Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


47. A Negative can turn into a Positive

  .  . .After the Avenger’s events  .  .  .

 . . .Two days after returning to Asgard.

Loki heard a distinctive ringing from his pocket. Ringing, machine related, probably small; it's a phone. The Guards were apparently confused what is making this unexplained noise. Loki wiggles his free hand into his coat pocket then takes out the small green and black phone.The screen read 'Unknown number' as the name and a strange phone number resting beneath the words.

Asgard has phone service?, Loki questions the realm. Did Father actually?.  .  . He pressed the green button (that is the symbol of an old phone upside down) and put the small phone on his ear.

"Hello, is this Edward Smith?" A mortal from the other end asks.

"No."  Loki said with a puzzled expression. He lowered the phone away from his ear and awkwardly said to the guards, "Stop staring."

Loki gets an eye roll from both of the guards.

".  . . .Hell." The Mortal said with a groan.

"Why are you calling?" Loki asks, curious.

"Well, his mother was found dead." The Mortal said. "She died in her sleep."

Loki went silent as he lowers the phone away from his ear.This silence made the mortal probably uncomfortable on the other end probably on Midgard. We can tell that somepart of Loki is wondering why he did not leave the phone on Midgard. Another half of him visibly showed signs of grief.

 "Um, what is this . . . machine?" An Asgardian guard asks.

"A phone." Loki said, putting the phone on his ear. The two guards are pretty much still confused. Sometimes Asgardian's lack of knowledge with technology from Midgard can be frustrating and amusing.  "Call Edward's cell phone number."

"I did, and you uh answered it." The mortal replied.

"Call the house phone." Loki said.

"He didn't answer." The mortal said.

"Call his wife." Loki said, flatly. 

“Sorry.” The mortal apologized. “Your phone number was on the table. It had Edward’s name written below it.” Was Perry going to make Edward call me?, Loki thought at the plausible idea that might not be true. “So you’re a family friend of his?”

“Tom J.T.NewHeart.” Loki lied.

“Family relative?” The Mortal asks.

“In a way.” Loki said.

“What’s the name of Edward’s wife, again?” The mortal asks.

“It’s Sarah Hotchen’s Smith.” Loki said.  “And don’t rely on me for that phone call.”

Loki presses the red button on the phone. He uses his magic on the device shutting it off. The two guards shared dubious expressions this phone call is just a ‘accident’, or, planning an escape.If a mortal had been here then they would have been able to read their finely carved faces like a book.

“It’s only a phone call.” Loki said, putting away the phone.

_____                             __                       ____

  .  . . One week later  .  . .

.  . .Okay let’s just call Middle Aged Korean Woman ‘Perry’.  .  .Perry’s house.   .  . .

Loki sent one of his doubles to Midgard under the disguise of The Unusual Man from the Kevin Incident at New York. Getting to the farm house proved to be easy, but, being dropped off at the farm house proved difficult with a Taxi-Cab. After all, Loki had abruptly and almost bankrupt Peter Quill. But the Unusual Man from New York lost about forty dollars for a couple taxi-cabs with Loki pretending to be him.

He can control his doubles from Asgard, by no surprise. But the disadvantage is that he couldn’t steal and couldn’t be hidden in his coat through this double. If Loki  wanted to steal something he would send it to himself in Asgard.Loki could see, hear, and feel what the double was encountering. But he didn’t mimic every move, word, or motion this clone did back from Asgard.

 Odin was taking his sweet time for Loki’s trial.

“Only to pay respects.” Loki’s double told himself at the front door.  Loki knocks on the door. He had to remind himself once again this is only an event that had been only drawn to his attention when another mortal called him through the silly-unconventional phone.

Fredrick Betson opened the door and his white mustache seemed rather better than some mortals on Midgard.

"Hello, are you a friend of Edward's mother?" Fredrick Betson asks, holding the door open.

"Yes." Loki said, with a nod.

“Does her son know you?” Fredrick asks, again.

“Yes,” Loki said. “He introduced me to Perry.”

Fredrick opens the door wide for Loki and takes a few feet back. Fredrick had a significant resemblance to a Korean but not that much it was barely notice-able, except for gods like Loki it would be obvious. It was a home funeral going on in the house. There was a grave dug out several feet away from the mailbox and yet it was still near the barn. Loki walks into the house that once felt safe and protective-like.

“Did someone remodel it?” Loki asks, noticing the counter’s photographs were not aligned in a perfect line.

“No.” Fredrick said, with a laugh. “Perry had a thing with these photos. One month she had them in a perfect ‘v’, next month it was a ‘L’,and one month it was a  ‘J’.” Fredrick walks away from the door with Loki—who is still under a disguise—without closing the door. “I don’t know how she defied the force of logic and gravity making the ‘J.’ on the counter.”

Loki slightly glides his index finger backwards which made the door shut quietly.

“Fredrick,who—“ Edward starts to say—when Loki and Fredrick entered the living room that had been expanded for the home funeral—but he stops.  “You.” Edward glares at Loki.  “I’ve had a rough time defending my clients because of your criminal behavioristical whatever-the-hell-it’s-called interfering in making a case.”

“Your clients were murders.” Loki lied.

“They had reasonable doubt.” Edward replied. “We had insanity pleas ready when you stormed in.”

“Edward.” Fredrick said, putting a hand on Edward’s shoulder. “This is your mother’s funeral. I’m sure she wouldn’t want you arguing with her friend   .  .  . “

“Charles Gander Patinkin.”  Edward said, and then looks at him with a bewildered face. “What do you mean he’s a friend of my mom?” His hands were in fists as Loki managed to get sneak away unnoticed.  “I’m pretty sure he isn’t.”

Loki walks over to the coffin with one part open; Perry looks as though she hadn’t died. But the lack of breathing and her eyes not moving made it a punch to the gut that she is dead. This  is an empty shell, Loki thought to himself as he stood a reasonable distance from the coffin—one that wouldn’t make it seem he’s leaning over—with Perry inside. She’s in a better place.

“She looks beautiful, doesn’t she?” Sarah said, close to Loki.

Loki looks over to Sarah, who had dressed up for the occasion in her best dress, a bit different.

“Pen.” Loki said, holding out his hand.

Sarah looks at him puzzled, and then, hands him the white fancy pen with a golden cursive wording on it.

“She does now.”  Loki said, putting the pen into Perry’s breast pocket.

Sarah covers her mouth, teary-eyed.

“You asked.” Loki said, finding it awkward.  “What’s sad about making her a little more ‘beautiful’?”

“It was Roger’s signing pen.” Sarah said, and then she tearfully leaves Loki at the coffin.

“Oh.” Loki said.  Then he looks back at Perry’s body.  “You do look good with it.”

Loki walks away from the open coffin  and heads towards the hallway.Though he is stopped by Edward calling out to him by a different name. Loki stops in his tracks with a ‘when does he not want to argue with me?’ kind of sigh. Edward walks towards him—there were other people in the house paying respect to Perry—holding a brochure.

“Who are you?” Edward asks.

“Fredrick told you.” Loki said.

Edward held up the brochure.

“I didn’t invite you.” Edward said, as a man who had some significance to him came to the two. He held it in a serious manner. “Barry, I’m getting to the bottom of this .  . .”

“Bro, he’s a friend.”  His name is actually John  Barry Smith. But he prefers to be called Barry by his relatives and friends.  “Just be cool with it for today.”

“What he said.” Loki said, agreeing with the man.

Barry looks towards Loki and then he has a ‘oh’ moment.

“Wow.” Barry said. “Mom was right.” He looks to Edward. “Look Sarah’s in the bathroom crying; how about be there for her? You two are partners and partners should be there for each other; if you plan to have kids and a long happy marriage.”

“Fine.” Edward walks a different direction holding the brochure.

Loki sighs,relieved that Edward is off his case.

“Mom told me about you.” Barry said.  “I didn’t figure the guy who attempt to take over New York would come  here.”

Loki looks up to  Barry; startled and a bit shocked.

“What did she tell you?” Loki asks.

“Your face.” Barry said. “She said your face is so stone-wall Jackson like. Well, not that kind, but the kind that doesn’t display feelings.”  Loki has this dark glare aimed towards the man. “I like how you made us have a third brother.” Barry laughs.  “That was genius!”

“Who sent you to threaten me?” Loki asks.

“Look, I know you came for her funeral and that Norse Mythology book.” Barry said. “But I’m only a dance instructor. I’m a bit offended you think I’m from somewhere else and had been hired to threaten you.”  Barry twisted the words like a play. “Gods or no god. . . Don’t make this bigger than it has to be. You’re only visiting.”

“Yes.” Loki admits.

“And you must be here when we bury the coffin.” Barry said. “Just so my brother won’t get so worked up and think you came here to make a disaster as some guy he hates.” Barry shook his index finger. “If you leave before that; I will tell my brother the truth.”

It was black mail but Barry did have a fair point. They came to an agreement for the funeral. The coffin is going to be buried in an hour. Loki heard a few stories about Perry’s youth; getting mixed up into a few things here and there in her life. Some of the ones were amusing how determined she was to see a UFO. One of them was about Perry and her sister, as kids, witnessing a UFO fly in the air.  

Loki managed to get into Perry’s room. After all; she had actually kept the Norse for  Edward when he was fed up losing it every so often. The book is brown, had pages that were prevented from breaking apart, and pictures going along with the gods talked about in the book. Loki sat on the edge of the bed and opened the book. I must find Joy’s page, Loki rushes through the pages.

He came to a stop seeing a woman who resembled Joy. But this time she had shorter hair. The page didn’t look so ‘movie theorizing forum’ as Edward had said last year. This book indicated she was an Asgardian; one who had the power of telekinesis and the weapon was an Asgardian sword that could transform into an unusual object, it mentioned she was friends with Loki and a few others, how she turned negative into a positive, and had an unusual way of dancing.  

“What part does she have in Ragnarok?” Loki said, as he turns the page. Loki squints at the letters; there, he saw one line.  “She lives?” We see an eyebrow rise up. “Drunken mortals really are terrible liars.”

After all; the book did call her: Joy, the Goddess of Pranks.

"I see you've returned."

He closes the book, and then looks up to see a younger and projected version of Perry.

"Perry?" Loki said.

Perry walks over to the bed, then sat on it and made a spot on the bed become slightly deep like someone is sitting on it.

“I see you.” Perry said.  “Black sheep, or, should I call you the alien who attacked New York?”

It didn’t take much for Loki to decide.

“First one.” Loki said, a bit ‘what in the name of Asgard is going on?’ reaction on his face. “I’m not supposed to see ghosts.”

Perry’s face turns into a kind one, taking Loki’s  smaller hand and squeezes it.

"Thank you, Black sheep." Perry thanks him. "You've helped me believe in aliens again." Then she laughs. “Now I can tell Roger he won first getting up there.”  Perry lets go of Loki’s hand and she points to the ceiling. “Seems like I will be the last one; again.”

“I didn’t know you had a race going on.” Loki said.

“Roger had a bad heart.” Perry said, shaking her head.  “We had a bet to see who died first and who died second. I thought I would go, at the age I was.” Loki’s reaction is ‘What?’. “Some humans have a limited time span. You see; sometimes we have ailments that don’t pass on to our children. Luckily those boys didn’t get that cursed disease.”

“You  .  .  .had a disease.” Loki said. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You little god,” Perry said. “I didn’t tell you why I stayed up most nights. When I feel asleep; there wasn’t . .  . an idea when I would wake up.” She sighs.  I wouldn’t wake up the next morning; in fact, I would wake up three days later.” Perry looks towards Loki. “You gave me a bigger reason to stay up and watch for UFO’s.”

So within the general time frame he had been in this house when she was alive; Perry hardly slept?

“Because of the horse?” Loki asks.

“No, Black Sheep,” Perry said, with a light laugh.  “You gave me hope.” Loki saw  Perry’s attention is switched to the door. “I couldn’t leave this world without telling you.” She gets up from the bed, and then, turned her head towards Loki. “Thank you.”

  Perry’s solid like appearance became outlined in gray and she became transparent.

“Goodbye.” Loki said, as we see a slight smile from the corner of Perry’s face.

Perry goes through the door.

“Hah.” Loki said, with a light happy laugh. “Brother will never believe this.”

___                               __                         __

  .  .  .  Two days after the funeral.  .  .

  . . . Different Midgard  .  .   .

“Why are you in my room?”

Loki looks away from the wide gray small version of a wide screen. Yes, he’s using a double again to do something.The girl is not pale as Loki, at least. She is short like a child. She had on light gray pants and a blue shirt that had three buttons at the top. There is this ‘joyful’ atmosphere looming around this girl. It was strange because usually he got that feeling around Joy.

“You’re not Joy.” Loki said.

“I’m Ivy,” Ivy said, as she tilts her head. “Are you a vampire?”

It was odd to see a mortal this calm.

“No.” Loki said.

“Then you must be an angel.” Ivy defiantly said. “The Angel of whiteness, the angel of ‘I need a hug’, the angel of fine sharp cheek bones; I can go on.”

“I’m not an angel.” Loki said, somewhat baffled by her word play. “That would be Joy.”

 “Are you talking about Nurse Joy from Pokemon?” Ivy asks, quizzically as she steps forward showing not a sign of fear. “Why are you wearing such strange clothes? Are you a ghost? You look like a hologram straight outta Science Fiction movie.” She folds her arms. “Are you a Transformer who’s read my fanfics?”

“No.” Loki said. “I was searching for someone.”

Ivy raises an eyebrow.

“As a ghost?” Ivy asks.

“Not exactly.” Loki said.

“As a hologram?” Ivy suggests, unfolding her arms. “Besides, that’s the only plausible explanation that .  . .” Ivy waves her right hand. “Makes sense to me.” She shuts the door behind herself. “But why my room?”

“As I said, I was searching for someone.” Loki replied, making a circle with his fingers.

The closet doors flew open.  A portal appears in the closet a few seconds after the doors had flown open.

“Woah!” Ivy said, with a jump. “You can do magic! That’s awesome!” She looks rather excited and very much animated. “Oh my primus—oh what is that?” A light blue sphere appears in the closet.  “Is that a space bridge?”

“It’s my way back.” Loki said. “I took the wrong portal.”

“Well.” Ivy said, with a grin. “Where were you intending?”

“Mind.” Loki said.

“I’m thirteen years old and giving me the excuse of a mind is rather.  . .” Ivy opens and closes her right hand attempting to figure a word that suits her thoughts.  “Far fetched.” She taps her fingers together. “Did you know that even portals can mislead you somewhere to a different location? You can’t always trust the portal home; it sometimes brings you somewhere else.”

“.  .  . How do you know?” Loki asks.

Ivy points to the shut off television set and the computer on her bed.

“I might be a babbler.” Ivy notes. “But that doesn’t mean being an outcast can shadow me in that light.”

“You took out a cast?” Loki asks.

Ivy  laughs, happily amused by his strange and odd sort of question.

“No.” Ivy said, wiping off a tear. “I meant that.  . .” She fiddles with her feet. This time she looks depressed and a bit shy. “No one at school wants to be friends with me.” Ivy picks up a chewed up orange ball. “Sad, isn’t it?” Ivy flips the ball over,and looks up to Loki. “I have friends online.”

She is Joy, Loki realizes.


“It’s called the Internet.”

“I forgot.”

Ivy raises an eyebrow at him.

“I don’t know how a man can simply forget the internet is a host to amazing and some dark events.” Ivy shook her head as her eyebrow subsided and waved her hands. She reads Loki’s easy to read face. “You’ve realized you’re talking to Joy, right?”

“No.” Loki said. “I merely met a different version of her from a different realm.”

“So,” Ivy rubs her hands together. “That’s a paradox. Tell me I’m right,” Her eyes display her excited feelings. “I’m right!” She cheers. “Back to the future movies can be proven right learning about Time Travel!” She twirls around and walks backwards doing a cheer. “Wo-hoo woohoo! I’m so right!”

Joy’s cheering is different from this age, Loki noted.

“You’re not Joy.”

“I’m Speedywomen Joy!”

“.  .  . There are not two of you.”


“It’s Speedywoman.”

Ivy flashes her happy wide smile.

“So? I don’t care.” Ivy said, doing an air punch.  “I’m sooo right! Why don’t you just go home and meet her again!” Ivy then pushes Loki to the portal; with a lot of her strength being used. “Yes, yes, yes.” She repeats over and over again. “You’re light like my aunt Debbie. I tugged her outta the house to see Revenge of the Fallen which was a terrible movie to be honest.”

“Then why did you go to see it?” Loki asks.

“Because I hadn’t seen it!” Ivy explains. “I only got this opinion about the movie after I came out the theater disappointed Bee didn’t become a slagging Prime.” Loki grabs a ‘catwings’ book from the white bookshelf. Ivy didn’t notice that he had done it. Loki sends the book to Asgard; where he technically is still at.  “Fans hyped up the Bumblebee Prime thing a lot on DA.”

“DA?” Loki said.

“DeviantArt.” Ivy said. Ivy stops her attempt once they were near the portal and walks around Loki. “Whatever is happening with you and Joy, whoever you are, don’t come straight to me after it’s over.” She held her hand up. “Nope.” Ivy shook her hand back and forth. “Don’t you think about making a paradox that starts off with a thirteen year old girl?”

There is silence between Ivy and Loki.

“No.” Loki admits, breaking the silence.

“That’s kind of awkward traveling with a thirteen year old girl.” Ivy logically said.  “Get her at an older age, ya know, like seventeen or something?”

“You are not an expert on Time-travel.” Loki reminds her.

Ivy folds her arms.

“I’m an expert in Fan Fiction and life.”  Ivy said, looking up at him.“I think she’s got a cool boyfriend though.”

Even a child can assume something that’s not true, a child.

“We’re .  .  . colleagues.” Loki corrects her.

“Whatever.” Ivy said.  “You should get going.”

“I am Loki Laufeyson, a god.” Loki said. “I’m not going to be commanded around by a mortal.”

Ivy smiles.

“Dude.” Ivy said, with a slight shake of her head. “If you are trying to make her remember you; don’t come to her past, twice. That’s rule number one in time-travel.” She held up her index finger. “Rule Number one.”

“Since when do you have rules?”  Loki said. “You break all the rules, such as letting out all the dogs in a filthy animal shelter.”

Ivy  looks rather proud of herself.

“I’m cool.” Ivy commented on her other future. “But if I were you, I would go visit Joy before all the danger happened or .  . .hold up a moment, did you just say god?” She glares at him.  It was like her mind just realized what Loki said. “What kind of god? You can’t be an angel.”

“God of Mischief.” Loki said.

Ivy gasps.

“Get going before I change my slagging mind!” Ivy declares, walking over to the television set. She has this ‘I am serious’ face.  “I don’t know about you, but if I were you then I would take what’s left of my sanity and ditch a crazy girl who could tear that down.”

Loki saw a look in Ivy’s eye that also signaled she meant it.

“How do you say; see you later to someone who meets you?” Loki asks.

Ivy shrugs.

“I’ll see you later.” Ivy said, with a small wave.  “Simple as that.”

As much as this didn’t fit together; at least this previous version of Joy didn’t sound so Irish.

“See you later.” Loki said, and then he went into the portal.

The portal disappeared from the closet.

“I’m AWESOME!” Ivy hollers, running out the room. “Hey Christian!” The room is empty—with the door wide open—except for the bed and laptop and bookshelf. “I met the god of mischief!”

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