Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


27. Ghost: Why do you have

                           .  .  July 15th ..Friday .  .2011.   . .

                    .  .  .   2:30 PM.  .  .

 To John the girls are bold and fearless.He and John are playing chess on the table. Karlos is chewing on a toothpick.He takes out the tooth pick and then drops it into a trash can.There's a dark radio blaring rock 'n roll music.John  lifts his white horsemen forwards on a white square towards another white square that's in between two dark boxes.Their phones lay on the corner of the table. If Loki had decided to pay a visit he would see two men engaged in fierce chess.

 "Kallie hasn't kalled."  John said, after a while.

Karlos makes his move with the dark knght.

"Just give them another hour." Karlos said. "They'll likely out at lunch or doing Karoke."

"The 12th was unusual."John said.

"It was a Tuesday." Karlos corrects him.

John snickers as he briefly shook his head. Then he picks up the queen.

"What if I told you .  .  ." John is playing with his queen in one hand. "Mr.Tom J.T. Lewheart was lot who he said he was?"

Karlos's right index finger taps on the chess table

"Then he has to be an alien." Karlos  said with a hand below his chin (Chin is cupped in his right hand).

John put the queen behind a white row of chess pieces.

"He's lot an alien." John said in a low voice, as his eyes twinkled.Karlos got a strange feeling as though this was rippedd out of a good sci-fi movie.  "He's a Lorse god."

Karlos pulls the chair back away from the table.

"You've crossed the line of sanity, man." Karlos warns John, taking his phone.

"I'm lot joking." John insists,with a hand on the table. He looks genuinely honest. "He's one hundred percent Lorse God! His lame is Noki."

Karlos rolls an eye as he takes a brown jacket off the coat hanger.He understood how often John mixed up his 'L' and 'N's, sometimes the 'k' and 'c' together--if not every other word.He understood John's speech. Can he not summon accusations from his magician hat? He refuses to believe John's irradical theory (aka accusation) is reasonably sound.

"That's it, we're checking on the girls." Karlos goes out the door as he puts on his jacket.

John picks up his phone.

"It does lot excuse why this 'Tom' has been hanging around Joy!" John goes after Karlos.

 ___                                                    ___                                          __

  .  . . 3: 30 Pm  .  . 

 Karlos drove into the driveway to the house. He stops two inches away from the garage door. Karlos and John share startled reactions both genuinely confused.

"This isn't the Wizard of Oz happening  .  . ."  Karlos is unsure while he unbuckles himself.  "John, are we in Kansas?"

"We're in Arcansal." John said as he presses the red button on the seat belt.

"It's Arkansas." Karlos corrects John, opening the car door.

The men get out the car.They walk on the light gray clean sidewalk that ends where a welcome mat should be.The entire house is gone.The garage is still there but not the whole house.Karlos saw the backyard is there with swing sets and a swimming pool.The backyard fence is intact.Karlos virtually has all the signs of a scared man while taking in the entire scenery that is real. Karlos rubs his eyes two times to make sure it's real.

"Holy mak-er-ony." John said, taking out a Pepsi. He opens the can and then drinks it.

Karlos takes his phone out then dials Joy's phone number.

"Who are you kalling?" John asks, putting the can away from his mouth.

Karlos lowers his phone.

"Joy." Karlos said as he earns a look from John. "It's not like they are somewhere that does not have service. The old Wizard of Oz did not have modern day tech."

"The one with the Muppet's ddn't bring up phone reception." John musses.

"Uh  .  . .  Muppets?" Karlos put the phone on his ear.

"Miss Piggy ." John  said. "She was the celeb antagonist to the African American Dorothy."

"John, I've wondered why you say 'African American's instead of 'black'," Karlos begins to admit a troubling question that has been bugging him for quite a while. "There are other variations you can use without getting a punch to the nose."

"I do lot want to sound offensive." John simply said.

"There's big buck, chocolate--no wait that sounds wrong," John is snickering as Karlos goes on.  "Hawk dude, sun-tan-person, American guy who matches his dark clothing .  .  . "

The scene splits in half similar to a scene when two girls (or guys) are talking on the phone from  classic comedy movie. The other side shows a Monk temple; well actually inside a monk temple. We see a Monk is insisting to replace a big golden artifact with something bigger, less their culture. There is ringing heard from the monk's attire. This monk has strangely blue-green lagoon eyes. We all know who that is.

 He answers the phone, holding a finger up to say 'hold up a minute'.

"Who dare to call me right in the middle of a negotiation!" The monk,who is actually Loki, demands an answer.

Karlos lowers the phone.

"Okay John, I believe you." Karlos tells the man.

"Cold this."  John gave Karlos his Pepsi while simultaneously taking the keys.

Then John goes to the car, taking the keys with him.

"I kall dibs on the burritoes!" John said, closing the drivers door, and drives out.

Karlos puts the phone back on his ear.

"Hello, uh, Loki." Karlos said, awkwardly while holding John's randomly opened Pepsi can. "You have Joy's phone. Can you explain how that is even possible?"

"I do not have her phone." Loki said, in a I-do-not-have-that kind of way.

Karlos sighs, while we see speeds outrageously in the streets while heading to a restaurant.

"I was calling Joy." Karlos said.

Loki pauses,thinking how he got her phone.

"Unless you took the wrong coat or jacket," Karlos suggests. "I have a right to think you were in that room longer than Joy claimed."

Loki lowers the phone.

"There's a mortal over the phone who  'thinks' we got it on." Loki mockingly said.

The monks share more puzzled looks.

"What?" One monk said.

"Got what on?" Another asks.

Loki mumbles to self about Monks being out of touch with reality,and, they wouldn't be useful for his plan to take over the world.

"I am not interested in her." Loki said to the phone.

Karlos takes a few deep breaths and counts to three.

"Then why do you have Joy's phone?" Karlos asks,after doing the counting.

Loki loses his disguise.Some of the monks point at him, a few crossed their chest, and two of the monks are speechless.For once we see Loki acting annoyed from Karlos's questions.He goes into a room leaving behind baffled monks. As one can tell this room is Loki's temporary room by all the decorations. This is a temporary room provided by the monks;it has a big wooden, closed wardrobe near a bed.The carpet  is black but not completely because of the green and golden patterns.

"Room looks better than how it was before; a outdated chamber." Loki mumbles to himself, opening the wardrobe's big wooden doors.

"Answer this question before I track you down." Karlos threatens Loki.

"Impossible." Loki looks through the variety of clothing hanging on hangers.

Karlos frowns, not taking Loki's word to be a really nice one. So perhaps he should take out the big guns; figuratively.

"I have a sweet jet, my dad happens to be an FBI agent, and I'll be there in less than ten minutes."

 Loki takes out a small  dark jacket from the Wardrobe.This dark jacket has a high collar.

"How did she trick me?" Loki questions himself. His eyebrows shot up. "Nobody tricks me;this is horrible trickery!"

"How about you call her." Karlos advises him, sounding really frustrated with the man. ".  .  .She doesn't have her phone. But Callie sure does."

John drove into the driveway holding out a bag with assumingly burritos in them.

"Got the Burri-teetoes!" John sang, taking his arm out the window. He gets out the car--John hadn't bucked himself--as we can see from the distance a bunch of cars making a perfect square shape.He looks downright proud of himself. "Hey Carlos,did you tell him about the house being missing?"

Loki overheard this.

"House missing?" Loki repeats, quite puzzled as he puts the jacket on the bed.

Karlos hands John  the Pepsi.

"Yes, missing." Karlos goes ahead and lists,"Except for; the garage,back yard,kid backyard furniture, and fence. It's your fault we got into this mess; I believe Mr.Weaver's house is not just haunted by a normal ghost who has a berserk liking to BASKETS!"

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