Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


51. Epilogue

"Goodbye, Loki." Ivy said, with a little smile on her face.

They were alone in the throne room.

"It isn't goodbye." Loki insists.

"You promised me." Ivy reminds him as she emphasizes 'Promised'."That means it is."  We see a twinkle in her eye. "Here's my gift."

Ivy kneels to  Loki.

"Fine." Loki said, feeling respected from her gift.

Ivy gets up, clearing her throat. She has her hat on, both pairs of gloves were over each other, she has her coat zipped up, a hoody is right over her head, and earbuds in her ear. She looks exactly how she arrived into the asgard in the first; except Ivty planned to start playing 'Waiting for superman' right when Heimdall returned her.

"You'll make a great king." Ivy said.

Loki's disguise of Odin returns as though he knew someone is coming.That someone enters throughs the open doors in the white background.This some-one is no other than Fandral.Fandral the Asgardian who is capable of understanding women and attracting them like honey applied to tree bark.

"My King, you've requested I bring her to the Bifrost?" Fandral asks.

"Yes." Loki said, with a nod. "I have already sent orders to Heimdall to send her home."

Ivy follows Fandral out the door, but not without a wave to Loki--who sat on the throne like a prince who got what he wanted.--as she left. Loki opened the book ‘Catwings’ shortly after the two had left.Loki noticed odd markings on the hard part of the book and noticed something was missing. It was something so simple he couldn’t figure what it was. He turned the other page to see terrible writing at the left hand corner that read ‘From Mrs.Loin’ and below that it read ‘Fo Ivy’.

“Is that a ‘T’?” Loki asks himself as his eyes squint.  It became apparent that Ivy had stolen the book and wrote sloppily that the book was given to her. “I get it.” 

Loki reads the small book and came to the last page. The theme was simple: To be accepted for their strange gifts. He recalled the conversation with thirteen year old Ivy about being an Outcast, and then, thought about the book. Her intelligence was better than most mortals at age thirteen. She understood things in a different way, such as using Science Fiction to explain an impossible event.

As though a light bulb went off in Loki’s head; we can tell it’s well thought out.

_____                                       _____                               _____

  . .  .  Midgard  . .  .

 .  .  . Illinois  .  . . April 28th, 2014.  6:10 AM . . .

People say one person can change your life. I was sitting there waiting on the bench listening to my MP4 that's playing a really good song called "Waiting for Superman". I really love this song so much that my mind is making up a Transformers version of the song in my head. More so the story idea to ‘Waiting for Optimus Prime’. Basically, it’s about woman jet pilot who’s reluctant to work with Optimus Prime sometime in the events of ‘Revenge of the Fallen’.

 There is two questions bugging me from the end credit scene in Thor Movie 1. Why was Loki in the mirror? Why did that dude repeat "Let's take a look"?. My eyes were stuck on the MP4's screen that had the name of the song sliding forward.

“Ivy.” I start. I heard bush sticks rattle against the window almost as though mimicking a creepy scene from a ghost related movie. “You are not making 'Waiting for Optimus Prime'." I must not deter from my chapter goal of 31 chapters. I shouldn’t get distracted! "Why? Because you’ve got City of Fear ta work on!”

I caught a glance of snow falling from the window. Wait, it isn’t supposed to be snowing in April! This is not New Jersey or Hawaii related area that has crazy weather! I get up from the bench seeing the parking lot is completely covered in snow. Oh great there goes school in the middle of the year for some really odd reason.Heck even the Medicaid bus can’t go through like a lot of snow that reaches just one inch below the window.

“This sucks.” I said, with a groan and look at the ceiling. I stopped playing the song. “I’m totally stuck here.”

I don’t hate school but I don’t wanna be stuck here. How else is a truck going to get to school and pick me up? One time last year in December, school wasn’t announced to be canceled until I was waiting here and one of the guys who unlock the school told me that Galesburg and Rowva had canceled school. I mean the road wasn’t bad that time around but now it is.

“I always wondered how you would react with this situation.”  I recognize Loki’s voice.

I stood there, still looking at the ceiling's big large box that is beaming light.

“You’re fictional.” I said. “You just made this totally awkward.”

"I did not." Loki replied.  "I do not see how saving your realm is awkward."

I lowered my head ignoring his last comment, then I take breath of courage then exhale and look down. He might have been saying that sarcastic I saw Loki's startling figure in the window's reflection. Be polite and turn around, I reminded myself while turning around.I had my hands holding the backpack straps.

“This is still awkward." I said. I saw Loki competitively white as a ghost, like seriously. If there were a 'whose been staying inside all the time?' competition then Loki would totally win. "You’re whiter than me!”  I point at him. “Well I do shine when running; I can literally blind you; truthfully.”

“Excuse me?” Loki asks.

 “I can blind you.” I said, folding my arms.  “Put up a mirror. I’ll prove it.”

A Mirror appears outta nowhere and I kind of sort of blinded Loki’s right eye.

“You can’t do that.” Loki said, denying the truth.  He makes the mirror disappear.

I lean forward with my arms behind my back.

“I just did.” I said, proudly.

Loki raises one of his eyebrows.

“You are stranger than I remember.” Loki said.

I roll an eye.

"I'm a Transformer fangirl." I said. "You should expect strangeness from mesah!" I wave my arms. "Except running out into the parking lot ranting about Transformers." I stopped waving my arms and then take out my ear buds. "If yar gonna insult me; then I'm sorry but your words won't be as effective. I have aunts who tease me often, and  well, it's not worth giving them a reaction."

"So why do you react when others call you darling?" Loki asks.

I glare at him.

"Say that again." I said, tempting him.

"Darling."  Loki said.

I took off my shoe and throw it at him.

"Did ya know this isn't the arranged marriage era?" I ask him, boldly. "Because I got a better word for you, pretty face! It's 'lovely'." Loki's face easily read 'Pretty face?'. "I can throw my other shoe if you call me that again." I held up my other shoe with a serious face.  "And 'darling' is really outdated."

"At least that hasn't changed." Loki noted.

Oh yeah here goes the random topic change.

“How did you survive that freak Bifrost accident?” I ask. “Like seriously, I really want to know how!”

“You.” Loki said.

I pat on my coat that covers my chest.

“That’s really flattering.” I jokingly said, waving my right hand in mid-air as though it was on a table but not really. “But you are avoiding my question.”  I emphasize his attempt to avoid that. “Better tell me, little Dalek how you survived!”

Loki laughs at me; probably amused by how my question had been phrased. I do admit it sounded better in my head.Oh wait I just did an Eleven moment; hah, that's amusing. I have a lot of friends in real life and on the internet who can all testify that ‘She’s really funny’.I hadn’t seen Loki laugh like that; even in the Thor Movie.

“For all you know; I landed on Midgard.” Loki said. “And to Mortals everywhere; I landed somewhere else other than the Chitauri’s realm.”

And then magically for no reason at all my shoe is back on.

“That explains the face burns!” I jump up and down. “Yes! Question has been answered!” I do the robot dance and walked backwards doing the moon walk. I feel really happy from getting my big question answered.  I sang, “Thank yoouuu!”

Loki has a  ‘She still does that dance’ expression on his face.

“You probably made the worst ever snow-storm to occur in Illinois. .  .  .” I stopped in my moon walk while right across from the bench. “Right?”

“Not just Illinois.” Loki said.

I stood there feeling like some-one had told me that Independence Day was getting a sequel.

“.  .  You’ve just lost me there.” I said. “I don’t get it.”

“The entire US are under a snowstorm.” Loki said, walking around me. “And by now they’ll likely to discover Russia had launched some missiles. But, now these missiles are  .  .” Loki rubs his fingers together. “Toast.”

So he made these missiles into toast with butter.

“You made them into toast?” I ask, tilting my head.

Loki is amused.

“I roasted the circuits out.” Loki said. I felt like an idiot right there. “We’ve met before.”

“Television is another form of meeting.” I sarcastically said, straightening my head.

“No.” Loki said. “It was much different.” I raise an eyebrow.  “Paradox.” Oh that might explain the way he’s talking to me. “You are wondering why I came.” I haven’t seen the Avengers or the Dark World; but the fan poster easily promotes the idea that Thor is gay and Loki’s okay with it. “Your book.”

 Loki held up the Catwings book.

“I thought you were gonna take out ‘Haunting on Malbury Street’.” I said, with a shrug. “But I’m wrong. Again. But how did you  .  .  .”

“Get a hold of this?”  Loki turns the page with my awful writing. He held it up to the point I can see it in his grip.  “I know you stole it.”

“Stalker.” I accuse him. “Stalker. Stalker.” I point up and down ferociously. “Stalker!”

“I am not a stalker.” Loki said, closing the book. “But you never mentioned about writing a book.”

Why would I not mention my own written book to this one thousand year old god?  Why does Loki sound like Riversong who needs to be thrown into a bowl of ice-cream with chocolate all over? Oh yeah that’s just my random mind going all over the place. He sounds like a time lord. I find this odd he is approaching me in this kind of manner. From what I knew on Tumblr; this guy was the villain who fangirls loved.

But what I do know from the movie; Loki is a god of mischief who's not Odin's son.

“I surely would mention that.” I said.

“And you think I sound like a Timelord, correct?” Loki said. I wonder if Loki’s picked up the hobby of reading faces. “Nevermind.” He shook his hand. “Forget I asked.”

“You’re a mind reader.” I said.

“No,” Loki said, with a fond smile.  “That was always you.”

I felt sad; remembering that was what Clara told the Doctor.

“Why are you here?” I ask, leaning forward. I pushed the reminder back into the abyss of my mind. Sometimes you need logic to make sense why the universe allowed a fictional character to come into reality. “I’m not seeing any form of logic lingering around your mischievous presence.”

Loki made the book into a small version of Eragon’s dragon.

“A question.” Loki said, vaguely.

I furrowed my eyebrows as the small dragon made a puff of smoke blow out her nostrils.

“You came to this universe for a question.” I repeated what he had said. “I don’t know about you, but your logic is flawed.”

Loki’s smile turns into a smirk.

"I need an advisory." Loki said.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Since when does The god of Mischief who looks like Mr.I-need-a-hug need a advisory?" I ask.

"Since I met you." Loki said.

"That's too vague." I said, shaking my hand.

I hadn't taken a Step into Asgard, yet Loki is already making a series of vague comments.

"A king needs advice in his battles." Loki said.  "And I know you are the kind who makes sneak attacks."I froze; well, yeah I sort of make sneak attacks when people least expect it because I'm so silent.“Now to the bigger question: If you had the chance to become an important goddess. . .” Loki turns the dragon into a popcorn machine.  “What would you do?”

I eyed the popcorn machine.

“Wellll.” I tap on my chin. Well what would a full-fledged Loki Fan who had dirty thoughts and more audacious intentions then mine do? I should do something that not everyone really reads about in Fan Fiction. “I first would need to tell my grandparents about that, then, show you off to the world, and last; it all depends if Timelords and half bred demons, like the ones from Angel the 1999 TV series, exist.”

A mischievous grin spread across Loki’s face.

                                                        The End.

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