Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


9. Bluffing works exclusively at Asgard

   There is some ways to prank Duetei. . .  . And Thor's friends without anyone knowing who did it. One of these ways is using some markers. One of the advantages being a artistic girl ,who used to draw a lot, is that ya keep markers in yer backpack. Also that I was having these nightmares. So  I got up in the middle of the night. Never knew who knocked me out last week walking away from the Gang's secret-Bifrost loophole.

A group of  Asgardian kids found me; and boy, they are a bunch of over-creative kids. They clamed it wasn't them, and that they found me curled up in a sleeping position beside a big tree.I wasn't even tired on that day! Man, talk about weird stuff going onAll that I got from being knocked out was a awful, terrible headache. I made them swear not to tell anyone about this. Besides, who wants to not be grounded from leaving the castle?

No one.

Right now it is dark and everyoine is asleep, except me. Why? I  had a nightmare.

"Smiley face." I had my tongue out at the corner.'


I put the yellow marker's lid back on.

I'm wearing fingerless gloves (most people would say those are sports gloves) on both hands; one, to hide the fact I got a black spot, and two, not let everyone get so worried over me. What could possibly go wrong from not showing them? Nothing can go wrong! Nobody asks why I am wearing them because the answer will always be: "Fingerless gloves are cool."

I held the hammer upside up.

"Hm .  .  ." I rub my chin. "Somethin' missin' on this.'

 I let go of the yellow marker; letting it levitate above the floor.

Then a light bulb went off in my head.


 I grab my red marker, take the top off and put the lid on the floor.  Then it is used to  outline the smiley face's mouth similar to lipstick. I don't like lipstick nor is there any plans to put them on in the future. That would only happen if there was something very important (or urgent) where it is needed. Such as doing something a Jame's Bond kind of spy would usually do when on a secret mission during a dance; wear high heels, black dress that does not end at my feet, and a gray shirt that ends at the elbow. Meh, that would never happen. I am never gonna get in high heels.

   If ya took a step back, then ya would be seeing hovering markers drawing on the weapons. This is the weaponary room. It's probably ten feet long and fifteen feet wide; but it is wide enough to hold a celebration. There are some Asgardians who leave their weapons here for the night. From what I've heard; their weapons can appear at their side out of the blue when something wakes them up and there is someone else in their house. It's kind of like a man getting a toy lightsaber or a baseball bat when checking out the commotion. Thinking about this reminds me of a movie that is meant to be fictional.

   From the corner of my eye; a shadow went by the door.

 I look over my shoulder and saw not a person there.

 "This is probably my own imagination playing tricks on me." I shrug it off, adding a mustache above the smiley on Thor's hammer.

  There are footsteps down  the hall; and then I heard something fall.So I made all the markers get their lids back on and fly back into the marker box  (It was  unzipped thirty minutes ago). Next, as a logical person would do, I go out the room and tip toe to the source of this noise. If there's anything that can frighten me then it might as well be  .  .  .Statues moving in the night. Then that shadow appears again; this time I saw the shadow more clearly.

 The shadow looks like a small, hunchback  spikey creature.

"Small creature, it's at night, and I'm wide awake." I take a step back. How idiotic am I to check out danger?


First; I saw my foot, then my leg, and finally I fell.

"Ow." I wince. "Oh, ya are an idiot."

Yep,I am very idiotic.

Then the most ugliest creature that ever roamed the planet is right over me.

"Brisingr!" I take the glove off and showed my hand, that has the perfect rounded black dot right in the middle, to the creature.

The creature takes a step back on time for me to get up.

"So much for Eragon." I said, waving my hand back and forth.

The creature takes another step back. My hand is not creating fire. Also Brisingr means Eragon; if ya read The Inheritance Cycle than it will be completely understandable. Anyway, the creature took out a huge version of a blue-tooth with the primary color a dark gray and the secondary color is a lighter tone of blue.It actually appears to be a metalized version of a huge pea turned into a weapon.

"You.  .  ." The Creature has this unusual accent. "You bluff."

 Oh thank you universe for giving this creature a ability to speak.

"Um.  .  ." I put my glove back on. "No you."

"I do not bluff for the likes of you." The creature aims his generating weapon at me.

"The likes of you?" I repeat his very words, tilting my head. "Is that even proper English?"

The creature growls, as there are some low and odd coming from the machine.

"Dude," There goes the comment I may hate. "Why dah heck are ya here?" I ask. "You remind me of an alien-egyptian-dinosaur ugly hybrid."

"You insult the Chitauri."  The creature took a step  back.

The creature is spilling in horror. Well it's filled in horror; but that's not the point.

"Chit-ar-urio?" I repeat.

"Chit aur-ee." The Creature growl.

Welp, that's a nice lesson from a bad guy.

"Okay," I said. "I should get the dumb award."

There's two logs behind the Creature, so with the best intentions in mind, my focus fixed on it.

"Stop blabbering." He aims his weapon.

I roll an eye as the logs are above his head.

"Never." I said, folding my arms. "And now answer my question; why did ya come here?"

He was about to shoot but thankfully the logs fell on him. The creature grunts as the logs were pressing on him.

"I'm listening."  I tap my foot ever so softly, while walking around him.

"You should never know." He sneers.

I rub my forehead.

"I'm very nosy." I said, waving a hand slightly. "When someone mentions something and then they say 'It is nothing', then I must know for sure what they are talking about. I'm almost like Sherlock Holmes for the internet," I shrug. "In some retrospects."

The Creature is trying to lift off the logs.

"Ya get some detective experience." I continue. "When there's sockpuppet month or the sockpuppet year." I inhale, then exhale. Good to get some air when talking; right? "I got bored, on one wikia, on chat and browsed a new user's profile and then.  .  "

 I sigh, very disappointed shaking my head

"I clicked a link;" I continue.  "To another wikia on their header to that user's profile page on there, and then. .  . discovered that person was a sockpuppet from a thread."

 "Stop your blabbering." The creature snaps.

I snap at him.

"Not unless ya tell me." I said, fiercely. "Why ya came here!"

"No." The Creature is bent on not telling.

"Do ya wanna know how I proved it was him?" I ask.

"Him?" The creature said.

"He said so himself that he was a sock puppet on a thread," I said, with a big and wide grin. "I checked his contributions."  I fiddle with my feet on the floor.  "So,while on chaturn,  I showed my evidence and revealed  he was a sockpuppet."

Using my power is very handy; whatever it is. It sends other chairs got on the Creature.

"He promptly got blocked." I finish.

The creature is trying to push them off.

"Do ya wanna die?" I ask.

"I.  .  will not tell." The creature is being stubborn as an old dog.

 I yawn.

"Yer here for a reason." I said, sitting  down on a chair.

This creature is probably ticked off.

"Get off that chair!"  The Creature demands.

I look at my fingernails to see if if they need trimming.

"Start talking." I said.

"Fine." The Creature grumbles.

I get off the chair.

"You." The creature said. "You want things to go your way? That's not an option." He shoots the other chair off him. "Because as history goes, you will never know." I took a step back. "It's only a matter of time before we come."

"We--e-ewe?"  Yep, I am scared. Number one; ya could tell I am scared by the stuttering.

The Creature has a smile that can scare a human into getting a huge tank and shoot at him.

"We have plans." The Creature tells me.

"Too slow; I'll be telling Odin about this." I said.

"And do what?" His voice becomes the bad kind of severe venom. His words are harsh.  "Raise the shield up?" His eyes are so ugly than a tree frog and a spider. "End up killing many in the process until he lets those shields down? I don't think you want to see good old Lisa die.  .  .  because of you."

I couldn't speak. All of my preteen years were spent listening to music such as  "Gotta be sombody" and "Tick Tock." by Kesha.It makes sense now; that I wanted to be somebody, perhaps  it's accomplished.  .  . In some little way.Maybe all this time where not singing to Gotta be somebody so much might be a factor too. I've achieved that goal; for short.

And I didn't want to end a life by this mistake.

All the weight on the Creature is now weightless.

"This is not the right time to expose our plan." The Creature takes off all the wooden objects that had been keeping him down because I .  .  . was flabbergasted.

"Where are ya from?" I manage to ask..

"None of your business." The creature said.

"Is it called Chitheim or Chitgard?" I joke.

He sneers at me.

"When we do attack," The creature said; as a portal appears behind him. "You won't see it coming."

"What do ya want?" I ask, irritated by his comments.

The creature did not say a word as he backed into the portal.

And then he was gone.

"I.  .  . should go to bed." I turn around and head off to bed.

Oh boy; Thor did not notice the drawing on his hammer until after he came back from a realm. The other Asgardians were confused; though Hogun interrogated me to see if I was the one who had done it.Though Fandral's sword did not have any drawings because of last night and so everyone suspected he did it. All I did was rely on my gut lying skills without smiling, and promptly succeeded. Thor was cleaning his hammer by the end of the day. No one knew what was going to happen.  . .Sometime out of the blue.  .  . Nor did I know why these Chitauri's are coming.  .  . That is a really good question.

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