Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


28. Ghost: I'm not scared of you

.  .  .  3:48 PM  .  .  .

 ".  . . Callie, how did you cram in all the chairs from the living room to the kitchens doorways?" Joy asks, sitting on the counter of a breakfeast bar. It was though as she had dozed away while sitting on the bar.

 Indeed, the kitchen's doorways are blocked.

"I used my strength." Callie said, pointing her index finger at Joy. In one hand she has a cup of jelly that has a spoon sticking out. "Unlike you, Joy."

Joy rubs her forehead, shaking it back and forth.

"My mom may have a sharp chin,be taller than me, and be stronger than me." Joy lists three aspects of her mother (who Callie has no clue about). "This does not  mean I have super-strength." Callie rolls  her eyes at the 'does not' part. "Regardless of the whole Asgardian thing."

"Asgardian?" Callie repeats after Joy,  pretty puzzled.

A musical lyric is heard coming from Callie's jean pocket. We can see outside the kitchen that this supposed 'ghost' is making a mess around the house. We see the sticks once part of baskets forming arm features for this entity as the terrible paint peels away from the wood.Carpets became undone as they swirled around single entity. Once the entity's destructive force had settled down; a strange figure stood at the doorway with a unique wooden/carpet armor attire.

Callie puts the jelly on the counter.

"I'll get it." Callie said, taking her phone out.

Joy sighs, relieved Callie's attention shifted away from her word slip.

 "Hello, this is Callie Summ--" Callie answers the phone.

"Your associate took my coat." Loki said over the phone interrupting Callie's mid-way greet.

"That's one heck of a way of saying 'hi'." Callie notes outloud, rolling an eye.

Callie lowers the phone, looking at Joy strangely.

"Hey irish girl,are you part of some mafia?" Callie asks.

"Nada." Joy said, shaking her head.

"This is annoying." Loki continues as Callie puts the phone to her ear. "First your associate took my coat, second I get a call from a 'friend' of yours accusing me of having a 'fling' with your associate, third the house is gone. Do mortals on this realm believe a simple switch equals .  . ."

Callie lowers the phone from her ear.

".  .  .Joy, what are you?" Callie asks as Loki continues ranting.

"I don't compute that."  Joy mockingly said, in some way that mocks the idea of her being a robot.

Callie's eyebrows furrowed up together. Her eyebrows relaxed shortly after four keywords clicked in her head.

"The house is gone." Callie repeats what Loki listed. Her face looks as though she had realized something staring under her nose.Callie looks towards the window and became white as a goat.

"Um," Joy held up a finger. "The house is not gone, we are still inside it."

Callie shoves Joy towards the kitchen window.

"Now tell me again we are still in Arkansas." Callie said, with Joy's face planted on the window. She let go of Joy.

Joy's face makes an imprint on the window. We see her eyes widen right she perks her head up, pulling away from the window. Her breath makes the window a little foggy like it was a car window in the middle of a rainy day. Joy wipes off the moisture in a circle so she can see. In the circle (Through Joy's eyes) we can tell there is a dark gas-cloud like apparition that partially allows a dark creepy forest to be seen with big shady figures outlined by what can assume to be moonlight. Not only is this what Joy saw but what stood in front of it sent chills up her back.

 Ugly looking wolves that have glowing eyes stare right back at Joy.Joy's hands became even shakier. Callie backs away from Joy.

"Where do you figure we're at?" Callie questions Joy.

"I.  .  . don't know." Joy said, as she backs away from the window.She then jokingly adds, "Unless there are two bickering trolls around this forest."

Callie puts Loki on speaker.

"Trolls are not stupid enough to send a house to an unknown realm." Loki is ranting, still. "If sending mortal houses to different realms is a habit then stop it." Callie and Joy exchange a puzzled glance. "Also going into houses with ridiculous gear?Ghosts, from my experience, laugh at your absurd  questions and mock everything you do to attempt recreating their death or what they did for a living."

Joy snickers pointing directly to Callie.

"I don't do that." Callie waves her hands in defense.

"Yes, yes you do." Joy said.

"How do mortals wait through traffic? On Asgard we never have traffic like this!" Loki complains. "One of you better tell me who used Asgardian magic on the house."

"Neither of us." Callie said. "Are you an alien?"

"I am not an alien, I am a god, there's a difference between realms and Outerspace." Loki added something so formal that it shouldn't be repeated. "A norse god, not an ALIEN! Have you forgotten about the gods who've time and time again defended your realm? If it wasn't for Asgard this realm wouldn't be 'free' nor would the sky be blue."

Callie's mouth makes the perfect 'o' shape.

"In fact there wouldn't be a sky as you know it. It would be dark as night." Loki adds. "Imagine the chaos that would interrupt my own attempts to take over this realm!"

"Is he from Pinky and The Brain?" Callie asks Joy.

Joy proceeds laughing.

"It would be funny if he were a big, short mouse who can talk." Joy said, in between her laughs.

"Who transported the house into a realm?" Loki asks.

"We don't know." Joy said.

The Jelly floats  in between the girls.

". .  .The Ghost is not in here." Callie said. "It's way too calm."

"I'm making the Jelly float." Joy admits. "And technically he's not a ghost."

Callie yanks her jelly cup from mid-air with the spoon.

"One; how do you know this thing is a he?" Callie's eyes narrow at the unusual woman. "Two; then what is 'he'?"

"You are giving a gender to a entity," Loki adds into the conversation from the phone. "An entity shouldn't be referred to as 'he' or 'her' unless you've seen it face to face."

All the junk blocking the kitchen entrance-way start to budge.

“We should back away.” Callie advised, taking a step back.

The white, fine salt is getting sucked through a perfect crevice between the kitchen junk getting ‘pulled’ in a way.

“Agreed.” Joy said.

“You can’t back away from a house that is not where it should be!” Loki said. “Running away is not always the answer.”

 Callie and Joy take a few feet away from the doorway.

“If this smart-alec is not a mouse, then what is he?” Callie sarcastically asks Joy.

"He's probably a giant elephant that likes to fool everyone better than Loki does in a shiny red--no, a shiny green corvette." Joy sarcastically said.

 "How do you know I'm in a green corvette?" Loki asks.

"You must to be a Psychic." Callie said to Joy.

"And I am not a giant Elephant, I'm a god." Loki repeats himself. We hear him press a button on some part of the corvette. The women hear a loud random song playing in the background. "Why do mortals not equip their means of transport with wings? How do I turn this music box off? I never meant to play  .  .  . I  love Rock ‘n roll?”

 Joy is snickering.

“I can make a better song that has some actual meaning.” Loki continues to go on about the song as he is messing with the radio. “I will hire someone to make a ‘rule the world by kneeling to me’.” The girls hear someone yelling at Loki for the loud music (in really bad traffic).

The junk blasted from the doorway sending both women down to the floor.

“Yell at me again and you’ll be turned into a donkey. I’m having problems with the music box!” Loki threatens a driver. “Mortals never cease to stun me."

 The figure walks into the kitchen

"I am Starsqueet." The Figure, Starsqueet, said in a deep solid voice. His voice sounds ideally what a woman would want in an older man.

Loki is still on the phone.

"I am Loki."  Loki said over the phone. "And mortal, stop mocking me." Loki does not appreciate his voice being mocked. He simply ignored the comment as a 'bluff' by a mortal. "My voice is not deep.You,above all the mortals I've ever met, should be aware mocking a Jotenhium who is also part Asgardian is not a wise choice. I can make your life much miserable then it should be."

 Callie lifts herself half-way up as Starsqueet came towards them.

"I'm not afraid of you." Callie yells at Starsqueet.

The scenery slices in half similar to the phone call Karlos had with Loki so we can see the vehicle briefly.

"Good," Loki said as the entire green corvette glows as though something had outlined it in a light green highlighted marker. "You can kneel down to me when I take over the world."

Starsqueet's force draws the phone into his hands.

"In time, you will be afraid." Starsqueet's breath is heard over the phone.

We see a slight change on Loki's face that resembles a  'I-know-you' look.

"Starsqueet." Loki's voice sounds like a hiss as he said the name.

"Loki." StarSqueet said in return.

Loki said something in return to Starsqueet that should not be repeated twice.

"You have not changed." Starsqueet's beguiling breath did not reach Loki's end of the phone.

"You were banished from Asgard.How dare you possess a house!You were expelled from your original body as part of the banishment." Loki reminds Starsqueet. "A former Asgardian Warrior should recall time turns mortal bodies to dust."

Starsqueet laughs at Loki’s empty reply.

"This house is mine, whoever is in here is mine," Starsqueet said in a way that did not sit well with Loki. "I have a new body, and there is nothing else you can do about it."

Loki's grip on the wheel tightens.

"This infernal device does not separate me from you." Loki warns him. "And I will finish what Odin started."

Starsqueet smashes the phone into pieces using his hand as the corvette disappears from traffic. The sliced in half perspective goes away leaving it at the house. Callie is visibly trembling at the man who shouldn't be there in the first place. Joy focuses her knife sticking out her pocket. The knife flew right to Starsqueet with precise direction. But Starsqueet catches the knife using his right hand as the phone's pieces slipped out his left glove-like-hand.Callie saw what appears to be salt making up Starsqueet's face.

We see the corvette flying towards the houses's direction across from the weird looking wolves.

"You will be the first one branded." Starsqueet picks Joy up by her wrist.

Joy trys wiggling her hand out of his grip.

"Are you sure about that?'" Joy questions him. "Because, no one owns me!"

 Joy spat at Starsqueet's face. His left cheek became wet then began slowly dissolving partially showing the wooden structure making up his replaced head.

"That can be arranged." Starsqueet said with much determination in his voice.

Starsqueet's 'hands' begin burning. We see little flickers of flames swish from his carpet finger-tips. It took precisely twenty-four seconds for Starsqueet to notice what is happening on his hands. He yelps feeling the burning sensation in his carpet-palm. Then Starsqueet threw Joy into the side of a counter's rough cabinet like surface.Starsqueet staggers back as he covers his hand obviously in pain.

"I have never met a liar shorter than Loki in my  life." Starsqueet said, with a growl at the word 'Loki'.

"I'm no Loki, I'm a Joy." Joy holds her hurting, bruised wrist.

 ___                 ____             __

 .  .  .  .   4:44 PM  .  .  .

   .  .  . Outside The empty house lot .  .  .

All and all Starsqueet pretty much lost another solid body thanks to Loki and the two women. Well if it wasn't for the wild wolves outside they wouldn't have been able to corner Starsqueet in the first place. Starsqueet had been bounded to the living room as a harmless ghost. Effectively making him what The Weaver family had assumed him to be in the first place. Loki made sure the house would not leave the realm Starsqueet had transported it to so he'll never ever get out and try get vengeance.

"Why is there a horse carriage with .  .  um are those deadly wolves?" Karlos asks, concerned.

Joy pets the head of one wolf with a new found respect towards it.The wrist Starsqueet had bruised is wrappedd in a bracelet like icepack.

"It's harmless." Loki said, as the strange dark looking Wolf wags it's tail. "It's dangerous to forest life but not human life.Don't judge a dog by it's remarkable, impressive camouflage."

The three wolves were sitting around Joy.

"I'm never going to judge an animal  like this again." Joy vows.

"Burrito?" John offers Loki.

Loki shook his hand declining the offer like a classic gentleman. Karlos looks down to his wrist watch.

"Ah man,Mr. Weaver will be here in three minutes." Karlos said.

"Go to the wild." Joy shoos the wolves. "Go Larry, Marry, Barry!"

The wolves rushed into a nearby forest.

"Perhaps we can tell Mr.Weaver we got the job done." Callie suggests.

"With the house gone  .  .  " Karlos rubs his forehead.

"At neast he doesn't have a ghost." John looks on the bright side.

Mr.Weaver parks the car near the drive-way. We can see Mr.Weaver is horrified that his house is not there.

"How do you tell a man why his house is not there?" Karlos asks Loki.

"What house?" Loki said, acting like he hadn't been inside the house in the first place

Karlos rubs his temples to the side of his head.

"Follow Noki's lead." John said, as the two women and Karlos look at his direction. "Net him take kare of it."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Callie said.

The wheels in Karlos's head turn.

"Quick, let's go before Loki decides to chicken out!" Karlos adds.

Karlos, Joy, John, and Callie ditched Loki.The gang gets into the car then John drives off from the empty house lot.Mr.Weaver gets out of the car and goes to Loki (who is reeling in that everyone just ditched him).This was his terrible idea to begin with so it makes sense Loki does the explaining. Mr.Weaver did not look so well in his dark suit. Mr.Weaver's eyes appear sick.

"Where is my house?" Mr.Weaver asks him.

"You never had a house in the first place." Loki lied.

"But-t-t--" Mr.Weaver stutters.

"You slept on dirt, stared into space, and cleaned yourself in the pool." Loki goes on lying. He has to lie all the time which makes him good at it. "Your entire family imagined the house. Of course if you don't believe me, you can always ask your neighbors."

“B. . b. But my house.” Mr.Weaver stutters.

"You were having a problem with keeping it there," Loki lies. "And, the employee's who saw this wasteland decided not to press on."

Mr.Weaver's face is stunned.

"My associates cleaned it up to make it view worthy." Loki adds.

"We-w-e-we-we bought a house!" Mr.Weaver is struggling to believe what he had seen hours ago; a nice pretty house.

“You bought an empty lot with a backyard pool and a backyard play-set,” Loki looks over his shoulder where the once-former-corvette- was now a horse carriage. “And a horse carriage. Your wife has been sleeping in a horse carriage for the past month.”

“My wife will kill me when I tell her the house is gone .  . .” Mr.Weaver rubs his sweaty forehead using a handkerchief. It is not just the July heat taking its toll on him. “I mean we never had a house in the first place and I’ve gotten sick from believing my imagination.”

Mr.Weaver shudders from saying his thought out-loud.

“Get a mansion next time.” Loki said, and then he walks away from Mr.Weaver.

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