  'b') be crazy?

  Fandral and I had to do some favors for Sif and Hiemdall last month; things that ya would not expect at all!

"Do not let her out." Odin orders two guards at my door.

 I  had my ear pressed against the door.

"Are you serious?" An Asgaridian guard asks. "Joy can't last being inside her room for.  . ."  I figure he counts his fingers. "Her entire birthday! Have you not seen what she has done to our armor?" Odin probably didn't really notice but now he did. "Just think; what else she could do in her room."

"We are in the middle of an attack," Odin reminds them. "She cannot come out."

Oh, the doors to the balcony are locked.  .  . too.

Sometimes a girl can wonder 'why start a chapter like this?'. Well, little girl or teenager, there's a highly good reason for it.  Asgard is being attacked by these creatures who call themselves Chitauri.Ya know the Lone Ranger? Well, when I was watching the trailers; there were so many Marvel trailers that they were annoying me! Thor: The Dark World trailer almost reminded me of Transformers in the first few seconds.It made me groan and roll my eyes; thinking "This is too early, Micheal Bay" because of the truck that was hovering in the sky at one point in the trailer.

I still believe to this day that the truck was a reference to Generation 1 Optimus Prime.

I profoundly remember that truck, the doors closing or opening, and me being really annoyed at the amount of Marvel Trailers. The Lone Ranger was a really good movie. Also there was a exclusive sneak peak to The Dark World on the Disney Channel that was actually an interview with Chris Hemsworth and Tom hiddleston; they were talking about the brother's relationship. I hadn't figured Loki was adopted. Until Tumblr came around; I thought Loki was Thor's brother.

  Two weeks ago.  .  . Me and Fandral got into a little mess. Okay, that's a lie. We got caught by some dudes.    .     .

    ___________                         _______

      .  .  .Two weeks ago.  .

     .    .    . May 23rd.  . 2011.  .  .

   Joy and Fandral are in two wooden hanging cages; they are gigantic, really. These wooden cages are hanging from the ceiling.Huge windows are seen right across from them. This is part of a old fashioned, gigantic cottage made entirely from wood that mimics a 'Jack the giant slayer' kind of feel to it.Wind forces the doors to the windows bump against the walls ever so eerily. A pot is steaming and boiling ever so hotly.  Leaves are abundant on the floor. Small bones that could have belonged to animals are evident beside the wooden furniture such as the table's legs.

 If one thought they were in version of Jotunheim without snow, cold, and ice; they would be on the right track. It is not hard to believe this is a heated climate that is clearly a bad reminder of the  hot-steaming red-yellow famous Utah mountains. Going away from the cottage, outside like astronauts can see earth from outer space, going up a few feet we can see there are huge,towering  basking green and brown forests scattered about this realm similar to Jotunheim. The clouds are an ominous dark gray over the trees sending strong winds gusting through them.

  Inside in the cottage there's a pair of birds, that seem similar to geese and hawks bred together,sitting in a nest right across from the wooden cages.

    "I should have never asked you not to sneeze." Fandral said, glaring at her direction.

   Joy rolls her eyes.

   "That's always the case in luck." Joy  is observing a wooden, soft object in her hands. "Doing something that ya shouldn't be told  not to do."

This is a bit confusing to understand.

   "Sneezing does not fact with luck." Fandral said.

  But one can guess a realm portal unexpectedly opened for Fandral and Joy out of the blue.

 Joy opens the object up like a wallet,then takes out a small ID card. But she froze at his comment with both eyes stuck on Fandral.

Because to be honest, that's what had happened.

 "Don't ever tell me NOT to sneeze!" She waves her hands in the air. "Because then I will do it." Joy puts her hands down. "Telling me not to do something is bad luck." A mouse scurries under a gigantic table looming below the cages. "Simple as that, Mr-I-know-how-to-summon-bad-luck."


 "Joy, don't provoke them." Fandral is quick to warn her.

Lo and behold are troll, gigantic and dirty tree similar figures.

"Don't."  Joy tells him , in a deeper voice.

Joy  shook her head.

  The Troll, gigantic and tree-dirty figures have branches, leaves, and rough skin that matches their realms mountains.. We can see there are some dark brown patches that were suitable for plants to be growing on their shoulders.Their shoes are large and matty. Why should they be called shoes in the first place? These large, matty moccasins resemble couches without a humongous strap to keep it connected to a giants foot. The moccasins are a poor example of troll building; a lower section of the moccasin couches--that people would put their feet on--is acting like a heel. Their tarsals  are connected to these overly crafted furniture.

     It's impossible to believe; but these trolls have  huge ugly eyes that may not make sense to even have.Their eyes seem black as night; the pair that would be feared when a human has their eyes completely black with not a sight of white in sight.One can assume that human might be something supernatural The First  troll has a undesirable stench about him. The second troll smells sweet as a perfume, oddly enough.

 "Is that.  .  ." Joy's voice is lower than it should be. "Real? Am I dreamin' this!"

  The first troll comes against Joy's cage.

 "You are not a dreamer." The first troll said in a mean voice.

 The First Troll's breath made Joy pinch her nose. Fandral had the luck  not be close to Joy's cage.

"Mannnn," Joy shook her right hand. "Ya must have a ugly heritage!"

"Joy, what did I say?" Fandral reminds her.

The First troll shook the cage.

"Weee!" She topples back into a big pile of what seemingly is leaves. Her hand that is still holding the ID card shoots out the pile of leaves. "I'mma okay!"

 The first troll is named Howlifrey and the second troll is Truelifle.

"Howlifrey," Truelifle, the second troll, starts saying. "Stop messing with the Asgardians."

"This one is simply not an Asgardian!" The first troll, apparently Howlifrey, stomps his foot. He points to Joy's cage. The cages slightly swing back  and forth from his powerful stomp.  "But a demigod, quite frankly, brother. It's painfully obvious!"

 The two geese-hawk birds are checking themselves out. However it's easy to tell there's an argument about to commence.

"That little pesky female is indeed a Asgardian!" Truelifle argues.

"She is not." Howlifrey bickers back.

Joy  is trying to bend the wooden bars.

 Ya know, prior to this, I discovered that gif that got me confused between who was Kirk's actor was.  .  . confusing.  .  .  This is only a slight interruption by Joy's thoughts.  For the best part. I learned that Chris Pine plays Kirk and Chris Hemsworth plays George Kirk. This meme on tumblr went: "Daddy?" and, Thor saying, "Crap, wrong room. Loookkiiii!"

 "I'll prove it to you!" Truelifle said, opening the cage.

Joy crawls to the other side but Truelifle picks her up. Suddenly his branches and dark-ground like appearance lost their frightening momentum. His strong grip becomes shaky. Joy tries to wiggle her way out his dirty ground hand.

"Dark magic!" Then Truelifle throws her back into the cage, terrified. "She's consumed with it!"

Joy and Fandral share confused reactions.

"Stop being a scaredy cat," Howlifrey snaps. "Truelifle."

Truelifle's branches trembled and  leaves fell from his skin as though they were coming from a dying tree in the swamps.

 "You are the one who brought them here!" Truelifle points at him.

The tension is becoming very coiled between these troll-nature-like brothers.

  "You are the one who wanted to eat flesh!" Howlifrey accuses his brother.

  Fandral plugs his ears as though he's heard this argument go on before.

"Guys, picture a girl biting off a man's L.  .  I.  .   and oh think of popping a popiscle." Joy said.

    Truelifle shrieks, stepping back from the cage.

 "Oh my gods!" Truelifle panics. "What a horrid image!"

 "Welcome to what I've been trying to forget for.  .  . three years, " Joy snickers. She shook her head.Thinking about it makes Joy's skin crawl.  "Baad movie. So bad."

 "What is a Popsicle?" Fandral asks.

 "I'll.  .  explain later." Joy said.

 Howlifrey knocks down the cages as he forces Truelifle to the wall. The Geese-hawks squawk flapping their wings sending a few  white-brown feathers in any direction. Some of these feathers floated down into the cages that had Fandral and Joy in. A old, dark skull rolls out from the hay-like straw finally hitting the wooden bars. The skull had a scar on the forehead. Joy looks down to the ID card's picture and saw a permanent scar on the man's forehead.

Joy covers her mouth.

 "I'mma puke." Joy  turns towards the cage's bars and then puked what she had this morning.

Fandral got busy with his sword by cutting down a big hole for him right at his side of the cage as the giants were busy.

 "You are not always like this, brother." Howlifrey reminds Truelifle. "You do not concede to a Asgardians trickery."

Joy couldn't make herself move a muscle; That's how sick she feels.

 "It's not trickery." Truelifle  retorts as his back is making a large impact in the wall.

We lower our perspective down to Fandral and Joy.

 "Joy," Fandral whispers. "Use your weapon."

Joy covers her mouth, looking so green that trolls may not find her appetizing. Fandral knew when ladies got this sick; it mean they wouldn't be able to walk or run right for awhile.So he got two big feathers over to the cage then cut a hole into the wooden cage.It took  five minutes to do however it worked.  Fandral drags her out then put Joy on the soft-pillow-blanket like sled. The two brothers were still bickering. Fandral saw the ID card in Joy's right hand, and then looks over to the skull on the floor.

So he picks up the skull.

"Midgardians have been here?" It puzzles Fandral more than Joy's arrival to Asgard

Howlifrey takes a step back from Truelifle.

"Our food does not contain dark magic." Howlifrey said, in his own heavy-righteous like defense voice.

"Brother," Truelifle raises his voice. It became evident his voice has a British-accent in a way."You should never mess with Asgardian affairs! Where did you get those two?" His gigantic arm bumps against the window doors which makes the geese-hawks alarmed. "Did you get them from another portal?"

Truelifle pushes Howlifrey into the table.

Fandral wraps the skull into a bag while making a mental note to send that skull back to Midgard. He then rushes by the trolls destruction while using a hand to pull the white and gray feather sled. Running towards a huge slightly ajar door is not easy as roller skating on short grass. Fandral runs around the gigantic table that broke into half Both table legs had snapped from the heavy wet that ad been thrusted upon the top. Large plates were flying in  different directions as the trolls had gotten into a nasty fight.

The birds grab their nest using their talons and then  flew out the window.

"They came to our realm!" We can hear Howlifrey yell at his brother as he misses stepping on Fandral.

 "No, it was a portal!"  Truelifle forces Howlifrey through a gigantic book-like shelf that has lots of weapons and trophies from previous hunts.

 Joy then pukes over the feather-bed-sled.

 "I'm sick." Joy fell back on the feather-bed-sled.

Fandral gets through the slightly ajar door's wide space and leaves the cottage with Joy in tow. We zoom out to see the small cottage is destroyed by the brothers in the next thirty-four minutes. If one can say a dust bowl was made from this then they probably could be right; as a big dust cloud was sent throughout the forest. Thankfully Fandral and Joy got  back to Asgard before the dust bowl had been stirred. 

________________                  _______________________

.   .   . Asgard.  .  .

.    .   . March 30th 2011.  .  .

The thing about anticipating your birthday is that.  .  .things change fast. I got some more training in hand to hand combat.Today was a good one, as the month was transitioning to June.Some Asgardians had their suspicions about me; which I totally can understand with the whole Schenio disappearing act. Watching the sun set from the castle is a beautiful sight. Maybe it's all worth it getting taken by a portal that Heimdall was not expecting. Was it worth it to be the last one seen with a dark elf? Perhaps seeing the missiles crashing into the road as I was being taken to Asgard have a significance. Then what was it? Was it to meet all these interesting and unique people?

    I saw something in the distance similar to a ships hulk right out of the movies. 

 "That can't be a ship." I put my right hand over my eye watching the figure come into full view.

That is not a ship.

 "It's.  . Th-t-the Space turtle." My feet were glued to the floor while leaning forward on the balcony's stone surface.

  When the Space Turtle came closer, it became evident that it had brought a little company. Guess what; The space Turtle is a female! I could see the little-whale-like turtles flying under her arms.The cuteness factor is so great that someone like me should have bought a camera--I don't use cell phones--a long time ago. Seeing the adorable baby space turtles makes me be more grateful to be here.Oddly enough there wasn't any alarms going off in the kingdom. It does make sense no one is alarmed because the space turtle is way above ground level.

   The Space Turtle is careful, hovering right across from the balcony keeping it's arms still.

 "Hey girly!" I said, rubbing the Space Turtle's forehead. "Congrats on motherhood."

 I could have sworn that the Space Turtle had smiled.

 The baby space turtles hid under her arms pretty scared about me at first.


 She made this odd, soft and fascinating noise towards the little ones while turning her head away from me. I notice she still has the big hole to squirt water on her head.The Space turtle is reassuring her young ones that I am safe; possibly. Her head turns away from the little ones towards me. There's a little sparkle in her eye. This sparkle is not the sweet and adorable kind of sparkle. This sparkle is actually sad and heart-wrenching. It's the kind that makes everyone in a theatre just cry.

It was almost as though The Space Turtle could sense something that I did not.

 "Don't ya be sad." I tell her. "Be happy! My birthday is right around the corner."

The Space Turtle then licks me.

"Aw man." I complain. "Now I gotta go to bed with my hair cover." I reach my hand down, then summon a towel that comes straight out from under the bed. "Eww drool!" Getting droll off your hair and face is not the best thing in the entire galaxy. If ya could consider as a highlight in a lifetime to be lick; then good for ya.

One small, baby space turtle-like-whale wiggles it's way to me.

 It makes this Chirp Chipr sound.I had just finished getting whatever remained off my face and out of my hair. I could this little one had all the features that a adult space turtle have. It's pretty much a miniature version of it's mother except it has hard-rougher scales.It taps on my nose.This one made me smile. The little one reaches it's little arm out to me. So ya know what I did? I lightly shook that little arm. The little one returns to the adult space turtle.

   "Is this a farewell?" I ask The Space Turtle.   Something shines in her eyes, in a way that makes a really.  .  . sad moment. Oh no. I can feel the tears coming up.The Space Turtle nods. I have a hard time writing goodbyes. Now it's time I actually did it first before The Space Turtle leaves.I sigh and then say, "Goodbye."  

   _________                     ___________

  June 1st. 2011.  .  .

  Asgardian horses are cool and they are fast runners! No seriously, they are. I call one without a name by Hotstreak. Now stop then think about the name. HotStreak and I have this-not-so-good riding companionship.  Hotstreak is an amber horse with a white mane. He doesn't like me riding him, obviously.

 "Are you sure about not riding Mar?" Hogun asks, patting the side of his horse.

 "He used to be Loki's." I said. "Lusa--Lisa.  .  .Not Lusa." Why did I say Lusa?.   .   . that is odd. "Lisa does not want me to ride him, and I respect her wish."

 Hogun chuckles, and he is apparently amused by my own loyalty towards others. Like he couldn't make himself believe that there are midgardians out there who show that kind of understanding, loyality, and really good darn patiance. Oh, that I really love horses such as Black Beauty. I love that movie!

  "Promise me one thing." Hogun said.

 "Yep?" I ask.

"Do not wear shoes  when entering the building." Hogun tells me.

I laugh, and laugh.Not until I noticed that Hogun was pretty serious what he meant. 

 "Are you sure about riding with me to  .   .     .?"  Hogun asks me, actually concerned.

  Well, riding practice wasn't-so-good because Hotstreak.  .  . is Hotstreak.

  "Hogun," I begin explaining, wrapping some of Hotstreak's white mane around my fingers.  "I will ride a gigantic bison named Appa and ride a dragon named Saphira if that slagging-stubborn horse throws me off."

  I pat on  HotStreak's side.

 "Besides, what can possibly happen?" I ask, with a grin that is totally not-to-trust.

And then Hotstreak races forward speeding through the forest as though his back is on fire.

 "I take that back!" I shriek.

I could hear Hogun's laughter while going through a big forest. It was so fast that the gigantic branches sent me me to the side still strapped on to HotStreak.There are huge arse tree's right up ahead! And one of my hands is still tangled in mane. How idioitic am I? I am perhaps the most idiotic person in the entire realm of  Asgard. Asgard is a beautiful realm that in combat; that's what I would fight for, like that dream walker did in Avatar; he fought to protect Pandora.

 "Hoottstreaaaaaaaaaaak!" I yell. "STaaaphhhhh!"

Hotstreak neighs, and it was now a matter of minutes before he decided to do something stupid.

"Hotstreak." I wiggle  my right arm. "I really hate ya."

The Asgardian Horse looks at me with one eye closed and another open, with his earse bent to the side and his tongue sticking out.

 "So that makes two of us." I mutter, feeling my hand getting more wrapped up in his mane.


  Hotstreak went off into a cage and ended up hitting a wall. Guess who got the worst head bump? That itself doesn't need to be said but it's only karma. I decided not to ride Hotstreak but instead do the walking and basically guide him to this building. Hogun has this odd request that I do not wear my shoes when entering.

 Kind of reminds me of the scene where young Susake  opened tthe door to find his dead parents when he didn't wear shoes and he kind of walked on his tippy toes.

 "Do not wear shoes." I recall Hogun's firm and non-negotiable comment.

  So that's what I did after tying Hotstreak to a pole; I took my shoes off and then entered the building.

______                                       _______

.    .   June 4th.  . 2011.  .  .
      It's not my birthday; yet. My birthday is in two days. So with the time left as a seventeen year old there was a little light bulb moment. I had learned from doing a survey that most Asgardian Children did not know how to dance. I decided to teach some Asgardian children how to dance.Thor and his friends were busy with something else, yet Sif had told me to go with my idea before they left.

  Frigga helped me with the rest to convince that dancing is a harmless basic tool in life.  .  .Unless the person who is dancing has gotten drunk; then they have a big chance there's a hilarious dance wreck. That could be a bad scene. Or it could be pretty harmless depending what's at the dance. Well, what I am teaching could possibly cause a hilarious dance wreck. So yes, I  have successfully lied again. There must be a really good lying degree in this mind.

"Now do the drunken-nine-proper-giraffe dance!" I order the kids.

 The kids were confused and didn't really understand the concept. Can't blame them for that.

 "Does that mean getting sick from two trolls?" Lehim, a young Asgardian boy with 30 some freckles, asks.

 I had told Fandral not to tell anyone what happened.

 "No." I said, right away while walking on the slick dance floor boards.Some of the kids laugh. "It involves doing something silly." 

Lehim acts tough.

 "That wouldn't hurt by doing it." Lehim said, not as a question but as a statement. "Because I'm tough and stiff for Asgard!"

  I'm glad to see kids who proclaim to be strong for their home. Odin has some doubts on this dancing idea of mine. He didn't need to say it. I could tell by his eyes: Eyes are literately the tell-tale sign for everything. How do I know this? Go watch Lie to Me. That was a pretty good show. Too bad Fox had canceled it I remember watching an episode in 2006 or 2007.

   I taught the kids to run and shake their arms in the air; roll their arms like a bread roll, then do some proper sliding-feet-dancing on the floor  similar to Nine in The Doctor Dances. The kids had fun learning how to dance. So maybe fate should be forgiven? Okay; I forgive you Fate, again. The night was fun.  For some reason there was this  gut feeling that  my birthday may not be so good when watching the girls twirl similar to a ballerina. I don't wear Asgardian Dresses; that is unlike me. 

  Why? My mom tried to make me be a girly girl as a child and so I simply went into the nearest mud puddle whenever I had something pretty on. I'm the evidence that trying to make a baby a girly girl will make them into a tomboy. So far it can be a possible assumption that dressing up baby girs in not-so-pretty clothing will drive them into developing a girly girl kind of dress style.

    "You've done good with these young ones." Frigga startles me.

    I jump two inches, and my skin could have jumped as well.

     "Jeeze, Frigga." I said, calming myself. "Ya are like an ninja."

     "Ninja?" Frigga repeats, not entirely following what I said.

     Well, that was awkward.

    ".   .   . Nevermind." I said, rubbing my forehead.

    "You get along with kids so well, do you have any?" Frigga asks.

    Hahahahaa, hahahaa, that is funny.

    "I didn't get out much back on my Midgard." I tell Frigga. I twirl my fingers in a circle.  "But no; I don't."

   Frigga is surprised.

 "You act like it."

  I shrug.

 "I don't plan to have kids; besides.  .  . " The kids were doing a square dance. Ah there goes the evolution of dancing going into a pill-wire. Wait what's a pill-wire? "I don't belong here. I'm a friendly person with a joyful atmosphere that reaches out to the afterlife. The Afterlife, they too, can feel my presence. How do I know this? Well .  .  . My mom had a medium with a spirit guide .  .  ." I explain the rest to Frigga. "And Charlotte, the little girl, who is connected to the white book shelf was  .  ."

  I clear my throat.

 "Whenever she came to my room; when I was throwing my little ball into the air, she felt joy and so much happiness." I continue. "I am a bright, happy-go-lucky,and friendly person. I'm bright to the afterlife. I am almost like the.  . " I held my hand out towards the sky. "The lantern guiding a lost person to something.  .  better, ya know."

I reach my hand back.

 "So Charlotte is a dead, little girl?" Frigga asks as though she could not believe it.

Sometimes we all want to deny the horrible things that happen.

"She went to the light, or so my mom said." 

 "You didn't answer my question."

I nod.

 "She was a ghost." I tell her. "One who was fortunate enough to have her white book shelf in my room."

 I could see her eyes realized something.

 "So that's why you chose the name 'Joy'." Frigga said, with a nod. "It suites you."

____               _____            _______

.   .  .Asgard.    .    .   .

.  .   .June 6th, 2011  .  .

    I am really sick of being inside the castle for so long. Yes today is my birthday and I am stuck in my 'room'. From being bored most of the time I had taken sometime to explore the room. Guess who's room it used to be? I am so not telling because it has to be guessed not told. Asgard is under attack by the Chitauri. Thanks to me and my own determination to be somebody who's not the reason why a good person died; I'm stuck in my room. That is the most un-professional-damped birthday ever.

  The doors to the balcony are locked.

 I could hear Odin walk away from my door.

Does he truly think that,I, the silent girl will stay in her room for the entire battle? 

  "Odin should not underestimate me." I whisper to myself, taking my ears off the door. 

   I pull the bed over to the side (There are pillows under the bed legs). There's a staircase directed downwards right under the bed. Guess I wasn't the only one who got bored of being stuck in a room for hours on end. I had used this passage too during the last month. So I go down the stairs taking out my blade from it's sheath.If there were other women in here they would get scared and run back upstairs at the squeaks of rats.Rats do not want me to mess with them; they learned their lesson ages ago. 

   The rats back off my path similar to people standing by at a parade.  Wanna know what I did to the rats in April? I threw in a bag with pink powder. Guess what happened right after it was thrown in. The powder landed on every creature that was traveling the halls. It was to my delight that I saw a pink rat run out from under the bed. Duetei had accidentally walked in when the rat was running around. Guess what He did? He screamed, then grabbed a broom and chased after the mouse! He didn't know what I did.   .  . Except Fandral. Fandral is the one who got the pink powder in the first place for me.

  "And I prove once again that I am the god of Pranks." I muse to myself, holding  my glowing electrical blade.   There is shouting that's starting to become clear and closer. From a good distance ya can see light coming from the far end of the hall.

   Adrenaline starts pumping through my veins. I've been practicing combat just for this day! The best and only day that I can be victorious on my 18th birthday! Turning 18 only comes once in your entire life; except if there are some consequences to the age. Hearing the drip-drops of water didn't seem to bother me anyhow.Stepping on the greasy-muddy floor is disgusting.   But still, it  is worth it. 

  "Ready or not.  .  ."

    I came to the end; where I can feel a door knob to the right,and took a grip on it. This is gonna be the birthday ever! 

    "Here comes JJJJjooooy!"  I push the door open and fell flat on my face. ".   .   . Note to self: don't do it so fast."

  I get up and saw there are gigantic ships in the sky. Ships that were: too alien,dark of the moon Decepticon like Ark, and beetle like. Let me rephrase that: They are alive! They floated as though dinosaurs had evolved into them ever so gracefully from the pterodactyl.A bird watcher can tell there are blue sphere-tube like objects right in the flying-beetle-alien-ship creature's spines. I can see the Chitauri were protecting someone to the entrance of the castle.

     "All right Blasttah." I could hear the blade transform. "Let's show 'em who's the boss of terrible aiming."

 I click the trigger aimed at the chitauri; I shot at them four times.

 Ping! went my first blast that hit a Chitauri's helmet, my second one hit a Chitauri's neck that made them fall down, the third blast missed them, and my fourth whizzed by whoever the Chitauri were protecting. It's weird to see that happen. Ya know this is weird telling ya about what strike which Chitauri. Ya don't expect a lousy shooter to know this stuff and be in narrative POV who's a not n expert. Narrative view it would be fine to know about it.  .  . But, it is weird knowing this.

   Then they shot me; well, I was sent flying into a abandoned Asgardian house. I landed on a table that collapsed beneath me. The ringing fire of shootings is frightening and scary. My head aches a little. There isn't a scrape from this. I did not get hurt by the blast, only bruised from going through the wall and landing on the table.Asgardians are terrified what is going on.Their screams are preferably a good hint to it.

    "Have ta check up on Lisa." I get up, ignoring the shouts coming from outside like a crazy parade that is having a gun shooting in the wild west.Wait; where I am getting this entire thought about a gun fire set in the wild west with a parade  going on? This must mean that my imagination is going off into the realm of war descriptions.

  I walk out the house through a destroyed wall instead of the door.

 Ya never know when someone is gonna shoot at the door when ya coming out; right?

 Bb--blast blast.

 I had to check up on Lisa.If anything that I worry about; it is kids and those who seem important to me as friends.I use my lasah blaster on some Chitauri that were going down the street where Lisa lives.One Chitauri charges at me while shrieking something that's undescribe-able. My lasah Blaster transforms into a blade, and then I cut off that Chitauri's head. Strange thing is that the technology in  it's neck reminds me of robotic-techno-organic Terminator style minus the blue exposed skin. Did I not mention that Matt Smith is confirmed to be in the next Terminator movie and is supposed to portray someone really close to John Conner?

Good, then if ya didn't know.   .   . Now ya know!

 My blade transforms to blastah form.


 Horses rode by the Chitauri as there are some Asgardian riders using their swords to kill every last one.

 I ran fast, using the speed that really hadn't been used in probably years. To me, everyone is a blurr and to them I am a woman who's running really fast. Coming closer to Lisa's house; there was an explosion.I hit my head; landing hard against a building's side. My vision is not the best regardless that my eyesight is good enough that I don't need glasses. I just had to get up. My leg feels so bad that it was only forcing myself to run that I ran to Lisa's. Finally getting there it was burning in flames.

    Could she still be in there? Yes; she's home in the morning.

    Besides, she is a friend of Loki's.

      I  had to go in there!

    I ran in ignoring my own pain; I could hear the cries of Asgardins pleading for help. The Chitauri were busy minding their shooting. Is this how a hero feels when they go into a burning house? Do they feel helpless to those they cannot save? I could hear Mar's distinctive high pitch wail from down the hall. A horse's wail is something you will never forget, especially when they are in dire pain.The ceiling above me had started cracking.I can't smell but the smoke is definitely hurting my lungs.

    Ya have to cover your nose when going in to do something like this. 

   So ya know what I did? I pinched my nose and followed Mar's horse shrieks. The closed, large door rang with a terrified horse screaming.Without thinking I kicked down the door. The flames were engulfing Lisa's beautiful home; this is not the animal shelter,this is Lisa's home.  .  . where she sometimes brought the animals home. I could see the built in horse stalls. My foot doesn't feel so good. I swear that a cat whisked by my leg.A bird flew over my head but if it wasn't for it's feathers then I wouldn't have known.

   "Lisa!" I yell, stepping into the burning house.

  I only heard  animals. Not a word that was an Asgardian..

 "LIs--" I turn around and saw a crushed body under a pile of bricks that had used to be part of the cieling.

   It was Lisa. Lisa has a tattoo that is shaped like a dragon on her left arm and that's how I knew it was her. Her arm is sticking out fromm the mess. It wasn't moving. Through an eage's eye there wasn't life stirring inside her body or a heartbeat. Through a rat's view they couldn't feel her breathing. Lisa is really dead.

  I cough, while there are tears coming down not being held back.

 This is the worst birthday ever.

  "Let's ge--g-g-ett that horse outta here." I  open the stalls, kick the cages and kennels open for the animals that were still alive.

     There were so many animal sounds that I couldn't tell what was going out, but what I did feel was Mar's reign. And that I could feel something lick my leg. If ya backed away from my perspective then ya will see me pick up whatever  that done the licking and get on Mar's back. Other animals are heading out the apartment. Then I ride out the burning building. Is this selfish to take out what ya can? Some hero's have to make sacrifices like Tony Dinozzo did in a house fire. Mar lands in the street making a few grunts here and there.

      I slid off Mar, letting go whatever is on his back.

 "Ow." I wince. "My baccck."

    I hold my hand up to see dirt and burns all over.Mar ran off through the crowd carrying something that resembles a Komodo dragon--oh! It was Sam who licked my leg. Wasn't he supposed to be adopted?

 "Oh sh--" I start, but a blast from above flipped me over. "Fate; bad fate!"

 I shook my fist at the sky, totallly annoyed by Fate's crude sense of humor. I have a good sense of humor; at least in my view.


   I look up and saw the part of the castle that my room is supposed to be has been hit.My vision is a bit blurry from all the tears. I had to get back to the castle before they found out. Oh and what are ya gonna do, Ivs? Hide in the closet? I don't think so.Just join into what is going on; perhaps?  My blaster charges up as I could hear a Chitauri coming from  behind. 

 "One.  .  ." I put my hand on the trigger. "Two.  .  ." I whip around and shot at it repeatedly. "Three!"


One hundred twenty-eight Chitauri's later,  I found Fandral and Hogun defending a couple children. My joints didn't feel too well from all that combat. It makes me think that if I wanna be a person in combat then there should be more excise in my life. Great; Lehim  is using the Chitauri's own blaster against them since it was working. Why not help them? That is the most logical solution in the entire book. Or so I thought it that way.

   "Hey Fandral, need some help?" I shot down five Chitauri's that were almost near to the children.

 "Clone!" Fandral shouts.

"Storm trooper clone?" I look over my shoulder. "Where!"

 I blasted another row of the Chitauri down, then turn my direction back to them.

"Ya just  lied through yer teeth!" I said.

 "Stay away from us," Lehim said,  his blaster is charged up and threatening.He looks cute acting tough."Clone."

What the heck are they saying?

 ".  . What?" I look at my hands to check if they were mocking me. They were not mocking me over my not-so-good bruises and whatever stuff that came from killing the Chitauri. "What are ya talking about?"

 "We know you are a clone sent to replace Joy." Hogun said.

I could see something was wrong; they were under a deceptive spell.

  "Dudes!" I yell. "I am Joy!" I point to myself. "And I don't like being kept inside on my BIRTHDAY!"  I threw my hands up into the air, bending my fingers like an agitated anime character with a dark background that has flames coming around."Ya not talking to a clone, damn it."

  Lehim shot at me sending straight into the crowd of Chitauri's.

"Fandral!" I shriek as the group are no longer in my view but only Chitauri.

  A Chitauri throws me to the ground. My attention to surroundings is not really.  .  . alert right now. I couldn't believe this is happening. I do not understand about the clone. What clone were they talking about? I am Joy; flesh and dirt in all. All I want to do is curl up and cry out all these feelings that are stabbing me in the chest.My eyes feel heavy and watery. My lasah blastah's grip is strong but it wasn't being used.

    Everything is in a rush. Thunder is summoned from the sky and then it sent rock flying back. it was as though a hurricane, earthquake,and tornado had occurred, including a magnus hammer had been used. Magnus Hammer can summon electricity too. Wanna know what a Magnus Hammer is? It's the equivalent to the Matrix of leadership; sorry for that comparison if that is not understood. My breathing is normal, regardless how terrible today is.I've been through a lot of things in my life and this is by far a tragic event.

  Thor lands in the middle of the crater.

   "Thor.  .  ." I said, taking a few steps towards him. I did not understand what is happening. I saw something different about him; as though he had aged a quarter of a century. No he hadn't aged that much; stress can do that and so can a battle in your home just age ya.

  I try to say something, but it couldn't come out.

Thor held his hammer out,backing me away from him.

  "You are not Joy." Thor said, again.It was the words of a man you wouldn't want to anger. He was already mad at this point.

  But.  .  . I am Joy.

   It is my birthday and it's all falling a part; crap. There were tears staining my face.  My vision is pretty blurry. Maybe I shouldn't have left the castle; then they would believe me in the first place. Did this happen because of me being so house-sick? Thor is apparently under what everyone else is.I can't wrap my mind around this. My hands, my legs, and arms, and everything is trembling. I clear my throat hoping to find the words that I want to say.

    "I. .  . I.  .  ."  The words to insist that he's wrong couldn't come up. "I.  .  " I close my eyes, then reopen them.  Could I just give up and step back? No. I hate to say this; but a part of me does want to say it. "Thor; ya will regret saying that."

   Is that my biggest mistake?


  Thor took that as a threat. So slams his hammer into the ground which send a ripple through the floor. I was sent flying into a crowd of Chitauri. No.  .  . No! Thor, ya are an idiot! He can't be doing this. He couldn't have done it. He thinks I am the copy. I am not the slagging copy! The portals between Asgard and whatever realm the Chitauri reside in grows powerful. 

  Will Thor realize his mistake anytime soon?

 No; I don't think so.  He just deserves a slap from me when he and I are across from each other.

Then the Chitauri were forced to retreat and took me with them. I never felt so horrible in my entire life--well.  .  . There was this time 6 months ago I let out my feelings that I had bottled up for so long. I can't say why exactly, but it was all going down like a snow ball gaining momentum.  The portal closed off from Asgard. Nobody was there to stop me from falling. My knee's gave out. So I fell on the ground.

 I am alone.

Thor.  .  . I don't like that ya that much anymore. Ya were a good guy, no hard feelings but.  .  .

"No!" I scream, punching the ground.

It didn't do any good but it was good to let out my anger. I was shaking all over.

It's best to say that I am in a mess; and.  .  .crying.   .    . Thor; I don't like you.

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